15 Best Things To Do In Mons, Belgium

Mons is one of the touristic countries in Belgium. Dutch and French are the most dominant languages spoken in this Flemish region. The fortified city is a heavy commercial center with trade its main economic activity. The fact that it is an old city means it has many old buildings, including monuments and museums, creating a hub of tourist activities. It is fun and entertaining to be in this city. The city has a low population creating space for tourists to have ample time during their travel. Mons is a perfect holiday destination, and here’s why.

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1. Beaux-Arts Mons

Beaux Arts Mons
Credit flickr

This is one of the most beautiful museums in the world. It is made up of avant-garde artwork and fine state-of-the-art architecture. 

The museum closes on Monday but is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm. The irony of this museum is it is small, yet it might end up taking your whole day. The beauty of it is an addiction that you will find it hard to leave the place. 

The best thing you can find on the tour is a nice place with friendly staff. That’s what Beaux-Arts Mons offers you. The guides there are warm and knowledgeable as well.

2. Visit Silex’s

Credit wiki

Regarded as an archeological museum in Mons, Silex’s is an interesting destination. The site is a kid’s friendly and with so much to learn about. Both your body and brain will be engaged in your tour.

The most interesting part about Silex’s downward climb. Go to this site loaded to carter to all the fees required.

3. Maison Van Gogh

Maison Van Gogh
Credit wikicommons

Like many other museums in Mons, Maison Van Gogh closes on Monday but opens from Tuesday to Sunday. The opening hour is 10 am while it closes at 4 pm.

This museum is all about the history of Van Gogh. You will learn who Van G. was and what role the legend plays in history. There is also a film to be watched and more lessons to take home.

The main purpose of this is taking home a history lesson; therefore, do not carry with you too many expectations. Within a few hours, you’ll be done. 

The best thing to do is the plan for this activity alongside another to be achieved on the same day. This is important so that you do not feel you had a wasted day.

4. Take care of your appetite at Cocotte

Offering one of the best meals in Mons, Cocotte is well maintained and amazingly affordable. It is here that you will get a chance to taste all the Belgian cuisine you’ve ever thought of. 

The hotel is closed from Sunday to Tuesday and open for a few hours for the remaining days. The surest time to find the hotel open is during the lunch hour.

5. Belfry of Mons

During the day, the skyscraper is an epic monument to stare. You need to see the building at night. Its pink glow oozes beauty. The impression that hits you from the street view is the same greatness you’ll meet in the inside. 

There is a lot to learn here too but I guarantee you, your eyes will be the busiest part of your body with the beautiful features around here. At Belfry, you will get a chance to have a view of the city. You will love the look and that is why you will keep staring.

The fees are affordable and you will not regret coming to this place. The main activity is sight viewing. Now, if your eyes love what they see then I think it is not a bad idea to take photos of the same.

In the future, you will remind yourself of the beautiful views and sights you landed your eyes on. The parking around is ample and affordable too. 

6. Go to Saint Waltrude Collegiate Church

Arguably in the list of Belgium’s most beautiful houses of god. The big church offers a great worshipping avenue to strengthen your spirituality during your tour. Besides, you will get an opportunity to meet with the children of the lord and connect with them.

Away from spiritual matters, the building is made of unique architectural design. This is a clear indication of the great artistic talent available in Belgium. 

While standing outside, you might think to yourself that this church is the most beautiful you’ve ever set your eyes on. Wait until you get inside the church. You will be amazed. The beauty in the design will literally leave you speechless. It is extraordinary.

The church looks like the ancient churches that existed during Paul’s time. The high ceiling, many feet above, creates a spiritual scene you won’t help but feel closer to your creator in the heavens. 

7. Buy your loved ones gifts at Ligne Claire

It is even courteous to buy presents for the people you left behind. They may be your family or it may be your spouse. Ligne Claire is a great place to purchase goodies for your dear ones.

The gift shop operates from Monday to Saturday between 10 am and 6 pm. The weather is right most of the time. Therefore, shopping is possible within these opening hours and days. 

Ligne Claire has excellent customer care service. The shop is strategically located therefore you might find yourself staying in a hotel just nearby. That will make things even easier for you.

8. Boat lifting at La Louviere

This is one of the touristic activities that define Mons. Whether you choose to have a view from the outside or get involved, be sure to have fun and an out of this world adventure.

Strepy-Thieu offers a nice view of boat lifting with the machine able to lift hundreds of tons of weighty boats. Situated on a canal, the machine is a show of Belgium’s talented engineers.

