10 Attractive Mansions in Rhode Island

The power of getting a magnificent and reliable mansion lies in the many preferences that you might be having as a person. Most of the estates I am relating to are built depending on the house owner at that time.

When you look keenly, you will realize that most of these mansions are situated somewhere close to or around Newport, which happens to be a place that many people usually opt to build their retirement homes. The fact that it is in the outskirts it creates a perfect environment to develop hotels and leisure homes where most people will opt to come during the holidays and in most cases with their families.

Some of these houses have both a historical value and an economic value that is why they have been maintained as historic sites or grounds. Many of them are now in possession of the public or the History District Commission (HDC) who have been certified to ensure that the few historic monumental sites are preserved and maintain the standards that they are set to have.

Some of the mansion are mentioned in the below list with all of them situated in Newport, Rhode Island.

Attractive Mansions in Rhode Island

1. Isaac bell house

Isaac bell house
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The History that is attached to this place makes it join up the others in the title of being a national historic landmark in Newport’s Rhode Island. To most people, it has even been tagged the Eden Villa of Newport. Built at an age in the American History where the social stability of the area was wanting, it had to maintain a certain level that had to prove to be helpful during those times. It was, however, also a period of considerable economic growth and expansion of the industrialization period of that time.

The mansion was built under the impressive and extravagant Shingle Style Architecture that was highly revered during those days. This entails making great use of the wooden features with several porches and simple windows. Who would not like to be highly motivated by the exquisite taste from the French and the Japanese from during that time?

The main reason for trying out this style was to ensure that they can attract quite a good number of guests, especially now that it was during the summer season with all the visitors streaming in. The wealthy people of that time were known to have a costly taste. Therefore, if you needed to have something that would attract a vast number of people, then it should be unique and fairly attractive features.

2. The Elms

The Elms
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This place is also called the Summer Cottage. It is situated in Bellevue Avenue in the Rhode Island. The largeness of the land made it impossible for only one person to be in charge of designing the whole property. Therefore, you will notice that many various designs have been used to create an ambiance that is effective for that place.

The elms have impressive steel frame brick partitions and what is generally known by many as the limestone facade. The mansion has a ballroom, dining area, library, conservatory and a grand marble floor with several bedrooms and private sitting areas for groups that will come especially of large families.

The History behind the house is that the owner Mr. Berwind was so parodistic that he could never allow the staff to interact with the guests when inside the house. There were are various coal-fired furnaces that were used during those days and tunnels where the coal was brought from the nearby street. Even the washing machines and other electrical appliances were not used until recently when the ownership changed to the public.

During your tour, you will be able to see the giant circuit breaker box, galley, wine cellar, steamer truck storage area and a fantastic laundry room that the mansion used to keep the clothes and things clean. To spike up the tour, you will be shown gardens and trees that linger close to the Newport Harbor in the distance.

3. Newport historic district

Newport historic district
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 This is a land that covers up to 250 acres of land within which it is known to have colonial buildings including some of the oldest buildings that were made during the primitive. This specific district has a fantastic waterfront and numerous shops that are located along this particular Thames Street. Who would not like a street that has a very distinct character apart from the others?

This portion of the historic district runs across the streets of Van Zandt, Sherman, High, Thames, and Farewell among any of the other roads in Rhode Island. The olden days did not have much of vehicles. Therefore, you couldn’t get full streets. It is this reality that has made the area not to have ample parking as most people would have expected the place to have. It also means that the streets had to be extremely creative if they wanted to make the best of the small space that they had been given.

Some places have been marked out to be very significant, making this district to have the value that it is supposed to be having. This includes the museum of Newport history which is now the Brick market, the Touro Synagogue, the White House Tavern and the Trinity Church among the many other things that you will be shown when you finally decide to visit this place of beauty.

The district has the History District Commission (HDC) that oversees the running of the whole region but is not eligible to make any decisions that could influence the ownership of the property in general. With specific people having direct jurisdiction to specific mansion areas to ensure that they have been well taken care of.

4. Blithewold Mansion

This is a land that happens to occupy around 33 ha of land that has the opportunity of having a fantastic view of Narragansett Bay, which happens to be very significant in American History. If you are a person who enjoys the right amount of History even during some of the holidays that you happen to be part of this place will be the perfect place for you. The area has both the mansion where you can enjoy the architecture, the garden and the arboretum, which is also very useful if you are looking for a romantic place to have a vacation or a visit.

The beauty of this place lies in the fact that the gardens and the elegant setting that it has, has been set to indulge you as a visitor in so anyways. There is the poetic and the practical part of this place that gets you so carried ways that it would be hard for you not to love this place. Both the exotic and the indigenous species of plants and trees have been reared here as a form of reminder of what the situation is supposed to look like.

