15 Best Things To Do In Rochefort, Belgium

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With a population of only 12,000 people, Rochefort is a great tourist destination. The Walloon municipality has caves to visit, chateaus, rivers, parks, castles and many more things to do and places to visit. For tourists, a holiday destination would start well and end well if you find fine hotels for your stay with nice food. Rochefort has five-star hotels with delicious foods, well maintained and classy. This is just the beginning of the joy ride. You do not want to miss out on this fun for whatever reason. Keep reading to find out the best 15 things to do in Rochefort.

1. Bike racing at Cycle Sports

Get ready for some action because we are going to an outdoor activity. Bike racing at Cycle Sport is a great way to spend your Sunday afternoon. There are bikes available for hire. The rides are affordable and the fun is nothing short of memorable.

Well, you know what biking means. Some leg pains, sweat, and a little hunger. But, that should not worry you. There are many eateries in Rochefort you should try out after bike racing. Do not forget to carry water with you. It is important to stay hydrated especially on sunny days. This activity is an easy way to familiarize yourself with the town.

2. Bond with the big birds at Doneu Ostrich Farm

Children get excited about the little simple things. For instance, I’m sure your kids will be thrilled by the sight of a mother and baby ostriches. Why don’t you take the young ones to Doneu for an ostrich experience? Let the kids remember Rochefort as the home of ostrich birds.

Well, it’s not just about kids. There is so much to learn about ostriches. It will take only an hour of your time. The good thing is you can spend a few minutes here; the rest can be spent doing something else.

This is an opportunity to break from the norm. Do you believe tourism is just about beaches and swimming? Well, Donue Ostrich Farm gives you a chance to demystify the definition of tourism.

3. Go for sight-seeing at Archeoparc de Rochefort – Malagne

Rochefort has a good number of sights and landmarks to view, and this is one of them. In addition to the beautiful sights, you will learn the history of this sight.

This place holds demonstrations once in a while. Every time there is one they update the same on their website. This historical site should be part of your holiday plans.

4. Go touring with Susanna Cortezon

Being new to a place may be a reason for your inability to explore the destination’s best things to do and places to visit. That is why you need to settle as fast as possible and rely on tour guides for easier exploration.

Rochefort has quite a several reliable and friendly tour guides. Susanna Cortezon is one of them. Once you set foot on this part of Belgium, ensure you look out for her for a tour in and around Rochefort.

Susanna Cortezon will book you with the best hotels around, take you to the best hotels serving delicious foods in Rochefort. If you are a night person and want to have some wine, night trips, and fun then Susanna C. Kaiser is more than willing to be your guide.

Now, this is the plan. You will start your trip in Kalsa. Cocktail and wine will be served in Kalsa. The tour takes three hours and ends at Palermitan pub. Be sure to have fun.

5. La Grotte De Han Cave

La Grotte De Han
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Caves are a great way to spend your day while on holiday. From the walking trail to meeting scary sights inside the caves to cave animals, the whole experience is memorable. La Grotte De Han cave is a great way to go caving in Rochefort. You won’t regret.

This is one activity you may do as a group. It is more entertaining that way than being alone.

Most caves are dark inside. With this one, you do not need to worry about the lighting because it is just right. There are guides available you may make use of.

According to online reviews, this is not the best place to go with the aged or young ones. It poses some health risks to the elderly.

In general, La Grotte is exciting and memorable.

6. Go caving at Cave of Lorette

Cave of Lorette
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It is rare to find a cave without guides. They are vital in aiding the new ones through the new adventures. Lorette is a nice place to spend your time caving.

Good for you if you find a passionate tour guide. You will have fun and enjoy your visit. This is a must-do thing in Rochefort. There is a number of stairs you will climb as you go through this cave system.

There is also so much to learn. Find a knowledgeable guide and you’ll be fortunate enough to leave with a vast knowledge of the place.

7. Le Chateau de Lavaux Sainte-Anne

Le Chateau de Lavaux Sainte Anne
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How many times do you find a castle in this world of complicated architectural designs? It is rare. Therefore, it would be good to appreciate one when you find one.

The castle has different floors of museums. Each museum has a unique theme ranging from culture, animals, history, and many other themes.

Apparently, it is one of the municipality’s most popular buildings. The outward appearance of the castle is as appealing as the inside. It is picturesque. Therefore you may take a few photos for memories.

This castle will take around three hours of your time. With the quality it offers, that time is worth it. You will find a considerable number of people also touring. It is popular and loved, therefore, expect a crowd.

8. Have a meal at La Gourmandise

La Gourmandise
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Touring Rochefort can get busy. That does not mean you should abandon your stomach needs. On that note, La Gourmandise is a nice place to have your lunch or dinner. The place offers delicious food and is well maintained.

