31 Fascinating Places to Visit in Boston

In life, we have different reasons. There are reasons to work or rest. However, in the digital world, rest seems like an option to many rather than a priority. We are engulfed with work trying to make the extra coin to make our lives comfortable.

The big question is when did you last take time off from work. To travel and explore new places. I mean even relax with your family or friends and laugh your heads off during the holidays. You need to have time away from work to relax and unwind.

The best place to take your vacation is in Boston. It was established in 1630, and it is one of the largest cities in the United States. Being the largest, it has so many things for you and your family to engage in. This makes it hard for you to come up with the perfect list of things to do as a family or as a couple. Here are some of the best things to do in the town.

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1. Visit the Museum of Fine Arts

Museum of Fine Arts
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The Museum is the ideal place to start your tour. It is one of the oldest art institutions in the country and was built in 1870. The Museum houses 53 galleries showcasing over 500,000 works of art that will amaze you. For art fanatics, the gallery will undoubtedly require you to take two or more days to examine them keenly.

You and your family will have a great time in the facility as well. All it requires is time and a map to guide you to the most prestigious paintings. It houses one of the most extensive Japanese collection and also French paintings.

There are classic collections and sculptures from Villa of the Contrada Bottaro displayed in the Museum.  It is enormous; therefore; I would recommend spending the whole day in the facility.

2. Tour Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology

Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology
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It is one of the most significant anthropological museums with over 500,000 photographs and a million objects displayed. The collection is from all over the world, but a considerable percentage is from the U.S. It showcases, paintings, drawings, prints, Archeology, ethnography, and Osteology.

It is the ideal place to bring your kids for the holidays or weekends. They will have a chance to learn while on vacation.

3. Visit the Museum of Science

Museum of Science
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It is the best family destination where you and the kids can visit when in town. The kids can learn about anatomy, earth science, and even astronomy. There are also dinosaur fossils that you can explore and find out how the ancient creatures lived on earth. Maybe after the trip, you may ask them to write a report on what they learned in the Museum.

The Museum houses Charles Hayden Planetarium and Mugar Omni Theater. The technological world brings your dreams and imaginations to reality.

The Association zoos and Aquarium found in the facility is also a must-visit. It is home to over 100 rescued animals. You can spend the whole day on the premise without worrying about the food and refreshments. This is because there is a café that serves delicious food to give you a taste of Boston’s dishes.

4. Visit the John F. Kennedy Presidential Museum & library

John F. Kennedy Presidential Museum & library
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Your trip to the city cannot be complete without visiting the iconic Museum. It paints a picture of how the life of the famous leader was and his legacy. There is a section in the building that shows how his office was during the presidency.

There are videos, artifacts, and photos that will give you a storyline of how Kennedy lived. Trust me when I say that after living in the facility, you will feel like you knew him personally. The journey down the memory lane is involving and educative. It provides you with an excellent platform for the kids to learn about the history of the country.

5. Spend Time in Boston Public Garden

Boston public garden
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It sits right next to Boston Common. The garden was established in 1837, and it is one of the fantastic serene environment to be in. The green shade of the trees and grass are welcoming, and immediately you set foot in the garden leaving will be a problem.

For couples, you will enjoy walking in the botanical garden. And if you are in search of a venue for your wedding, then this is the place to exchange your vows.

The beautiful lake gives the garden its cold climate. You and your family can enjoy a boat ride in the famous swan boats. There are also benches where you can relax with your loved one or by yourself and watch the sunset. The view is breathtaking, giving the garden a whole new look.

“The make way duck for duckling’s statutes” is one of the iconic arts that you have to witness. I would suggest you have your cameras ready. From the statues to the real swans that are found in the garden makes your tour worthwhile.

6. Tour the New England Aquarium

New England Aquarium
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The Aquarium was built in 1969; this enables you and the kids to learn more about the marine world. There is a Giant Ocean tank where you will see the coral reefs and spot the different marine creatures.

The Aquarium also has exhibits showcasing sea horse, penguins, and sea jellies. Here the kids will learn about marine life and how the ecosystem works. There is also an IMAX theater. It presents you with an opportunity to escape from the Aquarium. At the theater, you will enjoy watching your favorite movies in 3D and having a box of popcorn by your side.

7. Fenway Park tour

Fenway Park tour
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Home to the famous Boston red sox it is the oldest ballpark and can seat 40,000 people. It has been a sight to grounders, stolen bases, and home runs. And this is a tradition I would want you and the family to experience. If you are lucky to be in the city during the preseason games spare a bit of your time to catch this fantastic sports.

