15 Best Things To Do in Dinan, France

It is a town that is situated on the eastern side of Brittany. It is famous for its walled city strategically set on the hillside on the side that you can just see and admire the River Rance. Despite having had a tough time standing because of the many wars that hit it in the past, they have been able to maintain most of the features and even reinvent so many new ones.

It is a perfect place to visit, especially during the summer when the weather is all good, and tides are just right. Try some of the areas in this list, and you will surely have an excellent time in Dinan.

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1. Enjoy the Cobbled streets

Cobbled streets
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One of the most exciting things about this town is that there are cobbled streets that have been placed everywhere in the city. Taking a walk around the city has. Therefore, bene made less strenuous for anybody. As long as you have a good pair of shoes and something to drink on the way, then your tour has been made easier.

You will be able to enjoy the sight of the houses, the half-timbered buildings, and the churches. The historical nature of the town is what is seen better when you decide to enjoy the streets as you visit one area of interest to another one comfortably.

2. Have a meal at the La Courtine

Trying out one of the classic meals while you are in Dinan is quite vital. One of the best places to try this out is at this wood beamed-stone walled classic bistro. The main dish that is to die for is the lamb shank stewed in cider.

Merge it up with your preferred options of the French Tipples that are available. The authenticity of this drink is what makes it very impossible to find it in non-French cultures anywhere in the world quickly.

3. Stay at the Les Castels campsite

The campsite is one of the famous places that you can opt to stay in. The resort covering over 200 ha of land, provides an excellent place for you to not only walk around but also your children and pets.

The same resort center also happens to be only 20 minutes from many of the major tourist attractions. This allows you to forego taking a drive and just walk while you take in the scenery and keep your walk time on check too.

4. The Basilica Saint Sauveur

Basilica Saint Sauveur
Credit wiki

It is one of the oldest churches that have been recorded in history. Having been built in the 12th century, the architecture of the church itself is quite outstanding despite several visible renovations that have had to be done to maintain the image and the structure of the church itself.

The uniqueness of this church is that it is believed during the French revolutions, the people used to store hay inside the church for safekeeping. It is also known to house the heart of Bertrand du Guesclin. It is pretty much now a historical center than even a church where people can still come and hold mass there.

5. Dinan Chateau

Dinan Chateau
Credit pixabay

The tower of Duchesse Anne was built in the late 1380s. The chateau was built to hold the numerous artwork that the Duchess at that time seems to be fascinated with. Currently, it now contains some of the most fantastic collection of historical artifacts that you could come across.

If you happen to be a lover of history, then this would be one of the best stops that you could make when in Dinan. The floor has holy objects, furniture, and even serve ware. There are also tools from the prehistoric times that you could find in the basement.

6. Fort la latte

Fort la latte
Credit pdp

It is a beautiful historical site that is located at the edge of the waterfront. Some pink sandstone adorns it with a fantastic view of the Channel Islands and the sea right from the windows or the closest wall that you could find.

The Fort has a vast collection of the old defense force system that was used. You will get the cannons, moats, and drawbridges still remarkably intact. There is a great courtyard that people have enjoyed having picnics and shooting various films.

There are amazing moorlands that are just around the castle that is merged with the Pleherel plague that makes the whole place very memorable. There are birds that you get to see playing and chirping around in the trees while they nest and enjoy the general surrounding.

7. Go for the Thursday morning market

It is possible to plan your trip days so that you can have one of the Thursdays getting you in Dinan. There is this fantastic Thursday morning market that you will die for. Set up just between the Place Duguesclin and place du champ close. It just means that it is quite accessible by most people, if not all, who are staying within the town.

Here you will find a vast assortment of fruits, meats, vegetables, and even clothes or flowers if you are into them. It is also the perfect place to get souvenirs and original handcraft that you would wish to carry back to your home. It is, therefore, one of the areas that you will be able to see the actual Dinan in its true nature and sense.

8. La tour de L’horloge

La tour de Lhorloge
Credit flickr

It is a tour of the high clock tower that assures you of a magnificent panoramic view. It is mainly because it towers over Dinan at a superb height of 46 meters. It is undoubtedly impossible for you to miss it, mainly because of its 15th-century architecture and a historical vibe.

It has five bells in it, but the primary signal was named Anne after the Duchess Anne of Brittany. The floor of the tower has been clearly and magnificently made in a way that shows the working of the clock as an exhibition together with that of Duchess Anne too.

