15 Best Things to Do in Camaguey, Cuba

When planning for a trip sometimes we are so blank about our destination that we can’t list the things we would wish to accomplish during our stay there. Is that your case with Camaguey? Well, you should have no reason to worry because I am going to list to you 15 things to do in Camaguey. By the time you are done the reading, be sure to feel like you’ve been in this culture-rich city. So, what are the things to do in Camaguey?

1. Visit Martha Gimenez’s Studio Workshop

The workshop’s setting is alluring and the art fantastic. This place is an excellent display of Martha’s creativity and artistic talent. In appreciation of her work, you may purchase some of the artwork. The paintings and life-size sculptures light up the place. Outside, you will see Chismosas (statue of three gossiping women). The workshop is a representation of Cuba’s rich artistic culture and abilities.

2. Spend a day in Coco beach

Coco beach
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This fabulous beach has surrounding restaurants where you can start your day with meals from. You will hear music playing from the beachside. Also, you will see lifeguards walking around. The most entertaining way to get to this beach is through horse riding. The palm trees in this place provide shade, making a cool place to spend your afternoons. But why should this beach make it to your list of things to do in Camaguey? The lively beach bar there and the local cuisines in restaurants complement the calm, relaxed atmosphere making it an excellent destination for both tourists and locals.

3. Have a cowboy feeling at Rancho King Touristic Farm

Rancho King Touristic Farm
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We see a lot of cowboy scenes in soap operas. Well, this farm gives you a lifetime opportunity to have a “cowboy” experience. The Rancho King Touristic Farm has a pool of talented cowboys who won’t mind doing a show for you as long as you are a tourist. The ranch is rich in cowboy culture, clearly implying the place is frozen in time. This will teach you of how life was in Cuba sometime back.

So, what exactly takes you to this ranch? Bull riding, calf roping, and horse buggy rides are all thrilling activities taking place here. There is also a milking competition that takes place here. And now this is the most exciting part: a free lunch. All that in one. It is such an enjoyable experience you must not miss out on.

4. Visit Cathedral de Senora de la Candelaria

Cathedral de Senora de la Candelaria
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As it stands, respect it. The current build is a reconstruction on the same place where its predecessor was destroyed by fire. Before that, another building collapsed. This is just an introduction to a story of misfortunes, history, religion, and culture of this locally famous church. Outside you will see historic statues and advisory boards explaining the history.

The church is located between the streets of Independencia and Cisneros. Close by is the Agramonte Park and Cristo St. Camaguey has almost two dozen- a -number of churches, each with its uniqueness. But this church is one particular church with warm and friendly people. Make sure you include this in your list of things to do in Camaguey and most importantly do it when you get there.

5. Sleep and have breakfast at Hotel Los Torralbo

Sleeping options might be many, but the best option can only be one. Do not settle for less; instead, go for the best hotel to spend your night there. In Camaguey, Hotel Los Torralbo is the place to be. The room service is excellent with excellent air conditioning. Breakfast, air transportation, and wheelchair access are all available. Guess what? Pets are also allowed here. This means your dog or cat may accompany you to a vacation in Camaguey. If you want warm or cold water, it is available here. Be sure also to find rooms furnished with a microwave and a refrigerator.

The surroundings are beautiful gardens and significant recreational areas. The calmness in this place makes it a perfect place to rest.

6. Eat at Restaurant 1800

Food, language and people define a place’s culture. But, with the limited time, I am sure you don’t have to waste your energy trying out substandard restaurants. Both locals and tourists argue this is the best restaurant in Camaguey. They offer seafood, international dishes, and Cuban cuisines in general. The eatery is strategically located and well maintained. The best part is the top quality of the food you’ll find here.

Have you ever had black bean salad or paella? No? What about Cuban lobster and shrimp enchiladas? I guess not. Restaurant 1800 gives you an excellent opportunity to have all these delicacies. The variety is unmeasurable. On top of that, the workers here are friendly and welcoming. They make you feel at home as you enjoy their well-prepared foods. You may also make reservations before your entrance. On your arrival, you will find your table well set as the staff waits for you.

7. Restaurante Eleazar

I don’t know why I love calm restaurants with serenity and fewer people, but I’m sure you understand. Restaurante Eleazer is another cool place you cannot miss out on. The area is well in abeyance therefore good enough for people who love their privacy as I do. Here, you will also get a chance to eat excellent Cuban dishes. Well, you are not going to Camaguey to hop from hotel to restaurant. Conversely, each hotel offers each uniqueness, and that is why you have to visit this place even after eating at different restaurants.

Here, most of the dishes are Italian and Spanish. But you won’t miss international foods in case you prefer to eat what you are used to. Make sure this restaurant has a place in your list of things to do in Camaguey.

