15 Best Things To Do In Tournai, Belgium

This is one of the cities that make Belgium enviable. The town has a rich history to brag about and many touristic places and sights for you to visit and see. Although most of these destinations charge, many are free. The beauty is that even if you spend a few Euros, the value for money is achieved. One important thing you need not forget to carry your camera. There is a lot to capture in photos. Let’s go straight away to 15 things to do in Tournai that you will never forget.

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1. Sleep at Villa Tournesol

It is critical to settle where you will spend your nights in Tournai before even starting your tour. The Villa Tournesol is a nice hotel to spend your nights at.

They have ample parking and the rooms well maintained. Besides, the beds are clean with a warm and relaxing feel. The hotel’s food is well prepared and that is why you will enjoy your breakfast.

The hotel is also strategically located to allow you to have an easy tour of Tournai as a whole. Furthermore, the owner and his team are warm and welcoming. This creates a comforting feel making you feel as if you are at your own home. It is just amazing.

2. Visit the Belfry of Tournai

Belfry of Tournai
Credit wiki

I am one lover of aerial views. I believe you too. The Belfry of Tournai is a special 72-meter-high building that allows you to ascend more than 250 stairs to get to the top.

The joy is in the climb but be sure to sweat big time. That is why you need to carry a bottle of water with you to refresh and replace the lost water. 

You may not feel the heat with your friends in your company. Wait until you go up and come back down. You will feel your thighs complain.

The entry fee is on the lower side. 

At the top, you will have a special view of the surrounding environment. It is amazingly beautiful from the top. Photographers will have a perfect scene to capture in photos.

3. Musee d’Histoire Museum

Musee d’Histoire Museum
Credit wiki

This is another fine destination. Museums have a way to make tours memorable. It is more fulfilling when the museum offers what you are looking for at a lower price.

This museum has amazing displays and fine live animals on the show. Get there and you’ll be surprised how much you’d have missed had you not visited the place. As you walk around to be sure to find a considerable number of other tourists visiting. 

Perhaps you have your kids accompanying you for the Tournai tour. This museum is welcoming to both adults and children. Therefore, feel free to bring them with you.

4. Eglise Saint-Quentin

Eglise Saint Quentin
Credit wikicommons

Although beautiful from the outside, Eglise Saint-Quentin church’s beauty is more distinctive in the inside. The architecture used to make this place is commendable. The high roofed building is a nice place to worship and tour at the same time.

To make the most out of your time, you may visit on Sunday for the service or have a quick stop when in the vicinity. Otherwise, it is not something to leave your hotel and spend your whole day there. Without taking anything away from this church, it remains a beautiful sight worth a few of your minutes.


Credit flickr

This museum is home to tapestries. The place hosts both archaic and modern tapestries. The exhibitions are a mix of old age and new generation creations.

This allows both the young and aged to have fun and feel included. The museum is not too big. Therefore, you may have more time to do other things later in the day. Also known as Musee de la Tapisserie, TAMAT houses some of Tournai’s most creative artwork.

Apart from the ready-made tapestries, you may go upstairs especially during weekends and have a view of how the same is being renovated. It takes special skill and time. You will appreciate the effort those artists put into ensuring you get the best artwork.

6. Visit Central Square

Central Square
Credit wiki

Well, this should be your highlight of the Tournai tour. Central Square has literally everything you would want in Tournai. The place is a cocktail of all this city has to offer.

At one point you may get confused about what to do. The place has eateries to have a taste of the local cuisine, shopping centers, clubs, churches and anything you can think about. In fact, many buildings and sights we’ve highlighted in this article are either in this square or near-by.

The day you will be making your visit to this square, leave early to ensure you have enough time to go around and touch everything you can. There is so much to see. Be prepared for you will have a memorable and busy day.

Expect to see a crowd of people. The place can get busy on some days. 

7. Drink cocktails at Check-in bar

You do not want to drink any kind of cocktail. Taste and uniqueness should be in the recipe. That is why this is the place to have your drinks.

The check-in bar has a special preparation routine with the final cocktail made with a touch of vintage. This makes it sweet and pleasing to your taste buds. By the time you finish your first glass, you’ll be disturbing the waiters with orders after orders. The cocktail is that fine.

Nothing makes cocktail more enjoyable like jazz music playing in the background. The price is also affordable. Just carry enough Euros with you because you will be tempted to drink the whole night. To sum up, Check-in is world-class, with a five-star rating from service provision to the quality of their drinks. You will not regret it.

8. Au De Botte

This is another drinking spot to spend your night. The prices are fair and the quality up to standard. You will enjoy the drinks and have a memorable night.

