A Complete Guide to Porto in Winter

The city of Porto is uniquely structured and with some of the original identity of the place still intact. This enchanting place offers the most fantastic experience for summer vacay. All over the world, the city of Porto is recognized as a huge destination. It is considered to be the best winter city.

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Whatever it is you seek from snow; some sun Porto is the most excellent destination for your winter break. Furthermore, the city has been mentioned in the most popular tourist books worldwide. But why, Porto? What makes it so special and unique? Here are some of the most exciting facts that trap even the most demanding traveler.

Why Porto?

The city is a historic city, and it holds some of the best exhilarating sites. For instance, the streets of Warren that together forms the ancient Ribeira district. The district stretches to the grand plaza of the Trindade district. The beautiful city is also famed for its production of the Port; a national drink that is stored and matured in the vast cellars of the Douro River.

This s the kind of place where you can make the most memorable moments in your life with the ones you love. The city of Porto prides itself in the pervasive history, beautiful touristic sites, reverberating nightlife, as well as the magnificent tourist facilities. There is quite a handful of activities to take and places to visit in the great city of Porto.


It is found in Europe. It is the second-largest city in Portugal after the famous Lisbon. It is as well one of the significant urbanized areas of the Iberian Peninsula. The city of Porto is located along the Douro river; this is North of Portugal. The city of Porto is one of the oldest European centers. The historical core of the city of Porto was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO in the late 90s.

During winter, the city has warm weather that is warm enough, but cold enough to bring about the Christmas eerie still. This is one of the reasons Porto is considered a great destination at this time of the year. It isn’t that a peculiar aspect to check out during your winter break.

The reason as to why most people prefer the city of Porto as their destination is because it is considerably cheap as compared to other destinations. Moreover, it is populated by fewer people during this time of the year as compared to different seasons. This will not inconvenience you in this small but amazing city.

Things to do in Porto during winter

In addition to the cost of visiting this picturesque place being cheap, there are other pleasures you can enjoy from your visit. These include the following lists of activities and experience:

1. The Ribeira

This is a part of the city that is the oldest. It is a tangle of narrow completed streets, old houses as well as its’ varied people of different characters. It also holds the best congress center of Europe; The Alfândega Congress Centre.

2. A taste of the country’s national drink

The Port; this is a rich protected wine. This particular wine is made from the vast caves in the banks of the Douro River. Furthermore, there is a lodge made explicitly to enjoy the Port. The ‘Port lodges’ also provide the educative tours of the famous traditional process, and yes! A sample you will have of this fine vintage wine. They don’t consider them the best wine in the world for nothing.

3. The great paste of the original Portuguese culture

The spirited nightlife of the city of Porto is convenient for all ages and range of people. That is not to forget the excellent food specialties and of course the lit late-night clubs.  The city itself breathes culture; when you walk through the city, you will discover more places like concerts, galleries, the Museum of Port Wine, the Contemporary Art Museums, the Tram Museum, you will have lots of choices to make.

4. The Douro River

This feature is also referred to as the breathtaking backdrop to Porto. And indeed, it is spectacular bridges across the river. The perfect tour for a boat, a romantic setting it is. The best cruise you can ever experience through the six bridges of Porto and Gaia. Lest you forget, the Douro River is interlinked with the famous Port wine, a history of the finest ‘du Vin’ in the world lies there.

5. The historic monuments

There is that unique mix of the far past, present and future scenery that the city of Porto provides. This is not for you miss! That connection between the three periods is uniquely maintained. You can walk through the ancient streets, the legendary monuments such as the Cathedral, Clerics Tower, the Church of San Francisco, and so much more.

6. Walkthrough in the world of art

If you love art, then Porto is a place for inspiration and will make you fall in love if you haven’t experienced art yet. The city is well admired for the quality of its architecture. Furthermore, the University of Porto has produced two of the most renowned architects; Souto Moura and Siza Vieira. Among the characteristic buildings that can be derived from the art is the Museum of Contemporary Art of Serralves, not to forget the building of ‘Casa de Musica.’

7. Best Bookshop

Speaking of art and beauty, you cannot go without having to visit the Lello Bookshop. It is among the most beautiful bookshops of the world; the red spiral staircase is the center of the exquisite scenery. The building itself has inspired famous artists such as the author of ‘Harry Potter.’  Another work of art is the Café Majestic, as the name says it all, the interior is modeled to be majestic. To add on these beauties, you should also get to see the famous São Bento Railway Station. It is comprised of thousands of traditional Portuguese tiles that dates back to the history of Portugal.

