19 Amazing Places to visit in Los Angeles

How often do you get to go to a place? It could be business or maybe a holiday gate away. I love the idea of just going to a new land and exploring all the great things that they have to offer. However, in my many tours around the world, I came to realize that Los Angeles is one of the most prominent places that the globe prides in.

It does not necessarily mean that it is the best in the world, but what it offers, I can attest, is worth you trying, if you have never been there. Having a complete guide of the best areas you should visit is vital if you want to have the best out of the experience that you intend to have. Preparation if a better gain at this point.

I happen to have done extensive research on the most amazing things to do in LA, which has been a building block to the things I have had the chance to participate in personally. Therefore, it is an article that is not biased neither is it limited to what I have been able to do.

There are many things you would be in a perfect position to indulge in when you are in LA, but according to my experience, some of the most excellent deals are the ones I have listed below. You don’t have to choose all, but at least ensure you have gone on half or most of them. It will not hurt you.

Venice Beach‍

Venice Beach
Source Unsplash

The environment of the beach are spoken and span and this would give you the feel of the beach being one of those few beaches that are well taken care of and conserved. This is known as the best beach for the people of California. The place has a couple of attractions which revolve from the bodybuilders that you find on the beach to those people that scuba dive all over the beach, down to the many people that have their lovely drinks at the bars and cafes that are all around the beach. You do not want to miss out on the odd feeling and the aesthetic nature of this beach, and this is the reason why you need to go visiting this place.

The presence of Venice Beach among the many other water places has created a very high need for surfing among both locals and tourists who happen to visit that place. The rate at which they have indulged in it created a need to have lessons as both a safety, ensure and also to generate money for the locals who are there.

These levels are both for the learners and even the ones who have an idea. Therefore, you don’t have to be scared that you may be chased. It is one activity that everyone is encouraged to participate at least once before you leave that beautiful place.

You will be exposed to training for about 30 minutes before you are released to go some practical surfing which will be under supervised look. I tend to believe there where so many newbies who tried to surf and either drowned or hurt themselves and that is why they opted to have that training practice of people who want to surf or who would be interested in the sport.

The training is charged. Most of them range around $59 for each surf lesson, though it will depend on the level you need and the period that you will take learning it.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

Hollywood Walk of Fame
Source Pixabay

One would wonder why so many people go to this place, but the idea is not farfetched from the fact that it is Hollywood and it has a lot of names all around the site which adds to the embellished beauty that the place emits. It almost feels like a virtual world when you get to the vicinity, and this is because of the way that the site was designed to be top-notch. It is rumored that when you do go to this place, you will find a lot of marbles in red paintings and the names of well over 2000 entertainers are written in gold pictures all around the area. This is the reason why you need to go visiting this place. There are so many events, galas, and openings that have occurred in this place and although you feel like you know it all, nothing feels better than the feeling when you finally get to this remarkable place.

The Getty Center

The Getty Center
Source Unsplash

This place is filled with lots of marvelous edifices, and if there is anything that attracts people to this place, it is the fact that there are amazing pictures to take. The hilltop views and also the incredible view of the surroundings of L.A is one of the plus reasons why people go visiting this place too. There are so many artworks from renowned names that would keep you glued to this place also.

Rodeo Drive

Rodeo Drive
Source Pixabay

Many people that have never really been to this place would wonder why they need to visit rodeo drive, but it is much more than the name to so many people that have gone touring to this place. The designer boutiques on this axis, the stores and the fact that many movies have featured this location, makes it an impressive reach for all tourists. The drive has a supermarket for the average and top spenders, and this is the reason why so many people go visiting this place every year.

Downtown Los Angeles

Downtown Los Angeles
Source Pixabay

A lot of people that have heard about L.A must have heard about the awesomeness and the nightlife of Downtown, and also the beauties that revolve around this place. One thing that would wow your mind about L.A and Downtown is the fact that you would find some of the most amazing edifices around this would make you wish that your city has the list of amazing architects that Downtown does have. A lot of people also go visiting this place because it is a place that allows you to take some of the best walking tours. You do not want to miss out on this place when you finally go visiting Los Angeles.

Universal Studios Hollywood

Jurassic Park
Source Pixabay

I am sure you have all watched one or two movies that have been shot from the universal studios. Therefore, when you are in Los Angeles, you should then make an effort to go and have a tour of the studios themselves. Get to silence all the imaginations that you must be having about that place. I am sure you have all had them.

A tour of that place allows you to experience the actual thing that the movies were able to show you. You could also participate in model casting spell programs that they conduct because of the Harry Potter movies that happen to have been shot in that place. It is a beautiful place to make memories whether you are alone or with a family of friends.

You will also be able to learn the history that comes with the studios, how many films have been shot and if you are lucky enough and you are in the film business, you might get creative connections that will help you in the next project that you will happen to take on. Many people have even been inspired to get into art and its relations either as a hobby or a business.

