15 Best Things to do in Charleroi, Belgium

Charleroi city is the most wide-reaching in Walloon province. The city is often overlooked as a tourist destination by skeptics. French and Dutch are the main languages spoken in this beautiful city. Charleroi will make your one-week tour feel like forever with its glamorous tourist features and destinations. The home to Charleroi F.C. has a rich history. The city has quite several castles too worth your time. Below is a list of 15 things to do in Charleroi. I find fine for you.

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1. Visit Palais des Beaux

things to do in Brussels
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Three things define this theatre. They are:

  • Arts
  • Culture, and
  • History

The purpose is three facets, that is; fun, learning, and fulfillment. You have to enjoy yourself here. The secret is early bookings. Let no action pass you. Well, I prefer you to come here alone and not with your family. 

The music served is epic. With a dance accompaniment, be sure to have a wonderful night. 

Around there is an art museum. You must pass by and have a look at what the city’s culture is all about. A little history is also represented here. Learn as much as you can.

Belgian history is also on offer. The secret to such activities is finding someone who understands the artwork and what each represents. Getting one will take your time but is a guarantee of time well spent. 

In summary, this is a good place to spend one of your evenings. Satisfaction is your assurance.

2. Tour the Aulne Abbey

Aulne Abbey
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From afar, you will be awed. The Aulne Abbey view is super amazing. Located strategically between other historical buildings, this monastery is a great look for photography. Taking photos of the stand from different angles will make you look like a pro, even if you are just a novice.

Before it became a remnant, this building stored hundreds of thousands of books. Besides, thousands of manuscripts were kept here. All that wealth of knowledge went to waste after the French set the building ablaze.

Well, that is just an introduction to the history this remains holds. You surely do not want to miss the whole story. Touring this site is the only way to have a taste of the place’s history. You will also get a firsthand view of the beautiful sight. Take selfies if you can. How will the world know you were here?  

3. Experience a free fall indoors skydiving at AIRSPACE

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Engage your body, mind, and soul through skydiving. Get your adrenaline involved. Such activities have a special space in a human being’s memory. 

According to the nature of the activity, it is only good for team building. Or maybe, suitable for family gatherings and get-togethers. You do things as a unit and create memories. You laugh out loud and strong.

You make memories here, and for sure it will be a moment of your life. This is one of those defining moments. A great place to start or strengthen relationships grow your list of friends here. Build your team too.

4. Visit the BPS22 museum

BPS22 Museum
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Talk about compulsory things to do in Charleroi. A BPS22 visit is not negotiable. Whether it’s a thumbs up or a no, let’s discuss that after you’ve been to the BPS22 museum. It’s weird and contemporary at the same time. Isn’t that unique? Yes, it is.

The modern gallery has art designs, some of which were done by talented locals. You have to appreciate their hard and creative work by visiting. It is a simple way to have fun and say thank you at the same time.   

This visit shouldn’t take your whole day. Just ensure you visit every corner of the museum. See all that is on display and seek to know what is represented here. 

5. Visit Abbey Soleilmont

Abbey Soleilmont
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This historical site has long been underrated. It is time to stop that. You can only do that by paying a visit. 

Most of the site has been occupied by Circus school. That should not bother you. There is a lot of other beautiful sections of the historical site to see. Learning also takes place here. Therefore, ensure you leave educated.

The gardens are nicely kept and soup served to visitors. There is a restaurant around just in case you want to eat. The foods on offer are delicious and the price considerably. 

There are beautiful flowers to look at and engravings of nuns on some of the walls. Abbey is a great destination for you.  

6. Go bowling at Circus Gosselies

Circus Gosselies
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Sports is a simple way to enjoy your vacation. While games like soccer and basketball are popular, others are not that famous but equally entertaining. I’m talking about indoor games. The likes of bowling.

Circus Gosselies is a fine casino to go bowling. As an individual, all you can do is drink. As a group, there is much more fun. Competing among yourselves should be on your cards. It may get addictive. That is why you need to set aside a whole day for this activity.

You may also bring your children along. Being affordable, this is a nice way to spend family time together. You will be amazed.

7. Be a one-day pilot at European flight simulator

European flight simulator
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Have you ever dreamt of being a pilot? Perhaps when you were growing up. Then life took another direction thanks to your choices.

A European flight simulator gives you a chance to live your dream for a moment. The world of aviation has never been easily accessible. Don’t miss this opportunity to see the interior of the popular Boeing 737.

Give yourself a chance to perceive how flying an airplane feels like. Experience each moment and get to enjoy all the fun that comes with piloting. 