8. La cuisine

‘La gastronomy’ of Portugal is something you wouldn’t want to miss at all! It has a variety of famous cuisine Porto is one place that offers you the ‘to die for’ kind of delicacy.  A combination of typical Portuguese cuisine and the Mediterranean diet is what you are looking for. Moreover, it is ideal for your budget.

9. Souvenir shops

Local shops are available for the purchase of any souvenir that you take back home. The weekends hold special market day that is majorly traditional. You can feast your eyes upon the beautiful Portuguese handicrafts. Santa Catarina Street is one place where you can find such intricacies.

The nights offer other kinds of activities for distraction. Concerts, the bars with a variety of music and events. You can never get bored, and of course, it is well worth the while. There are other sportive activities such as surfing that is also available in Portugal. You can learn how to surf. A coastline provides such kind of events.

10. Beachside

The combination of waves provides a chance to suit all activities that the coast has to offer. The winter season is also a time you can use to learn how to surf. And what’s more, you do not have a reason to fret as the learning is quite affordable. Even though it is cold during the winter season, the surf schools do not close. The Costa Verde

This season offers the best opportunity as the beaches are quiet. Also, the cost of instruction is usually cheaper, and if you are a shy person, this will be good for you as there would not be many people around. But that is not all! Most of the surfing schools offer you the packages that also include accommodation as well as the lessons nearby. A good example is a Salty Wave and survivor school of surfing.

What other experiences are in store?

There is always more to a place than just the site seeing and activities that it offers. The winter period in Porto provides an excellent atmosphere to snuggle up to a good book. The fine Porto wine will come in handy during this particular time. But where could you get a good book if not from the Lello Bookshop?

 There are also bookshops that you can choose from. These bookshops are worth the time and money; you will not regret it. The popular Potter-tourism has been the significant activity ever since the sequel and inspiration from the books were written. However, the other bookshops do not charge an entry fee. Aside from that, they are more suited to the slow browsing that is all that you need to get time alone and read through.

And since the place was an inspiration to a fellow artist; J.K Rowling, who’s to say you can not be the next great author. You can decide to put your thoughts, imagination on a pen to paper. Or, if you are a technical person and likes typing, you can let your fingers run through the keyboard as you make a story out the experience and imagination.

And if you have never written before but are aspiring to become a writer, then you will have come to the right place! Some of the sites in this great city will attract the romantic in you. It does not have to be writing alone; you can get so many ideas just from an inspiration from this place. That is concerning what you aspire to be, or what you think might become the next big thing.

What about a family visit?

The city is an excellent destination for your family members. If you are seeking a city break in Europe, the city of Porto is the place to be. The Portuguese population is a very hospitable people and supportive of families. If you have children, they can be accommodated in hotels, restaurants, and tourist sites. There are also activities that they can take part in as they enjoy what the city has to offer.

The children will be entertained with varied activities from tram rides, cable cars, and boat rides. There is everything for everyone. No one is left out, the city of Porto prides itself that much, why don’t you go check it out? It is not much you can give for an explanation as an excuse for not going to visit this magnificent place.

The highlights give you just a picture of what you can expect. The real deal is when you experience the whole thing by yourself. Embark on this venture and return back home to tell the tale or share what you have discovered during your winter break.


This is a one-time experience that you should not let it pass. Experience this city of art with your special person on another level, and create memories of a lifetime. Assure them that they still are special as you share with them the winter break in this vacation home with a soul!

Interact with nature and the environment, and appreciate the works of art, the history and all there is. And at the same time relax your mind, body, and soul for that one moment of winter break time you have at the great City of Porto. Make it a date at and make the most out this spectacular city of art.

All in, your stay in Portugal should see to it that you make the city of Porto as a ‘must to visit the place.’ Any vocational trip you plan is an opportunity for you to get exposed to some bit of therapy. In this case, winter can come early, and a scheduled trip to Portugal should be made. And the City of Porto should be on the top of the list of places to visit while you there. A souvenir is recommended as you wind up the visit. This could be presented to your family or even friends and also for you, for the moments you had.

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