15 Best Things To Do In Mechelen, Belgium

K.V. Mechelen football club playing in the Belgian Pro League makes this city famous. Apart from football, tourism is also well taken care of with beautiful scenery and amazing activities to engage in. Exploration is costly but comes with its benefits. The Flemish region of Mechelen is an excellent place showcasing what tourism means, with the residents welcoming and psyched to receive you. I want to give you 15 things you will enjoy doing in Mechelen. Keep reading to find out the hidden gems.

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1. Grote Markt

Grote Markt
Credit wikicommons

Saturday is market day in Grote. Therefore, you expect a crowd on that day. As residents throng in for shopping, you may join them or visit and see how it goes from there.

Grote is not only a market place but also a venue for events. The main square to be precise. Attending an event here will be more enjoyable than coming to shop or see people shop. 

At most times, free events occur while sometimes fees are placed. Different events take place including drinking parties while sometimes philanthropists converge here to give back donations to the society. Whichever event you will find on your visit, be part and have fun.

Apart from markets and events, there is a history to be learned. Old buildings surround this market creating an archaic atmosphere you will fall in love with. Nearby, there are restaurants you may drop by and grab a dish.

Bars too are in the surrounding area. Have some drinks for yourself and some for your peers.

2. Planckendael

Credit pxhere

Different continents have different animal species. You do not have to travel to all these continents to see these animals. The reason is, Planckendael zoo has animal species emanating from all the continents in the world.

There are many zoos in the world but most have their animals abandoned and not well taken care of. This one is unique. The animals here have enough space to move around. Besides, they are well fed and cleaned. This has dealt with any risk of diseases.

The zoo has a playground for kids to play. This makes this place a good destination for a family. When you get to this park, you may have a walk, lunch together and take pictures.

3. Vrijbroek Park

Vrijbroek Park
Credit wiki

Beauty is redefined here with nicely barbered lawns, pretty flowers, and clean walking pavements. The park is on another level and that is why it is on my list of 15 things to do in Mechelen. 

The park is serene and full of life. You get here and a breath of fresh air hits you. You get the feeling you’ve just left planet earth for a moment. Vrijbroekpark is that amazing.

I love this place because it is a great place for athletes like me. I can jog or just take a walk. I think you should also try that. It gets sportier with the tennis court available. It is up for rent. You may play tennis with your mate or colleagues. 

Well, let’s just say the designers of this place had sportspeople in mind. You can play any kind of sport here including soccer and hockey. 

4. De Nekker

This is another sporty destination. I believe you and I were born with strength in one or two sports. We all have a passion for fitness, although the levels differ. 

As you visit Mechelen, De Nekker is a great place to stay fit and play the sport you love or are good at. I understand you may not be ready to sweat running up and downplaying, well swimming is also available for you. Have fun as you keep fit.

5. De Vleeshalle

Have you been to an eatery and loved the place at first sight. How did the food taste? Sweeter or more delicious? Java and KFC regulars know what I’m talking about. 

De Vleeshalle gets you drooling even before you place an order. You start imagining how sweet the dish will be. By the time you finish your last bite, you are full and content. While others complain of high prices, you should focus on the quality of food and the beautiful environment you are eating in. 

6. Mechels Broek

Mechels Broek is an exotic escapade you do not want to miss out on. The old school walking trails are a good way to have a stroll as you catch a breath of fresh air. Fewer buildings and more natural to interact with. There is green grass, many trees, and animals.

Where there are cows you expect birds too. It’s the way nature is set. You will enjoy this nature preserve. There is a small bridge you will use to cross a stream of water. Mechels is worth your visit.

7. Kazerne Dossin

Kazerne Dossin
Credit wikicommons

Kazerne Dossin is all about World War Two. The museum takes you back to the 18th century and back. It is an educational destination worth your time.

The second world war had victims, many who have been forgotten. This museum remembers them in style. Perhaps you do not know them. Kazerne Dossin is an opportunity to show respect and appreciation to them. 

This museum is also an icon of peace. Think of it this way. The historical place is a memorial of what happened decades ago. It reminds the humankind of what man can do when provoked. And that reminds the same man to hold peace because war is not a solution. Instead, it is a step back. Visit to see and learn it all.

8. Dijlepad

Credit flickr

People tend to think a lot when walking, especially in serene places. The canal underneath this walking path offers the serenity you need to think and just have a different view of life.

As you move to the end of the trail, you will have a different perspective of Mecheleen. It’s a nice place to walk with the family. Kids specifically will enjoy this.

