15 Best Things To Do In Kortrijk (Video)

Tourism is redefined in Kortrijk. The Belgian municipality hosts different types of tourist activities. Football is popular with the locals in addition to other activities like sightseeing and hiking, which may interest tourists. There is a lot more and this article will detail that. By the time you are done reading, you’d be armed with 15 things to do in Kortrijk. Expect a mix of outdoor and indoor activities, meals, drinking sessions, night outs and many more. Read on.

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1. Visit the Broel Towers

Broel Towers
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The Broel Towers is all about sightseeing. The skyscraper is a nice point to start your Kortrijk tour. But, before you start, there are things you need. One important accessory is your camera. A phone with a high megapixel will suffice in case you lack a camera.

Another requirement is supported. You need a team. It may be your family or your peers.

In case you did not travel with one, then it’s time to turn strangers into teammates. You don’t want to give excuses like introverts. This is a moment to widen out for maximum fun to be achieved.

There are many beautiful monuments to take photos with here. The best time to visit this place is in the evening. This will allow you to buy time for dusk to find you here.

It is more appealing at night and that is why you want to stay here till late. The view in the middle of darkness is nicely displayed with the lights beautifully illuminating the tower.

 2. Visit the amazing City Hall

City Hall
Credit wikicommons

City Halls are plenty in Belgium. This is one of them. If you have enough time, you need to make it a target to visit all of them. It would be a great achievement. But even in your big goal, why don’t you start with this city hall.

The hall is still operational as an administrative center. It doubles up as a tourist attraction site thanks to the many years it has been standing. This makes it a great place to visit. The history here is good for your knowledge bank.

The architecture is also beautiful and attention-grabbing. The nicely done interior allows the place to host any kind of festivity. It blends well. This synchrony makes it possible to match well with different types of events.

Pray hard your visiting day coincides with an event. That will be lucky if you and the day will surely be busier. On a normal day, the city Hall is all about views and history.

3. Take a Beer walk

Take a three-hour beer walk and learn some history about this city. If you are fortunate enough, you will get to know some beer secrets. You will also get a chance to have a beer tasting glass. The cost is included in the tour fees.

This walk also allows you to have a taste of different flavors of Kortrijk beer. Belgium is a major beer manufacturer. Each of its cities has a unique way they make their beers. That is why the tastes are unique to the towns.

You need to taste Kortrijk beer and you will be left wanting more. You know what that means. The more you drink the tipsier you get. This, therefore, calls for caution.

Well, if you really want to get drunk, it is you to decide. But, it may get messy. You surely want to avoid going back to your hotel shouting at everyone how wise you are.

Away from the sideshows and cautions, this beer walk is a great way to feel at home while on vacation at Kortrijk. It is affordable and a must-do.

4. Visit the Internationale Rozentuin Garden

There are many ways to bond with nature. While other methods are demanding some are simple. Hiking is one intense way to interact with nature. On the other hand, taking a walk is simple and relaxing.

This is another simple way to create that relationship with nature. This garden has beautiful flowers you will love. They give out a nice scent and a beautiful appearance pleasing to the eyes.

Photographers love to take half chances and convert them into real opportunities. That is why an innocent flower could end up in a picture many would love. Why don’t you take that opportunity to take beautiful pictures of the beautiful flowers this garden has? Then later you may brag about them on social media. Of course, this is on a light note.

The point is that you are coming to this garden to enjoy the beauty it has.

 5. Visit the Kortrijk part of the Leie River

Kortrijk part of the Leie River
Credit wiki

There is so much you can do on the water. For a river like Leie, you expect boat tours and so much more. Well, this is not the case.

You are coming here to do other things including hiking, cycling and running or jogging. The area is also serene allowing you to have plans for picnics.

This offers great space for family time. If you want to create memories with your family, then this is the place to be. It is kids friendly and well set for get-togethers.

6. Visit the 1302 museum

This museum has a great history for you to learn. Apart from education, there are artifacts you are coming here to see. The 1302 museum itself and the surrounding are well maintained and the standard of cleanliness here is top-notch.

The beautiful museum is an attraction in itself. It appeals to the eye and that is why you will love it. The architectural design is also unique and charming. This is another compulsory visit to this municipality.

 7. Visit the Beguinage of Courtrai

UNESCO decided this will be a World Heritage Site in 1998. It is a unique piece of history and one of the most defining touristic features in Kortrijk.

There is history to be learned here. It looks like Kortrijk is all about history. Well, the challenge is yours. You need to learn as much as possible. There is no limit to gaining new knowledge. Bring your kids along for they are the ones in need of knowledge.