There is a tour being offered in the stadium where you will be able to see the press room, visitors’ clubhouse and the great seats above the Green monster it is 37 foot-tall. The design of the ballpark is outstanding, that is a must-see when you are at the stadium. There is also the famous right-field pole that is named after Johnny Pesky. He is a former player of the team.

8. Skywalk Observatory

Skywalk Observatory
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A view of the town from the building will mesmerize you. It is the only sky-high vintage that offers a 360 view of the beautiful city. It is located in the Prudential Tower. This is the ideal place to bring your family to have a spectacular view engraved in their minds.

The Acoustiguide tours will give you a brief history of the lovely city. The guided tour is done in verity of languages. This ensures that you understand the history of the town irrespective of your style. The glittering night view is the best, and I always look forward to spending my evening at the observatory. I believe you should catch this view as well and experience the nightlife.

9. Franklin Park Zoo

Franklin Park Zoo
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 The zoo covers 72 acres and contains over 220 species of animals. The park is well maintained, and it’s clean. This makes it the best place to bring your family to tour during the holidays or weekends.

The zoo houses the animals in different sections; you can start your exploration at the Serengeti Crossing. It showcases the ostriches, warthogs, white-bearded wildebeests, giant zebras, and crested porcupines.

The Kalahari Kingdom is an African themed park that displays two male African lions, and they are brothers. The next stop will be my favorite spot, that is the bird’s world. It showcases species from four different environments that is the desert, wetlands, swamps, and rainforest.

The tropical rainforest is another fantastic section that you have to visit. It showcases the gorillas, de Brazza’s monkey, and bats among other creatures. Outback trail and giraffe savannah have their beauty to display. Do ensure you tag along with your camera or a full charge phone with the right lens.

10. The Old North Church

The Old North Church
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The icon building was designed in 1723 by Christopher Wren. The church played a significant role during the colonial rule. It is a symbol of the famous Paul Revere. He rode through the town at midnight to warn the people about the arrival of the British troops.

For the historian, the church will fascinate you as it has artifacts from the past. This includes the Chandeliers and American’s oldest set of change ring bells. Each pew has a story behind it and awaits you to discover. An example is pew number 54, which was reserved for Paul’s family.

It’s the ideal place to bring your family and see the iconic landmark. The architectural design is uniquely beautiful.

11. Boston Common

Boston Common
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The beautiful grounds that you see right now started as a grazing site. And after the revolutionary war, it became a venue to hold rallies and campaigns. Later it was crowned the oldest public park in the U.S.

If you want to spend quality time with your family or loved one, the park is the place to be. The green shade of the trees and the grass provides a perfect ground to have your picnic. Plus the kids will have an extensive field to play. There are the frog pond and tadpole playground where they can enjoy themselves.

During winter, you would still enjoy yourself as there is ice skating. Therefore regardless of the season, you will always have fun at the park. 

12. Walk along Freedom trail

Freedom trail
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The trail starts from Boston Common to the Bunker Hill Monument in Charlestown. It covers two and a half miles, which presents you with the perfect walking trail. When strolling, you will be able to see sixteen historic sites which have outstanding architectural designs.

The only thing that you will require is comfortable shoes and a bottle of water. It also gives you time to bond with your family during the walk. There are walking tours which you can opt to join the group and learn more about the historical sites.

13. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
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For art lovers, the Museum is the place to head to and feast your eyes. It displays arts from Asia, Europe, and America.  The gallery showcases paints, decorative paintings, sculptures, and tapestries.

It also displays the personal art by Isabella, which includes illuminated manuscripts and the original pressing books by Dante. Fun fact about the literature is that it is displayed according to how she arranged them at first. Nothing has been changed. You will be able to understand how she lived her life and the passion she had for art.

Well if your name is Isabella, then you are in luck since you be given a discount. The same applies if you are wearing a Sox garb.

14. New England Holocaust Memorial

New England Holocaust Memorial
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It is located near the Freedom Trail. The memorial is dedicated to the Jews who were killed by Nazi Germany. It consists of six glass towers under which you can walkthrough. The names of the Jews are carved outside the walls of the towers. And the inner walls are engraved with quotes from survives of each camp.

Each tower symbolizes the different camps and consists of 24 individual panels of glass. It is a quiet and calm place to stroll and pay your respects as well.