Whether you are a group or an individual, this eatery is nicely set up to accommodate all kinds of visitors. The hotel serves a variety of local dishes. You will be given a menu to select from.

9. Visit the Domaine de Chevetogne park

Domaine de Chevetogne
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The entry fee to this park is around 10 EUR. The park is well maintained and has nice trails for walking. There is so much you can do here. A day is not enough!

The park accommodates kids too. It has a nice playground where children can be free to jump around. Swimming and train rides are also available.

The park allows barbeque. Therefore, you may as well have your meals here in the form of a picnic. The trails are long and leading to beautiful scenes your eyes will fall in love with. This park is a perfect place for family time.

10. Eat lunch at Snack Le Rodem

I’m sure you won’t be spending only one day in Rochefort. Therefore, for the days you will be in this town you should try having meals at different food joints. Snack Le Rodem is one eatery you cannot leave without having a taste of their meals.

Probably the price of food is your concern. Worry not because they are affordable. Or maybe, you have no problem with expensive. Perhaps to you what matters is the quality of food. Whatever way, Le Rodem is the eatery of choice.

Well, Snack Le Rodem prepares delicious food and they have one of the best customer relations services in this town. At the hotel, you will decide where you want to sit. On a sunny day, you will enjoy more if seated outside. You will decide if you will eat from the hotel or have your food packaged as take away.

11. Have a beer treat at Rochefort Brewery

A tour is not complete without drinks and a party. Rochefort brewery is a great place to drink beer and get a little tipsy. Just be cautious not to get overly drunk and mess things up.

In addition, you will have a look at how beer is prepared. This brewery has so much history for you to learn. Ensure by the time you come out of here you know how the finest tasting beer is prepared.

You know the rules of beer drinking. You shouldn’t be alone but with your friends. That will give you more confidence to feel free and the beer will have more impact. Beer without your buddies isn’t that fun.

12. Have a tour around Rochefort

tour around Rochefort
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With every tour you make to whatever part of the world, ensure you take a tour of the destination. Just walk around and learn the roads, streets, and buildings. Feel at home and feel free.

Another alternative is finding a taxi and let the driver drive you around town. I hope you find a knowledgeable chauffeur. It is safer to tour new towns in a taxi than walking for security purposes.

Taxis are not the only option for exploring Rochefort. You may also find a touring company. Actually, this is the better option. They are cheaper, more experienced and knowledgeable than taxis.

13. Stay at Hotel MARGOT’L 

Before even starting your tours in Rochefort, you need to secure a place you’ll be spending your nights. You need a classy and exquisite hideout. Hotel MARGOT’L is that place. So, what’s special about this hotel?

There is free parking, and wifi is also available freely. I know you love watching TV. This hotel has equipped each of its rooms with a TV set. With the remote control in your hands, you are free to choose whichever channel you want to watch.

Each of the rooms has showers and bathtubs. The rooms are well maintained and cleanliness is of the highest standard. Talk about value for your money.

Once you check-in and settle everything, it’ll now be time to explore. Start with the surrounding area. Take a walk and scan the outside.

There is much to do just around this hotel. You may play tennis or go cycling. That is not all. There are walking trails available for hiking in addition to fishing opportunities.

Another good thing about this hotel is its strategic location. Most of the things to do and places to visit mentioned in this article are just close by if not a few kilometers away.

14. Go for spiritual nourishment at Eglise Saint-Etienne de Waha

Eglise Saint Etienne de Waha
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Who said you should forget about your creator when you are on vacation? No one. Rochefort offers you a fine opportunity to go for church service on one of the locally available churches.

Be sure to find spiritual residents of Rochefort in attendance. Widen out by speaking to them and connect. The people are friendly and warm.

15. Take your partner for a lunch date at Sam Thai

Sam Thai is a fine place to grow your love. The venue is classy and modern. The food in this restaurant is world-class and the staff just amazing.

You will have your private time together as lovers since this restaurant has some level of privacy. Most of the people who come here are reasonable and respect personal space. Furthermore, the setting is acoustic and relaxed, creating the right mood for romance. Be sure to make your love stronger here.

Well, if you have no one to take for a lunch date, feel free to go alone. You will enjoy your company and the delicious food will blow your mind away.


Rochefort is a small town with a small population. Although this does not mean, nothing is exciting about this place. There is so much to do and so many places to visit. The memories you will create here are long-lasting. Also, think about carrying a camera with you for photos. Whether you go along with your friends, the fun is still the same. Rochefort is a little paradise.

15 Best Things to do in Rochefort Belgium


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