15 Best Things To Do In Hasselt, Belgium (Video)

Probably you have saved enough and now think it’s time to travel the world and spend your money. Are you wondering where to spend the holiday? You should not because we take care of your tour needs. Whether on a tight budget or in search of a touristic destination, we help you find exactly what you are looking for. We do not stop there. We give you a list of things you can do in that city. This time, we recommend the best things to do in Hasselt in Belgium. Here are 15 things you can do in this beautiful city.

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1. Domain Kiewit

We start with the best activities and Domain Kiewit is one of them. The park has a beautiful trail for you to take a walk and spend time with nature.

This is a great outdoor activity to start your tour with. The ambiance and serene environment will help you have peace of mind. Isn’t that what you are going after for a vacation? Just to relax and forget the stresses life throws at you on a daily basis.

There is a restaurant around just in case you feel hungry in between your walks. A playground also exists for your kids to play in the event you carried them with you.

Domain Kiewit not only allows you to meet with plants and fresh air, but there is also a zoo present here that lets you see game animals.

2. Bokrijk

Looks like you will be visiting many parks in Hasselt. Bokrijk is a museum and a park at the same time. When you get to this open-air museum, you will see buildings as they were in the first world war. The park takes you back in time.

There is ample parking available. Therefore, no need to worry about where to park your car. There is much activity to be done here and that is why you need three good hours to accomplish everything and call it a good time.

Children are also allowed and the park a great place for them to learn. Bring them with you and let them get some knowledge of history. You never know, that may be the dawn of a passion in archeology or history subject. Well, to conclude, Bokrijk is a calm destination to spend your time while in Hasselt.

3. Circuit Zolder

Circuit Zolder
Credit wiki

Motorsport may not attract a huge following as football does but it remains to be an entertaining sport. Seeing motorcars race is thrilling and fun. You simply select the car you’ll support and wait for the race to start.

Circuit Zolder is a motorsport ground that hosts motorsport competitions. If you do your timing well, you will land here on game day. Be sure to be entertained to the fullest. It is memorable! You will find fellow fans cheering their favorite motorists.

4. Modemuseum Hasselt

Modemuseum Hasselt
Credit tinykoppens

Fashion has evolved. From the days of belly buttons to the era of miniskirts and crop tops. This fashion evolution is well captured in this museum.

From ancient designs to modern creations, Modemuseum Hasselt houses all kinds of fashion statements there has been. You will be able to see what the older generations used to wear and what the current generation is putting on in the name of style.

The clothes on display are not for sale. The same information is written and displayed next to the clothes. In case you wanted them as souvenirs, the closest you can get them is through taking pictures of them.

Most of the designers here are works of popular fashion designers you know about. The exhibitions are great and the entry fee affordable.

5. Jump Square

This is a gaming hub. It is a lively adventure with engaging games. While many playing stations would have you sit and play against a screen, this square gets you the actual scene to play the game.

It is more fun than you can imagine. The people here are warm and welcoming. Their friendliness allows you to feel at home and enjoy the games. The fees are also affordable. Although, you need to carry enough money with you just in case you need extra games.


This is a special type of museum. Other than history, there is a lot of learning that takes place here. The educational museum is also a great place to have a photoshoot.

The old machines look great and have great lessons for you to take home. The ZLDR AIR FACTORY is good for all but those passionate in matters mechanics will find more pleasure here.

To get the deepest knowledge about something, you need a great level of passion. That is why mechanical enthusiast is likely to learn more. For those of us who are just there for a tour, there are a lot of beautiful things to see and touch.

7. National Jenevermuseum

This is a reservation for beer lovers. The highly-rated liquor store is a place to drink yourself out as well as learn a thing or two about brews. There is history in this place you shouldn’t mind learn about.

There is a translated document with brew making processes in case you do not understand the local language. Besides, video explanations also exist.

Now, this is the best part of it. There is a sample room where you get a chance to taste all the flavors provided here. The charges are fair in comparison to the quality of service you get.

8. Arboretum Bokrijk

Arboretum Bokrijk
Credit flickr

You’ve probably seen flowers. I promise you what you’ve seen is nothing compared to the flowers in Arboretum Bokrijk. The flowers here are not your ordinary efflorescence.

The vineyard is well maintained with green plantations complementing the colorful clusters. This botanical garden is pleasing to the eye. You should have a taste of the aroma these flowers ooze. I bet you will not want to leave this place.

You will be amazed at the Almighty’s creativity. Above all, your trip will be spicy and the next time you hear Hasselt you will be the first to want to come back.

9. Cohlenberg

When a winery is rated five stars you already have an idea of what to expect. Cohlenberg is a place to be. Go get a taste of old fine wine.

