15 Awesome Places to Visit in Berlin (Video Inside)

If there is one place which is full of wonders and beauty is Berlin. It offers everyone with something they love. Whether you love culture and history, or you need thrilling experience in nightlife, music, and art. What makes it a magnificent masterpiece is the mixture of the modern and ancient architectural design of the street and buildings. They are all spread across the city uniformly, allowing you to compare and appreciate both designs.

Thus, if this is your vacation destination, we have compiled for you the best and exciting places you can venture into while in the city. Also, the list comprises the main highlights of the city.

Berlin harbors historical structures that are both fantastic and diverse, and it’s full of significant places associated with many conflicts and wars it experienced in the past. Despite that, most of these sites were brought down during wars; the city history was conserved through rebuilding it again. Due to this, a stroll in the city feels much like a large open museum of both modern and ancient history. Therefore to ensure you have a great time exploring the city during your visit, we have compiled for you a list that has the top and most visited attractions.

About Berlin

It is Germany’s largest capital city; this is by both the population and the area size it covers. The oldest structure of its first settlements dates back to just about 1192. It is wooden beams and the remaining housing foundation from 1174 which was discovered in the ground. The first records written of the ancient towns (which is the current Berlin) is from the 12th century. It became the German city in 1871.

Best attraction sites to visit in Berlin

1. The Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate, Berlin
Source Unsplash

The Brandenburg gate is indeed a unique place in the environment of Berlin, and its uniqueness does transcend beyond the beautiful look of the beautiful German gate. It is rumored that it had a meaning from way back, as it meant the symbol of a divided nation at a point in time, but in many recent times, it has been regarded as the symbol of unity and peace.

It should be noted that the gate is nothing compared to the modern-day gate, and this is because the gate was commissioned during the reign of King Fredrick Wilhelm and this was in the year 1788, and the design of the gate was inspired by a very formidable personality in the architectural world as at that point in time. The monument is also considered as 26 meters tall.

During the phase of the cold war, the site was used as a place where people could demonstrate, especially for West Berliners. The fact that so many world-renowned leaders have leanings with this gate made it a place where people feel they need to visit and take some lovely pictures in.

2. The Rebuilt Reichstag

The Rebuilt Reichstag, berlin
Source Unsplash

This state of the art edifice was first of all completed in the year 1984, and it was the period when it served as the palace and the home of the German empire. This was only until it was burned down in the year 1933. After this phase, it took about 9 to 10 years before it was rebuilt again and then it became the home of the German parliament in the year 1999. It is rumored to be an impressive sight when you see the place and the environment in the night.

When you do visit this place, it is better to get your ticket for about two days prior; else you be waiting for a couple of hours before you gain entrance into the edifice. One fantastic thing that makes this place excellent is the fact that when you go there, you will find English guides that help you to relate to the environment.

3. Museum Island

Museum Island
Source flickr

One place that you might have heard a couple of times is Museum Island. This place is so excellent because it is a place that houses the UNESCO heritage site in it. In this place, so many people have said that you would find impressive royal edifices in it and this is one of the many reasons that people visit the site.

During the Second World War, it was a site that was destroyed, but later on, in the year 2009, it was rebuilt and made the home of Egyptian collections of Antiques. When it comes to the best artistic works in the world, you could count on the museum for some of those.

4. The Berlin Wall Memorial and Checkpoint Charlie

The Berlin Wall Memorial
Source Unsplash

This wall is incredible because it was the wall that was the place that helped to limit people in Berlin from going to East Germany. The wall is so awesome because it pictures a phase which is the division of Europe. It is also an exciting place because after it was destroyed, the leftover from the site is what is tagged as a museum and a place which is regarded as a place to recall the history of human rights.

5. Charlottenburg Palace and Park

Charlottenburg Palace and Park
Source flickr

This is by far the oldest and largest estate in Berlin. It is tagged as the place where the German royalty used to live in. In many recent times the palace and park have this impressive a beautiful garden and also a couple of statehouse apartments, and this is one of the reasons why people love to visit the site. This fantastic edifice has its tomb and also its yard, and this adds to the checklist of things that you should see when you go visiting the place.

6. Berlin Zoo

Berlin Zoo
Credit flickr

Berlin Zoo or Elefantentor is also known as the Elephant gate was launched in 1899. Currently, it is the oldest in the whole of Germany. The collections of animals it contains are world popular. It harbors about 2000 species of animals which totals up to 25, 000 animals. The aquarium alone houses about 13, 000 animals which are kept in a glass tank for a display to the public.

