15 Best Things to do in Vannes

Are you thinking of taking a trip to Vannes and wondering what to do? Well, you have come to the right site. We do understand planning for a trip takes a lot of time and energy. This is because you have to make various bookings from the flights to the hotels where you stay. Sometimes you get carried away, organizing and forget about the place to visit, and also things to do when in a new place.

However, we have covered this particular task for you. In this article, we have sampled some of the best things. These are the things that make your holiday fulfilling and rejuvenating. After reading this article I am sure you will consider touring Vannes during the holidays.

1. Vannes Cathedral

Vannes Cathedral
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The famous cathedral is seven hundred years old and has some fantastic designs. It is a Roman Catholic Church dedicated to Saint Peter in Vannes. The construction of the building took place from the 15th to the 19th century. It was later declared a basilica minor by the then Pope Pius IX in 1870.

At the front of the cathedral, you will see the statue of the Dominican friar St. Vincent Ferrer. This statue was constructed as a remembrance of his works in the 15th century that influenced Christianity in the town. Something else that will blow your mind in the garden of the cloister found on the northern façade. These are the ruins of the 16th century.

The interior of the cathedral is an art itself. During the middle ages, the floor was built out of tombstones. However, it was removed, and only a section of the floor is made out of tombstones. This was because of hygienic reasons.

However, only tombs from the 17th century have been retained to date. This is a fascinating fact, and if you do not believe it, then visit the cathedral and see it for yourself. The building also contains various sections, and each has its purpose. This one of the places you and your family will have a fun time exploring.

2. Vannes Aquarium

Vannes Aquarium
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This is one place I recommend that you bring the kids. The aquarium has a lot to offer, plus it is going to be an educational tour for the children as well. The facility has 50 tanks, which are situated in the central zones known as tropical seas, tropical freshwater environments, and temperate seas.

There is the Eleanore, which is a Nile crocodile that was captured in 1984. She was discovered in the Paris sewers under Pont-Neuf, three meters long, and weighed 250 kilograms. On the other hand, the temperate zone is tasked with the preservation of the ocean environment of the Gulf of Morbihan.

Some tanks showcase the cuttlefish and the seahorse. A tour of the aquarium gives the children how marine life is how they can be part of the movement in preserving this ecosystem. I am sure you will also enjoy the tour in the aquarium.

3. Vannes Remparts

Vannes Remparts
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The town was built as Venetorum by the Romans in the 1st century. Later in the 3rd century, the settlement required a walled castrum. This was to protect them from their enemies. As the years went by, the walls were expanded and modified in the 1630s. However, in the 1800s, the walls were demolished hence began to be protected in 1911. This has seen the wall still standing to date.

The Ramparts holds a lot of history about the Roman Empire. Hence, you must visit to learn more. The architectural design is remarkable, which shows the craftsmanship used was unique. The western and southern stretches are still in good condition. You won’t think the building was constructed in the 1st century. This is an ideal place to bring the children as well.

4. Place de Valencia

Place de Valencia
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The site was named after a missionary who came from Spain. He was in the city from the 15th century and later passed away in 1419. The saint is believed to have lived in the place during this time until he passed away. The palace is now called the Maison de Vincent Ferrer. The architectural design is something that you will admire once on the premise.

Additionally, the building holds a lot of history, starting with the sculpture at the corner of rue Noe. The statue was designed from granite, and the artist who did this amazing work is not known until today. This is the perfect spot to take pictures and be a part of Vannes’ history.

5. Musée d’Histoire et d’Archéologie

Musée dHistoire et dArchéologie
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Did you know that the building was Breton’s parliament until it was converted into a museum?

This shows how the museum is rich in history that awaits you to discover. The building was constructed using granite stones, which gives it a stunning look.

The polygonal tower has a spiral staircase winding up. This is just one of the designs that make the building amazing. When you are in the building, you will notice the painted wood paneling and coffered ceilings.

There are also the cavernous fireplaces that were used in the past. The museum showcases various artifact pieces that were recovered from the megaliths. The facility displays pottery, jewelry, and polished axes that were used in the past.

6. La Cohue

La Cohue
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The building is located opposite the cathedral. In the past, the facility was a produce market at first, then a law court, and lastly, the Breton Parliament. However, after all these transformations, the building was restricted and changed to a fine arts museum.