8. Take a picture with The Statue of Agramonte

The Statue of Agramonte
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Many would use a tour guide to familiarize themselves with new territories. Well, for this activity, a guide is unnecessary. You can do this by yourself. The natives are warm and friendly, making it easy to ask anyone and be assisted instead of tagging along with your every move a useful stranger.

The Statue of Agramonte is an excellent site to take a photo. Else how do you convince people back at home you were in Camaguey. Whether photophobic or fanatic, this sculpture must be captured in pictures. In the future, it will remind you of the great moments in Cuba’s third-largest city.

Apart from the statue, just nearby, there is a gallery. Wifi is available and benches where you can rest on a hot afternoon. Restaurants are also around, so your appetite needs are sorted.

9. Browse original artwork at Plaza San Juan de Dios

Plaza San Juan de Dios
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If you are an art lover, then this is the place to be. Plaza San Juan de Dios has authentic and original artwork you will love. The cobblestone paved space joins a restaurant and an old fashioned hotel. Therefore, there is plenty of joints to eat from in case your energy drains out. You may also take some pictures to carry the memories along with you.

10. Make a trip to Camaguey Centro

Camaguey Centro
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Many that have been here calling it a journey of a lifetime. The hygiene of this place, its maintenance and appearance are well done. The buildings are so colorful and theatrical. Beneath the pomposity is a rich culture. Ensure this trip does not miss in your things to do in Camaguey.

11. Estudio Galeria Magdiel

Magdiel is a wood specializing gifted sculptor. His creativity and ability to draw inspiration from industrial outlooks is impressive. The fantastic art exhibition displays surprisingly good pieces of woodwork you don’t want to miss. Magdiel has maintained quality in all his works. In addition to curving, he paints his sculptures on paper. This makes him stand out, and his gallery collection exceptional.

The well-lit and colorful gallery is attractive with two of Magdiel’s assistants always ready to help you. Many of his woodworks have moveable parts. He also showcases his humor in his works. So, be sure to smile or laugh a bit. The prices are reasonable. Thus, you may purchase support of Mahdiel’s great works.

12. Have an entertaining weekend at Teatro Principal

Teatro Principal
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This is the place to be for a concert and show lovers. The place is located on Padre Valencia No 64, Camaguey 70100, Cuba. A Friday or Saturday evening would make a suitable date with Teatro Principal. The tickets can be purchased at the door. All you need is to get there an hour beforehand, and that is 8 pm on the dot. The theatre hosts live classical ballet performances. The tickets only set you back 5CUC. Before getting in for the live shows take time to appreciate the outside also. The old fashioned building looks impressive and worth capturing in pictures.

13. Take a walk at Casino Campestre

Casino Campestre
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Casino Campestre has lovely shades. Warm people occupy the area. This makes it safe to move around, and the shadows make it fun to walk around. Also, there is a small zoo. You will need as little as 1 CUC to enter. The grounds are nicely taken care of, and the workers relate well with visitors, making them feel at home. Termed Camaguey’s biggest park, it has a playground, the zoo, and a central grotto. Its location is at the confluence of R. San Pedro and R. Hatibonice. And that is not all. The following are housed by Casino Campestre: municipal sports stadium, soccer and baseball fields, and a concert hall among others. There is so much to do therefore have this on your list of things to do in Camaguey.

14. Visit Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Soledad

Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Soledad
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The great church is a must-visit whether for worshipping or sightseeing. Constructed in the early 1730s, the church possesses pretty baroque frescoes and is strategically located at a central place. The people maintaining this place have done an excellent job. While it is a must-visit, it must not finish your whole day. It is a place to pass by if you went for sightseeing, you might only choose to stay longer if you went for a church service.

You may also take a walk around the church and take some photos if possible. Nearby are malls you may go to do some shopping after you are done with this church.

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15. Shopping

Town in Camaguey
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Every city has a unique product or service they sell. Camaguey is no exception. While you may decide to buy several things you need, there are some you don’t need but want to buy for memory purposes. Camaguey is full of souvenirs you can buy one to promote the locals and two for remembrance. There are many places you can buy stuff, even in the streets. But for this to be successful in ensuring you carry with you enough cash. Be cautious though not to overspend on unnecessary things.

Also, be careful as you make purchases in the streets. Be sure in some instances you will be approached by beggars, and the worst thing you can do is give one. Because of two, three, four… countless more will come and also demand to be provided.


Camaguey is generally an excellent place to be. The culture, local cuisines, history, and everything about this place is of top quality. This list is limited to only 15 but be sure there are a thousand more activities. But, out of those, only a few are worth your time. For instance, you will find many churches or parks or sights to see and visit, and you’d have to prioritize. The list aforementioned helps you decide the most important things to do in Camaguey. Otherwise, you will have fun in Camaguey. Just don’t forget to carry your camera along with you. The list of sights to capture in pictures is endless.


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