14 Best Things to Do in Turin, Italy

Turin is a beautiful place to be at any time of the season, and it is not strange that a lot of people go to Italy to visit Turin.

Turin is a significant city in Italy, and It was initially the capital of Italy, which was the first capital of the country. Even though it is no longer the capital, it is still one of the country’s major economic and cultural center. Turin is located in the North West region of Italy, and it sits on a famous river called the River Po.

Turin, like other regions or cities in Italy, has a few souvenirs of Roman activities in the area as well as other empires. This is one of the reasons why Turin is now known for having some incredible cultural buildings as well as fantastic architecture. Even though a massive part of Turin was rebuilt after World World II, some of the great and brilliant attractions in the city when it was first created remain. Together with the driving power and influence of Italy’s automotive industry, the city now has an incredible blend of both old and new attractions, which are worth seeing in the winter, spring, or any season you want to visit the place.

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1. Go to the famous Piazza Castello Square

Piazza Castello Square
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This is a trendy square in Turin, mainly because the crowned prince is. It is prevalent because it houses two of the most famous palace in Turin. It is usually crowded because it lies in the center of the city.

2. Visit the Royal Palace (Palazzo Reale) located at Piazza Castello

Royal Palace
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This is one of the most famous and most popular buildings that can be found in Castello Square. The palace sits in a position that can only be described as the heart of Turin. This befits the building as it is also regarded as a symbol of power in the city.

The building was designed with nothing too out of the world, but the fact that it has stood for so long is why it impresses a lot of people. There are some stonework decors all around the exterior of the palace. The surface is even more elegant. There are lots of rooms, all of which are richly and adequately furnished.

3. Drop by Palazzo Madama, the building that served as Napoleon’s residence in Turin

Palazzo Madama
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Turin has a lot of old, iconic, and historic buildings that cannot be mentioned. Palazzo Madama is very close to Palazzo Castello, and it is also located in the Castello square.

The palace was created around the 1st century, and it has stood for hundreds of years. The castle was built during the roman world domination era. It has then been modified for different reasons.

The palace was not originally built as a Palace. Instead, it was built as a defensive fortification for the city. It was only made in a museum in the 13th century.

The inside of the palace is stunning, with lots of richly decorated stairways and a myriad of rooms to admire.

4. Visit Mole Antonelliana to see the birthplace of Italy’s Movie Houses and Cinema

Mole Antonelliana
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The Mole Antonelliana can only be regarded as the tallest building in Turin. The Mole Antonelliana has a basilica that points upward and significantly increases the total height of the building. The basilica is one of the main reasons why Monte Antonelliana is regarded as the tallest Museum in the world.

The basilica also lights up at night and serves as a beacon for people as it can be seen from anywhere in the country.

This Monumental building was created in 1889, even though it looks like it was established way back. So that you know, Monte Antonelliana was also not designed as a film house or as a Cinema before. It was initially used as a synagogue by jews before it was modified to house the National Cinema Museum.

5. Go on a tour in Turin’s Egyptian Museum (Museo Egizio) – The second largest Museum in the world

Turin’s Egyptian Museum (Museo Egizio)
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This innovative and quite brilliant Museum is also located in the center of Turin between the Castello and San Carlo Square. The Museum was dedicated to only Egyptian history as well as archaeology. There are lots of information to tap into the Museum, and it is a perfect place if you need research work on any historical facts about Egypt.

The Museum was created around 1833, and it’s original or starting art collection had to be imported from other museums in the area so that it could be open to the public.

From Egyptian scripts to statutes to Sarcophagus, there are a lot of things you can gain from the Museum.

Note: The Museum arranges a guided tour of the Museum for tourists and visitors through which the visitors can learn more about an object. There are also audio guides at the Museum, which you can buy and listen to as you walk around in the company.

6. Go to San Carlo Square (Piazza San Carlo)

San Carlo Square (Piazza San Carlo)
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This baroque-styled square was established around the 16th/17th century. The square was developed to pay tribute to one of the most influential archbishops for his efforts.

In the middle of the square, there is a statue of bronze of the Duke of Savoy. The square is lined by several series archways.

The square is one of the best places you can go to Turin.

7. See breathtaking views of the city of Turin on top of the Basilica of Superga

Basilica of Superga
Credit pixabay

This depends on how willing you are and of course, how to fit you are. Exploring the city is good, but the view on top of the Basilica of Superga is impressive. The basilica is to the east of the city, and it is a structure that is perched at the top of a mountain. 

