15 Best Things To Do in Spa, Belgium

Situated in Eastern Belgium, Spa’s precise location is the Ardennes region. This historical town is popular for having water rich in minerals. This town experiences moderate weather conditions with rare extreme climatic conditions. If you love exploring new towns, then Spa is right for you. It is well balanced with both outdoor and indoor activities you will gladly get involved in. The hotels here are many, giving you a chance to eat as much as you wish. From castles to forests to casinos, Spa is diversely set to accommodate all types of preferences and personalities. It has affordable recreational centers and is filled with fun and sheer entertainment. Read on to find out 15 things to do in Spa.

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1. Casino de Spa

Casino de Spa
Credit wikicommons

Whether you are a punter or not, this is a place to visit. Well, you have two options when coming to this place. The first one is to go and do what people go to do in casinos. Go and bet!

If you don’t bet, there is also something for you. Visit this place and view the sight. Casino de Spa was built in the 17th century and is one of the oldest in the world. This means there is so much history for you to learn.

Furthermore, the casino looks good on the outside with well-maintained lawns. The exact pin location for this place is Rue Royale 4, Spa 4900, Belgium. 

Casino de Spa has nice games you’ll enjoy with your friends. A bar is also present inside the building offering drinks to lighten up your moods. From slot games to Roulette, table games, and many more, Casino de Spa is worth your time.

2. Bond with nature at Forestia

Nature is an easy way to relieve stress and bring back calmness to your mind. It is a way of relaxing your mind and taking a break from daily strenuous activities. Forestia offers you a great opportunity to bond with nature and lay off pressure from yourself.

So, what is there to be done at this amusement center? Ziplining is available, and game animals present to be seen. Kids’ games are also there with trails for walks available. 

Forestia has an eatery, too, just in case you feel the urge to eat. The food is well prepared and drinks available to quench your thirst and satisfy your cravings.

3. Go fishing at Lake Warfaaz

Lake Warfaaz
Credit wiki

Everything in Spa town has an exotic touch and the Warfaaz lake is no exception. There are many sports that take place in this lake. The most exciting activity you can engage in is fishing.

4. Attend events held in Spa

From sports to entertainment, Spa hosts a myriad of events in a particular calendar year. Francorchamps and DUO-ATHLON are popular events that take place in Spa regularly. The organizers post the exact dates for these particular events on their websites. To attend one, it would be wise to book tickets on the websites for you to have an easy time during the day of the event.

At no particular time will you miss an event or two to attend. The prices are fair and affordable. During the event, you may take pictures for a future memorial. 

5. Ninglinspo

Credit wikicommons

With a 6.4 km trail, Ninglispo is a fine place to take a walk. The trail is moderate in terms of difficulty making it possible to walk with kids without fear of accidents. If you visit here with the aim of just completing the trail you will spend almost three hours.

On the other hand, coming to this place with the motive of bonding with nature may take your whole day. It is beautiful and calm, making it worth your time. You surely do not want to miss the fun Ninglinspo has in store for you.

An important tip to consider is the use of supporting shoes. It is also important to be mindful of the weather. Normally, Ninglinspo trails become slippery after it rains. That poses a danger, especially to the young ones. Therefore, visiting this place after it rains will require you to exercise caution especially if you have kids in your company.

6. Relax at Les Thermes de Spa

You know the power of a sauna when you feel stressed. It has the power to get rid of your stress within no time. Les Thermes de Spa gives you access to a pool, steam room and many other therapeutic services. 

The saunas and spas allow you to immerse yourself into the water and emerge feeling relaxed and happy. Jacuzzis and heat beds are also available here. Les Thermes de Spa is a hub of calmness and relaxation.

Now imagine that a serene environment spiced up with nice scents like lavender. You will enjoy it to the last minute. It is so much fun you won’t feel like exiting. This is one of the places that have made Spa popular thus attracting many tourists. 

7. Dine at Le Relais de la Sauveniere

This eatery has different tastes of food, including French and European dishes in addition to the local cuisine. Having won a certificate of excellence in 2019 and 2017, the hotel boasts of quality service and customer satisfaction. In addition, the restaurant serves food prepared using uniquely created recipes and cooked by one of the best cooks in Belgium.

The prices are also affordable. Clients that have been here having given positive reviews with value for money one of them. Le Relais de la Sauveniere serves unique and delicious meals you will enjoy.   

8. Pouhon Pierre le Grand

Pouhon Pierre le Grand
Credit wikicommons

Built in the 18th century, Pouhon Pierre le Grand was last renovated in 2012. The entry fee is affordable. It costs just one Euro. 

Here, you will learn the history of Belgium and Spa town. Exhibitions are normally conducted here regularly thus attracting a reasonable number of people. Although, that should not turn you off because this place gets crowded rarely. 