It is one of the best spots to take pictures of the town and to enjoy a fantastic view of the dawn and dusk.

9. Zoo and Castle Bourbansais

Zoo and Castle Bourbansais
Credit wiki

Animals have also been a great resource of the city of Dinan. That is why they opted to have a small private zoo opened to the public just in the town. The zoo has been spotted to have over 500 animals ranging from cats, birds, apes, and other numerous savannah animals that were found.

Just a mode of having fun in limitation. There is falconry, and hunting-dog shows that it is just supposed to reincarnate the old lifestyle of the people of this area. There is also a castle in this same area though only on guided tours and in groups five time’s day.

10. Cobac Parc

Cobac Parc
Credit wikimedia

Part of being on holiday is allowing your children to have fun while you are traveling. This park does this incredible favor for you. The amusement park is one that has been known to delight, friends, and also a joy to the children who come to Dinan with their families for the holidays.

There are over 30 rides and ten water slides that your children will enjoy. However, this is why it is preferred to come during the summer. The older people in the family are not exempted from all the fun. There are roller coasters and even watch-towers that you could enjoy while your children are having fun on the slides.

11. Visit the Château de la Hunaudaye

Château de la Hunaudaye
Credit flickr

It is one of the most beautiful fairytale castles that you could get when in Dinan. The 13th-century work built by a nobleman called Olivier Tournemine. It was, however, destroyed some times that led to it being rebuilt and renovated after the English War by the army of the Montfort.

It is known because of the ruins after the second destruction by the French in 1930. The main features about the castle that has still been able to attract people over the years are the still-existing drawbridge, moats, and the irregular shape together with the five towers still standing.

It is then the perfect place to visit with your family. The children can play and wear costumes to give them the whole prince-princess vibe that many of them can’t get enough. Climb up the towers and enjoy a fantastic view of the town to the fullest.

12. Ride on the Le Petit Train

Ride on the Le Petit Train
Credit wikimedia

For a ticket price of only 7 EUR, get to tour the city on a mini-tourist train, which happens to be the most convenient way to move around town. Apart from the fact that it saves you from having to climb and go down the steps, you get to places of interest like the marina, ramparts, and some of the castles quickly.

The train allows you to get off anywhere you would like. You should, however, note that the train leaves the Theatre at 10.00 AM. You will also need to download a map of the area just so that you have a clear understanding of where you would like to go, especially on the train. 

13. Parc Floral de Haute Bretagne

Parc Floral de Haute Bretagne
Credit wikimedia

No one can resist a magnificent garden with amazing decorative settings and perfectly manicured lawns. Here you get to enjoy over 25 ha of gardens, each with its one space and design. There are so many plant species here, with paths, waterfalls, and even streams.

The fantastic thing about his garden is that what you see during summer is not what you will see during spring. The climate has a very evident effect on the plants but still manage to keep it very unique and appealing.

It is the perfect place to relax, have a picnic, and even take so many photos, especially if you are a flora type of fanatic.

14. Musee 39-45

Musee 39 45
Credit wikimedia

Dinan was one of the towns that were generally greatly affected by the English and French wars that took place in the early 1900s. It is therefore very possible for you to then get a number of the areas that are ruined or show depictions of defense nature all around.

This museum is no less. It contains over 6000 items from goods, hardware to even weapons that were believed to have been used during the war. There are also uniforms that the men were known to be putting on. There are even some of the individual rooms that you will get to see once you get to this museum.

There is also a video room where you get to watch a 25minute film and even listen to some of the wartime songs that used to be played during those times.

15. Le train Marin

One other unique thing about this town is the innovations people have made to make your tour very exciting. This includes a make-shift boat driven by a tractor or even a horse, in one of the prettiest beaches in Europe.

Here you will get to see the mussel-farming, fishing, and even shrimp-farming industries. It happens to be one of the most educative trips that you could have taken. At the bay, you will also get people who are specialized in geology, plants, and animals and how they interact with each other, especially along with the marine.


Dinan is one of those places that you cannot just afford to let a chance to visit it pass you by. Get to enjoy the historical wartime nature of the city while at the same time enjoy the modernity in the way in which the people work. Interact with the locals on days like Thursday market day and get to eat in some of the most amazing restaurants while you continue with your tour. Tour the castle and the churches and make sure to have either the mini-train ride or the marine train at the bay.


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