12 Things You Should Never Do in Santorini

Santorini is one of the most enchanting islands that is found to the south of the Aegean Sea which happens not to be far from Greece. It is part of a group of islands called the Cyclades which over the years attracted an extraordinary amount of attention. This island is very famous because of the volcanic eruption that took place some 3600 years back.

It is remembered more so because of the wave of disruption that it left in its wake. At the moment, there are hundreds of hundreds of volcanic ash deposits that lay around the mountain. There have even been crazy theories that it is one of the sources of the legend of Atlantis.

This place has been heavily praised because of their white houses, the sandy beaches and the beautiful volcano view that has been known to attract very many people and their adventurous sides to come and enjoy what nature has given Santorini.

It should be noted, however, that the power of fun lies in the eyes of the beholder. This is also inclusive of the many things you can and should do. However, there are limits to almost everything under the sun. This includes what should not be done when you get there. A bit of limitation creates order and in most cases, ensures that the resources have been maximally used.

There are a few things notable that you should not be in a hurry to do or should never do when in Santorini. It should be taken as advice, but we all know, we all have the right to do what we want, right?

Things You Should Never Do in Santorini

1. Forget your identification materials, especially your drivers’ license

The security on this island can be at times limited because of the few people who are legitimately natives compared to the many visitors that they tend to get almost every week. Therefore, walking around with your IDs allow you to be granted passage to many things. It will even limit you to driving in the system of the island. Don’t be shocked when you find their tendencies are very different from what most people are used to.

They tend to be very rogue and “active” on the roads. You trying to keep up with them could very much lead to you being hurt or even in urgent cases being the reason for someone’s death. Therefore, be careful, and as much as adventure is excellent, some are just not worth it. It will, however, be possible for you to defend yourself if you have your driving licenses.

2. Limit yourself to eat in places that have views only

Things You Should Never Do in Santorini
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There have always been tendencies for most tourists to opt for eating in hotels so they can enjoy that morning dawn or the evening scene as the sunsets. You should, however, note that there are hotels that are even charging higher for the sceneries than the meal itself. You should be keen on such things. Once I noticed this, I ended up preparing easy meals or buying them in the drive-through and arranging for a picnic somewhere.

In Santorini, there are better places you can enjoy impeccable scenes without paying a dime. Take the opportunity and have simple meals there or picnics as you enjoy the view. You will find yourself to have used less money, but with maximum return value on the fun, you would have had.

3. Hooked to What People Think is the Ideal

donkey travel
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Most of these popular tourist attractions already have set out tour guide list where most tourists will follow blindly. I have witnessed many people regretting paying for some places, where they did not enjoy. But because it was on their tour package, they had to go to.

I always advise people, get to do research on a place and then make a list of the areas that you would prefer to visit before you commit yourself to tour guides that could end up being a wastage for you. Know where you would like to go first and the preferred means of getting there. Many people have kept using donkeys to get to most places in Santorini. You might be one who would opt for bike riding instead of being carried on a donkey all the way.

4. Invade Someone’s home to Enjoy the Scene

Invade Someone's home to Enjoy the Scene
Credit pixabay

Santorini happens to be quite a small town compared to the number of people who live there. It is, therefore, very possible to veer into someone’s personal property without knowing, especially if you are making a particular guided trip around the island.

You should then be keen and ask for a guide map of the most exciting places you should visit and the preferred paths that would get you to that place. This will prevent you from getting accused of getting into someone’s property and also you won’t get lost very easily.

However, when you find such a thing happening, your ID will serve you pretty well as long as you find good ways of defending yourself.

5. Jam yourself only in Oia so that you can get the sunset view

Credit pixabay

There are a few preferred cities in Santorini, primarily because of their ability to provide an excellent background for pictures and views. But then don’t limit yourself to Oia or Fira. There are many other areas you could enjoy the island. All this is basically because the cities have a view of it; however, all depends on want you prefer.

The idea of trying to understand why people make a big fuss about Oia might push you to go and experience this sunset, but don’t let it be the only sunset that you get to experience.

