18 Interesting Things to Do in the Bahamas

If there is one place, you should not fail to visit in the Bahamas. It gives you a gate away of a lifetime. With its vibrant beauty, it’s a place to die for. It is home to some of the world’s most exclusive and luxurious resorts with a wide range of areas and activities to explore. While the time was evolving the rest of the world into a concrete jungle, this place still maintained its natural and serene nature.

Tired of city pollution and back-breaking jobs, Bahamas is the right place for you to take a vacation in. It is made up of a combination of fancy towns and tiny islands. This offers a glut of thrilling adventures to explore. With its natural form, it provides you a peaceful and quiet environment to relax your mind.

With this holiday destination, trust me, you will never find yourself contemplating. The exciting and thrilling activities will keep your mind occupied all day long. After a long day of adventures in various places, you can take a deep dive into the clear waters to cool and relax your body.

So, don’t think about where you want to go for a vacation, everything you could hope for or wish for is here in the Bahamas. It accommodates honeymooners, family vacation, wedding, personal treat, and even business trips. It’s an all in one destination for many occasions.

With the size and the complex terrain of the Bahamas, you may complete your vacation without getting to fun parts. To look out for you, we have created for you a list with insight into the exciting places and some of the exciting activities; you should not miss tangling with on your visit.

The most impressive places for tourists in the Bahamas

1. The Queen’s Staircase

The Queen staircase
Credit flickr

If you have ever seen some of those epic movies where the Queen or the King has to walk down through a pile of stairs, then it is time for a worthy experience. The Queen’s Staircase is a replica of that kind of stairs, and it is one that you would be allowed to climb without having to be royalty in its wise. In essence, what this means is that you do not need to be the movie kind of fee or Queen to walk down this pile of stairs. This pile of stairs links up the downtown of Nassau with the Fort Fincastle, and it has about 66 steps in all. The steps were built in the 17th century, and it was made by a bulk load of slaves. After the stairs, it was dedicated to Queen Victoria, and this is the reason why it is known as Queen’s stairs. The stairs are notable because they are fantastic for your amazing photoshoots and also the fact that it links you up with the Fincastle. When you go to this remarkable place, you would have the rare privilege of visiting the New Providence Island, and you would meet up with the best of tourist guides on this path.

2. Graycliff

Source Flickr

Graycliff houses one of the best sights in all of Nassau, and this is because of its gold looking interior and also the fact that you can get the best chocolate tasting cigars around in this place. The place is also notable because of its ability to provide you with the best meals that you would find in Nassau. It has some of the nicest rooms and even some of the best relaxation centers in all of Nassau. The wine cellars and also the museum that is situated around this place is one of the reasons that people visit this location, and when you do make up your mind on whether or not to visit this place, you might need to get you a guide to lead you around the environment.

3. John Watling’s Distillery

John Watling’s Distillery
Source Unsplash

A lot of people wonder what the taste of quality wine would feel like when they get to Nassau, and then they hear about John Watling’s distillery, and then their questions change after all. It should be noted that this place is just a stone throw away from Graycliff, and it was built in the year 1789. You might like to do some tasting of some of their best rums, and this could be sold to you at a stipend from the hours of 10 am to 6 pm in the late evening.

4. Stuart’s Cove

Stuart’s Cove
Credit flickr

There is a place in Nassau that is the least visited side of the Bahamas, and it should be noted that although being a less-visited side of the country, it is also one excellent place that houses Stuart’s Cove. It is found in the New Providence Island of the city, and this is the reason why this place is a must-visit for you. In this Cove, you have the opportunity to learn as a new diver while as the experienced one, you also get the chance to be able to dive into the open waters with the wild sharks that look so adorable. It is always a pleasant feeling when you have all of these sharks around, and then you can adore them without them having to hurt you, and this is part of the many reasons why so many people visit this place.  Other reasons why people visit this place include the sport of snorkeling and also the idea of having to use the underwater scooter. Many people have stated that it is an excellent experience around this place and this is one of the many reasons why you need to visit this place too.

5. Diving into the Dean’s Blue Hole

It has 202 meters (663 feet) depth. It is among the deepest holes globally. If you are not afraid of nightmares, then take a deep dive and explore the water. If you are not a good swimmer, you can spend time relaxing on the beach that surrounds the Blue Hole. They are very spectacular and worth exploring.

