15 Best Things to do in Cadiz, Spain

Traveling is a fine learning opportunity. Cadiz, Spain is a seasoned tourist destination with great lessons to take home. The historical city is a business hub and so you should expect a myriad of activities during your time there. Knowing where to go and what to expect will balance your expectations and increase your satisfaction levels once you get back from vacation. Here are 15 places you must try out in Cadiz.

1. Cadiz Cathedral

Cadiz Cathedral
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This is a great destination whether you are a Christian or not. The cathedral has interesting architecture as well as an inviting atmosphere.

You may join others in praying and meditating or you may just choose to tour. Three hours of your Sunday afternoon are enough for you to see all the amazing views. Besides, a guide will be available for you not to miss out on anything touristic.

Ticket Prices

AdultsFrom 12 to 64 years old€ 6.00 
ChildrenUnder 12 years oldFree
SeniorOver 65 years old€ 5.00 

The Cadiz cathedral was built for centuries, with different architects taking part. The final work speaks it all. A fine conglomerate of gifted designers oozing creativity.

You can check their opening hours here

Address: Plaza de la Catedral, s/n, 11005 Cádiz, Spain

The public can access the Levante tower which is one of the treasured Cadiz steeples. From there, you can catch a panoramic view of the city. Not only that the Cadiz cathedral has a crypt where Manuel DE. Falla and Jose M. Penman are buried. The two are legendary artists born and bred in Cadiz. Manuel was a renowned composer while Penman was a great poet.

2. Torre Tavira

Torre Tavira
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The entry fee to this place is affordable. Do not forget to carry your camera for pictures. The climax is the view you get from the top. It doesn’t end there. You will get a chance to meet the friendly staff. You may request for a guide for easy navigation up the building.

Ticket Prices

AdultsFrom 12 to 64 years old€ 7.00 
SeniorOver 65 years old€ 5.50 

You can check their opening hours here

Address: Calle Marqués del Real Tesoro, 10, 11001 Cádiz, Spain

3. Castle of Santa Catalina

Castle of Santa Catalina
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The first thing that captures your attention here is the friendliness of the staff. Be sure to have a warm welcome.

There are spectacular views to catch besides the great history you’ll learn. The educational castle has a hiking trail nearby making it an all-round destination. Be sure to have a moment of your life irrespective of your reservations. It’s free

That notwithstanding, the castle remains one of Cadiz’s best destinations. Close by is a habitable hotel.

Address: Calle Campo de las Balas, s/n, 11002 Cádiz, Spain

The rooms are well maintained in addition to a high level of hospitality. The serene environment complements the already perfect touristic environment. 

4. Cadiz museums

Cadiz museums
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Historical! Going to the Cadiz museum will require you to activate your learning mode. There is history to be learned about the Romans and Phoenicians. If that is not fulfilling, you may opt to have a look at the amazing artworks present. The point is, this museum is a must-visit.

For lovers of contemporary artwork, the top floor has a collection for you. Most of the works on the first floor were done by Spanish painters. Slowly go through the floors looking out for what you love.

You can check out their opening hours here.

Address: Plaza de Mina, s/n, 11004 Cádiz, Spain

The Cadiz museum fee is € 1.50

5. La Caleta

La Caleta
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You better be at La Caleta during summer. The beach, restaurants with delicious foods and hotels for your nights make up a complete destination.

During the day, you can just stroll around or spend time under a shade along the beach. There is never a dull day here. The rooms and everything here is pocket-friendly. After it all, you will be left with memories of life. 

You might wonder, what makes La Caleta small yet popular? Well, the beaches location is strategic. This makes it easily accessible as long as you are in Cadiz. Besides, moving from Cadiz to other entertaining destinations is easy.

Other than hosting people from all walks of life, the beach is a host of a variety of flora and fauna. This combined with a water body around is inviting.

6. Genoves Park

Genoves Park
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There is something interesting about nature. Trees, water bodies and other features bring about a serene atmosphere allowing you to meditate and appreciate life.

Genoves Park has different species of trees whose view you’ll enjoy. Also available is a kids’ playground. This makes it family-friendly.

That is not all, there are relaxation spots to just sit and feel the breeze. Besides, caverns and waterfalls are present. This offers a great photography scene. A camera should be your best friend here. 

The Genoves park is also a great place to relax and watch as time passes by. Parks are a great picnic venue. All you need to do is carry your favorite drink and tag your family.

You can check their opening hours here

Address: Parque Genovés, Av. Dr. Gómez Ulla, s/n, 11003 Cádiz, Spain

The ambiance is addictive. You will be surprised spending your whole day here without any idea of how fast time flew.

Shades are available too for afternoon walks. This is a great opportunity to bond with nature.

7. Roman Theatre

Roman Theatre 1
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This 6,000 amphitheater is a landmark you must stop at. Other than great history, the place is always busy. This means there is no boredom. The old destination has been in existence since the second century. 

The Roman theatre’s architecture has a taste of Greek. Although, the design has a Roman finishing with complete enclosures on every side of the building. Entry to this archaic building is free.

Check out opening hours

Address: Calle Mesón, 11, 13, 11005 Cádiz, Spain

The Roman Theatre is a treasured Cadiz gem. Locals visit regularly and other tourists too. It is so exciting to be here that you will want to come back again. 

Don’t get your expectations high already. The Roman theatre boasts of simplicity. That means, there is nothing spectacular about it other than history and the value attached to the theatre by previous visitors.

8. Mercado Central Cadiz

Mercado Central Cadiz
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You will need food during your stay in Cadiz. The Mercado Central market is one of the greatest places to shop. There are plenty of snacks, fruits, vegetables and fast food to buy. All you need to do is eat responsibly for the sake of your health.

