15 Best Things To Do In Ghent, Belgium

Before visiting any city in this world, you want to know what is in store for you. Ghent has a lot to offer in terms of tourism. The port city has amazing things to do. Below is a list of 15 of the best. Enjoy the read as you get ready for your departure to this beautiful destination.

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1. Gravensteen Castle

Gravensteen Castle
Credit wikicommons

This castle is a fantastic way to take yourself back to the 10th century. You get this rare opportunity to relive a past you never lived. The view is amazing and that is why I made it your first thing to do in Ghent.

The architecture of this castle will amaze you. Not only that, but you will also have an educational session. The session will be interactive and an audio guide will facilitate the learning process. Furthermore, you will learn so much history about Ghent and its role in the country of Belgium. 

2. Saint Bavo’s Cathedral

Bavo’s Cathedral
Credit wikicommons

When a cathedral is mentioned, worshiping comes to mind. Well, you may engage in praise when you visit this church. Although, that is not the main activity taking you there. 

The beauty of this cathedral is inviting. That is the reason you need to set your eyes on the Saint Bavo’s Cathedral. The building is nicely designed and with great paintings.

From the outside, you will be amazed by the creative works of man. Inside, the décor is perfectly done, enough to convert you into one of the congregants. 

The most outstanding attraction is lamb painting. It looks great and awesome. The only bad news is that the building’s interior is not bright enough to allow enough light for photography.

Besides, one would expect free entrance considering the building is a house of God. You’ll have to pay a few Euros to be able to see some of these touristic features. 

3. Graslei

Credit wiki

This great building is strategically located next to the Leie river. This quay bears Ghent’s culture and history. Your visit here will be educational. 

Apart from the history lessons, you’ll get an opportunity to catch amazing views of the buildings as their shadows are reflected on River Leie.


credit wikicommons

Ghent is a historical city. That is why finding a contemporary museum is not easy. With SMAK, you have somewhere to view modern art alongside other types of creative works.

Exhibitions are carried out here regularly and you want to miss none of those. SMAK museum is small in size but enormous in adventure and the great feeling you’ll experience there. 

This museum requires proper interpretation skills to understand what is represented there. That is where all the fun is; in decoding the contents of this amazing historical destination.

According to online reviews, tourists that have been here before referring to this museum as amazingly weird. You surely want to experience that weirdness. 

You should also take some pictures while here to remind yourself of the amazing views of SMAK in the future. These are memories you want to relive again and again.

5. Design museum

Design museum
Credit flickr

It appears as if all you’ll be going to do in Ghent is visit museums. While that might be the case, it is good to be reminded Ghent is a cultural and historic city and that is why there are many museums you have to stop by. The more you visit, the more history and culture you get exposed too. By the time you’ll be leaving this amazing city, you’ll be knowledgeable of Ghent and most of its culture. 

The design museum is home to works of highly talented and hardworking Belgians. There are nice rotating exhibits here you’ll love to see. Besides, great furniture works live here. 

You will also cherish walking around and enjoying a tour of the tiny museum. This is a great place for those with an eye for detail. You will be nodding in disbelief all the time you’ll be here. The surprising designs stored in this museum are so good you will disagree they are human-made.

The charges to get access to the Design Museum is reasonable. You definitely want to see the value of your money. The Design museum gives you that special opportunity. You get what you pay for.


STAM is a must-visit museum. The glass-fronted depository has some amazing artwork you need to see and touch. The setting and maintenance of this museum are so inviting you will fall in love with it at the entrance.

You may bring your family along with you. It will be great to experience a historical moment together as a family. Such moments never fade away. They are memories for life. That is what tourism is all about. Experiencing fun and creating memories that will make you smile any time you throw your mind back.

The architectural designs used to make the buildings in STAM are also good for your eyes. The ancient designs still stand up today. You need to know who designed them and how long it took the constructor to finish building them. 

There are walkways in STAM. You will enjoy training. The neatly done pavements, some with bordering flowers offer serenity and an ambiance you will enjoy. It makes you feel at home.

7. Dulle Griet

Dulle Griet
Credit flickr

Away from museums, this seventh thing to do in Ghent will amaze you. Dulle Griet is a beer hall in Ghent. You already have an idea of what you’ll be doing here.

But what is so special about this beer hall?

Those that have been previously here praising this hall for having a great beer selection. You come here and you’ll find all your favorite beers on offer. Furthermore, you get new exciting flavors you’ve probably not tasted before. 

Not only is the beer selection done right, but the ambiance in this hall will also amaze you. It is so calm that you’ll wonder whether people here are drinking. Since many come here for a drink, you should expect a 15-30-minute waiting time between the minute you order and when the delivery is made. That does not take away the greatness served here.

8. Kasteel Van Ooidonk

Kasteel Van Ooidonk
Credit wikicommons

This is a castle you have to see while in Ghent. The design is amazing as well as the nicely trimmed lawns. There is a building, nice plantations, and a water body. The still water hyacinth you’ll be surprised to see.