The buildings also look beautiful from this point. You will enjoy the amazing views and scenery. The fact that you’re walking next to water means you should be careful to avoid any hazards. Otherwise, everything should be well.

9. Brusselpoort

Credit wikicommons

Tourists know for whichever touristic feature; it is not the size that matters but the beauty and ability to create memories that count. Brusselpoort is one of those small touristic features but with a nice appeal and great history.

Many refer to this structure as the heart of Mechelen. It is unique and well done. It makes this city more beautiful and attractive. Your visit here will be all about the views and a little lesson about the place’s history. 

During the day, the place looks good. At night, it gets better and amazing. The lights add spice to the already beautiful sight. You now know which time to visit; at night!

And don’t forget to carry your camera. Take as many pictures as possible. Create memories!

10. Stadhuis

Credit wikicommons

It looks like being located in the Grote Markt is a fortune. Well, Stadhuis is one lucky building. That makes it a must-visit for a travel enthusiast like you.

Built in almost six years in the 13th century, this historical landmark is worth a few of your minutes. You will love the archaic design. The beauty of Stadhuis is its location. It is next to other amazing buildings allowing you to view many sights on the same day. That will be a case of killing many birds with one stone.

Also available are statues of powerful people of Mechelen. The life-size sculptures are a joy to watch. 

It is important to note Stadhuis is also referred to as the Town Hall and is still operational. Therefore, expect to meet people running their errands on working days. 

11. Bruul

Credit wiki

Visit Bruul and have a view of the special design used to build this building. The nicely done construction is a clear indication of the creative minds and innovation that existed even before technology took over.

Bruul is evidence man has been intelligent since time immemorial and perhaps the evolution theory is just another story created by an attention seeker. Away from theories, take your time in Bruul and enjoy the beautiful view.

You may also attend a church service here and pay tithe if you wish. There is no harm in reaching out to the members and learning a thing or two about the history of this building. Also, learn about Mechelen’s history and what people here believe in. It is a lesson after the lesson. Enjoy the educational visit. And don’t forget to take a picture of the building.

12. Graspoort

Graspoort is a fine eatery for you and your loved ones. The foods served here are first class and delicious. That is why this restaurant had to be on this list of 15 things to do in Mechelen.

You will be coming here to eat lunch or dinner. The choice is yours to make.

Make reservations early to avoid any letdowns. Graspoort is also a good date idea. Come loaded with money to ensure the bill does not surprise you when it’s time to pay.

13. Breakfast at Foom

This is a five-star breakfast destination. You will enjoy fine food, including sandwiches. Soup is also served among other delicious foods on the menu.

Start your morning on a high with a meal here. The staff here knows just what to do to make their clients happy and satisfied. The place is also well maintained with beautiful interior décor. This is one place you must take pictures of. Litter your gram with photos of you here with endless hashtags. Let the world know you are tripping. 

14. Technopolis

This is a great science museum to visit. It may take half of your day or even the whole day if you are passionate about technology. This is an innovative center you and your children will enjoy.

There are guides available to assist whenever you get stuck. That does not mean you should solely rely on them. Most of the things here are self-guiding and can be done without the help of guides.

This is a great place for children in their early teens. There are lessons for them to take home.

15. Martin’s Patershof

This is a fine hotel for you. Why say so? It accommodates various categories of tourists. Whether you are here for a date with your partner, as a family, alone, or on a business trip, expect the same world-class hospitality.

The location is just right with rooms nice and clean. Maintenance is well done and expectations met. Online reviews tell it all. You will love this place.

Perhaps Martin’s Patershof should be your resident guest house. The food and service is five-star. There is also value for your money and the prices are reasonable. 

The bathrooms are well fixed and spacious. You sleep and stay like a king. It is a great place to take a break from life’s hardships and stress.

The exterior also looks good and eye appealing. Being here will change your life. You see the way a hanging computer reboots and starts functioning optimally again? That will be you although you should be ready to pay quite an amount of money for the room charges. 

The convenience of moving from this hotel to the touristic features of your wish is enviable. That is another plus. You do not have to spend much on transport. Furthermore, you’ll save more energy for tours rather than shifting locations.


Mechelen is a fine Belgian city with amazing tourist attractions. There are many activities to do while in Mechelen and countless sights and landmarks to view. This article sieved the best for you and your loved ones. With the combination above, be sure to have a moment of your life. You will be thrilled and want to be in Mechelen again. Travel is about creating memories and that is why you need to carry your camera with you for pictures. Enjoy!

15 Best Things to do in Mechelen Belgium


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