15 Beautiful Places to Visit in Uruguay

Taking time and going to one of the most exciting places is one achievement that is undoubtedly worth it. You get to either find time for yourself or let your children have a bit of a break from the healthy daily life they are used to. When it comes to this situation, one of the best places to look forward to going is Uruguay.

This is the smallest state in South America with Brazil and Argentina surrounding it. It is, however, extremely known for its very long beaches and fantastic culture-filled practices that are quite attractive and fascinating to the whole world.

There are some places that I would advise you to make sure you have visited.

Places to visit when you are in Uruguay

1. Montevideo


This happens to be the capital city of Uruguay. It is also one of the major ports that are found in the country. The vast number of people who live in this place has opened its potential to much more than you would have thought of.

There are quite some things that you would enjoy if you visited this town. You would first start with visiting the art gallery, which has a remarkable contemporary art space. The plaza Independencia which is basically where the president works from as also been known to attract quite many political fanatics who would like to meet with the president.

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It also has the statue of General Artigas that led the state to gain its independence. It is one of the things about this place that has made it quite historical and one of the cultural centers in Uruguay. You could enjoy some time in the greenest areas in the city, which is the Parque Rodo which allows a great picnic and relaxation setting.

2. Maldonado

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Compared to most of the other towns in Uruguay, this is the one place that has been known to attract the most buzz all over the city. It has been known to harbor both outdoor and indoor activities that you can enjoy while you are in Maldonado. So many people have had a chance of visiting it and have come up with a very impressive report.

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You will get several horse riding activities, car drives to the Mirador Punta Ballena, golfing in the Cantegril club among many other activities that you will find every exciting for you at that time. 

3. La Paloma

La Paloma
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It has been one of the famous go-to places for most of the people during the summer. Its location along the Atlantic beach goes a long way in proving this fantastic fact. Many people have even named it as the Monaco of South America. This explains why this specific town happens to be the most expensive in the whole country.

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The beaches that have been attached to it allow fantastic water activities like surfing and sailing with protected limits of cos, especially if you have never done it before. It has also been appreciated because of its divine views during sunset and sunrise. Its settings have made it one of the most romantic places because of the therapeutic essence it gives its visitors.

4. Punta del Este

Punta del Este
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The most popular beach area in Uruguay with a beneficial and working port area that has been quite an attraction site for most tourists. It, therefore, gives out an exciting nightlife scene that is usually very impressive for most people.

You can have fun activities like whale watching and visiting the sea lion island. The finger-like structure that is usually at the beach has also been one of the greatest tourist attractions. The La Barra Bridge whose unique shape has known to be the source of admiration in the architectural world too.

5. Colonia del Sacramento

Colonia del Sacramento
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This is one of the places with the highest levels of culture infused in them that it was even named as one of the UNESCO world cultural heritage sites in 1995. Many of the tourists who come to Uruguay would not leave without having a taste of the authentic Portuguese taste that this town has, including the meals and the available sleeping arrangements.

You will get to visit the Historic Center get involved in some biking activities and even enjoy the sunsets at the harbor. More so if you want it to have a romantic feel to it. The fact that it is the oldest town, it carries with it an incredible ruggedness in the cobbled streets and buildings.

Once there, get to visit the lighthouses that will give you a very breathtaking view of the town. You will also get to notice the perimeter wall that runs around the section and the museums that happen to be the harbor of the cities culture and pride.

6. Piriapolis

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It is one of the towns close to the beach that has a walkway that has been created on the seashore. It was explicitly done to allow the people to have some exciting times along the shore as they enjoy the sea view and the cool breeze from the ocean. It also gave the city a great sense of order and arrangement you would not find in other places.

You will note that it has several restaurants and bars for people to stop in and have a refreshing meal or drink before they continue or when they are through with their walk. You can also get to enjoy a fantastic time at the Pira’s castle, Hotel Colon and the Rambla waterfront. It also possesses as one of the most exciting places to take photographs in.

7. Punta del Diablo

Punta del Diablo
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Punta Del Diablo is one of the unique beaches that has been highly visited over the years. The ability for it to host one of the best cocktail bars while the people enjoy some quality time surfing is one that most people would wish for. It allows people to have fun with the animals in the Santa Teresa national park, which also has some awe-inspiring views and beaches.

