15 Best Things to Do in Montevideo


It is known or its foreign trade capacity with the chief export being wool, meat, and hides. This has therefore resulted in many of the people living in Montevideo as compared to other parts of Uruguay. Hence the rate of development was at a higher rate, as compared to the other towns that we happened to have visited in Uruguay.

The town is strategically located on the shores of the Rio de la Plata as it noses into the Atlantic Ocean, giving a functional area of beach and sea compared to many of the other towns in Uruguay. You will therefore not miss out on many of the activities that could be done in this town. It happens to be one of the best places to be, especially when you decide to go on holiday.

I came about a few things that I believe would only be monumental for anyone who gets to visit Montevideo. You could not be able to do all of them, but it is wise to try most of them.

15 Things to do while in Montevideo

1. Punta del Este full-day tour

Deciding to take a tour of the Punta del Este is one of the most exciting things that you could ever choose to do. You will get to enjoy everything that this city has for you in a short period of one day. You will get to go to the Mediterranean style villa and the art gallery as just one of the few things in the whole set of activities to do in Montevideo.

You will enjoy the fantastic seafood when you are taken to La Barra and Playa Mansa. They are some of the most famous fishing areas in this town with an excellent reputation of offering fresh and well-cooked meals to their clients. Finishing by a swim in some of the best beaches could be one of the best ways to crown your one day tour of the great city of Montevideo. It will, however, give a deep desire to make a second trip and come back for a longer time.

2. Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting
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Most of the places in Montevideo has been aligned with the wine culture that is very much honored when it comes to this city. In almost every restaurant, you will get a good selection of wine with many of them being brewed right at the foot of the town. You may not be a wine person, but after this short trip I can assure you, you will be stocking your house with wine.

You will then get to enjoy Tannat which is one of the most excellent red wines in the society as you view the winery at the Canelones together with their owners and even get a few of the local brews too. It will expose to the wine culture, which happens to be quite rich.

3. Fortress General Artigas

Fortress General Artigas
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Standing at the top of this fort gives you a fantastic view of the whole of Montevideo without any struggle. The fact that it is at the top of the mountain also allows you to take a slight hike upwards to enable you to enjoy the scenery. You might even decide to make a run through the staircase that is at the outskirts of the fort.

Built-in the 19th century, the fort has some historical value attached to it that has been known to attract people all over the country and the world. Others for research purposes while others just come for fun.

4. Plaza Independencia

Plaza Independencia
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This is the one place in the city that has maintained its authenticity and old nature. Many people have often tagged it as the center of gothic in the country. Which may not be accurate, but opinions also happen to be very relative depending on the affected person. The old state of the town has given it a picturesque state that has been very attractive to very many of the people. The architecture there is fantastic. 

It also happens to be the place where the main political offices have been placed. The ‘white house’ of Uruguay happens to be in these sectors of the town. Taking a tour through it might even cause you to meet with the presidents and some of the other leaders. This includes looking at some of the statues were carved to remind the people of the political history that they previously had.

5. La Rambla

La Rambla
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This is a unique factor in the city of Montevideo. Along the coastal shores, some paths have been made to allow people to take walks along the coast without having to touch the sand. It has also been an excellent place for people who take morning and evening jogs to enjoy the breeze as they stay fit.

There are several bars and restaurants where you can stop and take a break. Nightlife has also been on the growing side in these parts of the town. It gives everyone who walks on these paths a purpose even when they didn’t have. You will always have something to do.

6. Visit the national historic museums

national historic museums
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You will note that this place has over five landmark houses that will give you an in-depth description of what Montevideo was and is all about. Most of the homes are about the national heroes and what they did to the country of Uruguay. If you are a history freak, this would be heaven for you.

The exciting thing is that they are always free. There is no entrance fee like we had experienced in many of the other areas we had gone to. You will, however, have to plan with them if you will be going with a group of people.

7. El Milongon show

El Milongon show
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This is one of the places that you get to enjoy the best of performing arts in the town. You will be able to also participate in dances like the tango, Candombe, and even the folklore. There is also a fantastic dinner set up that is usually prepared with an opening to drink any of the best of the wines in the world. Both the local or not.

