A Complete Tour Guide to Redwood National Park

Redwood National Park is one place that you will not regret when you get a chance to get there. This place has been home to so many trees and plants, both indigenous and exotic. It has also been adorned with a perfect mixture of coastline, wetlands, dunes, lagoons, and mountains that have made it one of the most prized areas when you get to California.

Redwood National Park
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It is known as the Redwood because of the Redwood trees that are mostly found apart from the other trees that are available in the Park. The concentration of the trees has made this place a dark and damp place, unlike what many people would tend to believe it to be. You should, therefore, have a good stalk of warm clothing and preferably boots so that your feet don’t get hurt or frozen during your tour.

How to get to the Park

The Redwood National Park is located on the Pacific Coast in California, which is around 40 miles for the famous Eureka place that is commonly known for its historical nature. It has been able to build up the fame that the Carson mansion, Sequoia Park and the Zoo can offer the area at that place and time.

Therefore there are various ways that you can use to get to the Park. You could decide to fly or use the road which could be a fantastic road trip experience, especially if you are going with friends and family.

1. Airplanes

Del Norte County Regional Airport is the best place for you to get a plane to the Park. I think it is wise that you know they use the United Express in case you want to get a ticket beforehand. You could also use the Eureka Arcata Airport which makes use of the Delta Air Lines or the Horizon Air.

In most cases, the planes will land in the Park if you have a personalized one. If not, you will fall in the nearest cities in the airports of San Francisco and Sacramento. From there you will, however, have to take care to the Park itself. The Park facilities can sort this through the Redwood Coast transit people.

2. Driving

Drive through Redwood National Park
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If you decide on trying out how the roads feel under your wheel, then you will use the Highway 101 that is whether you are traveling from the south or the north. If you happen to be coming from the Northeast, you will need to take the path of Highway 199 to the South Fork Road which will then lead you to the Howland Hill road.

It is also possible that you use the google maps app on your phone or your car if it is enabled in case you don’t trust the guidelines or if you are coming from an area that has not been identified in this guide.

3. Public transport

There are groups of people who may opt to use public transport as a means of just exploring the county on your way there. Without knowing, you will realize that it could be cheaper depending on where you are coming from, but also there are chances of you getting stressed or lost, especially if you are traveling alone.

There are Redwood Coast Transit between Smith River, Crescent City, and Arcata which then happens to stop at Orick which is a small town on the banks of the Redwood Creeks. This specific service can be readily available on the official website of Redwood Park.

Recommended activity in the Park

The Park is geographically set to start inland and then stretch to the coast. This is the perfect chance because it gives the people around and the tourists who visit a considerable share of both the inland and marine activities that they can enjoy.

You may even enjoy the right amount of hiking, wildlife watching and a lot of outdoor activities like picnics and having team building activities

1. Marine life

This includes fishing, whale sighting, beachcombing, and boating, which are some of the few activities that you can enjoy yourself with when you find yourself in the Park. Most people have not known this fact, but the Thomas Kuchel Visitor Center is one of the areas from which you will be able to enjoy this beautiful scenery.

The best times to get to that place is between November and December or March to April if you want to enjoy the exciting sceneries in this place.

2. Hiking

Hiking Redwood National Park
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There is a fantastic path called the Trillium Falls that has honestly never been taken off the list of the top hiking routes in the Redwood Park. This specific falls even have waterfalls apart from the deep luxurious redwood cover that has created a climate of itself in that place. It is also close to Highway 101, which assures you that you cannot get lost. In case of an emergency, you are well able to get help faster than expected.

3. Take a Detour on the Newton Drury Scenic Parkway

Detour Redwood National Park
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There are amazing things away from the usual paths that most of the tour systems will expose you to. If you are keen enough, you will notice some of the exciting things that you wouldn’t have enjoyed otherwise. This is a 10-mile stretch where you can enjoy the Redwood life in its natural environment. This is because there are no other developments in that area.

Its closeness to the highway also ensures that there is the availability of restrooms and also maintain the openness and more extensive fan base as compared to the other areas.

4. Enjoy the Fantastic Bird Migration

This is mainly done during the spring when the trees and the plants are just sprouting after the long winter season. It is in most times the best moment to see as the birds chirp around and fly from one tree to another, enjoying the cold weather and the beauty of the land. Many people have a habit of visiting the Park at this time too because it is more reliable and the weather more relatable.

