9 Beautiful Stops Along the Redwood Highway

While driving through the redwood highway in California for the first time, you might be tempted to think that the drive is going to belong, through a continuous forest for 175 miles but the truth is that grove trees do not grow like that. The trees in the redwood national park groves and between the woods there are some of the most scenic places in California and the world at large.

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There is a lot to see and to do if you want to like driving your car through the chandelier tree. If you are not in a hurry, you can be sure of traveling into the village that is fully packed with homes from the Victorian era. Be sure to watch those waves as they crash on the rocks and don’t to forget to take some photos of yourself during the journey.

The basics of the coastal redwoods

The trees that grow along the coast of the redwood national park are the tallest in the entire planet, and some of them are as tall as 350 feet and not forgetting that they are about sixteen to eighteen feet across. They might seem skinny, so if you want to see lots of the redwood and thick trunked for that matter, you might want to consider going to Sierra Nevada Mountains which are around Yosemite National park and Sequoia.

The top sights as you drive through the redwood highway

There is a lot to see while you are driving through the redwood highway as you drive between Leggett on the south and crescent on the north. As you go through it, be sure not to miss any of the following dramatic scenery. We have organized them as from the north as you drive south.

1. Howland Hill Road

Howland hill road
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One the thing that you don’t want to miss while you are driving through the redwood highway is Jedidiah smith state park. It is the perfect spot to see the scenic Howland hill road, which is 6 miles and full of great things to see. Howland hill road is not ideal for all the vehicles so you will need to do just a bit of research and confirm if yours is suitable for the drive so that you don’t end up getting disappointed.

2. Crescent City

Crescent City
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Crescent city is the home of commercial fishing from the port, and you can confirm this as you approach the bay. While you are in the crescent city, be sure to visit the lighthouse as well as the gate stones that are just near the beach. If you don’t mind, you can buy a few fish and promote the local economy.

3. Prairie Creek Redwoods

Prairie Creek Redwoods
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This is a must-see while you are driving through the redwood highway. During the mating season of the Roosevelt Elk, you can be sure of witnessing the bulls having the challenge to determine who have the mating rights. At a time like this, you might want to pull off the road and allow them to have their time.

 As for any other time, you can be sure of hiking through the fern canyon and enjoy the scenic view from these 50-foot tall walls which are draped with seven different kinds of fern. If you are not just passing by and you had decided to have your time in the redwoods, be sure to put up your tent near the ocean at the campgrounds available.

4. Eureka

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This little town just has got a lot of things to offer and a perfect place to stay for a night. Be sure to visit the redwood parks which are just near the town and admire the architecture in the old town area. When you are done, you can be sure of enjoying bird watching at the nearby mash. Also, you can try out cruise on the Humboldt Bay if you got the time.

5. Have a side trip to Ferndale

This 4 mile trip of the main redwood highway is going to be worth your time as you are going to enjoy everything you find. Experience crossing Eel River and visit the dairy farms and get to a town that was featured in the movie the majestic by Jim Carrey. The city is elegant and a perfect place that deserves a side trip of its own.

6. Scotia

Scotia is also off the highway, and it deserves a side trip too. Scotia is the home of the last remaining company town in the US. Some of the employees in the 250 pacific lumber company have worked here for generations.

7. Humboldt Redwoods

Humboldt Redwoods
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When it comes to the park with the highest trees in California, Humboldt redwood state park is incomparable. A third of the park is just old-growth forest, which makes it the park that has the extensive expanse of the ancient redwood trees left on this planet more than anywhere else in the world. Along the Eel River and Bull Creek is the most impressive and dense groves. As for the best stops, Women’s Federations Grove and Founders Grove take the spot.

8. Avenue of Giants

Avenue of Giants
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This 39-mile drive ha a lot of things to see as well as to do while driving along the main highway. This is actually the only place in the whole world that you can be sure of driving on a road that is between redwood trees that are as tall as 30 story building.

9. The roadside attractions

As you drive through the highway, there are some roadside attractions, but you need to keep it in mind that they are owned privately, so you are going to pay some admission fee. If you own a large vehicle, it might be too wide to drive through the trees. Some of the roadside attractions include; one log house, trees of mystery, confusion hill, and driving through the chandelier tree.


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