It is quite a large studio, with not only film prop but you can also get artistic works that have been done by famous people with some of them even given a price charge for selling. It is quite a fantastic place to be.

Many people would have heard about Jurassic Park from the movie that was made about the park some years back. The affiliation with the Dinosaurs might exist in film, but it is a lot different when you go visiting this remarkable place. It is a place where you get to see some of the best scientific archives and artworks and sometimes with the tour around the park, you begin to wonder which is real and which is fiction, and this is the reason why they call Los Angeles the home of attraction.

Grand City Tour

Grand City Tour

The city of Los Angeles is generally a beautiful city even when the other outskirts activities are removed. During your stay in that amazing city, you should make a plan to have a very intense tour of the whole town. This will include the skyscrapers, the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, the parks and also the Walt Disney Concert Hall which I have to say is quite impressive. There is much more than what I have mentioned.

This is a great tour plan because it involves almost all of the other scenic places in LA that you should visit. You even get to be shown the famous pubs, clubs, and hotels that you might or might not be knowing. If you happen not to be in a hurry, you will just be shown around the famous Beverly Hills homes and might even see where you’re most favored actor or media personality lives.

Don’t forget the famous Grove Shopping Mall where you can have a very delightful lunch as you finish up your quick but fun tour excursion. In most cases, the grand tour is for you to grow an admiration that will drive you to come back later and have a more detailed tour of the country when you get the chance.

On average this will cost you around $75 depending on the group that you choose to take you through the city.

Hollywood sign hike

Hollywood sign hike
Credit Unsplash

The Hollywood sign has been talked of, and videos have been taken, on so many films that have literary made it a great place to be. It would just be awkward to have visited any city within environs of Hollywood and don’t get to reach the Hollywood sign. It is viewed as the epitome of most of the hikes and tours that are conducted there. You should not make it any different.

Some places have been spotted to take the best Hollywood background photos like the Vista, which of course you will be taken to. You will then be given ample time to take as many pictures as you want, whether professional or not. That is if you happen to love a lot.

Apart from the helicopters ride that even provides a better view of the sign, this is one of the places that give you the best of what exactly you would want. The bike rides give you a chance to experience how tedious it is getting up on that mountain, and if you are lucky, you might even have some fun around the sign — all these Film junk we usually see in movies.

Though many people prefer to reach this place through walking or running as a form of exercise or bonding session with family and friends, it should also be noted that there are other options too that can get you to see the sign and have a great sign as well. I thought you should be aware of.

Los Angeles hop-on-hop-off city sightseeing tour

Hop-on hop-off city tour buses have made many tours very useful for very many of the people who opt to see the city and everything that it has offered. These are buses that have been used since years ago and still effective despite their reduction rate of maintenance purpose.

They have also been fitted with effective communication systems that translate the guide to whatever language you would prefer. This is most beneficial for people who have a poor understanding of the English language.

These buses allow you to see the city but then be in a safe position. When you get to be on the top bunk of the bus, you get to be in an elevated position where you feel like you are flying when you are not. Such coaches take you through LA discovering the downtown to the beaches of Santa Monica as you see various hotels, shops, and parks.

The hop-off hop-on buses are versatile and do not restrict you. It is initially a bus; therefore, when you feel you have had enough, you are granted the chance to just hop-off and let the rest of the group continue with the tour. This means that you can also hop-on at whatever point you prefer depending on your intended need of the journey.

Most of these rides are at a small fee of around $25 for each of the tours. The length of them, however, will also determine the price range that the trip will cost you.

Malibu group hike with wine tasting

Malibu group hike with wine tasting
Credit flickr

The Santa Monica Mountains have been known to host one of the best places where you can have peaceful but fun, hikes and walks, whether for fun or exercise. And the best part of it is that you get to enjoy a fantastic glass of wine at the end of the walk. We all would enjoy a glass of wine after a long day. Even doctors recommend it for the sake of your digestion.

The Saddlerock ranch setting of the place ensures that you enjoy a beautiful outdoor experience with your friends and also get to experience an exotic exercise of wine tasting in one of the famous wineries around. You also get to see some animals that have been considered strange too. These are zebras, llamas, alpacas, and water buffalo. Yes, there are water buffalo, and you can find them here.

To many people, it would act as going to one of these zoos that have exclusive animals. Yes, it could be correct, but then not all of them are very special. It just happens that this specific ranch houses quite some unique animals which grant them that better position when it comes to the cooperative world of business.

You also get to reach the cave of the four horsemen and see various pictographs taken as you make your way to the Malibu Wine Tasting Room where you will get to see and taste so many of the old and new wines that are nowadays in the market. Apart from the taste, you can also get a few bottles to go for yourself too. Therefore, such a trip will not be that much of waste like many thinks of it.