15. Faneuil Hall Marketplace

Faneuil Hall Marketplace
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It’s made up of four buildings that are South Market, North Market, Quincy Market, and Faneuil Hall. And the market was established in 1742. It is also known as the cradle of liberty. There is a statue of Adams at the entry, where you can take pictures.

The market is made up of stalls where you can purchase artifacts and other products. The products sold at the market are a bit costly, so come loaded. You can as well stroll in the market halls and even have a bite of the different cuisines while at it.

16. Trinity church

Trinity church
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The iconic building was constructed after the Great Boston fire. The architectural designs are unique. It was built from 1872 to 1877 this was after the Boston fire. The plan was done by Henry, and it is known as the blueprint to all architectural style in the city.

The rough stone, towers, clay roof, and arches give it a unique style. This is why I usually take pictures of the iconic building. It seems to be new with every picture looking better than the other.

The lovely stained glass murals and brightly colored walls make the church cozy. Am sure your family will enjoy visiting the church during the vacation.

17. Black Heritage Trail

Black heritage trail
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The trail passes a mile and a half through Boston. The fantastic factor about the trail is that it connects 15 pre-civil war structures and historic sites. Walking along the path will be like traveling back in time.

Many of the structures are now residential homes. But there is a tour being offered every day that you can join and learn more about the town. I would recommend you have your comfortable shoe and enjoy strolling down the street during the tour.

18. Warren Anatomical Museum

The Museum was established in 1847 by John Collins Warren, a professor at Harvard. The University houses the museums. It can be difficult for you to locate since the entry is at the back of a library.

The collection is made up of instructive anatomical and pathological specimen. The objects include inhaler that was used during ether surgery in 1846. The other item that is a must-see is the skull of Phineas Gage. The skull is of a rail worker who survived an iron through his head.

There is also the specimen of conjured twins showcased in the Museum. If one of your kids has a passion for medicine and wants to take it as a profession. I would recommend bringing them here to see these fascinating items which will inspire them even more.

19. Edgar Allan Poe Square

Edgar Allan Poe Square
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If you have read Edgar’s poems, then you have to see his statue. It shows how busy and passionate he was about his work. It will be like meeting him in person. His skill made him be ranked as an expert in short stories in the country.

He was born in Boston as the second child to actors Elizabeth and David. His father left them in 1810, and then he was hit with his mother’s death the following year. He then went into poetry as a profession which made it hard for him to make ends meet.

The statue shows all the pain and frustration he went through during his life. If you are a poet, am sure the figure will inspire you in your art.

20. Brewery tour

Brewery tour
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A little bit of alcohol is good for the stomach, so it is said. Well, there is a tour in Boston that guarantees you an avenue to sample the local beer. Different dealers in town will take you through this session. It includes the craft involved in the preparation and then tasting the beer as a reward for your patience.

The locals take beer seriously and therefore you should treat this tour with respect.  Harpoon Brewery and Sam Adams companies are offering the tours. If you love your drink, then this is the place to visit and experience the craft. Remember to drink responsibly and do not drive after these sessions when drunk. This will make you get a ticket, which is a record you would not want to have.

21. Boston Harborwalk

Boston Harborwalk
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This is the perfect place to stroll in the evening if you are a couple. The trail passes through the edge of piers, wharves, beaches and final to the shoreline. Though there is a plan to stretch the path by 47 km, you can still enjoy your walk. The nightlife is fantastic, making the Harborwalk quiet and calm to walk under the moonlight.

There are varies attractions that you will admire while walking along the path. These include the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston Tea Party Museum, New England Aquarium, and USS Constitution.

This will also present you perfect scenery to unwind and lose some calories. It is suitable for the family to walk along the public path and bond deeper. A water taxi awaits you if you feel exhausted from the walk or you want to experience the calm waters.

22. Harvard Yard

Harvard Yard
Credit flickr

It is the historic center and regarded as the oldest part of Harvard University. The yard covers 22.4 acres. The amazing grass park is ideal for recreational activities and events. At the grounds, you will be able to see the statue of the famous John Harvard.

It is the place where most of the student relax and spend time. Therefore you will always find a game of chess being played.  Harvard Square is located down the street where there are restaurants. Hence you will not worry about food if you are visiting with the family.

I would advise you visits the historical yard during the summer. At this time of the year, the students are away, and the ground usually is quiet and peaceful. Plus it is advisable you bring your kids to see how the University is. In the long run, it will make them work harder in schools to be admitted to the University.