Now, once you get inside to be sure to get a tourist officer. The officer will inform you about the place’s history and make your stay in the building comfortable. You will enjoy.

9. Visit the state park of Domain Berinzenne

state park of Domain Berinzenne
Credit wikicommons

Which is the latest horror movie you’ve watched? Well, I’m not interested in the name of the movie, but I just want you to bring to your conscious mind the forested scenes. Think about the abandoned bushes and the lonely forests.

That is the picture Domain Berinzenne portrays from afar. But, there is a difference. There are no murder stories in this park-like in the movies. Besides, the place is not abandoned.

You can be sure of your security. The park has nice trails you’ll enjoy walking along and beautiful water bodies. This is one of the must-do things in Spa. 

The air is fresh and the environment serene. The park is beautiful and well maintained. It will give you an experience of a lifetime. By the time you will be leaving this town you will be wanting to come back again. 

Apart from a museum present here, there is a picnic area. If you bring your car along with you, be sure to find a nice parking spot.

10. Go to the Franchimont Castle

Franchimont Castle
Credit wiki

Normally closed between the months of November and March. But when open, you will surely enjoy this historical site.

The castle has been around for centuries. It has ample parking on the outside and beautiful inside. The entry fee is something close to 4 Euros. 

Good news for pet owners. Dogs are allowed inside. Although, you have to keep your dog on a leash so that it does not disturb others. 

11. Pass under the tree tunnel of Haut-Maret

Probably, this is Spain’s most beautiful and unique feature. The tunnel made of the tree with canopies joining forms a great shade under.

When it’s raining, the trees are green and the scenery is beautiful. Extremely beautiful! When it snows, the leaves wilt and the tunnel changes its color. Although it still maintains its beautiful appearance.

You cannot dare leave this place without taking pictures. The background is fine and could form a great scene for one of Hollywood’s blockbusters.

Not far from this tunnel is a picnic table. There, you can have your meals with your family. Clearly, this is a fine place to bring your family with you. The tunnel is an epitome of beauty. 

12. Have nice views of Spa at Parc a gibber

You can never go wrong with an outdoor activity. Parc a gibier is a great opportunity to bond with nature and have a nice panoramic view of the surroundings. Also available are game animals you can bond with. 

This zoo is located in Stoumont. To get here easily, you may get a train from Coo. Once in the zoo, people are allowed to feed the animals. All you need to do is keep a distance. Unless you are a vet, you never know if an animal is sick or not. Therefore, to be safe, stay away from these animals. 

13. Learn the town’s culture

There is so much included in a place’s culture. It starts with how people conduct themselves to what they believe in. It goes to what they eat, how they prepare it and the language they speak. That is not all. 

Culture also includes the language spoken by the natives plus the history of the place. It entails a lot. The culture is detailed! Spa is a great ground to learn something about the town itself and Belgium as a country.

The people are friendly and wouldn’t mind sharing some of the cultural facts they know. It will be fun and memorable. 

14. Take photos of monuments and beautiful scenery

monuments and beautiful scenery
Credit flickr

You will need a quality camera or mobile phone. Spa has many beautiful buildings and natural features you will love to capture in pictures. Be cautious not to take pictures in places where photography is prohibited to avoid getting into trouble with their management.

There are many monuments and historical buildings to capture. From the water fountains in the town to flowers and many other attractions, you will have an easy time spotting what to take pictures of.

15. Go shopping 

If you go to tour Spa, it is definite you will not stay there forever. A time will come when you will have to pack your things and go. The question is, how will you remember Spa?

It is important to buy souvenirs, clothes and other commodities to carry with you. You may also buy shoes, accessories and many other things that will remind you of your time in Spa.

The spa is full of cultural shops and salesmen dealing artwork. Ensure you buy two or three pieces of art to promote the salesmen and also carry with you something to remind you of the town’s beauty. 

Besides, buy gifts for the people you did not go with to Spa who are dear to you. There are tens of different types of chocolate available. The chocolates have a unique taste that will keep you licking your fingers. 


Spa is a small beautiful town in Belgium. The fact that it hosts hundreds of activities tourists can engage in makes its small size an irony. The cultural town is blessed with parks, recreational centers, walking trails, spas, sports centers and many more fun bearing activities you’ll love. The beauty of this town is fun is the balanced meaning you will be entertained whether you are young or aged. Security is also beefed up although you need to be alert all the time just in case a stray mind decides to mess you up. Spa’s services from the hotel to food is relatively cheap. This makes it affordable even for those operating on a tight budget. The last thing you want to leave behind is your camera. There is so much to experience and take with you. Your mind will be overflowing with beautiful sceneries, and that is why you need to take pictures so that you are reminded of what you are likely to forget in the future. Enjoy your trip!

15 Best Things to do in Spa Belgium


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