Other than the beautiful castle, there is a clean walking trail you’ll enjoy taking a walk with your loved ones. The green trees next to this castle provide a shade great for afternoon strolls. 

You will also see birds and meet sculptures as you walk around. That’s not all. There are tables and seats finely done, creating space for family gets together. You may do picnics there if you like. 

There is more that goes on around this castle. There are tents available. This means camping can be done here. It is up to you to choose which of these activities you’ll do when you get here. 

9. St. Michael’s Bridge

St. Michael’s Bridge
Credit wikicommons

This bridge is all about views and pictures. You will enjoy the designs of the structures. Let it not end there. Takes photos of you and your loving partner. This is for those in love. 

There are many things to see while here, including:

  • Graslei
  • Korenlei
  • Fish market
  • A castle
  • St Michael’s church, and many others. 

Enjoy the views! 

10. Graffiti Street

Graffiti Street
Credit flickr

This art gallery is a collection of fine talent from Ghent locals. The walls on this street are littered with the artwork. You look at the creative works and nod your head in awe. 

The artists have done a good job, with each drawing communicating a message. Most of the locals here use these walls to express what they feel. Coming here will allow you to see what the Ghent residents around here believe in.

This is another great place for photography. Take screenshots of the drawings that will amaze you. Graffiti street is a must-visit.

11. LAGO Gent Rozebroeken

The LAGO aquatic center is a great place to go swimming. The waters are clean and well maintained. You can be sure of no skin disease attacks after immersing yourself in the water. 

Other than swimming, there are other activities you may involve yourself in. One of them is biking. There are enough bikes to accommodate all those visiting. 

There are open playgrounds available for children to play. You may release the young ones to have fun by themselves or join them. 

When done with the outdoor activities, there is an eatery available where you’ll have all your hunger problems solved. This aquatic center is complete with everything you need.

12. Lichtfestival 

This is a great way to spend your night in Gent. While others will be sleeping, you’ll be having a great time attending the light festival. The buildings are beautifully lit and your eyes will be impressed. 

Expect a crowd alongside you. The event is so amazing that it attracts tourists from all over the world. This is not your usual event. The effort and creativity in the lighting make it an amazing event worth a sleepless night. 

It is a great opportunity to take photos and litter your social media platforms. Attract likes and comments. 

This is also a chance to widen out and make new friends. There will be tourists coming from all over the world. Use this glorious opportunity to grow your acquaintance base. You never know, that is probably the next big deal you’ve been waiting for.

This is a good family activity but best for you and your peers. You may carry a few drinks with you for the night.

13. Muinkpark

The Muinkpark is made of beautiful trees. The green plantations offer an ambiance that makes walking enjoyable. There are shades available to shield you from the sun rays.

The park is also strategically located making it easily accessible from the city. The good thing is that the park is well maintained and clean. There is no dirt nuisance. 

Muinkpark is also an open ground for children to enjoy themselves. The park is neat and a great place to have a picnic. This makes it a fine family get together venue. Besides, you may choose to bring your partner here for a date.

It would be a good idea to bring your snacks with you. The only thing you need to remember is maintaining cleanliness is important. You should not litter around but look for dustbins to put the plastics.

14. Oak Restaurant

The Oak restaurant is a fine eatery to taste Ghent’s local cuisine. The foods are well prepared and the staff friendly. The level of customer service is top-notch here and the prices affordable.

This restaurant is also a good place to take selfies as you enjoy your meals. Also available are wine pairings you’ll love. Oak is all about quality.

15. Flemish Opera

Flemish Opera
Credit wiki

You must attend a concert at the Flemish Opera. There are contemporary plays you will enjoy. The building itself is also creatively designed and that will catch your attention. As if that is not enough, there are paintings for you to adore.

The outward appearance is also amazing. It is one of those typical Ghent buildings you will find yourself staring at for minutes. Many tourists that have been here arguing the interior outshines the exterior. Well, you should visit this place and make the judgment yourself.


Ghent is an underrated historical and cultural city. You need to get to this Belgian city and experience the fun yourself. This hidden gem has much in store for you not even a perfectly authored article can describe. There are many museums in this city you have to get to. As much as you are going for a tour, you should learn as much as possible. There are guides to help ease the process. Language has been a challenge for many but it should not be to you with the presence of these tour guides. May your trip to Ghent be memorable.

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15 Best Things to do in Ghent


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  1. Been reading a few guides from your beautiful website and found this one. By the way, congratulations on how detailed your guides are. Found them very helpful. I had actually never heard about Ghent until now but was planning on visiting other cities in Belgium. Just added this one on my list. The Flemish Opera, Kasteel Van Ooidonk and the Design museum all look like must-visit places. I’ll be sure to check them out when I get there. I hope I have enough time to see all the major attractions.

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