15 Best Things to Do in Maldonado, Uruguay

Maldonado is one of the most exciting places on this earth. The incredible power it has carried over the years to attract people to its amazing beaches and historical landmarks still makes many people stand in awe. This has made it be termed as one of many to-die-for places in the world, especially if you are looking for a lovely memorable place to go.

I have had my share of fun in this place, and I believe that this guide will help you make the best out of this part of Uruguay. You may not be in a position to go through all the places but at least go through more than half.

 It will go a long way in ensuring that you have fun within the few days that you will be there. Even if you are a local after going through these places, you will be in a better position to know which is the most priced and which ones are not.

Discover best things to do in Maldonado, Uruguay

1. Go to the Laguna del Sauce

Laguna del Sauce
Credit flickr

This is one of the places in Uruguay that offers exquisite sites with the most natural setting that can ever be seen. The fact that it has the largest water body allows many of the native animals like a heron, southern screamer, and spoonbills to have fun in the water.

The water body also allows exciting water body sports like wind and waves surfing. Service providers at the Laguna del Sauce even offer training of these activities to ensure you leave Maldonado with a new experience.

There are also a few places around that allows you to have fun with your family. This includes the jacaranda park where you can enjoy a fun picnic and take many pictures to commemorate your stay in this place. It is also one of the places to bond with new people and make new friends.

2. Cross over the Puente Leonel Viera Bridge

Puente Leonel Viera Bridge
Credit flickr

This is a bridge that connects the towns of La Barra and Punta del Este. It was built in 1963 after a directive by the president to merge the two towns to ensure their activities were not distracted. It is however famous for its unique design that has been known to attract visitors from all over the world.

Many people have often confessed that they have gotten inspired by the uniqueness of the design that it was used. It has then been known to be the other source of any architectural plans and even just any of the artistic skills people are having.

3. Walkthrough the beach of Mano de Punta del Este

Mano de Punta del Este
Credit flickr

It is a sculpture of a drowning hand that was done by an artist called Mario Irarrazabal as a symbol of warning to people who love going to the deep end of the ocean to swim.

This does not, however, mean that you cannot enjoy swimming, surfing, sunbathing, or walking across the beach. It is also open to the people who enjoy a good photography-session once in a while.

It has been known as the peak spot for any tourist from anywhere in the world at any time.

4. Hike through the Paseo Sierra de Las Animas

This happens to be one of the places in Maldonado that offers you firsthand experience with the exotic nature that it often has under its wings. Taking a hike to the top will allow you to go through the grassy hilltops where you will enjoy amazing views.

On your way to a camping spot, you can enjoy some outdoor fun. You will come across waterfalls, pools, huge trees, and a bit of lush to give you a taste of what awaits you. Here you will get to meet and interact with people from all over the world as you tour across the Paseo Sierra de Las Animas.

5. Visit the Isla de Lobos

Isla de Lobos
Credit flickr

 The island might seem small as many people have gone on to term it, but it has so many things that you could do. It just has to be on our to-do list when you get to Maldonado. The small but straightforward cottages arranged carefully around the sea pools have a specific attraction to it. You get to have an experience of the Greek culture expressed on the window panes of the houses.

This is, however, not only it. You can have some of the short hikes that are usually arranged where you get to see the lighthouse, salt marshes and some of the fascinating cultural features that will be shown to you. You will be able to make so much memory out of this place.

6. Relax at the Playa Montana

If you are taking time to relax and have fun after a long hike or a tiresome meeting, then this is the ideal place for you. As much as it offers one of the most prized areas for activities like surfing even to the championship levels, you can also enjoy a beautiful afternoon under the sun with a drink in your hand.

Most families often opt to bring their children here because of the beach size that allows them to run around. The fact that it has been spotted to be one place where children and families gather especially during the holidays, you will not miss out on several guards and other security personnel who try to ensure that you are as safe as possible. You can then comfortably relax when you get her.

7. Take a drive to the Mirador Punta Ballena

Mirador Punta Ballena
Credit wikicommons

This is one of the places that has known to harbor more of the many romantic memories that people have had over the years. The vantage point that it just above the ocean allows you an elevated view of the beaches and all the homes and hotels that have been built here.

The view is not only limited to that. At the end of the drive is a fantastic viewpoint where you can view the ocean without any distractions. It is more beautiful at dawn and dusk when the sun is just rising and falling. It was one of the most relaxing areas I have been to in all my life.

