15 Things to do in Girona, Spain (Video Inside)

Girona is a very charming city which is located in the heart of Catalonia. This is the historic city of Spain. The city is famous for its medieval and architecture. Girona is the largest city that is located in the north of the Catalonia region. It is located 65 Km from the border with France.

However, there many things to do in Girona as it is famous for cultural activities, attractive hotels, and historical places. The city is completely surrounded by walls, and it is also known as “City of Thousands of Sieges,”

However, you can enjoy the tour of Girona with a local guide, and we are discussing some important 15 things to do in Girona.

1. Cathedral de Girona

Cathedral de Girona
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Girona Cathedral is a Roman Catholic Church which is located in Girona. You can find some architectural styles like Renaissance and Romanesque marks on it.

On the entrance of the Cathedral, you can get some help from audio guides in different languages. Girona Cathedral is the most prominent landmark in Girona. It will be a great chance for you to explore the Cathedral on a day trip from the mountaintop.

Girona Cathedral is the best place for spiritual travelers in Girona. You should wear comfortable walking shoes. Visitors should explore the Cathedral Treasury Museum, where you can see the collection of showcases works of religious art dating, the 11th-century Tapestry of Creation Beatus illuminated manuscript, and a Renaissance altarpiece of St. Helena.

2. Església de Sant Feliu

Església de Sant Feliu
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With parts of it dating from the early days of Christianity, the Basílica de Sant Feliu was Girona’s main church before the Cathedral it stands adjacent to was constructed.

Esglesia de Sant Feliu is the main church of Girona. If you are planning to visit Girona, then it will be the best option for you to visit and see some architectural styles of church. The building is very old, having a Baroque façade. You will be able to see numerous romantic features. The elegant Gothic tower is the main attraction of this church. There are some notable works of art. This is the most popular church as town people come here to see some historical styles. If you are new and have no idea of the local language, then it will be better for you to avail of the local audio guide.

3. Sant Pere de Galligants

Sant Pere de Galligants
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Sant Pere de Galligants is a Benedictine abbey in Girona as it is home to the Archaeology Museum of Catalonia venue in the city. It is one of the beautiful places in Girona and famous for notable Romanesque architecture. This is an elegant church having three naves which have separated pillars and four apses with fine stones. You will also enjoy seeing the striking rose window, which has a diameter of 3 meters. There are also four vaulted galleries in the church which are supported by colonnaded pillars.

4. Cinema Museum

Cinema Museum
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If you are on the tour of Girona, then it is the best place to visit in the Cinema Museum. The museum was inaugurated on April 8, 1998.

You will be able to see Tomos Mallol collection of the museum and see motion pictures. It is a great way of entertainment. You can come at night and enjoy the motion pictures. You can also see some temporary exhibits on a wide range of related subjects. The people from all over the world come here to enjoy their tour as it is a famous museum because it has won several awards for its educational work and its exhibitions.

5. The Art Museum

The Art Museum
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The Girona Art Museum is also the best place to visit in the Girona region. Some historical collections of art are available in this museum. The visitors can see the early Romanesque art collection as well as spectacular pieces. These collections are displayed for the visitors. Further, you can see the Gothic Altarpieces collection, Baroque artifacts, Renaissance paintings, and Realism, and 20th-century Catalan art.

6. Parc de la Devesa

Parc de la Devesa
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It is the best place to visit in Girona as you can find some wooded expanses, tree-lined avenues, and sports pitches, gardens, fountains, and numerous interesting plants and shrubs.

One of the best things to do in Girona is the walk at Parc de la Devesa. It is the largest park which is located between the rivers Ter, Onyar, and Güell, to the west of the historic city center. It is the best place to welcome the visitors who arrive on that side of Girona. There are more than 2500 plan trees that were planted in 1850. It’s a great spot for walking and enjoying activities. It is providing a healthy environment for visitors.

7. Museu d’Història dels Julius

Museu d’Història dels Julius
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The Museu d’Història dels Julius in Girona is the best way to explain the history of Catalonia’s Jewish communities. Girona is full of Jewish communities in the Western world. The Jewish History Museum is located in the Bonastruc ça Porta center that explains the history of Catalonia’s Jewish communities.

There are 11 different rooms in the museum. You will be able to see the collection of pieces in the Showcase. It is the best way to show the Hebrew culture and Jewish culture. The further lush architectural and archeological events will make your tour memorable.

So it is one of the best things to do in Girona as it is a famous museum that can reflect the Jewish culture.

8. Banys Àrabs

Banys Àrabs
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It is located in the heart of Girona old city between the City of Walls and Basílica de Sant Feliu. These are public baths so you can enjoy the public bath during your tour. These were built in the Romanesque style in the 12th Century.