23. Institute of Contemporary Art

Institute of Contemporary Art
Credit flickr

The art museum was established in 1936. The Sea Port district is home to the beautiful Museum. The design of the building is unique; the exterior staircases will take your breath away. Art is showcased on a small section of the building. And the rest of the units are used for performing arts and dancing.

Maybe you can sign up for dance lessons when in town. Ensure you have the right attire and get down to the beat. This is also an excellent place to enroll the family for the lessons and enjoy the hits as a whole. Those with two left feet I think you should consider registering for these classes.

24. The Paint Bar

The famous bar is perfect for the family to head and enjoy painting. You can bring your food or drink into the bar or purchase it from there. The bar will supply you with all the needed tools all you have to do paint. The sessions take two and a half hours.

The nightlife in the bar is perfect as people compete to see whose painting is excellent. There are many people in the bar at this time, making the sessions more fun. The only drawback is that you have to be over the age of 21 to enter the bar. For couples, this would be the perfect place to spend the evening after a long day of exploration.

25. Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill
Credit flickr

It is a historic part of the city which you must visit to able to discover its hidden treasures. Beacon Hill is one of the places I would suggest you sort out for when looking for a permanent residence. The land has so much history attached to it.

This begins with it being the first place in the court where a public school for free black Americans. It is known as Abiel Smith School. The story continues with the establishment of the black church, which is the first. It is referred to as the African Meeting House.

The streets of brick sidewalks are known of the iconic gas lamps that illuminate them. This makes it a romantic place to stroll in the evening with your loved one. There are restaurants where you can grab a bite and have a taste of their dishes. The antique and boutique are the places I love to shop when in town.

26. African Meeting House

For historians, the house is the place to begin your tour when in a lovely city. It was built in 1806, and it is the only black church remaining in the country.  This was more than a church during the war. The famous Fredrick Douglas spoke within these walls to encourage the blacks to serve during the civil war. It was also the place where the 54th Massachusetts Regiment drafted their ranks during the war.

27. USS Construction

USS Construction
Credit flickr

Also known as the Ironsides and it is the ideal place to bring your family. For those who loved their history class back in school, military, and boat fanatics. I will suggest you visit the Construction before entering any museum. This should be the first stop for you and experience the energy when on board of the USS Construction.

A guided tour in the vessel is offered. Watching the flag being lowered and raised onboard is breathtaking, and I recommend you have your cameras. There is also the USS Construction museum that you can head to after visiting the ship. The kids will enjoy visiting the Museum and the boat, which will also a learning experience.

28. Quincy Market

Quincy Market
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The market was constructed in 1824 and named after Josiah Quincy. The surprising fact about the building was that it was built without any tax or debt. It is the largest market complex that was built in the 19th century.

The market is always lively, and you can stroll along the halls admiring the architectural work. There are stalls where you can grab a bit of the delightful dishes. There are also games being played within the walls. You can play chess and other games.

The fresh farm produce will also be perfect for your meals. If you are inclined to buying food, you can sort out the ingredients from the market. And head home to prepare your dinner.

29. Boston Tea Party Museum

Boston Tea Party Museum
Credit flickr

It is a floating museum that is the perfect gateway for you and your family. A guided tour is offered for you to explore the vessel. It has live reenactments that will make you feel like you are part of the Museum. There are also artifacts that you can take a candid picture and frame them.

30. Boston food tour

Boston food tour
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This is a bus when you are in town I would not want you to miss out on. The influx of new chef and the immigrant population has made the city have different quinces. The only way to be able to tell the difference is by having a taste of their dishes. This is something I bet you and your family will enjoy.

The staple food of the Boston community is the seafood which is made up of clams, lobster, and oysters. This is dishes that will live your taste buds dancing.

31. Salem

Credit flickr

If you have watched the famous series known as Salem, then I think you have a bit of history about the renowned port. This refers to the 1692 trial in which several locals who were suspected of practicing witchcraft were executed.

The Peabody Essex Museum is one of the oldest museums in the country. It showcases Oceanic, Marine, and Asian art. For art lovers, this is the ideal place to feast your eyes as art from every corner of the world. There is also a tour guide to explore the Witch house.


Holidays are equally important, and we cannot ignore the importance of it in our lives. You need to take time off work and relax. This is why I recommend a vacation in Boston.  Your health is essential, and a holiday in the town will do the trick. It will enable you to relax and rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul. The city is full of hidden treasures that await you to explore. If you are planning for a holiday getaway. This is the ideal place to bring your family to bond and relax.

Walking Tour in Quincy Market


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