10 Best Things to do in London

London happens to be one of the most majestic areas present in the whole world. This ranges from its magnificent exotic setting to the Porsche modernization that the industrial era has brought to it.

In most cases, you will find people opting to have their vacation periods in London. More so, people who have a natural liking to nature and history. It is also known to have a significant influence when it comes to arts, entertainment, and healthcare systems. This explains why it is also the most vegetarian-friendly nation in the world.

The position it has in the European Union has also given it a unique advantage in the economic and financial world. It has been known to balance most of the world’s economy despite it being a landlocked country in England. It is, therefore, among the most developed countries in the world.

The Royal Monarchy does much justice to its reputation too. The presence of the queen and the royal house makes it a fascinating place to visit. Most people can only relate to such through films and stories in books. However, visiting London gives such people the chance to build up the idea that they already have physically.

Several things will be fit anyone who gets a chance to visit the big city. I have witnessed many people uprooting themselves and going to the city of London with a dream of making it in one way or the other. Some of them get to, while others are not very lucky. It is a city of dreams are requires discipline and etiquette too.

Out of experience here are some for the things I would have you do before you leave London.

1. Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens

London is a city that has significantly invested in the state of nature. Their going green initiatives are quite active and with effects that have shifted to even other nations. Therefore, you will be able to spot various botanical gardens that have been planted to preserve the nation’s ability to maintain the vegetation. This includes the Royal Botanical garden that is known to house very many species of plants.

It is also known to host exhibitions of art relating to plants and glass sculptures in the gardens. It provides a chance to the art community to also assist in the campaign of nature safety.

The beauty greatly influences all of these ideas that the vegetation available has been kept. These are fantastic places to take photos and have a relaxing picnic session either on your own or with loved ones.

2. Ride on the hop on hop off buses

Ride on the hop on hop off buses

One of the pride of London is the hop on-hop off buses that are suitable for the many tours that the city happens to have. These buses have an open roof setting where seats have been placed on the roof for riders who would like to see the town as they are being moved from one place to another. Such buses were mainly started as tour vehicles to allow people to see iconic places with ease and also be able to take photos without any distractions.

London has been able to maintain the levels of such buses despite the many challenges that they face. Many countries all over the world, opted to discard such buses and replaced them with closed roof ones.  But they are not London, so what do they know?

If you are visiting London, you should dare not miss one of these rides. Be warned though; the wind capacity could be quite high. So take care of your caps and your accessories.

3. Visit the Film Museum

Visit the Film Museum

London has been known to host very many movies over the years. Most of such films are usually based on the 1800 lifestyle or the archaic era. Some of them are not material, but they are based in studios with backdrops that make it seem like they are outside.

If you are an ardent follower of the James Bond movies, the film museum will blow your mind. The vehicles and the handcrafted storyboards that were used are all stored in this place like a clear remembrance of the achievements that they have been able to make.

If you are a history major, such visits will significantly boost your studies and give you a boost over the others too like general knowledge.

4. Harry Potter Studio Tour

Harry Potter Studio Tour

This place is known as the Warner Bros Studio, where famous films like Harry Potter, where honored to be shot. We have all at least watched one of the Harry Potter movies. In London, you can walk through the Diagon Alley from the film. Imagine how exciting it could be for you.

Most of the episodes that were shot in the Harry Potter were in London. You also get to hear the history of the book, including J.K. Rowling as the author. You will also be able to see the many special effects that are hidden but used to create the majestic, magical effects that were used in the filming of the movie.

You will be able to take part in the movie scenes like being in Dumbledore’s office, the Nimbus 2000 and Hagrid’s motorcycle, Gryffindor standard room, ministry of magic and the various ornamental weapons that were used. All of these are exciting things to see. I hope you find them as fascinating as I do.

5. Dawn and dusk visits to the Stonehenge

Dawn and dusk visits to the Stonehenge

Stonehenge is one of the most famous scenic settings in London. Various films also happen to have been shot at this exact place. The beauty of how the stones have been arranged still seems to be a great wonder to most people. This happens to be a huge boulder of rock on top of another arranged in an order.

Such a tour will also include visiting the Neolithic stones and the Visitor Center where you will be able to see more of the old exhibited rocks that have been preserved. Archeologists have over the years made numerous visits to this place with a hope of getting to understand the change in periods more.