During this period, you will also be a perfect position to enjoy the fall foliage, which is honestly out of this world. There are the incredible change and the difference in natural color coordination that is perfect if you are a nature lover or if you may be interested in amazing pictures of the redwoods.

5. Visit the Big Tree

This is a specific tree that happens to be 304 feet tall, 21.7 feet in diameter 6 feet in height. This is, however, just an estimation which you get to confirm when you get to that place. The fantastic thing about this tree is that it is more than 1500 years long. You will then hear the history of the tree and all the exciting things that have happened to have experienced. Fun, right?

Accommodation facilities

Many people who visit this Park for the first time have a tough time because many of them think that the tour is just a one-day tour. The 200-mile hiking distance only assures you that you can’t complete it in one day. Therefore, many tour groups encourage people to try out camping or if they can make they should look for an accommodation close to the Park.

If you opt for a hotel instead of the exciting camping activity, you could make reservations are like the Oceanview Inn found on 270 highway 101 south which has free Wi-Fi apart from the fantastic rooms and food services. With ample free parking at any time though pets are not allowed on the premises.

Places to eat

This place has a more considerable assortment of foods that are aimed to satisfy people from various parts of the country. As a guide, I will give you a list of restaurants based on the foods that they specialize in. However, you should note that it does not mean they are the only ones that offer that service.

1. Casual dining: Eureka Natural Foods

Many people don’t have a preferred option when it comes to food. As long as it has food that they know and can eat comfortably. This way, Eureka Natural Foods has been designed to be okay for the local people. You will be able to get sandwiches, coffee, pastries, and even salads, among many other things.

The foods are also very organic, and they strive to prepare meals free from GMO components like many other restaurants. It is located on HWY 101 South Broadway and Central Avenue in McKinleyville.

2. Vegetarian: Café Nooner

It is one of the places in Eureka that offers pastured grass-fed beef, Ramones a Brio Bread among the many other things that you will find on their menu. They also harbor the local wines, and they often use produce from the local farmers, which have made it entirely organic and environmentally friendly.

The best part is that apart from the vegetarian meals that are offered, they are lined with a good serving of vegetables or great sauce that leaves you to amaze. They also have naturally pressed juices if you happen to have a liking to such things. 

3. Steakhouses: Oberon Grill

Anyone with a taste for steak knows the importance of grills and the chefs who handle the diners themselves. It is a skill that needs a long-time practice and dedication. When you get to Redwood Park, you can also enjoy a pleasant and finger liking serving steak at Oberon Grill.

Its location in Eureka owns ensures that it is at the service of everyone who comes into town serving local seafood and sandwiches and the mouthwatering steak as well. It also has a fully stocked bar and specials like the Prime Rib on Fridays and Saturdays. It has rooms that allow private reservations if you are a person or if you happen to be coming with a good number of 

4. Pubs: Craft Beer in the Redwoods

The breweries adventures have also been something that has been highly enjoyed by the people who happen to come to this place. There are halls with won heaps of awards and working happy hours were it is open for everybody. It also has the first organic brewery with a female brewmaster.

You could get services from the Lost Coast Brewery, the Redwood Curtain Brewing or the Eel River Brewing Company, which is just but some of the few areas that are known to have some of the best brewery facilities and wine services. Most of them found in Eureka and Fortuna.

5. Asian: Siam Orchid Thai Cuisine

Some of the fantastic dishes are the Grilled Salmon that is delicately marinated with a special Thai sauce. This meal is then served with a side dish of either vegetable or peanut sauce or some chili together with it. It is located at the north end between the 4th and 5th streets of the town.

The beauty of this is that you can never go wrong with unique dishes when it comes to Asian dishes. You will, therefore, be able to enjoy some exquisite meals that you may only get at 5-star hotels elsewhere.


The beauty of Redwood can only be enjoyed when you visit it personally and have a firsthand view of the place. The modes of which you will use to arrive at that place all depends on you and more importantly, where you are. Trying out the roads through either public or private means will allow you to enjoy the nature of the various stops you could make on the way, enabling you to know your country well. However, planes make the journey less stressful and shorter. You should also ensure that you visit all those hotels, the big tree and most importantly enjoy the marine and land features that the place happens to offer you as a visitor. I can assure you. You won’t regret it.


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