What are the foods available here? You may ask. Nicely done sushi is available. If you want pizza, the market has a popular delicacy on offer. Burger, kebab and all the junk you may think about is all on offer.

Drinks are available too. If you are a beer lover, the Mercado Central Cadiz is the place to be. The Mercado Central Cadiz market is a good socializing place making it stand out from other markets.

Address: Plaza de la Libertad, S/N, 11005 Cádiz, Spain

9. Monument to the Constitution of 1812

Monument to the Constitution of 1812
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I’m certain you’ve noted Cadiz is a historical city. This monument is one of the archaic buildings that define Cadiz as an ancient city. The architecture used in constructing this monument is boringly interesting.

From the outside, the building’s view is eye-catching, at least for those with a taste for vintage stuff. Bring your camera with you and take as many photos as possible. On top of the pictures, be sure to carry home lots of lessons.

Crafted by Modesto L. Otero, the Monument to the Constitution of 1812 was a meeting point for Spanish representatives. These leaders met here regularly to make policies regarding language and democracy.

Address: 11006 Cádiz, Spain

There is much more history to learn about this great building. Pay a visit and you will never regret it. I guarantee your satisfaction and great memories.

10. Yacimiento Arqueológico Gadir

Yacimiento Arqueológico Gadir
Credit wiki

My fear of skeletons came to pass after my visit to this archeological museum. You’ll be frightened and amazed at the same time. You will learn the place’s history and how archeology is done. Do not allow fear of bones to take over you.

It has always been a challenge visiting a foreign language speaking destination. Language barriers may stand in your way of fun and thrill. Yacimiento takes care of language.

Different languages, about three, are the means of communication here. Out of the three, be sure you’ll understand at least one. Other than that, the staff is friendly and the place is generally exciting.

Address: Calle San Miguel, 15, 11001 Cádiz, Spain

Accessing the area is free. This creates a problem of limited entry slots against endless tourists wishing to access the area. For that reason, you need to do early bookings to guarantee your entry.

11. Plaza de la Flores

Plaza de la Flores
Credit wiki

Everything about Plaza de la Flores is perfect. The atmosphere is amazing besides its strategic location. There are shops and restaurants well situated giving you options for having meals and snacks. The place is activity laden and picturesque. Some days are extremely busy and so you expect a lot of people.

On normal days, expect a considerable number of people. Plaza de la Flores has an Italian taste making it a must-visit.

Address: Plaza Topete, 2P, 11001 Cádiz, Spain

Plaza de la Flores’ ambiance is inviting. Once you settle there, you won’t wish to leave. 

The floral arrangement makes the place amazing and classy. Your eyes will be pleased all day. Satisfaction is a guarantee.

12. La Constitución de 1812 Bridge

La Constitución de 1812 Bridge
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This unique 6 laned bridge has been in operation since 2015. The popularly known as the “La Pepa” bridge connects Cadiz and Puerto Real. 

Being 3092 meters long, you have enough length to travel along the bridge. From the top, you will catch amazing views of the surrounding.

Philosophers insist the devil is in the detail. Take your time and cross the iconic bridge. As you do so, be keen on the specifics of the design. Your mind will be blown away. La Constitucion de 1812 Bridge is not your normal type of bridge.

Address: Cádiz, Spain

It’s uniqueness and special design sets it apart as one of the best in the world. Furthermore, the modern bright is a show of great engineering techniques by the designers and builders.

13. Jardines de Alameda Apodaca

Jardines de Alameda Apodaca
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I love strolling especially on Sunday afternoons. During my walks, I prefer serene and shaded environments. This beautiful garden just suits my ideal walking place. Your stay in Cadiz will only be considered complete if you pass by this place.

Available are pretty green plantations giving the place a nice breeze. Other than an amazing ambiance and being picturesque, Jardines de Alameda Apodaca is a wonderful family place. 

The relaxed place has wonderful sea views. That is not all. The maintenance team has done a superb job as the place is well preserved. This is one of those parks you fall in love with at first sight.

Address: Alameda Apodaca, 11003 Cádiz, Spain

To have the greatest time, you may bring your friends along. While it is possible to enjoy the park alone, visiting as a group of friends will give you the best experience.

14. Playa de Valdelagrana

Playa Valdelagrana
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It wouldn’t make much sense to stay in Cadiz for a day. A week is ideal. But, where do you spend your nights? Playa Valdegrana is a great place to spend your nights. Its location close to a beach makes it more interesting.

The beach, hotels, and bars in this area will make your stay unforgettable. The beach is well maintained besides having wonderful views. It is a great place to bond with nature. Bring your family with you if possible.

In the afternoons, you may spend time strolling around using your sight to see eye-catching scenes and touristic features. The weather here is well behaved. Therefore, expect little or no weather disappointments.

Now, Playa de Valdelagrana beach is so popular that you expect a crowd every now and then. That should not stop you from visiting. Go, get your space and have fun. It is worth your time and trip.

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15. Priory Church, El Puerto de Santa Maria

Priory Church El Puerto de Santa Maria
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You should visit this archaic church to give thanks to God. Besides, the ancient building’s vintage look is unforgettable. This is one of those special houses of God you want to come back to time and again.

You can check out the opening hours here.

Both the interior and exterior décor will marvel you. The architecture is not to be mentioned but to be seen. The best thing is; entry is free.

Address: Plaza de España, s/n, 11500 El Puerto de Sta María, Cádiz, Spain


Cadiz is a fine Spanish city with touristic features and endless activities. Before leaving, ensure you have tasted the local cuisine and mastered all the streets. Carry your camera wherever you go.

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