11 Best Things to do in Malmo in Winter, Sweden

There are only two cities larger or bigger than Malmo in Sweden (third-largest after Gothenburg and Stockholm). Malmo is home to some historic structures in Sweden, and it also has the city where the bridge that connects Sweden with other countries in Central Europe is located. The Oresund Bridge runs between Copenhagen and Malmo.

Malmo is located in the southern parts of Sweden, and it is only 28KM away from Copenhagen, which is the capital of Denmark. The Oresund Bridge makes it easy to cross into Sweden from Denmark and vice-versa. This means you can visit Malmo and Copenhagen at the same time in just one winter holiday.

Malmo is an essential city in Sweden. Not only it connects to other countries in central Europe, but also it is one of the country’s sources of innovation and creativity. The sheer amount of investments and money the city brings in for the country is awe-inspiring. The city can even be likened to Brooklyn (New York) in terms of how friendly the locals are, the amount of food havens you find cropped together, bikes rapidly becoming the most commonly used method of moving from one place to another, among others.

There is no denying that there are lots of attractions and exciting history that will make you want to visit Malmo. This write-up will serve as a guide for you when you visit Malmo in winter by giving you 15 things to do in Malmo during your winter Holidays.

Let’s explore things to do in Malmo in winter

See the amazing Oresund Bridge

Oresund Bridge
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As we earlier hinted, the Oresund Bridge is one of the most popular attractions in Malmo, mainly because of its importance and function. There is no denying the magnificence of the bridge in winter. The bridge’s design was planned for decades and was open for use in 1999. Its worldwide recognition grew, even more, when it was used as the central focus for a hit TV drama – The Bridge – made by Danish/Swedish producers.

If you are familiar with the series, there is no way you should pass up the opportunity of seeing one of the structures that were used for shooting the series in person.

The Oresund Bridge is an incredible architecture work and deserves every bit of attention it gets. It is a multi-faceted bridge which, in other words, means there is a railway, road, and tunnel all designed into the bridge. Its design is also something you can look forward to seeing. The bridge starts as a natural bridge for about 8 km until it reaches the Island of Peberholm before a tunnel then connects to it. The tunnel is about 4 km long.

All in all, it is a pretty good trip to make even in the winter, besides there are lots of impressive things you can do in Copenhagen too.

The towering Turning Torso

Towering Turning Torso

Going to see the towering Turning Torso is another thing you can do in Malmo during winter. The Turning Torso can be reached by car and bus, and it is only a few kilometers away from the Central Station in Malmo. Wondering why you need to see the Turning Torso? For one, it is the most modern building and well-known structure in the Southern part of Sweden. in fact, it is the main reason why Malmo is on any architectural map you see nowadays.

The structure itself is about 190m high, and it provides Office space, residential space as well as conference space for people depending on their needs. The most talked-about skyscraper in the Southern part of Sweden was built based on the Santiago Calatrava’s sculptures, which he named the “Twisting Torso.” Santiago is an architect as well as an artist, and he presented the statue in a competition set up to get design ideas for the Oresund bridge.

Fun fact about the Turning Torso: The Turning Torso took about four years to complete its construction. The building was opened to the public in 2005, and it is currently using renewable energy, which was produced in the city of Malmo.

Visit the Historic and magnificent Malmohus Castle

Malmohus Castle
Credit wikicommons

The beautiful castle is a must-see at any time of the season! As long as you are in Malmo, you have to see the castle for yourself. The castle is not only significant in terms of the history it holds, but it is also trendy in Malmo because it is home to some of Malmo’s most substantial and notable museums. By visiting Malmohus Castle, you also get the chance to tour Malmo’s:

– Museum of Art;

– Science and Maritime House;

– Aquarium – although it is a bit small;

– National History Museum; among others

All the museums at the castle have permanent exhibitions where items relating to different topics are featured. The museums also host lots of temporary exhibitions throughout the year where the most precious items kept at the museum are displayed to visitors, all of which transports them to as far back as the 16th century.

The castle was not initially built as a castle. It was initially a small citadel around 1434, and it was where the currency used in Denmark was coined. It had also served as a prison for housing law offenders in the 19th century.

See Malmo’s beautiful and stunning city parks on a sightseeing canal cruise

Canal Cruise
Credit Unsplash

There are lots of beautiful parks in Malmo, and it is one of the things the country is well known for. Seeing some of these parks is one of the things you have to do if you are in Malmo. The most beautiful and most talked-about ones will be discussed briefly below.

The most centrally located park, called Kungsparken or King’s Park, is just beside the Malmohus Castle. This means you can kill two birds with one stone and see two incredible attractions in Malmo on just a trip. The king’s park (Kungsparken) is also the oldest park you will find in Malmo and was previously called King Oscar’s Park in honor of the king that opened it for public use.

