15 Best Things to Do in Piriapolis

Deciding on such a holiday is one of the most important things to do. This part of Uruguay is famous for its serenity relaxed environment and vast beaches that will allow you so great experiences. This is one of the places in the south of Uruguay that has been highly known because of amazing beaches.

Piriapolis being on the coastline towns has attracted so many people because of the sandy beaches, the red rocks and the sporting activities that are done among the very many other things too. Personally really came to enjoy this town, coupled up with the culture that they have been attached to.

It will then be an excellent idea to take some days and try it out. There are so many things that you can do when you are there. I had so much fun, and I know you will too. You can choose the below list also.

Explore best things to do in Piriapolis

1. Visit the castle of Piria

Castle of Piria
Credit wikimedia

This is a building that has been built with Italian architecture. It has been one of the main reasons why many people tend to visit. The feeling it exudes of royalty would make you wish you were a prince or princess at any point. It allows the town to look like more of an empire than a simple beach town.

The castle has a garden, a park and statues all over that make it look like some historical museum. Our children and the animals that you might be having around will then get a right place to be able to run around freely he fact that it has been located at the top of a hill also gives you an advantage of having an elevated view of the town. It is so much prettier at a higher place.

2. Exercise at the La Rinconada beach

La Rinconada beach
Credit flickr

This beach has been known to harbor so many of the Piriapolis sports tournaments and championships. It is, therefore, one of the places that will still allow you to enjoy your usual sporting and exercise practices even when you decide to come on holiday. You do not have to stop our exercise regime just because you are on holiday.

There are also water sports that are offered during the summers apart from the free sports fields and courts open every other day. You might even be lucky and find some of the professional teams playing. If you happen to be a sports fanatic, you might also get the chance of meeting with some of your most coveted sports champions while you are playing on the beach or running around.

3. Hike on the Del Toro Hill

Del Toro Hill
Credit flickr

During the Spanish war days, this used to be more of a watchtower for them. They would spot their enemies easily before they had a chance to attack. It was camouflaged into the shape of an iron bull spitting water. It has then been one of the most historical places in Piriapolis and the most visited even today.

It is this fantastic shape that they had that has made it a great tourist attraction today. You will get to enjoy the gothic state in this hill but as a great place to take numerous pictures. There is a magnificent panoramic view through the Sierra de las Animas. There are chances that you will be able to catch some live performances by the locals in that place as a way to crown your visit.

4. Take pictures of the Virgen de Los Pescadores

This is of the oldest statue that has ever existed in them. It is about a fisherman’s virgin that was built as a remembrance of the dignity and the pride that Stella Maris has, and that is why it was named after her. It has therefore been placed there to both appreciate the culture and the safety that the fisherman has while on the water.

Italian style overlooking the bay has laced it with a unique sense of culture that incorporated both the Argentine and Uruguayan is one. It, therefore, will look like she was looking over the bay. It is one of those places that people will get intrigued by that fantastic thing. You will therefore also the feeling on you.

5. Take a picnic at the La Cascada park

You might be looking for someplace to have a nice quiet picnic with your family or loved one. La Cascada Park is the best place for you. The waterfall that is in the forest creates that cool environment for the people. You also get a great chance to play around in the water and have some simple sports to play.

There are some setups for barbeque and restrooms for the public as a way of just making sure that you get to enjoy the place thoroughly. You will, however, be allowed to come with your own setups that will be more comfortable for you. It is op enough to enable you to intermingle with the other campers too.

6. Shop at the Pasiva’s walkway

This is usually one of the few places in Piriapolis that allow people to enjoy the Uruguayan culture with a meager budget. Getting a more extensive collection of clothes, jewelry, and even stone-made products whose aim is to project the authentic Uruguayan and Argentinian culture.

You are also able to participate in the culture by signing up in advance for you to sell out our products. The fair is usually open 24 hours on some days during the summer. The most exciting thing is that all the products that are sold here are pure leather and are generally exported to other countries too.

7. Tour the Pittamiglio’s castle

The castle of Pittamiglio has been known to depict some of the best Uruguayan cultures that have been known to man. The unique architecture that it has given it the fairy-tale setting, we usually only read and watch movies.