The brains behind this craft can only be appreciated with rewards and recognition. Although they deserve more because they made one of the most touristic engineering pieces built by man.

9. Cable park

Cable park
Credit piqsels

Water sports is one of the activities that make Mons a great tourist destination. The fees charged here are affordable and the activities done will leave you excited. You will surely experience the value for your money.

If you are not interested in wakeboarding you may as well watch as others waterski. It is friendly for both experienced and novices. You will love the adventure.

Also available are knowledgeable staff ready to guide you through waterskiing lessons. This is important for beginners.   

10. Go gaming at Laser Game Evolution

Gaming is one addictive activity. As you travel to Mons for your holiday, you must be wondering what the town holds for you. This is good news for gamers. The Laser Game Evolution offers you a fine gaming opportunity. You will get a chance to play with other competitive players or you may choose to play with your friends and family.

The charges are affordable and the games good for you. Whether you want action, soccer, missionary or any kind of game, all types exist for you to choose. 

This is the secret to making it more exciting. Go as a group and carry food with you. Spend your whole day playing and competing. Take lunch breaks and water breaks then continue with your game. You’ll be surprised how exciting things will be. Besides, the memories will stick for life.

11. Bowling des Bassins

Bowling has never disappointed. It is even more exciting when you play with your friends. Well, if you are good at socializing and making friends you really don’t need to bring your friends with you.

There, you will find outgoing strangers who you can easily make your friends. Do not hesitate to reach out and create a rapport with them. 

Since it’s an outdoor activity although played in an indoor arena, it will be easy to make friends and find playmates. Play as much as you can. Have a moment you will never forget. 

Away from the game, you may have a drink or two. Ice cream is also served. You will enjoy it.

Do not limit yourself. Be free to engage in any activity you feel like. The place hosts quite a number of people engaging in various fun-filled activities other than bowling and eating ice cream.

12. Sculpture rue de Nimy

They say any form of art should be appreciated. That is what you’ll be doing in going to see this piece of artwork. Furthermore, the creation is interesting and touristic. It is worth your time.

You need a camera with you to capture wood made art. Although it should not take your whole day. Just a few minutes and you’ll be done. 

The artwork has a little history you need to learn about. The way it was created at first but couldn’t survive the power of moving air to the way it was reconstructed into a stronger structure. The details will be made available to you once you get there.

13. Parc du Waux –Hall

Parc du Waux –Hall
Credit wikicommons

This is one loveable park. If you have children, do not hesitate to bring them with you. The beauty of this park holds can only be seen with naked eyes and not told.

You may also bring your camera with you and take pictures of yourself with the well-maintained lawns and beautiful flowers your background. There is enough space to walk around. Jogging is also possible. Therefore, come looking sporty ready for any activity that may require you to sweat as you engage. It is fun galore.

14. Have a good night at Tam-Tam

You are not going on vacation to sleep. The mantra to live on while on vacation is exploring as much as possible. Whether it’s day or night time, you should be exploring and awake.

Tam-Tam is a wonderful place to spend your night or nights if possible. There’s no time to sleep. This destination is a dream come true. The cocktail is amazingly fine. There are drinks available. All you need to do is order and it will be made available.

Well, Tam-Tam offers great services but at a cost. Therefore, ensure you are well loaded and with enough for the night. Nothing should stop you from having fun.

Before you get on a drinking spree, it is only advisable to eat. Tam-Tam has delicious food for you. Eat till you cannot anymore, but responsibly. Once you are full or satisfied, you may start drinking. Whether you love beer or cocktail, the choice is all yours. 

Most of the time Tam-Tam gets crowded. Both locals and tourists fill the place to get a taste of the well-prepared dishes the restaurant makes. That is why you need to be here early. The workers here are courteous and work hard to ensure clients get satisfied. 

15. Le ChinChin

Le ChinChin wraps up our list of 15 things to do in Mons. The club just like the name is lively and entertaining. Music, food, drinks and dance is what defines this place.

Go listen to your best music get played. In case you don’t, you may make a special request to the deejay who will happily play your music. Le ChinChin is the perfect way to spend your last night in Mons. In case you want to go back home sober, then it may be your activity on your first night in Mons.


Mons is a great place as far as tourism is concerned. Both indoor and outdoor activities match each other in the level of satisfaction they offer tourists. Be sure to have a moment of your life. The best thing to do when visiting a place for the first time is striking a balance in the activities you get engaged in. That is why this list of 15 things to do in Mons shows diversity. From going to church to visiting parks and drinking in the best bars in Mons. It covers activities for both singles, families, and children. That is exactly what you need.

15 Best Things to do in Mons Belgium


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