The hole is located on a bay which is naturally crafted into a half-moon. It is on ‘Long Island’ western side of Clarence Town. It is bound by shallows of aquamarine, rugged cliffs and sandy beaches which are white. The cliffs are covered by a lush and the view above Dean’s Hole; it’s breathtaking.

6. Plunge into the water with Pigs at the Pig Beach

Plunge into the water with Pigs at the Pig Beach
Credit Unsplash

Swimming with pigs, it’s crazy. But in the Bahamas, it’s not. It is one of the must-see sites when you visit this place. You can visit the Pig beaches where you will be able to swim with them.

Also, don’t forget to bring gifts along with you, such as bread. They will plunge into the water to meet you and feed on your presents.

Unlike the ordinary muddy pigs which are destined for slaughterhouses, these live like a millionaire owning an island. They look like the ordinary pig and enjoy their lives on the archipelago pristine beaches. They are known as feral pigs. 

7. Experience the delightful sunset at the Harbour Island

Experience the delightful sunset at the Harbour Island
Credit flickr

It is famous for its sand, which is pink along the eastern part of the island. It’s located northwest from the Coast of Eleuthera Island. It offers an ideal getaway, which is tropical. Despite its relaxed vibes, you will find many great things to explore. They include strolling on the old town lane and also diving into the clear water.

Also, you can lay back, relax, and view the sunset, which is very spectacular. The island contains the English colonial-style building which is colorful, and the streets lined with flowers. It is part of the islands that form the Bahamas.

8. Feel your hearts with fun at the Paradise Island

Feel your hearts with fun at the Paradise Island
Credit flickr

The first thing that captures your eyes once on Paradise Island is the outstanding Atlantis resort. It stands majestically at the island with a wide range of exciting activities to engage in. These include the marine park, water parks, golf clubs, casinos, and many more. It has a well crafted and maintained the garden, and the French Cloister is enough to take your breath away.

Islander water harboring unusual marine organisms surround the island. Thus if you are tired of staying on land, you can dive into the serene aquatic underworld. The reef surrounding water is perfect for Canoeing, Kayaking, and Snorkeling.

9. Explore nature in its pristine state at the Sandy Cay

Explore nature in its pristine state at the Sandy Cay
Credit flickr

Have you ever seen Iguanas? If no, then you are in the right place. Sandy Cay Island offers sanctuary to the White Cay Rock Iguanas. They are at a critically endangered status. The island is inhabited, thus gives you the real feel and perfect definition of the serene and natural environment. In this place, you come into contact with the raw nature, which is unaltered by human civilization.

On arrival to the island, you will be met by the Iguana which crawls out from the surrounding bushes. They are very harmless, and any sudden move will spook them away. Despite being fun, the tradition of feeding them has been discouraged by the conservation body of the government. You can have a full day excursion with friends or families using a guide.

10. The Exumas Kayaking

The Exumas Kayaking
Credit flickr

Do you need an adventurous way of brushing through the Bahamas? The Exumas is the best way to achieve it. The Exumas Island and cays chains total up to 365 and are placed together in a small string with most having less than a mile distance between them.

This assures you of land within reach in case of an emergency. Also, there are plenty of beaches along the route. There is clarity of the water, and along the way, you will encounter marine lives.  This includes stingrays, turtles, and sometimes dolphins. Make your vacation memorable with this adventure. 

11. The Thunderball Grotto Plunge

The Thunderball Grotto Plunge
Credit flickr

Are you courageous enough? Then, explore this cave to test the limits of your audacity. The cave is located below water in the center of a small island in the Exumas. The name was coined from the James Bond movie, Thunderball, where the cave was used for underground scenes.

Getting into the cave is intimidating. This is because the entrance to the cave is not visible since the more significant part of it is under the water. But once you get through the water, you can breathe over the surface of the water in the hollow cave chamber. The best time to visit the cave is when the tide is low, and the water is calm. Also, in the cave water, you will get to see the colorful coral and schools of fishes. Above the roof, you can find a small opening. But in this case, you have to dive in the water to get in.

12. Bird Watching at Inagua

Bird Watching at Inagua
Credit pixabay

Inagua is situated on the southern region of the Bahamas. It is characterized by the largest colony of Flamingos from the West Indian. Flamingo is the national bird of the country. When they are at the peak, the birds’ population is estimated at 80,000. Sighting the birds is throughout the year, though the most significant gathering is during the season of breeding (March-May).