Your visit is incomplete without photos. Make memories and record them in pictures. These are the basics of tourism; or should we say we are redefining tourism?

8. Visit the museum of texture

This is another great opportunity to learn. The museum of texture provides you with an opportunity to learn practical skills. Linen is sewn here and you surely need to know what goes into making the clothes you love to wear.

The museum also offers a chance to learn Kortrijk history and the textile industry. This city is a major exporter of textile products.

A fine restaurant is also around. The foods there are delicious and pleasing to the tongue. You may take your deserved lunch break before proceeding with the lessons. This is a great opportunity to try different Belgian cuisine, especially if you stay in this city is going to be limited.

9. Take a tour of on the Belfry tower in Kortrijk

Belfry tower in kortrijk
Credit wikicommons

A Belfry encloses the bell chamber. Its walls are pierced by openings which allow the sound to travel far and wide the city. These openings may be left open but are mostly filled with louvers to stop the rain from getting in.

Most of the Belgian cities have a Belfry tower. Each has its own special features that make it unique. Still, all share some identical features that define them as Belfry.

This one is a great one to view. Staying around for a while gives you a chance to hear the bells go. It is a beautiful site for you to visit and with a lot of history to take home. The Belfry tower in Kortrijk also stands out from the rest and a must-watch. Take pictures if possible.

10. Enjoy sports and fun day at Hernieuwenburg Wielsbeke.

This is a great opportunity to swim. Perhaps on a sunny afternoon or during summertime.

It may also be a good way to relax as you wait for a Kortrijk football match kickoff. You may go swimming one afternoon as you await the home team’s evening match. This is a great thing to do especially if you are a sports lover.

Football is one of the local’s favorite sports. Being a fan gives you a chance to interact with them and learn more about the city’s culture.

11. Visit Saint Martin’s Church

Saint Martin’s Church
Credit flickr

This is a popular church in Kortrijk you ought to visit. The beautifully made building is a tourist attraction with the interior design of the show stopper.

You can never be disappointed with ancient designs. This building represents well our old architects who did well in designing and constructing long-lasting buildings.

As you walk around in amazement, take time to relate with the structure. Since this view will only take a few of your minutes, you may spend the rest of the day walking around the environs and tour Kortrijk. Have a look at how busy this municipality can get.

12. Visit the Groeninge Monument in Kortrijk

Groeninge Monument in Kortrijk
Credit wikicommons

The Groeninge Monument is an attractive monument in the Belgian city of Kortrijk. This means only one thing, you are coming here to have a view of the beautiful monument. Be sure your family will enjoy if you bring them along with you.

For various reasons, you may choose to leave your family behind. Well, that may be a chance to come to have fun with your peers. You do not want to see all this beauty alone. Who will hold the camera and take photos of you?

The monument’s attractive feature has seen it attract crowds of people from all over the world. That is a sign enough this is not your usual monument.

13. Visit the stunning Eglise Notre-Dame church

What an interesting church to tour! It contains an interestingly quiet chapel of the counts of Flanders. You will also see the replicas of the Golden Spurs that are located behind the choir at the ceiling. Though the real ones are to be seen in the 1320 museum.

This church is one of the oldest buildings in this city and is now a protected monument. At night, the church is well illuminated and it has a gorgeous look. Visit the church of Eglise Notre-Dame to enjoy touring around and experience the fine architecture of the building.

14. Visit the Kortrijk city theater

The city theater is considered one of the best-preserved city theaters in Europe. In 2010, it was the largest performing arts center in southwest Flanders. It is also part of the Kortrijk cultural center.

The city theater attracts attention from the world over. Therefore, ensure you get a ticket to the theater so that you get to attend the live shows and have fun.  The shows may be archaic or modernized.

15. Book a room in Hotel Messeyne

This positively rated hotel by online reviews is situated in the center of Kortrijk. This is only 550 meters from the Belfort. That makes moving between your hotel and the destination as easy as a five-minute walk.

The hotel also gives you a chance to experience a high level of hospitality. Free Wi-Fi and wellness facilities are on offer here. This includes a sauna and a fitness gym center. Besides, you will be exposed to a restaurant that has amazing and tasty meals that include traditional and modern French cuisine. Enjoy their facilities and have fun.


The city of Kortrijk is an amazing city. On touring this destination, you will view beautiful features situated here. No one is limiting the things you can do to the 15 things this article has highlighted. You may get extra activities to engage in. There is much more to do in this city. Explore as much as your pocket and passion can allow. Do not feel content until you have explored all the touristic possibilities in Kortrijk.

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15 Best Things to do in Kortrijk


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