Sweet and tasty is what you’ll drink. The price is good for the quality. Take your time and drink as much as you wish. Most doctors believe wine has some medicinal value and so should you. Just don’t drink to the point that you won’t be able to carry yourself to your hotel. Drink responsibly.

10. Plopsa Indoor Hasselt

This colorful indoor arena is mainly targeting kids. The layout and design clearly indicate young ones are the primary targets. 

Well, there are different stages of childhood. Irrespective of the stage, your child is well taken care of. There are attractions available for your kid to enjoy the experience. It becomes more interesting when it starts to rain.

It is also important to carry your own food just in case you or your child gets hungry while in this place. Bring with you a camera too if possible. You do not want to miss any moment of your child’s growth. Two hours are enough.

The secret to maximum fulfillment here is an early arrival. That is if you want to avoid long queues to some of the beautiful features available to her. 

For the charges, ensure you are loaded with money. The fees are quite on the high side but you shouldn’t mind. Tourism is all about the fun and not really the charge. Long after the money bit is forgotten, the fond memories will stick for some more time. Make your child happy.

11. Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden
Credit wikicommons

Nothing beats a water-brick-plant combination. The three, when maintained well and kept clean, has the ability to create the most beautiful scene available on planet earth. 

Simply put, the Japanese garden is a beautiful park with a water-brick-plantation combination. During sunrise and sunset, the water displays a beautiful reflection of the sun.

Now, imagine you’re a photographer behind the plantations timing a perfect shot. Capture the reflection partially blocked with the plantations and brick and you will have the best shot. 

That said, Japanese gardens are a fine photography ground. Whatever looks good on photos is a definite pleasantry to the eye. That is why you must stop by the Japanese garden and have a look at the nicely-created park and well-maintained lawns.

Different colors of trees and plants exist here. Rocks and minor fall complete the scene. The waters are home to colorful fish blessed with diversity in appearance. You will like what you see. 

Also available is a walking trail. Being under a series of trees, there is serenity and ambiance you will enjoy. The breeze will take your breath away and you will wonder why you’ve never been here before. It is a garden of Eden replica. 

12. Albert Canal

Albert Canal
Credit wikicommons

The Albert Canal is another gem in Hasselt you must go as a tourist. This is a fine ground to go for a boat trip. As the boat cruises the waters, you and your peers will be having a special view of the city and the canal itself.

In case dusk gets you there, hold tight and make use of your camera. Capture the sun fall like a skilled photographer. Boast with the shot on social media. 

While on the boat trip, take photos of the waters and the city. Be sure to get the best shots at this spot. The boat trip is just amazing.

13. Winterland Hasselt

Winterland Hasselt
Credit pxhere

In many instances, you’ve heard people talk about night and day personalities. Well, this is the real test. Winterland Hasselt is a good activity to engage in for night people.

The well-lit tourist attraction creates an appealing view with decorations you only see during the Christmas season. The merry go rounds offer fun and skating is also available. The place is so amazing you just have to take pictures. 

Winterland is just a small jungle of fun with a winter feeling. The price is fair but some find it expensive. It all depends on you.

14. Limburg Lavendel

Limburg Lavendel
Credit pxhere

This is another fine park to try out in Hasselt. There is a restaurant around if you have to take care of your stomach needs. There is a lot to view here with little to write about. 

Fun is also on offer and the fees affordable. You surely do not want to miss out on this tourist destination. The park is highly rated for a reason. The only way to find out why is to visit this special park.

Drinks are also on offer. You are to decide what to sip as you serve your tourist sentence. Sculptures are there too. Do not limit yourself. Go and see all you have to see.

15. Virga Jesse Basilica

Virga Jesse Basilica
Credit wiki

The Virga Jesse Basilica is a great place to revive your spirituality. Go there to share your experiences with other believers and strengthen each other’s faiths.

Far from matters of faith, Virga Jesse Basilica is a beautifully designed building. The architecture of this place will wow you and leave you amazed. You surely do not want to deny your eyes a chance to glare at building design creatively done.

Both the inside design and the outside look synchronized. Together, they make a complete masterpiece of ancient construction.

Sculptures too exist and offer another learning opportunity as each construction represents a certain belief if not a believer. The building is big enough to take a lot of your time. Therefore, you may decide to have one Sunday afternoon or morning set for this particular activity. It is a perfect opportunity to learn what residents of Hasselt believe in.


Hasselt is a fine tourist destination found in Belgium. You are guaranteed satisfaction with fun served to you the moment you set foot on Hasselt soil. Since your time will be limited (I suppose) you pick all you have to and run away with it. Enjoy!

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15 Best Things to do in Hasselt
15 Best Things to do in Hasselt


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