Like most of the historical sites in Germany, it also suffered extensive damage from World War II, losing over 95% of its animals. Also, since its formation, it has undergone several structural redesigning to give it an exemplary look. It is a perfect place to take your family on a day to have fun together.

7. Dahlem Botanical Garden & Museum

Dahlem Botanical Garden & Museum
Credit flickr

Were you thrilled with the Berlin Zoo? Now it’s time to appreciate nature’s tranquility with Dahlem Botanical Garden & Museum. It was the herb garden and kitchen of the royal palace originally. It was created under Grand Elector instructions in 1679. The patio covers an area of 126 acres. Globally, it is ranked as the largest of Botanical gardens. It houses over 20, 000 plant species. This species represents Europe flora as well as species of plants from tropical and subtropical environments. They are all under the tremendous tropical structure built as a greenhouse.

Inclusive of the plant species, there are plants with medicinal purpose. It also contains a large pond, which creates the garden centerpiece depicting marsh plants and marine biotope. Also, worth your time is the 17th century Electoral Garden greenery; a restaurant in the garden; and a botanical museum which is excellent. It also has a herbarium that features an extensive library with more than 2 million plants preserved.

8. Grosser Tiergarten

Grosser Tiergarten
Credit flickr

After long excursions, Grosser Tiergarten offers a serene environment with lush. It gives you both shade and a cool breeze to cool your body. Moreover, it has an exclusive aesthetic value, which is mesmerizing. The landscaping designs; the patterns of trees, bushes, and flowers are exceptional.

Among the Berlin public parks, Grosser Tiergarten is the largest and the oldest. It occupies a land of 200 hectares; it is the central part of the city. The lawns and sitting places offer a venue for people to do recreational activities and relax at any time of the year. These activities have a positive impact on Berlin climate.

It was founded at the end of the 17th century but underwent various modifications and redesign as per the governing body in charge. It suffered extensive deforestation during the 1945 winter coal crisis and also damages from World War II. Later, it was replanted using the residents’ tree donations in 1949.

Currently, it harbors many institutions of government, such as the residence of the president and also the Bundestag. To increase the aesthetic value and attraction of the park, many sculptures that represent the history of Prussian and those which are famous, are being installed. Therefore it’s a great place to host a picnic with family and friends.

9. Jewish Museum

Jewish Museum
Credit Unsplash

It has a unique architectural design which was crafted by Daniel Libeskind. The design alone attracts you even before knowing what is inside. In Europe, this is the largest of the Jewish Museums and comprises of 3 buildings. It was launched in 2001 to showcase the Jews history and culture.

After the building was designed, it was named “Between the lines” by the architecture. This was to give a historical reflection of what the Jews had gone through while in Germany. If you need an extensive historical resource collection of the Jews, you will find it here. These resources include archives, documents, libraries, curetted events, as well as pictures.

The features of the museum contents include- temporary and permanent exhibitions which draw in about a million people from various parts of the globe annually. This is since its construction, thus making the museum one of the most frequently visited.

10. Gendarmenmarkt

Credit flickr

This place is considered among the most beautiful Berlin public squares inclusive of the northern Alps. It comprises several buildings of historical significance, including a couple of churches that serve the Protestants who are French and also Lutherans. It also houses the Konzerthaus theatre of Berlin.

It was founded and built during the 17th century for French Huguenot refugees. Its name was coined from the regime of “Gens d’armes.” During World War II, it got damaged but rebuilt in the 1970s by East Berlin. At this time, its name was changed to Platz der Akademie, but its original name was reinstated in 1991 after the reunification.

The square serves as a venue for various events throughout the year. This includes the summer classic series of concerts in the open air. Also, with its small booths made of wood, it’s a Christmas market for festival food and items made by hands.

11. Television Tower of Berlin

Television Tower of Berlin
Credit Unsplash

Having 368 meters height, the Berlin Television Tower is a must-visit. From the tower, you can have a delightful view of the city, including beyond it. It is one of the most visible Berlins landmarks. Has a title of the tallest building in Europe which is open for visits by the public. This allows you to enjoy the mesmerizing view of the city from above. Also, it has a restaurant and bar for refreshments and food.

