10 Best Things to do in Amsterdam

Unlike all the other cities that I have happened to be part of, Amsterdam has been the most monumental of them all. More so, it’s a culturally rich heritage and the belief that they have in the power of the cycling exercise. Many people may not understand it, but it is one that has made the country retain its great control against many diseases.

It is the capital city of Netherlands where the gabled fences, artistic heritage, and the canal systems have defined the entire nature of their livelihood. It has therefore caused a good number of people to live there raising its living standards too.

I have always wanted to live in Amsterdam, I, however, make a point to visit it as often and have gotten a few chances to gauge what is terrific about that city and what is not.

As a result, I came up with a few to-do lists that would come in handy if you are visiting the place for the first time and you would like to make the best out of that little experience.

1. Evening Carnival Cruise

Evening Carnival Cruise

One of the most exciting things about Amsterdam is that they pride in their canals that were made very many years ago. They even go to the extent of involving them in the various tour plans that they create whenever they have visitors. Most countries, even those with great water bodies, don’t have it within the town. So for Amsterdam, this is one of the things that places it on the forefront.

An evening canal ride gives you a relaxing tour of the city after a day’s work. It allows you to crown your day, as you take in the beauty of the future Amsterdam nightlife. You could transform it into an astonishing and romantic time for you and your partner, or just a memorable one if you are on your own or if you are cruising with friends.

You get to hear of the history of the canals, and you might even be lucky and spot a few aquatic life while you are on your cruise. How fun does that sound to you?  Personally, this is one of the few places in Amsterdam that I always crave for and wish to be given a chance to go back to more often than not.

2. Van Gogh Museum

Van Gogh Museum

Amsterdam is one of the most artistic cities I have ever been to. The amount of importance that they give art and the artists are one to admire. One of the significant areas that they have been able to set aside for the sake of art is the Van Gogh Museum, where all of Vincent Gogh’s painting has been displayed. You will be able to see where he used to draw through it is not the original one. It has over time been reconstructed because of degradations and wildfires.

There are many areas you will be in a position to see the various artistic works that Vincent did over the years. There are some in the museum square, Stedelijk Museum, Rijksmuseum and also the Concertgebouw. You will even be in a position to purchase a few of the works at considerable prices if you are one who likes hanging then in your house.

There are a few other similar works that will be available in the other close by museums if you will not find them there at that time.

3. Cocktails at Amsterdam’s Bar

Cocktails at Amsterdam's Bar

A drink after a long and tiresome day is something that most people love. Imagine you have just had a long day, you’ve been attending meetings that is if you had gone to Amsterdam on commercial purposes. The best place to unwind and have that much-needed rest is at the Xtracold ice bar.

One beneficial warning is that the whole place has been frozen at temperatures of 14°. But once you get there, you get three complimentary drinks if you had bought a ticket. Fun right? You should, however, notice that you don’t have to love alcohol to enjoy that place. You can still drink a bottle of wine or one of the other carbonated drinks. The idea is that you experience the Xtracold bar before you leave that place.

You, however, have to ensure that you are soberly dressed very warm. You wouldn’t want to leave there sick just because you wanted to lay off some steam. If you happen not to have been prepared, there are some warm coats and gloves that you will be offered to ensure you don’t freeze.

4. Vondelpark in Amsterdam

Vondelpark in Amsterdam

This is an area that is known to host most than 10 million guests a year. Most of it is because of the open-air theatre, that is amazing if you are aiming for a romantic getaway. You will be able to experience performances in classical, pop, and world music apart from the dances and cabarets.

There is also a large playground for your kids and even food service facilities with almost all varieties offered in Amsterdam. The Vondelpark is a legal practice; therefore, you will have free entrance with only a small fee of one year as a donation.

If you happen to be around on Friday, you could participate in the Friday night skate. You should also register for the years tournaments like the gold tournament, Vondelpark open and the running contest that takes place in the park. Such activities allow you to interact with the people of that place and also gives you a good overview of the different cultures that exist.

5. Hop on-Hop off Bus Tour

Hop on-Hop off Bus Tour

One of the activities that Amsterdam prides in is the hop on-hop off buses that exposes the visitors to the beauty that the city has to offer. Most people usually take these rides for fun of seeing the buildings and the physical attractions like the Rijksmuseum from a high point. It adds some fun to the experience.