The visitors can enjoy the tour due to the top four areas of the complex. The four areas include the apodyterium (That is changing room) with the pool. The pool is surrounded by slender pillars, frigidarium, which is the cold room and tepidarium (warm room), and Caldarium. These are the best things to do in the Girona. Many visitors like to enjoy these public baths as these are open throughout the day.

9. Girona City Walls

Girona City walls
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Girona City walls are the best options for you to visit during your tour of Girona. It is a great way to enjoy your journey in Girona. You can enjoy the Soaking and enjoy the atmosphere of the city. The walls were constructed between the 9th and 14th centuries.

The walls are very high, and you can see the tower in that place. It is a great point to view the whole city. The most beautiful part of the wall is close to the Plaça de Catalunya. It is a great observation point in the Girona.

10. Pont de Pedra

Pont de Pedra
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It is also the best place to visit on Girona over the river Onyar and bridges, which is the way of connection between Barri Vell and Mercadal. If you want to enjoy your tour, then by crossing these bridges, you will be able to see the houses that overlook the river. The color-changing pattern of the house during the sunset will give you more attraction. One of the famous bridges in Girona is the “Point Isabel II,” which is also known as “Pont de Pedra.”

The Pont de Pedra is supported by three lowered arches that rest on two pillars. An inscription in the center notes was inaugurated in 1856. It’s the way to cross the river. So Pont de Pedra will be the best place to visit and enjoy your tour in Girona.

11. Pont de les Peixateries Velles

Pont de les Peixateries Velles
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Eiffel bridges are very famous for attraction. It is best to place to see the four rivers. This bridge was constructed by Eiffel’s Parisian architecture firm. In the past, it was made of wood, but now it has been replaced. You can take some time to cross this bridge and consider the medieval Girona. These are very durable bridges.

If you want to enjoy the Girona tour, then we recommend Pont de les Peixateries Velles to visit and do some amazing activities.

12. Monasterio de Sant Pere de Rodes

Monasterio de Sant Pere de Rodes
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If you visit Monasterio de Sant Pere de Rodes, you will be able to see the church, the dining hall, the monastic cells and other rooms organized around the cloister. Further, it is a great way to see the Catalan autochthonous and Romanesque architecture.

Sant Pere de Rodes is the best example of native Catalan Romanesque. You will also see the features of Roman art. So people who are looking to explore the Romanesque architecture and Catalan autochthonous, then it will be the best place for them to explore and enjoy their tour in Girona, Spain.

13. Parc Del Migdia

Parc Del Migdia
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This is the ideal place to visit during your tour in Girona. If you are looking to get an exceptional view of Girona, Parc del Migdia will be the best place for you to visit. The landscaping makes it beautiful. It is the best place for walking or spending. People from all over the world come here to enjoy the picnic party. So if you are with family then you can enjoy your tour with them in this place.

The pine trees and exceptional sunset will make your tour more attractive. The park lies at the end of the series of parks and gardens. So it is the best place to visit in Girona.

14. Les Cases de l’ Onyar

Les Cases de l Onyar
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Visitors have to get some photos for them in Girona and it is the best place for you to capture some photos. It is located near the river Onyar which runs between C/Argenteria and La Rambla. Many changes have been made and it stood on the city’s medieval wall. You can also watch the colorful wallpapers by the Onyar River when you enter the Girona Old City. It will be most welcoming for visitors. So if you come to Girona then don’t forget to visit here as it is the best place for you to visit and enjoy the tour. The River Onyar runs through Girona and becomes an integral part of this city. The famous multi-colored houses will give you more attraction. You can also some beautiful bridges across the river especially the arch stone bridge of Pont de Pedra is very famous.

15. CaixaForum Girona

CaixaForum Girona
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CaixaForum Girona is a cultural center which is managed by “la Caixa” through its foundation. It is a Social Work of the entity. It is located in Carrer dels Ciutadans. You will be able to see the permanent collection of more than 800 thematically displayed works.

It will also be the best place for you to enjoy your tour and you will see the modern art collections in Spain like pieces of Salvador Dali, William Hogarth, Joseph Beuys, and William Turner.

When you visit CaixaForum then you will be able to see the arts in Spain and some cultures of Spain. Further, the CaixaForum is the best example of Catalan Modernista architecture.

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If you are planning the visit to Girona, Spain then the above-explained things will give you a clear idea of your trip. If you can visit these places then you will enjoy your tour as these are the best things to do on your tour of Girona, Spain. However, these 15 things are really helpful for you to enjoy a tour of Girona with your family and friends.

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