The medieval façade, the bridges, and the passageways all come in handy when you need to have a creative mindset and imagination. More so, if you happen to have come with your children or in a group just for fun.

8. Visit the marine animal rescue and rehabilitation center

This happens to be one of the few towns in the world that take into a very keen interest in the culture and need for animal rearing and upbringing. That is one of the reasons why this rehabilitation center was started in the first place.

Visiting it will allow you to learn how to take care of animals like penguins, sea lions, turtles and many of the other marine wildlife. You will also be in a position to donate in case you get motivated to do it.

9. Have a meal at the Café Picasso

One of the things about being on holiday is trying out a few new foods that are to make your holiday worth remembering. The Café Picasso is one where there is an open-air grill where the fish are usually prepared. It gives you a taste of the Italian and you will also get to have some fantastic grilled meals.

Their proximity to the beach also assures you that they are fresh and organic too. The local nature of the carport restaurant usually gives people the feeling of a home away from home. You will then be able to have space set out for you in case you want to have your meal inside the restaurant.

10. Swim at the Punta Colorada

Punta Colorada
Credit flickr

This is one of the places on the east of Piriapolis that is known to offer the people an exciting and relaxed holiday. Some huge red rocks have been known to be one of the points of pride of this place. It gives the visitors a chance to sit on them and enjoy the sun while you have fun in the fresh ocean breeze.

For most people, this is usually a get way into the many other things that this town has to offer. The scene of the rocks and the pools that for from the waves has created dip pools where people go to enjoy all the time.

11. Cycling around Piriapolis

Credit flickr

There are options for getting to see the town of Piriapolis. One of the most exciting ones is cycling. You will get you to fully cover the whole city on your bike with your friends. Though others may find his very tiresome, it is a unique way of getting to enjoy the town while enjoying every single thing that comes with it.

In most cases, this will take you around the whole day. Make sure you have enough water, good shoes, and cream to prevent you from any sunburns.

12. Go up the San Antonio Hill on one of the chair lifts

San Antonio Hill on one of the chair lifts
Credit flickr

I honestly first saw a chair lift at the circus in town. But then when I came to Piriapolis, I realized it is being used as a form of transport. On your way to the San Antonio Hill, you will have to use the chairlifts to get you there.

On your way up you get to enjoy the scenic view of the whole of Piriapolis from the sea to the beach and the town itself. Once up there you will be able to enjoy the temple and the various other cultures that you will be able to enjoy in that place.

13. Take pictures of the sugarloaf mountain

Sugarloaf mountain
Credit flickr

The sugarloaf mountain is one feature that most people usually assume while they are on their way to the eastern beaches. Most people will term it as one of the many hills that are there. However, this is not just like any other. While at the top you will get to look down at the animals grazing at the foot of the mountain. You will also get to enjoy a great view of the town of Piriapolis.

It also gives you a great hike to the top of the mountain as you enjoy the fresh air and the green nature along the way. It is something that you should try out.

14. Visit the zoo at the foot of the sugarloaf mountain

This is one of the areas where you will find very enticing types of animals you would not naturally find elsewhere. This includes the cougars, hares, capybara, lapwings, partridges, and so many others this being their homes they will be seen running freely everywhere as they fend for themselves.

Not only will you have fun together with your family, but you will also get to see the exotic and the unique animals that are reared in this place. It has also been known to be a great source of learning for anyone interested.

15. Visit the Argentino hotel

This is one of the feelings of pride in Piriapolis laced with amazing architecture works. They have also been able to maintain pride furniture and settings of the past. The 300roos and the suites allow them to accommodate very many people from all walks of life. Its way of bringing people together is what makes it very important in the town.

It also offers a great view of the sea, hot springs, game fields, and the sugarloaf mountain, among many other beautiful things.


Piriapolis one of the most popular summer holidays in the world. More so when you are in Uruguay. Getting to enjoy the beaches, the summer hoes and the nature that is available in this place is one of the most significant achievements you can ever make. Unlike the other Uruguayan towns, this one has more of Spanish political history that will make the culture more authentic. It is therefore very possible that you will have a better time in this place. Even on a low budget and limited time, you will still be able to get the best out of the town. It is a great place to invest in bringing your family, friends, and even loved ones.


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