15 Best Things To Do In Trinidad, Cuba

Trinidad is such a beautiful city found in Cuba with a rich history and culture. The best thing to do when in a place for a short while has a list of the essential things you seek to achieve. But how easy is it to make that list when perhaps you have never been to that place? That is why we are here to make it easier for you. So, here is the list of things to do in Trinidad.

1. Stay with the locals

Local people in Trinidad walk along the street
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People are the best culture carriers. They have stories to tell and practice traditions no museum holds. That is why the best thing to do is to live among the natives. Make sure you learn the local language and practice the dialect to perfection.

Staying with locals is also cheaper than spending on hotels. Therefore, it may save you a few dollars. The residents of Trinidad are so welcoming and helpful. You should expect a great stay. Well, miss out on this, and you’d have missed out on an exciting activity.

2. Ride on a horse carriage to Parque el Cubano

Parque el Cubano
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I think nature is about an individual. I may enjoy walking under tree shades looking at monkeys, while somebody else may find pleasure in rowing boats in a river full of snakes. But some experiences are fun irrespective of personal preferences. That is why I believe you will enjoy riding on the horse carriage on your way to Parque el Cubano to spend time with nature.

Once at the park you should take a walk through the trees. Be sure to spot birds and hear them chirp. Not only will you see birds but also other wild species. There is so much to see, including insects, a waterfall, and streams. There is also a house in this park. You may choose to pass by and drink traditional herbal tea.

3. Go hiking at Salto del Caburni

Salto del Caburni
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Don’t worry about heating up. After hiking, there is a natural pool where you can swim and cool down. A guide may accompany you to give directions on the best things to do while here because there is so much to do. The guide will also give you details of flora and fauna found here. The waterfall and cave make this destination the perfect place to be. Salto Del Caburni should not miss in your program as you jot down the things to do in Trinidad.

4. Climb to the top of the bell tower

top of the bell tower
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You may combine this activity with one or two others. To get past the church entrance and museum to the top of the bell tower, you will be set back only 3 CUC. Going up is not a hard task, but you should be sure to pant a little bit. From the rooftop, you will have a beautiful clear view of Trinidad.

The feeling of closeness to the sky will also excite you. The view is an opportunity for photography. Therefore, make sure you carry your camera along with you.

5. Visit Playa Ancon beach

Playa Ancon beach
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This beach is only a 15-minute drive from the city center. It is arguably one of the best beaches in Trinidad. Covered by white sand, the beach is a great place to spend your afternoon. Here you will do the normal beach activities, playing with water and sand, basking, beach sports and many more.

There are two restaurants around. Therefore, there is no need to carry any food with you. Whenever you feel hungry, be free to go to any of the two and grab a bite. Generally, it is a great place to relax and pass the time. Being popular, expect to find several people there. Engage as many as possible and make new friends!

6. Visit Trinidad’s main attraction: Plaza Mayor

Plaza Mayor
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The beautiful square in the heart of Trinidad and has been talked of as Cuba’s most beautiful city. The center is a world heritage site as declared by UNESCO. The buildings are ancient, while the streets here are cobbled.

Do you love music? This is the place to be. There is great danceable music here. Also, nice cafes are here offering cocktails and mojito. With reliable internet connectivity and wifi availability, it is also an excellent place to sit, relax, and be on your phone as you have a mojito or sip a cocktail. In fact, in your list of things to do in Trinidad, Plaza Mayor should be top on your list.

7. Take a wild tour to Valle de Los Ingenios

Valle de Los Ingenios
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You only have a few days in Trinidad, why should you not take advantage of every minute? Use a train to get to Manaca Iznaga and proceed to the sugar plantations. These plantations make sugarcane farming in Mumias Kenya look like a joke. The place has a rich history and is highly recommended. Therefore, don’t forget to include it in your list of things to do in Trinidad.

8. Climb the Iznaga tower

Iznaga tower
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Is it possible to combine this with the wild tour to Valle de Los Ingenios? Yes, it is. That would make it a perfect combination so that you may spend your day on this side of the city. Are you scared of heights? If yes then I want to scare you more by daring you to climb the famous Iznaga Tower. Wooden steps accompany the seven floors high tower. At the top, the view is terrific and worth capturing in pictures. Built on a former sugar plantation, history has it that supervisors used it to watch the slaves work.

The tower itself can make a good background for a photo. It looks like as you do the things you plan to do in Trinidad, you will always need to have a camera in your hands or bag because there are so many sights to capture.

If climbing is a problem for you for fear of heights, then I assure you there is so much you will miss out on. But with a camera with you, there is much you can capture.