Aquarium of the Pacific

Aquarium of the Pacific
Credit flickr

 Having a chance to experience the sweet beaches and fantastic water life is one of the points of pride in Los Angeles life. Enjoying the waters and the colorful reefs in the tropical Pacific are just a memorable experience you could ever have.

The aquarium is more of a glass-walled theater hall where you can see all the animals as they swim naturally in their habitat. You can even see the shark lagoon, jellyfish, clownfish, sea turtles, lorikeet birds, and the Magellanic penguins among the many that are there. This shows the variety of things that they happen to have that changes the whole idea and makes everything new.

There are also art installations, multimedia displays that give the children a good time too apart from the live animal exhibitions. The aquarium creates a whole virtual climate where you might be duped into thinking that there is a world where sea creatures and man can live in the same environment. It takes you to a whole different world altogether.

The high demand of the people who tend to arrive at this place pushed them to reduce the fee from the original $33 to $28 which was aimed to commode even the ones who complained of the high cost but still handle the expenses that were expected of.

La Brea tar pits museum admission

La Brea tar pits museum
Credit flickr

This happens to be one of the places where you can see the excavation of ice age fossils bring done. There is the bubbling of tar at Lake Pit, the Pleistocene garden where there are prehistoric plants together with the hazardous excavation sites where archeologists happen to find something new almost every single day. Funny right?

If you are scared of skeletons, you should not dare go there because they have house fossils of mammoths, saber-toothed cats, ground sloths and even dire wolves among the many other things. It is almost a real gothic museum if you ask me.  You will also be able to have a guided tour of how the La Brea Pits were formed and how the massive beast could have ended up there.

 This is possible because of the large number of paleontologists who try to redefine the history of humanity straight from their lands. This works to explain the numerous excavations that happen right at the center of Los Angeles.

There is a basic entry fee of around $15, which is rated based on the adults in that place.

Bike adventure

Everyone loves a bit of adventure, whether they accept it or not. A chance to tour a new land on bikes, possibly with a group of friends is also a great way of getting to know what LA has to offer first hand. It is also one of the best ways to keep fit and maintain your exercise chat even when you are on holiday. 

The beauty of the bike rides is that you can ride past the studios as you enjoy the magnificent and relaxing environment that happens to have been maintained over time. The Nickelodeon studios, the TCL Chinese studio, the capitol records building, CBS studios, and the Dolby Theatre will all be in the path that you will ride through. 

It is even easier for you to stop by and buy a few things at the Grove and Melrose Avenue as you pass by. It ensures that you maximally enjoy the chance that you have without leaving any stone unturned at any point or street of the town. 

Should you get left behind during the tour, you also get to follow a guided map that you are all given before the ride begins. You will then be in a position to catch up with the others in no time. The $55 fee that you would have paid for it should not go to waste.

Autry Museum

Autry Museum
Credit flickr

 According to the LA Times, this has been the Favorite Museum of all time, voted five times in a row. This gives you a rough idea of just how famous this place is and how important it is to the people of LA. 

The beauty of the Autry Museum is that it has harnessed the critical features of the American West and displayed to show the importance that they had. It has been used as an archive of what happened in the past as a way of ensuring that not only is it for recreational purposes but it is also a source of education for the people to know how they came about and their past.

It has been known to house some fascinating historical parts of the world to them. It has numerous things connected to the western movie memorabilia and artifacts, the native American culture, kids activities, films, paintings, exhibitions and even sculptures among the many other things that they happen to have.

In most cases, an adult is charged $14 for each tour that you happen to be given. I am, however, not sure of the cost of children. You will have to go there to check out for yourself.

Starlight dinner cruise from Marina Del Rey

Marina Del Rey
Credit flickr

The Marina Del Rey is one of the feelings of pride of the LA town. It has satisfied so many exotic visitors who have always wanted a cruise ship experience without being able to the long-distance cruises that most people offer.

This is a place where you can get a 4-course meal that is inclusive of both the local and seasonal ingredients and dishes from all over the world. You then get to enjoy a night of dancing to DJ-spun tracks and also enjoy the sight of the city as you sip a classy glass of champagne. The music has a way of drifting you throughout the whole night, and in most cases, you may not even be aware of the time.

It all has a way of adding up to the perfect evening, especially if you were planning a romantic getaway or you just needed some time to detach from the rest of the world.  The SoCal cruise team have been trained to offer the best of service irrespective of who you are or what class you happen to subscribe to. 

You can enjoy this cruise at a standard rate of $127.92, which will cater for your whole night inclusive of meals and drinks that you will be offered. I believe it is an unbelievable offer you should not just take lightly.