The museum showcases various paintings, engravings, contemporary art, and sculptures. The items on display are from the 19th century. Hence if you are an art enthusiast, then this is the place to start your exploration. I guarantee that the artworks will inspire you.

7. Les Vieux Lavoirs

things to do in Vannes Les Vieux Lavoirs
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When on the bridge of Rue Porte Poterne in Les Vieux, you will see the famous washhouses. These are ancient buildings that date back to the 19th century. The washrooms have been in use until 1951 when they were closed because of hygiene reasons. 

The Timber- Framed buildings have a sloping roof, which is magnificent to look at. If you want to see how people used to do laundry in the past when washing machines were not there. This is the best spot to be. 

8. Porte Saint-Vincent

Porte Saint Vincent
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It is located on the southern entrance of the walled town. It is said that the maritime visitors used this gate to enter the city. The finger-like harbor starts below Place Gambetta; this shows it is long.

However, the port has a less medieval appearance because of the gap in the walls. These gaps were created in the 1500s to give more accessible access to the port. Walking through the gates gives you a glimpse of how the port was. The structures around have an outstanding architectural design.

9. Château de L’Hermine

Château de LHermine
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The marvels building has been built into a wall, which makes it one of the major tourist attractions. It was the residence of the famous Dukes of Brittany from the 1300s to the 1500s. King Francis, the first, also lived in the building. The facility is an exhibition itself that awaits you to explore.

10. Gulf of Morbihan

Gulf of Morbihan
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The gulf has 42 islands, and the amazing thing is that it is completely closed off from the ocean wave. It covers over 12,000 hectares with various trails where you can walk or even have a bike ride. Plus, you can cruise on the peaceful waters and head to the various Islands to explore.

 If you want a peaceful place away from the noise of the town, then the island and the islets are the best stop. This is because most of them are uninhabited, therefore head to the shore with your family and have a peaceful time.

11. Chateau De Suscinio

Chateau De Suscinio
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It is located near the Atlantic Ocean. The castle is located in a village known as Sarzeau and was built in the late middle ages. It was constructed as a residence to the Dukes of Brittany. The castle also has a beautiful landscape that has been covered with flowers of different kinds. This makes it a beautiful place to stroll and unwind.

Inside the building, you will see the parries, the dining rooms, and the various amenities that were used in the time. This gives you a clear picture of how the Dukes lived. You will also enjoy the panoramic view from the parapets of the castle. Ensure you tag along with your camera.

12. Jardin Des Remparts

Jardin Des Remparts
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The beauty of the garden is breathtaking. It has flowerbeds, geometric lawns, and a cool environment. It also has a gorgeous parterre before the wall, and then behind the garden is the cathedral.

When you visit the garden, you will also see the famous three towers that are the Tour du Connetable, Tour Joliette, and Tour Poudriere. The paths are well designed and make a perfect spot for you to stroll and unwind. The garden had a significant part to play in the locals’ life up to the 20th century. To discover this, you need to set a date and visit the beautiful garden.

13. Plage de Conleau

Plage de Conleau
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The beach is located 72 kilometers away from the town. It offers a perfect place for you and your family to head to and relaxes. At the beach, you will be able to take a dip in the salty waters and even sunbathe. The kids can play with the sand making castles and various structures while you sunbathe.

You can as well play with the kids in the water. Besides, there is a playground for the kids to go and enjoy themselves. When the sun is setting, you can gaze at the sunray bounce off the waters and the cold breeze blowing.

14. Food and Drink

Food and Drink
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You cannot leave the town without tasting some of the delicious kinds of seafood that the city has to offer. There are various dishes that you can eat, such as cards, shellfish, langoustine, oysters, among others.

There is an oyster farm that is located in Sense and Larmor-Barden. At the farm, you will be treated to tasting sessions and informative talks about oysters. This is some of the food that will make your taste buds tickle.

15. Jardin Aux Papillons

Jardin Aux Papillons
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This is a butterfly garden that is located close to the Vannes Aquarium. The garden is home to various butterfly species that one could imagine. There is a tropical greenhouse that breeds butterflies. The breeds are obtained from different parts of the world, such as Madagascar, Philippines, and Guiana, in France. This another stop to bring the kids when on vacation in Vannes.

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Final word

Vannes is one of the places in France that should top your list. It has some fantastic places where you and your family can have a good time. Therefore it is time you take a break from work and escape the city hustle. A vacation helps you to relax your mind and bond with your family and friends. There is no better place to do it than Vennas.

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