There are a lot of things to love about the park. Its lawns are lush enough for resting on; there are also quite several exotic trees (albeit old) as well ponds that create a relaxing environment for everyone. The park also has a vaulted cave that can be explored. You should even know that the stunning fountain found at the heart of the park was made in 1882.

Another incredible park is Slottstradgarden. The Slottstradgarden is only a bridge away from the oldest park in Malmo. The main highlights of this park are that it has some incredible paintings as well as several colorful flowers.

Another important thing you should look forward to seeing in the park is the Pegasus sculpture made by Carl Milles. Carl Milles is a famous sculptor in Sweden.

There is another city park worth a mention and is only a twenty (20) minute walk if you are already at the King’s Park. The park is called Pildammsparken, and it has about 10,000 flowers in a section called “The Flower Alley.” There are lots of ducks in the park.

All the parks can be seen in just a trip, and it is a fascinating thing to do if you are in Malmo for winter. They are also shocking in Autumn. This is because all the trees have their leaves change from their natural green.

Marvel at the incredible Arts on display at Malmo Konsthall

Konsthall Library
Credit wikicommons

Malmo Konsthall, which means Malmo Art Gallery, was opened to the public in 1975, and it has one of the largest exhibition halls one would find in Europe. The museum frequently hosts exhibition events of all their international and national artworks. One of the exciting things about the Art Gallery apart from its contemporary art displays is that the building the Gallery is housed in was incredibly designed. The materials used in the construction of the building are light and straightforward, including metals like aluminum, glass, wood, and many more. The Malmo Art Gallery was constructed using 550 domes, and the inside of the building receives a lot of natural light. The main implication of this is that the Art Gallery building is just as fascinating as the artwork one would find in the building.

TIP: When visiting the Malmo Konsthall, try and make sure you do it on a Sunday. This is because a lovely Brunch is always served at the Restaurant Smak.

Another thing you should know is that you do not have to pay any fee before you enter the museum. i.e., Entry is free.

Experience the swede’s warm hospitality

Sweden Shop
Credit Unsplash

All through your winter stay in Sweden, never pass up the chance to enjoy the warm hospitality of the Swedes. The Locals are always ready to advise you on the fun things they think you will love doing in their country, where to shop for maximum satisfaction, where you can experience the taste of authentic Swedish cuisine, some other hidden treasures you should see in Malmo, etc.

You can also dine with a local family and even chat and stroll with any member of the family that wants to go for a walk. Just make sure you are very punctual as a lot of Swedes hate people who are often late.

Drop by the Museum of Modernism in Malmo (Moderna Museet)

the Museum of Modernism
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The Museum of Modernism is only about an 8-minute walk from the oldest church in Malmo – another incredible attraction you have to see. The museum is open all year round and has been in Malmo since 2009, although it is a branch of the main museum in Stockholm. The building was originally an electricity plant. You do not have any fee to enter the museum, and there is a café where you can have lunch or coffee, depending on what you want.

See the impressive Sankt Petri Kyrka – Malmo’s Oldest church

Sankt Petri Kyrka – Malmo’s Oldest church
Credit flickr

The oldest church in Malmo is St. Peter’s Cathedral or the Sankt Petri Kyrka. It was built in the 14th central and is still standing although some part of it has been rebuilt and redesigned. There are lots of things to marvel at in the cathedral’s design, as well as the incredible medieval ambiance it has.

Drop by Katrinetorp

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Katrinetorp was initially built by one of the wealthiest families in Sweden in the 19th century but is now being used for other purposes. During winter, there is a particular market hosted at Katrinetorp, where you can buy a lot of different items. There are also exhibitions and concerts to look forward to at Katrinetorp.

Go to the Folkets Park

Folkets Park (also called People’s Park) is very popular among the locals. It is a place where you can relax with your family, and your children can play and enjoy them safely. There are a lot of attractions in the park, including a playground for children, space for teens that want to skateboard, a couple of cafes and ice-cream stands, and an ice rink (which you will only find during winter at the park) for people that want to skate.

Go for a walk at Lilla Torg

Lilla Torg
Credit flickr

The Lilla Torg, which means Little Square in English, is a bustling spot in Malmo – in fact, it is one of the most active in Malmo regardless of the season you go to the place. Going for a walk to people watch, relax, and get hot coffee to shake off the cold is an excellent way of enjoying your stay at Malmo.

There are several cafes lined up around the square, and they serve a wide range of snacks and food i.e., from sushi to the traditional Swedish servings, you will have a lot to choose from. If you feel the cold is too much or you are just tired, the square is very close to the Renaissance Malmo Hotel, which has a standard restaurant where you can get proper dining.

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