15 Best Things To Do In Ostend, Belgium

Ostend is a coastal city in Belgium. It is famous for its long beach and beautiful pavements. Ostend is a cosmopolitan city with a harbor, yacht-basin, airport and more than fifty amazing hotels. There is plenty that a visitor can do during the day. This includes visiting museums, hiking and parks. Later in the evening, you may go dancing and drinking in Ostend pubs and clubs. There is a movie theatre too. Trippers frequent Ostend beaches seeking entertainment. This destination has a maritime temperate influenced by winds from the North Sea. This makes summer cooler than inland Europe. As a result, you have great weather to enjoy yourself at the beach. You may bring your family and friends with you. Below are the things to do in Ostend.

1. Visit the Atlantic Wall Museum

Atlantic Wall Museum
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This is an open-air museum. It is a military museum near Ostend. The museum preserves fortifications of the Atlantic wall dating to the first and second world wars.

Once you arrive here, you will see the coastal defense fortifications that survived the first and second world wars. Get to see the numerous bunkers, gun emplacement and trenches that were built on the site, including the well preserved Saltzwedel neu Battery. The museum also displays uniforms and equipment used by the Garrison.

2. Visit the Leopold Park

Leopold Park
Credit wikicommons

Do you love nature walks? Leopold park is the best place to stroll. Visit the Leopold park and enjoy the beautiful scenery. The eye-catching trees which are at their full foliage and the nice views guarantee you a peaceful time.

The park has lovely flowers that blossom mostly during summertime. The park is also a pleasant playground for your children, therefore, tag them along for them to have as much fun as you. Get to enjoy together watching the fountain from the big fish statue mouth.

As you have fun, you can take pictures too. Explore what the park holds, including the flower clock.

3. Visit Maria Hendrika Park

Hendrika Park
Credit wikicommons

Maria Hendrika Park covers an area of about 45 hectares. This public garden is situated South of the city center. The park has a variety of ponds for your sight.

Two playgrounds live in this park. Therefore, let your children accompany you. Allow the kids to have fun in the open ground. Help them create a list of games they wish to play.

Be in control. Kids are notorious for getting out of control. Being on the watch out will ensure your children do not run to prohibited areas.

4. Walk over the sand at Plage d’Ostende

Plage d’Ostende
Credit wikicommons

Taking this walk will let you have a gorgeous view of this beach. The Plage d’Ostende beach stretches along with the whole city. The marvelous looking Plage d’Ostende is a destination you don’t want to miss out on.

Stroll along the beach barefoot and have your feet enjoy the feel of sand. Besides, enjoy the amazing exhibition at the beach with your children. Amazing sculptures are displayed and presented during the exhibition.

Spending time on this beach allows you to build monuments and castles with sand. Enjoy the cool water and sea breeze.

5. Visit Saint Peter and Saint Paul Church

Saint Peter and Saint Paul Church
Credit wikicommons

Church of Saints Peter and Paul is the main church in Ostend. It is a Roman Catholic Neo-Gothic Church. The church was built on the ashes of a previous church that occupied the site.

Come and see the amazing architecture of the Roman Catholic church. Get to see the Gargoyle on the towers in the church. The church has beautiful stained-glass windows.

Remember to send a request to the body in charge requesting to visit the main altar to see the tomb of Louise – Marie, the queen of Belgium who lost her life in Ostend.

6. Amazing views at De Nieuwe Ostend Pier

De Nieuwe Ostend Pier
Credit pixabay

Is this a perfect place for a walk? Yes, it is. In the evening, you get to see the amazing sunset above the sea. You can also go fishing as there’s an ocean around here.

The Pier is quite attractive! The new Pier in Ostend has lots of big stones making it a perfect spot to admire the setting sun. Enjoy the eye-catching view of the stunning lights in the evening under the benches.

There are two Piers. One is made of wood while the other is made of stones. You can have a seat and get to relax and enjoy the amazing view by the seaside.

7. The Kusttram (Coast Tram)

The Kusttram
Credit wikicommons

This is a public transport service connecting cities and towns along the entire Belgian coast. The connection is between De Panne, the French border, Knokke-Heist, and the Dutch border. It’s the longest tram in the world.

The coastal tram is the ideal partner for you and your young ones. The team has about 67 stops between De Panne and Knokke. Thus, you cannot miss out on your intended stop. Besides, you get to enjoy a long road trip while experiencing a nice view of the Belgium coastline.

8. Visit the Zeilschip Mercator

Zeilschip Mercator
Credit wikicommons

The barquentine Mercator was built as a training ship. It was used mainly before world war two, world fairs and sailing events. It first became a floating museum in Antwerp than in 1964 moved to the marina of Ostend just in front of the city hall.

Tour around in the Mercator and see the amazing features of the old century maintained very well. Enjoy listening to a band while inside the Mercator. Get to enjoy a nice meal with your family as you hear the history of the Mercator from your guide.