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9. Visit Romance museum

If you want to know how the rich lived in colonial times, then this is the place to be. The museum harbors Trinidad’s rich history of the materially blessed, the old building is nicely decorated and well maintained. Present are nice souvenirs. Purchasing some won’t hurt. The museum is just nearby Plaza Mayor. This makes it a possibility to combine these two visits and call it a day. The guides here are friendly and very knowledgeable. They sure will help you around and teach so much.

10. Ruinas de Ingenio San Isidro de Los Destiladeros

Ingenio San Isidro de Los Destiladeros
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Sugar is so sweet, but sugarcane is healthier. Have you ever thought about the history of Cuba’s sugarcane production and the life of African slaves that worked in these plantations? Ruinas del Ingenio San de Los Destiladeros carries with it a rich history of these slaves and only the guides know better.

11. Sightseeing and a general tour of Trinidad

Local tours in Trinidad
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While you may spend time visiting specific places, it may not be enough to go around every corner of Trinidad. That is why it is crucial to make an all-inclusive round trip. Make sure you have used most of the roads, visited the majority of the museums, churches, sights, parks, and points of interest. This trip will help you scheme through Trinidad and have a general view of the city’s predominant culture, language, tribes, people, education, and leisure.

Want to do it? Try Trinidad Private Day Tour

You will also learn about people’s major and minor economic activities. By the time you are through at least, you will be fully conversant with Trinidad and its details as a city. You may opt to do this by yourself/group, therefore, hiring a taxi or bus. Another good alternative which is the better option is hiring a tour guide or using a tour company. With their level of experience and more exposure together with reviews for the best destinations, tour companies will lead you to the right places.

12. Horse riding tours

Cuba is a country rich in cowboy culture. Horses are everywhere, making it simple to find one to ride. Horseback riding tours are highly recommended for their top quality services. This is one of the most popular outdoor activities in Trinidad.

Horseback riding tours organize these activities both inside and outside the beautiful Trinidad. With friendly guides and well-kept horses, they offer unforgettable experiences by giving outstanding services. It does not end at just horse riding; the destination is a beautiful waterfall. For maximum fun, ensure you wear the right shoes. The waterfall has a breathtaking view. Plan well and plan smart. By smart I mean consider this activity as a must-do thing in Trinidad.

13. Get musical at Casa de la Trova

If you are a night owl, then this is an excellent place to listen to music while drinking beer at night. Salsa is danced here more often than not, therefore, you may join in the dance or watch the young dancers. The good Cuban music will make your night. You may decide to bring along your love or group. The live band also perform here.

The entry fee is as low as 1 CUC per head. Bands change per evening and drinks are considerably cheaper. The place is addictive, and I am sure you will love it. The quality of music is just exceptional. The place is so good that you may miss a seat for getting there late. It is a local bar with more intimacy than many of the Cuban tourist bars. The cocktail is available too. It is rare to find such fun elsewhere; only served in Casa de la Trova.

14. Casa de la Musica

Another musical affair! This is where joy is brewed. Live bands and great music accompanied by drinks like beer, cocktails, coffee; the choice is yours to make. Cobbled steps from the seats the Cuban way, you may decide to sit and watch as you sip your wine or join the dance crew.

Food is also available, and the atmosphere is so lovely. The people are great and the experience out of this world. Unlike Casa de la Trova, this musical experience happens outdoors. In terms of adventure and fun, it is up to you to decide which one is top. But, just a reminder Casa de la Musica and Casa de la Trova are not mutually exclusive.

15. Trinidad Architecture Museum

Trinidad Architecture Museum
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Oh my! This is a must-visit. The museum stores detailed and rare exhibits you will find nowhere else in this world. The house itself looks so beautiful. Located at Plaza Mayor Trinidad, Trinidad 62600, Cuba; in this place rests Trinidad’s most amazing architectural works ever done.

This is not just for architects and quantity surveyors or art lovers; it is for everyone as long as you sleep under a roof. Here, you will get to know about Cuba’s variety of architectural styles throughout the history of Cuba. You will also learn the techniques used to put buildings together. All the Cuban building styles and how they were designed is here.

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Trinidad is another Cuban city bearing creativity, history, and the tremendous Cuban culture. There is so much to do in this city, and that is why you need to prioritize some. The best way to do so is by having a list of things you want to do ready before you get there. Once you get to this somehow populous city ensure you stick to your list. Stay focused! In case you want to add more activities to your schedule, ensure you have already completed doing the 15 things listed above. These are the first you can think of and the most important. The locals make it even a better place. For everything you accomplish, make sure you mark it done just next to the activity on your list of things to do in Trinidad.


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