The exciting part is that there are even cars that are known to take you to your hotel in Montevideo to El Milongon. You will, however, have to call and make a plan if you like to be picked. This is to ensure there is order in the place.

8. Mercado del Puerto

Mercado del Puerto
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Formerly this place was known to be a marketplace for fruits and vegetables. However, over time, it has grown and involved restaurants and other shopping stalls for almost everything. The magnificence of the area is what has been known to attract many people despite the iron covering.

You will get to enjoy some fantastic meat and seafood that are fresh and grilled to your needs. There is also a great chance you will interact with many people and also get to meet new friends.

9. Palacio Salvo

Palacio Salvo
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This is one of the most impressive and widely viewed buildings in the whole state of Montevideo. It is also one of the tallest buildings in the city which then gives you an amazing aerial view of the town.

It has been one of the places that have been accredited to the fantastic photos that have been taken of the town. You can also get to enjoy the very impressive dawn and dusks for that point of view. You will not forget your experience in this place.

10. Experience life in the Pocitos

Experience life in the Pocitos
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This is the teenage slum of Montevideo. Here, you will get a large population being teens who come to enjoy a lot of beach volleyball, soccer and some of the championships that take place on this beach. 

Alongside are flats of houses that provide an excellent view of the beach, the river and the barrio where people usually are in plenty. Therefore you will find beautiful spots to have your meals or take some drinks as you continue to enjoy the scene or after a friendly game with the locals.

11. Attend the Candombe

Attend the Candombe
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In the district of Palermo, there is a music and dance performance known as the Candombe that is usually done. Formerly, it was known to have been brought by the African Slaves, but today it is practiced as a way of remembering where they had come from.

On Sundays, you can move down to the district and enjoy a fantastic session of inspirational music accompanied by a dressed performance. It will be your chance of participating in their culture and heritage and also getting to learn about it.

12. Attend some of the shows at the Teatro Solis theatre

Teatro Solis theatre
Credit wikimedia

This is one of the biggest theatres in the country and the 2nd biggest in South America. It has been known to host many of the nation’s films and even famous concerts that it has attained a name for itself. 

You will never lack space in the hall because it has a full capacity of around 1500 people in every sitting. It has however been known to go to full size when they are having some of these famous people around. You should understand the timetable so that you can know which show to attend and when.

13. Have a taste of the Yerba Mate

This happens to be the traditional drink of this place. It is something that is made for the mate bush, which is then mixed with hot water and served in a conventional mate container. It is then served with a long straw which they call the ‘bombilla.’ 

It will be very unwise to leave the city of Montevideo without having a taste of this fantastic drink. However, you might find the new version where they mix the mating material that has been processed with water and offered to you to drink. It will still work.

14. Visit the Plaza Constitucion

Plaza Constitucion
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On some of your walks by in the city, get to stop at the Plaza Constitucion where you will find fantastic cafes and a park at the center of the square. This is the oldest square in Montevideo but has presently been filled with hotels that spill over to the sidewalks as you go into the cathedral area.

You can also get a fantastic view at night with people being free enough and lights lit up around the restaurants everywhere, making the square look like heaven on earth.

15. Eat at the Restaurant Tandory

This is one of the few but best Asian dinners in Montevideo. In it, you can get to experience the fantastic Asian meals that happen to have been cooked by some of the best chefs. It is possible to make reservations using the email contact or even a personal visit to the hotel.

The meals are served with some exquisite elegance and décor that makes you salivate at the sight of the meals. It is one place where you get to experience the culture without having to visit the site.


Montevideo has been known to be one of the towns in Uruguay that has highly contributed to the significant number of guests that they get every year. This is major because of the fantastic facilities that it has and the vast beach grounds that they also happen to have. The historical and cultural setting of the town makes it more authentic and real as compared to other places. That is why this happens to be one of the best sites that you can even think of going. Trying out the various museums and seeing the tremendous architectural works is enough to brew a new desire in you. It is the best place to get a lot of motivation. 

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