9. Enjoy a meal at La Vie Restaurant

Having a great time at the meal table outside the usual with your family is a great feeling. Book a table for your family at La Vie Restaurant. Then, enjoy your favorite dish made in Ostend with a glass of great wine.

You may also opt to enjoy one of the Ostend cultural meals. La Vie restaurant has special diets in case you are a vegan. La Vie restaurant got you cared for in a special way.

Try Belgian foods in this amazing restaurant. When eating, it is important not to overfeed lest you want to spend most of your vacation time in the toilets. You may ask for diet ideas from the waiters. They are friendly and helpful.

10. Take a walk at Jardin Japonais Park

Jardin Japonais Park
Credit wikicommons

Admire the great view of the water source in the Jardin Japonais Park as you walk around. The water source has wooden walking paths at the edge for your use. This makes it easy to see through the water and enjoy the view from a close range.

The park is surrounded by old trees and thick vegetation. Think about taking pictures here. It’s a great park for you to relax and enjoy a sunny afternoon with your family. The place has an ambiance you will love.

11. Take your fiancée for a trip to Kursaal Ostend

The Kursaal building is a great tourist destination in Ostend. The Kursaal building is strikingly large with a stunning architectural design. It is a typical example of modernism in design and construction.

There are various activities you can do with your partner here, especially if you are a new couple. Visit the theatre for a concert and be part of the regular live performances hosted there. Come early and settle before the concert begins.

Besides, enjoy a cocktail on the terrace with your partner. The two of you may also spend the night partying if you can, at the Kursaal lounge. Enjoy listening to your favorite music the whole night. Are you planning to propose to your fiancée? This is a great opportunity to do so. The beautiful background and serenity will leave your partner with no option than to say yes.

Finally, you may think about gaming at the casino. Enjoy your night out.

12. Albert I – Promenade is worth passing by 

Walk by the Albert I Promenade and let your eyes enjoy the amazing architecture of the buildings that are arranged in a row. The ocean view is also one to catch. The perfect time to enjoy this view is during the day. As the sunlight from the top, the sight gets prettier.

In addition, you may look at the waves of the ocean getting blown away by the wind. Ten minutes are enough for this gaze. Besides, you may enjoy the view of the waves overlapping each other as you get entertained by the refreshing air that is cooled by the wind from the ocean.

13. Visit the Hippodrome Wellington

Hippodrome Wellington
Credit wikicommons

Hippodrome Wellington is a horse racing track in the Flemish region of Belgium. It was built in 1883, then got renovated in 2011, after which it was named after Arthur Wellesley. According to history, Arthur was the first Duke of Wellington.

The racing track hosts both harness and flat racing events. The venue hosted concerts by artists like Michael Jackson back in 1977. The races are only limited to the last Mondays, June till September. Therefore, keep the dates in mind as you do your planning.

Visiting to view the amazing architecture of the buildings is also on the cards.

14. Attend Sand Sculpture Festival in Ostend

Sand Sculpture Festival in Ostend
Credit flickr

One thing I love about humans is the ability to create something out of nothing and make it a big deal. That is what you get in these festivals. A lot of things created out of nothing.

There are many creations made out of the sand you will love. You will be amazed by how a man can be productive once he decides to squeeze all the juices of his/her creativity. You will find other tourists like you alongside other locals. Enjoy the moment and don’t forget to take pictures of you.

There is no limit to what you may do. Take some sand and build your own sculptures too. See how creative you can be. I bet your kids will beat you in this. Well, with no hard feelings, just accept the defeat.

This activity may take your whole day. You may, therefore, carry some food with you to ensure your minds do not start wandering once hunger strikes. It is also important to carry water just in case the sun decides to cause havoc. Stay hydrated the whole day!

15. Fort Napoleon, Ostend

Fort Napoleon Ostend
Credit flickr

Discover the brand new story trail about the history of the fort. Fort Napoleon was the setting for hundreds of years of history. The wide walls of Fort Napoleon were silent witnesses of all events in the Fort.

Go and hear the walls whisper their secrets in a completely new exhibition. The locals will also give you stories of what this fort represents. Ostend residents are warm and welcoming. They are willing to let you learn about their city.

Enjoy the amazing view of the monuments and appreciate the designs. You will also see the German murals inside this fort. Not only that, but you will also get to enjoy the stunning views of paintings representing the world war. You will leave Ostend a happy person with lots of memories in mind.


Ostend experiences an inflow of crowds. While many are tourists from all over the world, others are locals from neighboring cities. This means one thing, Ostend is a fine destination for any tourist. Whether you love spending your time indoors or outdoors, this is the place to be. There are restaurants for food, nature parks for walks, museums, and sights to visit and see besides other adventurous activities you will love. Both families and individuals are invited to this great city. There are great beaches for afternoons and fine restaurants for dinners. You also get affordable swimming pools with clean water for sunny days. Ostend is a cocktail of fun and adventure. The city is a hub of tourism, and that is why tourists like you will fall in love with Ostend at first visit.

15 Best Things to do in Ostend Belgium


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