Various buses offer these services in the town. However, for the official tour, you will have to pay for the services that you will be given depending on what exactly you wanted.

They are called hop on – hop off because once you are through with what you wanted to see, you can stop your ride and allow the rest to continue with their tour. This is something that happens every day following the same route. You can even have them on boats instead of buses.

Such rides are fitted with translation headphones that allow you to enjoy the trip despite not understanding English that in most cases the tour guide is speaking. They provide with over ten languages across the world.

6. Museumplein


This is one of the places in Amsterdam with the most prestigious neighborhoods. It hosts the three major museums in the area. This is the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, and Stedelijk Museum. This means that once you get to this place, there are chances that you will spend the whole day there. Ensure you have come prepared to have so much fun in that one place.

The funny thing is that it started as a wax candle factory before the very many significant renovations began, which eventually led it to be the center of perfection and excellence that it is today. Not only is that area filled with museums, but you will also be able to access various other historical places like the Concert low that happens to be close by.

The merging of the histories of the different cultures in one place is what makes this specific place even more memorable.

7. New Church

New Church

The Nieuwe Kerk is one of the 15th-century churches that was built on the Dam Square. It was formerly a Reformed church, but now it is under the Protestant churches. Presently the church is not used for services, but it is more of a monumental structure.
You will find very many shops, bookshops, hotels, and even gift shops that have been attached to the church building itself. You will also be able to get a lot of religious materials that you can later put in your house as a form of remembrance.

The church has had a lot of changes and renovations that have made it more like a historical journey for most of the cultures. From the various fires and the many royal weddings that were conducted in that place, it became so hard for it to be broken down.

Therefore, they had to conduct various renovations. If you want to learn more and also see the neo-gothic changes that were made, you should make a point and go and see it.

8. Amsterdam’s Royal Zoo

Amsterdam's Royal Zoo

Anything that is given a high honor has to be magnificent. Similarly to the Royal Zoo that Amsterdam had the honors of hosting. This is a place that has imposing plant and animal species too that have been taken cared of to create the perfection that is required.

Between the hours of 9 am and 6 pm you will be able to have fun playing with the animals that are available in the zoo. You will also be able to learn a lot about the feeding habits and the habitation features if the various animals that are available there.

If you happen to have a very great liking to nature, this place is the best place for you to visit. You will be able to take photos of unique species that you will realize are present everywhere in the world. You can also get samples of the species if you happen to be a botanist or a zoologist.

9. Glow in the Dark Mini Golf at Power Zone

Glow in the Dark Mini Golf at Power Zone

Golf is not very popular among people of the middle and lower class. However, in Amsterdam, you are offered a chance to enjoy it nevertheless. The mysterious lights that they involve create an even more indulging experience for the people, which ends up making it very memorable.

Players will have to go through caves fitted with the neon glow in the dark lights as they race to the 12-hole finish line. There have also been sea monster effects provided in the caves to make it even more thrilling. And the best part is that you can also enjoy a bar and restaurant experience as you continue with your exciting mini-golf trip into the glow in the dark caves. This journey will take you close to 45 minutes, depending on your customized desires.

10. Indulge in an Evening Pizza Cruise

Indulge in an Evening Pizza Cruise

The people have come up with an enjoyable way of making people see the city as they enjoy a leisurely meal. It is also a very lucrative business idea when you think about it. They have recreated an open-air hotel on a boat that is floated across the beautiful canals of the town as you eat your evening pizza.

In most cases, this ride takes 90 minutes where you can experience an enchanting view of the UNESCO World Heritage without leaving your seat. The pizza that is made is hot and fresh because the boats have been thoroughly made, including a mini kitchen where the food that they eat is prepared and served to them.


Amsterdam is a beautiful place. Its location gives it the chance of hosting very many people and the great environment that it has allows very many unique and beneficial species of both plants and animals to live. I have had a chance to travel in most countries, but I have not been able to get a place as magnificent as Amsterdam. Various theories are surrounding the culture of that place, but you can only believe it once you get there and you realize not all of it is true. Visiting the museums, eating their delicacies, touring the town and learning about the various historical features of that land are all but a portion of what is available.

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