Hydro bike rides on Alamitos Bay

Alamitos Bay
Credit pixabay

I have only heard of hydro bikes in gyms and possibly some of these centers that have saunas and steam rooms. It is not a very popular exercise in most places, but LA has made a way of taking this chance and creating a fun experience out of it. Apart from the money that it gets from the people.

Alamitos Bay is the only water covered path, which makes it the most beautiful thing about Long Beach. Therefore, you will get many groups of people, others cooling off, others boat, and then there is the group that is hydro biking over the bay. It is quite an exciting thing to be part of.

The exercise needs you to be well dressed inclusive of a safety jacket and your personal preferences too. You will be given a short guide on how to ride the bikes and also provided a map of the routes that you will use to avoid unwanted things. The primary age limit of the children is 11 years, and the weight should be less than 250 lbs.

The rides, in most cases, go along the Alamitos Peninsula and the Naples Islands. There are also exciting restaurants that are usually lined up at the dock section where the rides enjoy a nice meal after their journey before they head to their homes. You can enjoy this simple excursion at a small fee of around $25 for each person on each ride you take.

Griffith Observatory and park

Griffith Observatory
Credit Unsplash

Griffith happens to be among the largest parks that are in California. It has been known to host very many shows and concerts apart from the usual pleasantries of a weekend out for a walk, run, stroll or just fun with your kids and pets. Therefore, you should not be lied to that it is just a park and an observatory; it is much more than that.

The beauty of this place is that it hosts meteorites and you can also be in a position to weigh yourself in model scales for all the planets in the solar system. This way, you get to experience how heavy or light you would be if you went to Jupiter or Mars. Am sure science geeks always have an epic moment when they get there. 

The Griffith Observatory is one of the places that beautify the city as a whole. You get to see the panoramic view of the city of the Angels as LA is known. It creates a world of its own where LA happens to be the showstopper. You can, therefore, imagine just how creative an amazing that place happens to be.

The only problem is that you may experience a limited parking space when you go there late, I would, therefore, advise you get there early and be prepared with at least $10 for the planetarium shows that may be featured that day.

Six Flags Magic Mountain

Six Flags Magic Mountain
Credit flickr

One of the best places where holidays and summers reach its peak is the fun parks where you get zoos, roller coasters, cotton candy stand and even maybe swimming pools for some people. Or if you happen to be on the beach like in LA the beach games and the many sand castles that children enjoy building. 

With this in mind, there is a place where you can enjoy all that. The Six Flag Mountain where you get to enjoy a 260-acre theme park, with 19 world-class coasters, more than 100 games and in most cases you even get to catch epic shows like the DCs hottest villain Harley Quinn which happened in January 2018.

The epic coasters are what makes this place memorable. The Twisted Colossus, Full Throttle: which is the tallest and fastest loop coaster, Drop of doom and the Tatsu: which is the longest flying coaster apart from being one of the quickest and tallest too.

However, I believe it is wise that I mention roller coasters are not for people who hate high places or who don’t like speeding machines. I have witnessed people fainting and even others getting heart attacks because they thought going for one of those rides is a grand thing. It is always important to watch out for your health too. That is why you will even be given safety jackets just in case anything happens.

Nowadays, you can get such fun at a small fee of around $59.49. I tend to believe that is the best deal ever.

Knott’s Berry Farm Tickets

Knott's Berry Farm
Credit flickr

This is the one place that regardless of your age you can still have fun both day and night.  It is an original theme park that has been fitted with more than 165 rides, impeccable view of what California has to offer apart from the shows and attractions that are available in the park itself.

Apart from the exciting rides like the Silver Bullet and the Hangtime, which is one of the newest roller coasters, you can also enjoy a wooden roller coaster called the Ghost Rider. I still wonder how reliable the wood that makes that coaster is. It is known to be high and has lasted for quite some time. It surely is perfect.

There are also other things like the Calico River Rapids and a water raft ride which will expose you to indigenous wildlife, roaring rapids, and dynamic water effects. It has been used by many people to take amazing pictures that have been sued in many wildlife scenes, even in movies and films.

The epitome of this place happens at night when a fantastic nightlife party comes to life. The presence of music, the food offering sand photo-apps as people play friendly games and make memories, is the best way to finish up your summer holidays. It worked for me. I don’t know about you. All you need to do is pay a fee of $55, which will cater to your whole experience in the park.


The city of the angels as it is commonly known as one of the areas that have still maintained its amazing ambiance of imagination, amazement, and attraction. Any people see it as a place where people go and have limitless times on the sandy beaches and drink expensive cocktails. But the truth is, there is much more than what most people think of. The fantastic attractions, culturistic programs, and scenes, games, and holidays fun are also some of the things that make Los Angeles enjoyable. Some of them may not need you to pay, but they would require some expert guidance so that you can make the best out of the chance that you happen to have gotten. Los Angeles is, and the things I have listed above are just some of the things that would make your trip even more fun than you would initially think.


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