8. The barracks of the dragons

Cuartel de Dragones
Credit wikicommons

This is a famous military fort that is across the road from the plaza. Within the barracks, you will be able to see a chapel military hospitals statue and an old horse-pulled cart that is a clear indication of the historical background of this place. You will receive a more detailed guide on what used to be done and the other related activities that were done there.

You will also get to go to the watchtower where guards used to stay in the past as they watch out for danger. It also gives you access to one of the weaponry that was used in the olden days. You get to learn how they used to function.

9. Museum of the sea

Museum of the sea
Credit wikicommons

This is a museum that is known for its rich natural heritage. It is composed of more than 5000 marine life, and even other forms of nature have made it a significant stopover for many of the researchers that are all over the world. With some of the going on within the confines of the museum.

It has also been a very productive place for the scenery lovers because it has the living creatures in exhibit halls that make you feel like you are in another world. It is quite an exciting place to be, especially if you are going there for the first time.

Location: Romildo Risso, 20001 La Barra, Departamento de Maldonado, Uruguay

10. Cathedral of Maldonado

Cathedral of Maldonado
Credit pixabay

You don’t have to be a spiritual person to have a tour of the cathedral. Even though it has been known to hold services for spiritual nourishment for anyone who is around there, you can also have fun enjoying the fantastic architecture. You might be shocked to get yourself having a new mindset in life.

You will also find people who will be willing to give you a short tour of the place. It has some of the classiest neoclassicism styles of those times which has been a great encouragement of architectures over time.

11. Cantegril country club golf

If you happen to be a golf fanatic, you will not get bored when you get to Maldonado. There are some golf clubs, but the best is the Cantegril. It offers a full-service package with training plans if you require any training. This means that it also gives you an excellent chance for you to learn how to play golf if you have never played.

It is situated in one of the best-manicured lawns with a restaurant where you can have a few meals and drinks with your friend, especially after a game. This means that you will be well taken care of when you get to be in this place.

12. Solanas crystal beach

This is one of the most amazing beaches on the coast of Maldonado. Its crystal waters have attracted many people, especially those who are coming to take photos and other scenic views. The beaches that are close to the water body have hosted many parties and weddings because of the unique perspective that it offers the people.

If you are aiming to look for a place to host a gathering, this would be one of the best places to consider as long as you search for a list of reliable service providers who will be willing to advise you best and give you a sense of direction.

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13. Rustic Resto bar

If you are a sucker for healthy meals, who can try out this bar and restaurant, apart from the sweet drinks, you will get, you will also be served some fantastic South American and Latin dishes. It allows incredible vegetarian recipes that will amaze you even if you have ever been one. It is one of the places that took my attention with their outdoor setting that lights up during the night. They have also gone global, unlike most sites, because they allow almost every form of payment, including visa cards.

Location: 29 – Las Gaviotas, 20100 Punta del Este, Departamento de Maldonado, Uruguay

14. Mansa beach pier

Mansa beach pier
Credit Unsplash

Mansa Beach is also one of the most visited beaches by visitors in the country. Its exciting waves and clear waters have attracted people over the years to practice surfing and other water activities for fun. It also allows people to have calm leisure walks on the beach with their loved one or for personal relaxation moments.

The pier in this place is also a booster to the magnificence that this place offers its people. The chance to take pictures and even have some films acted at this place has risen the value that this place has been given over time.

15. Have a meal at the Nuestra Mesa Parrillada y Comida Criolla

Want to have an exquisite exotic Brazilian meal? Then this is the best place to come. It offers a variety from teaks the Brazilian, Spanish, Argentinean, South American and international meals all in one place. The teak has been given the authentic grill taste.

The exciting part is that it offers both table and parking service for lunch, dinner, and late-night meals or even drinks with your friends after a long day.

Location: 25 de Mayo 909, 20000 Punta del Este, Departamento de Maldonado, Uruguay


Understanding the beauty behind the Maldonado state in Uruguay is one of the first things for you to get to enjoy this place. With that, you will be able to know what exactly it has to offer and how far you can go in trying to enjoy this place. Understanding all the areas available, allows you to plan for this tour regardless of the time limit you will be around. Finding the most exciting places for you will have to top on the list. Know the beaches, museums and the pleasant eating places that you could go to and have fun. Be wise and have fun. You will not regret it.


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