It was built at a span of 4 years during East Germany times to showcase the communism efficiency. The impressive long history advertises it more as tourist attraction site to visit. It also serves as a national and international symbol of Berlin.

The visit to the tower is characterized by long waiting time due to the crowd of visitors. You can plan to get there earlier in the morning and have your breakfast while enjoying the view. Checking the weather can also come in handy among other advance plans.

12. Holocaust Memorial

Holocaust Memorial
Credit Unsplash

The Holocaust Memorial is also famous as the murdered Jews memorial, which was opened in Europe (2005). It serves as a remembrance and even the warning, displaying the Nazi regime consequences.

It was designed by Peterson Eisenman, architecture from New York. The memorial comprises 2,700 columns of concrete which are on an uneven floor and contains different heights. This makes it look wavy and different from any angle you choose to view it.

Unlike other monument designs, it lacks a central point, and this makes it different and unique compared to others. Thus this feature attracts lots of visitors from all parts of the globe.

Besides the column design, it also has an underground information center. It covers an 800 m2 of space. At this center, visitors can access the information and locations of the victims through diaries, photographs, and also farewell letters. Inclusive, there are also victims’ biographies and the tragedy footage.

13. Topography of Terror

Topography of Terror
Credit pixabay

This is a remembrance place that is most popular in all the attractions of Berlin. The real terror experienced by the Nazi opposition regime is showcased in this place. The museum gives an insight into the prisoners’ history and arrests by the Gestapo secret police.

The site was used by the secret police in 1933 as a prison to hold political inmates. At this place, they were tortured while interrogated. Afterward, they would be transferred to concentration camps or prison. It held Nazi opponents who were about 15,000. These included George Elser, who attempted to assassinate Hitler and other resistance members.

The first 1987 exhibition held in the site was meant to be temporary, but due to the rising popularity, it was turned into a fixture which is permanent. It’s one site that you should not miss to visit when in Berlin. Annually, it receives around a million visitors. The visitors come to view the graphics, pictures, and documents which display torture and terror inflicted upon the prisoners. The museum also holds the Berlin wall surviving section which is the longest.

14. The Cathedral of Berlin

The Cathedral of Berlin
Credit Unsplash

It has historical importance, which is both artistically and religiously bound. The history of the cathedral drifts way back in the 15th century. The church has undergone various transformations as per the monarch who was in charge at different times.

It was rebuilt in 1905 after undergoing demolition in 1893. As a result of World War II, it suffered extensive damage, but it was fully restored in 1993. In Berlin, it currently serves as a protestant community.

The cathedral has various sites to adore, and this includes the well crafted and engineered nave & dome above which is very massive, also, the Matrimonial and Baptismal chapels.

It also serves as many events venue which includes concerts. It is magnificent to experience various shows when held in the cathedral. It also hosts impressive choirs; and they include Domchor Berlin, then Domkantorereri & the Staats.

15. Potsdamer Platz

Potsdamer Platz
Credit pixabay

This is one of the most beautiful places you should visit when in Germany. The Potsdamer Platz, named after Potsdam of the city. It has undergone a unique transformation from being World War II desolate wasteland to a business and tourist hub.

It was rebuilt and opened after the reunification of Germany. Thus despite the state of the art design, it has a historical significance. Currently, it harbors the famous restaurants, theatres, cinemas, shopping centers, and a fantastic architect masterpiece.

Also, it contains exciting places which are a must to see once you have visited. This includes:

Europe fastest elevator- this elevator ferries you to the tower of Kollhoff. The view from the tower is impressive, as it gives you the visual of the entire skyline of Berlin. Also, if you have the family company, take a look at Discovery Centre of Legoland which houses about four million bricks of Lego.

Another impressive view is of the 1924 traffic light, which was the first in Europe. The installation was for guiding the traffic. If you find yourself in February in Berlin, then don’t miss Berlinale. This is Berlin’s film famous festival which is also held in the Potsdamer Platz.

Even with the winter chills, there are heartwarming exciting attractions. These are Europe’s Bavarian curling, Biggest Toboggan run, a skiing cabin party and the ice rink. A single place hosting all these attractions, you cannot fail to visit Potsdamer Platz.


A lot of people are in a dilemma as regards why they need to go ahead to visit Berlin, but the good news is that these are a checklist of excellent places that you could build memories about. Many people have gone to these places, and they have commented about how lovely they are, and this is the more reason why you need to join that list.

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