The beauty of this place is seen, especially in the morning and evening. This is when the most impressive view of the sun through the stones can be seen. As it sets or rises, you can see the whole of it framed in the rocks of the Stonehenge. It creates a very soothing effect on the people.

It is quite a romantic place for couples to have a hike or to have an excellent time together.

6. London nightlife

London nightlife

Many people have a thing for nightlife. To others, the beauty of the city lighting up with all the clubs and casinos to indulge in is more than perfect. London is no exception to all that.

Once the city lights up, you would not easily imagine it to be the one you saw during the day. At a bird’s eye view, you can take in the scenic advantage of the city and especially the London Tower Bridge as it stretches over the water, St. Paul’s Cathedral and the parliament view too.

Being home to many iconic people, it gets hard to miss a party that could be going on in one place or the other. The city also never sleeps. Therefore, you will be attracted by the music playing, which will appeal to you even if you not the hype type of character.

7. Have a decent English tea brunch session

Have a decent English tea brunch session

London is known for its magnificent tea scones that are mainly taken at brunch. This is the period between breakfast and lunch. This was a tradition that began a long time ago when the queens and princesses would hold such meetings to have girl-talks with their royal friends when they would visit each other.

There is a known garden called the Covent Garden that is famous for the branches that they host. You should make a point of having one of these. On those lazy days that you have woken up with no desire to do anything early, this would be the best way to pass your day before the afternoon. It could be with your spouse or even on your own. A little self-love always goes a long way.

8. Visit the St. Paul’s Cathedral

Visit the St. Paul's Cathedral

Very many monumental events have been conducted in the famous St. Paul’s Cathedral, including the royal weddings. The structure of the church exposes its uniqueness and its ability to withstand timely degeneration. It was designed in sections, where people were allowed to sit depending on the social level that they happened to be in.

It has a dome on the top of the building where people can have a bird’s eye view of the whole city. Most pictures have also been taken from that specific view. It is one you would be so at awe once you experience it. It, therefore, means that it would be so wrong if you don’t get to visit it before you leave London.

There is also a gallery that has been set some feet above the ground. It has the reputation of being called the whispering gallery. I still haven’t gotten the chance to know why yet though. I am sure you would like to know why. Therefore, plan a visit to that place, and you will be answered. I might also get to learn it from you too.

9. London Street Art Tour

London Street Art Tour

Art has always been an active relation aspect that has over the years, and cultures brought so many people together. It has inspired many writers and even the general public to be able to appreciate where they have come from and also the achievements that they have made.

The street art tour is known to cover the whole of the Cockney culture and also explicitly shows the other side of London. It brings out the creativity that is the bedrock of all the talents and originality that the city of London has. Many artists began here. You might end up also getting your vibe once you see what emotional art and beautiful materials that have been portrayed for the world to see.

This tour will last almost 2.5 hours, and you will meet your guide under the clock tower at Liverpool Street Station.

10. Visit the Science Museum

Visit the Science Museum

If you are a person who enjoys a little thrilling fun, this is the best place to crown your London trip. Consider the thought of getting so close to the marine life that you can almost feel them. The science museum houses the underwater creatures in the Sealife Aquarium that happen to be miles and miles long. You could end up spending the whole day and still not get to exhaust it effectively.

It houses almost 400 species of the aquatic life from all over the world, carefully preserved and taken cared of to ensure they don’t die and end up getting extinct. Walking across the Great Oceanic Conveyor, allows the people to experience the marine in a safe and controlled environment. It is this well-managed setting that has made London to be known for its impeccable standards in marine development.


Visiting London is a dream that many people have all over the world. This forced them to accommodate all languages making it a global center for recreational activities. Regardless of your origin, you can still have fun when you reach London. Visiting exotic areas like the museums, street art, St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Stonehenge and the botanical gardens allows you to appreciate most of the things that this great city offers its people. Commemorating such places will need you to embrace the new surrounding and be willing to try out very many new things. A vacation in London will be perfect for you and your family. There is something for everyone and be assured of having a blaster during your stay. I always recommend that you start making plans earlier to avoid a last-minute rush.


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