One secret of enjoying your drinks is bringing your team along. Keep kids away. If you are a lady, bring your girls with you. For a guy, bring your boys with you. Let the stories begin at night and in the morning.

You may choose to get tipsy. The decision is yours to make. Just don’t drink and touch the steering wheel. Do not put your life, that of your friends and other motorists in danger. Everything must be done in moderation including drinking. At the end of the day, there is life after your tour. Have a blast!

9. Have a taste of the local dishes at Comptoir 17

I love the simplicity of this eatery. The foods are well prepared. The recipes are unique making the foods finger licking. 

There is a variety of dishes on service with cocktail available. The joint is good for the individual but better for groups. Kids are well taken care of.

From a distance, you may not tell how great eatery is. Wait until you get served. At the entrance, a great aroma will awaken your enzymes. Limit yourself to avoid overeating. Remember you are on tour and you do not want stomach upsets to spoil the party for you.

10. Museum of Fine Arts

Museum of Fine Arts Tournai
Credit wiki

From the entrance, you can see the beauty of a museum. The gallery has classic paintings on display. You will most likely meet a canvas of a legend you know. 

Feel free to walk around and have a touch of creativity. The interior is not only well designed but also has a touch of perfection. The paintings depict history at its best. The buildings, on the other hand, are a clear indication of modern designs.

These two complements each other well. On average, you should spend around two hours here. Although small in size, the building has so much for you to interact with. You may choose to spend more time. Just as you wish, you might be tempted to spend a whole day here. There is so much fun to explore. 

Create memories with your family and friends. Come early so that by afternoon you are already done. After that, you will have time to move to another destination and continue exploring the touristic town of Tournai.

11. Allow your young ones to have a memorable time at the Jungle City

For the love of your kids, let them enjoy themselves at the Jungle City. Kids adapt to a place quicker than adults. That is why they will most likely feel at home within minutes.

You will have a hard time getting them out of Jungle City especially if they find their peers and bond. The designer of this place knew exactly how to make the place kids’ fun zone by painting the place with bright colors enough to steal children’s hearts. 

Bouncing castles, merry-go-rounds, artificial horses to be ridden, slides and many other structures exist here. They give children the freedom to loosen themselves and have a trip outside this world.

Yours will be to supervise your kids for their own safety and ensure they are enjoying themselves. It may get funnier as they get more engaged. I mean, it’s every guardian’s a joy to see their children have fun and mingle with others. 

One thing you need to understand is that children’s growth is enhanced when they get involved in outdoor activities with their peers. They become more expressive and learn to stand for themselves. It is a good opportunity for your kids to learn and widen out. The benefits will be seen in their teenage years and adulthood.

12. Have a quick stop at Sint-Kwintensberg

You will realize most of the buildings in Tournai will require you to have a quick stop. As beautiful as they are, it would be important to have a quick look and proceed to the next sight to make the most out of your time.

This Catholic church is a good place to pass by and have a glance. You may do so on your way to another destination or spare a few minutes in the morning for the view. The church has a unique exterior design as well as a beautiful finish. You will love what you’ll see.

13. Spend some time in the water at Aqua Tournai

You may find Tournai hot, especially on sunny days. Do not hesitate to pass by this water body and cool off the steam. Apart from swimming, the view is also amazing. Take as many pictures as possible. Splash your social media accounts with pictures of you having a vacation in a beautiful spot in Belgium.

Be sure to attract likes and comments. Court attention. Let your followers feel urged to be closer to you, of course on a light note.

14. Visit Antoing Castle

Antoing Castle
Credit wiki

This is another beautiful castle in Belgium that happens to be in Tournai. From the outside, you’ll be amazed by the view. Antoing Castle is well designed and kudos to the maintenance team because their fine work is evident. 

The castle is a show of might. You cannot leave Tournai without visiting this great piece of architecture.

15. Do zip lining at Ecopark Adventures

zip lining at Ecopark Adventures
Credit flickr

Ecopark is an exciting amusement center in Tournai that gives tourists the chance to bond with nature. If you are a lover of adrenaline rushing activities this is a great opportunity for you. The fun and joy held this gem are out of this world.

You’ve probably played jungle games or watched a jungle movie before. This is a great opportunity to live that opportunity. There is a lot to experience here. You just need to visit this park. Talking about it here will be spoiling the fun. Go and explore!


From the many tourist destinations in Tournai, it looks like the town was created for tourism. This article has given you the best 15 things you can do in Tournai subject to your personal taste and preference. Try them out and you will be happy. Cheers!

15 Best Things to do in Tournai Belgium


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