6. Fear the hidden side of the island

Oia Greece
Credit Unsplash

The biggest mistake you can ever do is going to such a beautiful place and not exhaustively going through all the areas and enjoying them to the fullest. This also includes the caves, forests, and the museums that have known to host so much of the culture that is prized in that place.

Getting out of Santorini without visiting the volcanic caldera, Ancient Thera and the archaeological gallery in Fira. It would be the most significant disadvantage you could ever give yourself.

7. Be in a rush to get hyped for an active nightlife

This is an island whose fantastic scenery and the calm environment has attracted many couples who have either come for their honeymoon or even to celebrate their weddings there. Therefore, do not expect to find the hush rush of city life where people party all night or go rogue singing and dancing all night long.

Most of the clubs and dance arenas have time limits where they get shut, and people go to their rooms for a time out before they begin a new day the following day. This also affects the visitors who visit the area unless you decide to have a personalized party. Of which, don’t expect many people to come.

8. Show your palm

We have all experienced cultures were some things have been regarded as taboos in so many ways. Many times too, you may not be outwardly told that they have issues, but you will see it from the reaction that people will give you. Therefore, it is very wise to ensure you look into the culture that you are going to.

For you to enjoy what the society will have to give you, you may need to understand and agree with what they have to offer first. This regards to palm showing on this island. To them, they view it as an exposure of secrecy and dignity. The covered palm shows respect to one that they take very seriously. So while you are there, observe and see how they cover their palms. And try to emulate the same so that you don’t get into trouble with them.

9. Expect the time response equivalent to most places

Greece has a thing that has been one of its defining factors when compared to other countries. They have no defined schedule. What to you needs to be 5 minutes, to them it might be as long as even 20 minutes. It also trends right to their services.

The saying “when you go to Rome, act like the Romans” also works when you get to Santorini.

Therefore as you plan your visits and your holiday excursions, do consider the time factor so that you don’t end up getting stressed or not finishing your tour list as you had earlier planned.

10. Don’t care tour team that will suit both your needs and those of your pocket

Town in Santorini
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Having and identifying the best travel team will help you in getting the best out of your tour. Most people are usually blinded by what they have heard from people that they forget that there is more into all that than what they have heard. That is why the best way to see the island and all its beauty is to join up with one of the companies like Omega Company, which I recommend to all the people who come to me.

Take the risk and travel with strangers, make new friends, have memorable experiences, and always remember to be safe. Don’t go harming yourself in a strange land, especially if you happen to be traveling alone.

11. Leave the island without having a taste of the indigenous meals that they have

Restaurant in Santorini
Credit pixabay

In areas like Megalochori, Vlychada, and Perissa, you will be able to get the best servings of taverns, which happen to be one of the traditional meals of this place. You should also enjoy the Moussaka the lamb plate at Xani’s which also happen to go for as low as 5 euros. I’m sure you can have a slight bend and end up opting to buy this impeccable experience as a way of ensuring you have crowned your visit to Santorini well enough.

As much as most people have severe stomach upset issues, trying out one or two of these things will help you make the memory of this place. You might even be shocked that your stomach agrees with it.

12. Expect everything to go smoothly

Oia Santorini Village
Credit pixabay

Even life itself has never been as smooth as you would like it to be. Therefore, be prepared that there may be something that will come up during your tour of that place. This could be unexpected rainfall — the lateness of the tour buses, damage to your property, or even losing them. But the most likely one, especially when you are on tour is getting lost yourself. The beauty of this town is that you get to enjoy the views that come from all angles as you try to trace your way back to where you started or where you are expected to be. It was always that simple.


Santorini is a perfect Island to plan a visit and relax. But the only way you will enjoy such a thing is when you can understand the place, and know the dos and don’ts that come with that place. This is what this article is all about. Your trip to this part of Greece should not just be the same old same old type of things. You should make it be one that you will continue to remember for quite some time and might even be tempted to go back for some doses. Most of them are restrictions with others being warnings for the experiences that I have had. Be keen, therefore, and check which ones will best your needs and which ones will not.


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