The fishing culture that this town has been known for allows you to have some delicious fresh seafood at affordable prices cooked by the best of the Argentinian chefs. Horses and a lot of other outdoor activities await you, especially if you are going as a group.

8. Ciudad de la Costa

Ciudad de la Costa
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This is one of the coastal towns that are named in the country of Uruguay. Geographically it has also been tagged an extension of the Montevideo town, with the third-highest population in the country.

You will then get to enjoy the Parque Del Plata Park and the Museo Aeronautico museum where you will have a one on one experience with the culture heroes of their time and the exotic features that have been kept for more exceptional future reference. You can also decide to take tour rides around the city to enjoy the full experience of the town with no limit.

9. Barra de Valizas

Barra de Valizas
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It is one of the places along the beach that is not very developed with a form of rusty taste to it. Once you are in this environs, you get to have a chance to make a 20 km hike over the dunes. You also get to enjoy an exciting shopping spree on the artisan market that is found on the way to the beach. This has been one of the places that have been known for its great taste in souvenirs.

10. Punta Ballena

Punta Ballena
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This is one of the best peninsula resort that has been identified and loved by many people, especially if they are coming for a romantic getaway with their loved ones. It is one of those places you get to drive to and enjoy looking at the whales while you have an exciting time with your loved one.

You can decide to be diverse and participate in the available hang gliding activities that have come to be very popular among the people. It is one place you will not regret.

11. Jose Ignacio

Jose Ignacio
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It is a fishing village that has grown over time to attract some of the wealthiest people in the world. This levels of class that it attracts has also led to the people of the area upping their game and providing services that will be of the type of such people.

That way, you will get activities like yoga studios, cocktail bars, terraced grilled restaurant, and hippie 5-star hotels. Some of them usually get quite fussy; therefore, the need to stay in places that speak for the money that they have.

You will, however, also get cheaper hotels, and services that are even lower class don’t fear to go there.

12. Salto

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It is the second largest town that has its border strategically set between the Uruguay River and Argentina. You will have a chance to enjoy the fantastic architecture whether you decide to stay here or not.

Its closeness to the Termas Del Dayman, which is known for its amazing thermal spring and hot water pools contributes highly to the increasing number of tourists every year. This is major because of the city’s hydroelectric dam. I tend to think the science behind it, and the fact that there is a significant waterfall close to town makes it more of an attraction site. It gives the people who opt to tour this place a chance to unwind and become one with nature.

13. Tacuarembó

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It is one of the upstate towns that is located in the north of the country. Its relation to cattle and fields brings about that cowboy feeling in the culture and the general decorum in that place. I am one different place compared to most of the other towns which are close to a beach and all that hype and fun attached to it.

Tacuarembó offers you touch with nature through the waterfalls and the caves that are around the town. It is one place to explore your imagination even in the museum, picturesque of the April Plaza and most importantly the cathedral.

14. La Pedrera

La Pedrera
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This is one of the seaside towns that have vast distances of beaches and amazing waves. It was then given it a chance to have a wider variety of bars and restaurants to satisfy the needs of the many people who come to the beach.

Some rock formations have been known to create quite a buzz along with the tourists together with a lagoon that allows many of the tourists to take amazing pictures. The nature reserve that has migratory birds has also been said to be one of the points of pride of the La Pedrera.

15. Termas del Dayman

Termas del Dayman
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It is one of the most famous thermal springs that have come up of late. It has a pool that is open for everybody as long as you have paid the entrance fee, which tends to vary according to seasons. You can easily find it very therapeutic in whatever sense you would wish to see it.

You will also get to enjoy participating in activities like going to the Estancia La Aurora, where you will be able to enjoy the exotic animals in their natural habitat. Your children can also have a fun day at the Acuamania water park. It is one of the places everyone in the family or the group will find something to have fun.


Uruguay’s scenic and attractive culture-based life has been known to be at the center point of all the fun and holidays in South America. It is getting to have a taste of the sandy beaches and the exotic features that are spread all over the country. It allows you to learn about the culture, eat amazing food, and see some historical highlights that may not be found elsewhere in the world. Trying the place out is one of the things I would ask you to do because I can assure you, you will not get enough of it. Uruguay is one fascinating place.


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