8. Get tickets to tour Juventus Stadium (Allianz Arena) and Museum

This is undoubtedly another essential thing to do in Turin in Winter, especially if you are a football fan. Turin is home to one of the biggest clubs in the world and indeed the top guns in Italy that are Juventus. Juventus is also the most decorated club in the Italian league, and the stadium has been the place where some of the biggest stars in the world have played. The stadium is well known and one of the most famous stadiums in the world.

The stadium is not that large when compared to other clubs that have the same status as Juventus, but it is not that small either. Stadium tours are available every day so that people can have access to some private parts of the stadium. For instance, if you have been curious about how the dressing room of the club looks like, getting a tour ticket is the only way you can satisfy the curiosity. 

The stadium aside, you can also tour the Museum, which contains lots of historical things about the club. Getting an exclusive tour of the grounds is something you should not miss as a football fan when you visit Turin.  

9. Walkthrough Turin’s second-largest park – Parco Valentino

Parco Valentino
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There is only one public park in Turin that is larger than Parco Valentino. The park was created and opened to the public in 1856, and it is on the River Po’s bank. During your winter stay in Turin, going to the park is one of the things you should consider doing.

The park, Parco Valentino, was Turin’s first public park, and it has been developed and modified to make sure it is as better than other parks in the city. There are a lot of things to do in the park, which will stop you from being bored when in the park. For instance, Parco Valentino has a fantastic botanical garden. There is also a medieval village in the park although the town is a copy of the true one. There are lots of routes and footpaths, leading to very different places in the park. There is even a route that leads to the banks of the river where you can take a walk. 

If you are also feeling hungry or cold after exploring the park, there are several restaurants and cafés in the park which you can visit. 

10. See some Roman ruins that survived since the 1st century especially Porta Palatina

Porta Palatina
Credit flickr

A lot of cities in Italy have Roman ruins due to the activity of the Roman Empire in the country as well as other empires in the past. While most of these ruins are worth seeing, there is the one you have to know before you leave Turin after your winter stay. 

The Porta Palatina is one of the Roman ruins still standing since the 1st century. It is one of the few artifacts that give an insight into the way of life and intelligence of the Romans during that era. The Porta Palatina provides an excellent spot to explore and learn more about Roman craft development. The Porta Palatina is a gate, and it towers over surrounding buildings in its area. A public park is built around it, and the park itself also has some things to keep you busy!

11.Tour the GAM Museum

GAM Museum
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Whether you are an art lover or not, you will undoubtedly enjoy your tour of the GAM Museum in Turin. Art Lovers, in particular, will relish all the time they spend in the Museum. 

The Museum is home to beautiful artwork and hosts regular exhibition events of their artworks. One of the main reasons why it is on this list of things to do during winter in Turin is that Turin is one of the few cities in Italy to build a Museum. Because of this, the artworks in the Museum date very far back, and the collection is pretty extensive. You will see some fun and exciting pieces in the Museum, including the works of Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol. There are more than 5500 sculptures, drawings, and paintings in the Museum. This does not reduce the amount of modern artist who works in the Museum. You will find works of contemporary artists like Carra, Renoir, Modigliani as well as a lot of others in the Museum.

12.Taste the most famous drink in Turin

Caffe Al Bicerin
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Even in the winter, there is no defined season or time that people living in Turin do not drink Bicerin. Bicerin is the most popular drink in Turin and is favored by both old and young. It is made by combining chocolate, espresso, and cream. The cream can, at times, be substituted for whole milk depending on what the person buying it wants.

Bicerin is served in any café you enter in Turin, and it can serve as a pick me up if you are feeling tired after exploring the city. The drink has been around since the eighteenth (18th) Century, and it a little above 5 EUR. You only need to try out the glass to know that it is worth every EUR paid.

TIP: One of the best places you can order Bicerin is Caffe Al Bicerin. The Café is historic and has been around for a while. It is one of the oldest buildings in Torino, but the experience and memories created are worth it.

13.Drop by at Turin Shrouds

The shroud is perhaps the most religious and most hallowed item/artifact in Turin. The image of Jesus of Nazareth is said to be imprinted on the shroud, and a lot of people believe it was the shroud he died in. There are also other theories that you will hear off if you take a ride to the place.

14. See the Cathedral of San Giovanni Battista

Cathedral of San Giovanni Battista
Credit flickr

The cathedral was built on the same spot. Three other churches were once built. The cathedral was created in 1491. There are lots of stunning frescos as well as statues in the church, all of which are worth viewing.


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