 The birds spend most of their day feeding at Lake Rosa, the largest brine lake in the Bahamas. Apart from the flamingos, there are more than 140 bird species. This also includes the migratory birds. The experience will be more thrilling when you have binoculars.

13.Visit the Great Guana Cay

Visit the Great Guana Cay
Credit flickr

It’s only accessible through the ferries or private boat from the Marsh Harbour. The island is 7 miles in length and what draws people to this place are the beachfront properties. It is best for fishing and also characterized by the nightlife. It is nearby other islands which also enable you to access them easily. Some of these islands close to it are Elbow cay, Lubbers quarter and Green Turtle cay. Also, what makes the island enticing is the use of golf carts as the mode of transport. You could easily bump into your favorite celebrities carting around with their families.

14. Andros

Credit flickr

It is the island that is most abundant in the archipelago of the Bahamas, and its mass of land is split into portions. They include the North, the South, and the central landmass, which are all separated by canals. These canals are referred to as bites. The island land surface is physically rough and rugged. Its main point of selling is the ecotourism, attractions designs. They include- bird-watching, hiking, and diving.

On the mangrove Cay part of the Central Andros, there is a settlement that is entirely and also a fishing jewel. They are places that are family owned and are best for outdoor types of activities. The central Andros is also famous for its traditions of culinary. Its tribute is paid by an event held annually in June. Also, there are crab hunting activities that are done in the dark.

15. Bimini Fishing Capital

Bimini Fishing Capital
Credit flickr

It is one of the biggest capitals for fishing in the Bahamas. It’s a great place to go fishing as well as explore different types of fishes. At this place, it’s a guarantee that you will be able to see sharks and dolphins. And in particular, you will see the hammerhead sharks. Its coast is facing the western current which is full of nutrients supplied by the Gulf Stream currents. It, therefore, contains big fish in abundance.

On the waters around the island, it attracts snorkelers and divers, and this is due to the mix of reck sites which are shallow and reef walls. It is also known for being tranquil, and this was even acknowledged by Ernest Hemmingway and Martin Luther King Jr, the famous Bimini Ambassadors.

16. It’s time for Marketplace shopping at Port Lucaya

Marketplace shopping at Port Lucaya
Credit flickr

This is an irresistible all in one market place. It is freeport complex and an open-air marketplace. The products include both consumables and non-consumables. It offers you the full experience of Bahamian Shopping. The products are available at a great offer. After long strolls around the market buying what suits you, you can refresh up at the restaurants which offer exclusive cocktails. Also, you can access a souvenir from the arts and crafts shop as a reminder that you once visited the Bahamas.

17. Spider Cave

Do the spiders creep you? If yes, then it’s time to shade away from your fear. From the name, the cave inhabitants are spiders. You may not see them during the day as they are nocturnal, but the evidence of their existence is imprinted on the walls by the webs. The silky white structure entirely covers the walls. The site alone, even without seeing spiders gives you chills on your body, but at the same time, it is thrilling. Make your vacation adventurous by visiting this cave.

Apart from the spiders, bats are also an attraction in this cave, including the cathedral chambered like roots of trees that are plentiful. The roots run from the trees above the rooftop down to the floor of the cave. The sky-roof illuminates the inner section of the cave. It is tall enough to allow for free upright walking and safe for claustrophobic individuals. Remember to wear closed shoes which are descent and carry bug spray for mosquitoes.

18. Have a touch on History at the Preachers Cave

This cave has a historical significance. It is found on the northern side of Eleuthera. In the 1600s, along with the island, it was discovered by Captain William Sayles. This was after their ship was racked on a reef known as the Devil’s Backbone and they have washed off the shore on the beach of preachers cave. This is to the opposite side of the cave entrance. The island sheltered them, a place of worship, and freedom from being persecuted for their beliefs in religion. The boulder which they used as an altar in the cave is now a monument. On visiting the cave, you can bring your swimming trunks for a dive after getting the insight into the cave.


There are fantastic places in the Bahamas, you might never know just how awesome they can be to you. A lot of people wonder what it might cost them to go visiting those places, but maybe it might interest you to know that many of these places don’t even cost you so much to attend because they are located in environments that are close to each other.


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