Discover much more in a single trip. This experience will smile at you all through. You will have a sensational moment, especially if you’ve never boarded a plane. If you have, you will get a chance to relive the moments. 

8. Visit the park of Serna

park of Serna
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The state park of Serna is a good place to take your pet for a walk. The site is well maintained and full of fresh air, at least from the look of things. Different tree species live here. The water body here just completes the natural charm this park holds. Birds are also available here but not in plenty.

The open fields are a great place for gaming activities. The beauty of outdoor activities is the freedom to jump around and be you. Parc de la Serna has its shortcomings but the pros outdo the cons. That is why it remains to be one of the great Charleroi destinations.

There are shades available too. This creates a nice walking trail, especially in the afternoon. You may also come here for jogging or exercise. Stay fit even when on vacation!

9. Have a rest at Aero 44

There is nothing as amazing as staying in a beautiful hotel during your vacation. The Aero 44 in Charleroi is the amazing restroom we are talking about.

It starts with the hospitality you get treated to once you arrive. You get to your room and there’s free Wi-Fi. Do not forget their parking is also free.

The foods are delicious and well prepared. Whether walking or in a wheelchair, accessibility is assured. The rooms are also air-conditioned. This is enough to make you stay in Charleroi memorable. 

Did you know you can forget most of the activities you do in a place during your vacation but not the hotel you stay in? Now that you know, it is time to make the right hotel selection. Aero 44 should be one of your options if not your final decision. Everything about this place is just amazing.

10. Visit the Bois du Cazier

Bois du Cazier
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There is a strong connection between tourism and museums. I’m not sure which one defines the other but I’m sure this former coal mine is one of the best museums you can ever visit.

Bois du Cazier is a great tourist destination for you and your family. A lot of history mining takes place here. What do I mean? Visiting this museum will allow you to learn much about the place and Charleroi itself.

In case you need details, make use of audio guides at an affordable price. Leave after learning. Apart from the lessons, take pictures for memories.

A bar is also available here. You may have a bottle of beer. Just ensure the kids do not get involved when you go drinking. You do not want to be a bad example.

11. Kart racing

Kart racing
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Les Bons is a great avenue to let the kid in you rule supreme. Drive the karts like you skipped childhood. This is another great team-building opportunity.

You want to be here as early as possible to get the tiny motors unoccupied. Coming later may mean missing out. You do not want to miss this.

Race with your friends. Ignite rivalry and race to the line. Let the best team win. This is indoor therefore expect the track to be shorter.

The tiny track does not take the fun hidden here. By the time you are leaving, be sure to be happy and content. What else would a tourist ask for?

12. Boat tour in the Sambre River

Sambre River
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This is not a time to exclaim you are water phobic. Get onto those boats on the Sambre river and get your tour started. As you move around, be sure to enjoy the whole Charleroi view as well as the ride.

There is no time limit to this tour. Ride as long as you wish. Bond with the Charleroi water body and create a special bond that will be begging you to come back long after your departure.

13. Visit the glass museum

You should get a local guide then start your tour in this amazing museum. Take a walk around as the local explains everything you need to know. There’s little to write about this place but a lot to experience.

Walk to all the corners of the museum. There’s a lot of history to hear about. Besides, there’s much to see and touch. Engineers will love this place because of the presence of mechanical tools. Whether you are a mechanic or not, this is a good museum for you to visit.

14. Visit the Monceau Castle

Monceau Castle
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For a long time, castles have been associated with royalty. This means Monceau has some little secrets about historical royalty. You can only learn about this by visiting this castle.

The castle has a unique design making it appealing to the eye. Having stood firm for decades, the whole team involved in the construction of this castle should be appreciated. While none of them are alive now to receive the praise, you can visit as a show of respect and applause.

15. Visit the Trazegnies Castle

Trazegnies Castle
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Birds, a cockerel, and life-size sculptures are a few samples of what this castle displays. The castle itself doesn’t have that compelling appearance but the fact that it is historical makes it a must-visit.

The Trazegnies castle is a great way to spend one of your lazy afternoons. The place has been renovated therefore expect changes if you’d been here before.

Guided tours are on offer in addition to the historical festivals that take place here. The place is also quiet and serene. The charges are affordable for all giving you no reason not to visit.

It doesn’t end there. A courtyard is present here too. The trees present to make it a nice chilling spot.


Charleroi is a great tourist destination. It has unique features, as highlighted above. You have no reason not to visit the 15 mentioned above in addition to others you may find interesting. It is also important to learn the local’s culture and have a taste of their foods. There is no limit to learning. Take home all the knowledge you can.


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