The stonework design that this place has been done completes the 45-room mansion and the neighboring garden that gives the area a perfect view apart for the fresh air and the grand parking that is available for all the visitors of that place at any time that they are staying in that mansion.

It should be noted that for check-in it is allowed from 10 am to 4 pm on most of the days. Useful if you are a visitor who may not be knowing the programs of that place.

5. Rough point

This is also one of the mansions that were made during the Gilded Age but has over time been shifted ownership to the public under Newport Restoration Foundation where it is now a renowned museum of the great architectural prowess that the owner used to have. It is located on Bellevue Avenue and is quite close to the Cliff walk, which is just overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

Its location in 680 Bellevue Avenue with parking available and wheel accessible entrances has made the place to be viewed as one of the hotspots of visitors when they come to Newport. The house has some fantastic features like a salty swimming pool in the basement that was fed by water from the ocean and one-person elevator that carried her across the house at her will. It is not every day that you get such a distinct feature in a large apartment.

This specific house has had quite some heat attached to it, considering the various court cases and family feuds that have taken place among the owners. Therefore, it has been known to attract quite some good number of visitors. It was, therefore, decided that for the ability to handle the large crowds effectively and at the same time for the visitors to enjoy. The trips have been scheduled to be between May and November.

6. Ocean drive historic district

Castle Inn
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Ocean Drive is a street that is found on the southern shore of Rhode Island. It was distinctively noticed because of its fantastic architecture and also distinct landscape that it happens to occupy. This place is excellent because it has several picnic points that the wealthy used to enjoy. And its view of the beach and the ocean has been known to attract more people that they could have ever imagined.

The tours in this place are also called the Ten Mile Tour Drive where you can decide how you want to view it. You could walk, kite fly, scuba diving, bike ride, or drive around the coastline of Aquidneck. Between your walks or tours, you will find the Castle inn where you can have a small refreshment, the gooseberry beach and the Fort Adams State Park among the many other exciting features that you will be glad to have come across. During your stay, you should ensure that you get to enjoy these few things that will make your visit more pronounced than you would have wished.

If you enjoy a good architecture design, then this place will surely take your attention. The beauty of the houses being both the small and the big have made this place to not only look like a small estate with fancy houses, but it also led to the bringing up of the Historic District Commission. They ensure that the communities’ state of pride is maintained and that no crooked or shrewd people may come in the area and make it lose its sense of stand.

7. The Breakers

The Breakers
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This is the enormous mansion that is known in Newport, Rhode Island. This specific mansion is located in Ochre point avenue of the Rhode Island. The Preservation Society of Newport County presently owns it, and according to its rules, it is open for people to view all year round. This specific house has the original Italian Renaissance. It has sculptured Iron gates that have been used to identify it from the other homes that have been built in that area at that time.

The mansion has a fantastic garden that has been lined with pine oaks and red maples with trees that actively act as screens to create a distance between them and the neighbors around them. The trees are entirely indigenous and a fascinating landscape with scarce trees. This ensures that this place has a fantastic environment, especially if you want some relaxed and relaxing place.

The mansion has a fantastic set of laundry, staff restrooms, reception rooms, arcade, and library that creates an entirely sensible and able environment that is good enough for any family.

There is also a very high sense of seclusion in that area because they are covered with shrubs and trees like dogwoods that screen the grounds and prevent street traffic and other outside noises from getting access into the compound. Apart from security, there also happens to be an excellent environment in that compound.

8. Seaview terrace

Seaview Terrace
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Unlike most of the other mansions that have been publicly allowed this one is privately owned. It is known because of its historic design of the French Renaissance that happened in 1925. With its stained-glass windows doorways that are high arching and turrets that just added on to the beauty of the seaside location that it had. There are groups of people who also refer it to Carey mansion.

This specific mansion is known to be large enough that they had a section of it leased out to Salve Regina University, but it still retails quite a large size to it again. The fact that the Bradley family was the only one living in that 54 room house of three floors made it even more exciting because it just means that this specific family could handle themselves financially.

This house has not only been used for leisure purposes once it was vacated and taken into ownership by the state, but the army has also been said to have owned it during World War II. The Stoneleigh-Burnham school was an only-girls summer school that was run during the summer. This means that it has enough resources even to facilitate a school apart from its usual historical nature.

Old movies have also been shot here with even a few episodes of the famous Scooby-doo movies which I am sure you have seen or at least heard of. It has impressive features like the whispering gallery, Jacob Estey organs if you are a lover of music and the amazingly rigid hedge fence that runs around the property instead of the usual wall fence that most properties are using today.

9. Vanderbilt houses

Vanderbilt houses
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Many communities in the past had a habit of building homes in the same compound or at least close to each other. More so, the ones that are of families that are related to each other or those of very close friends. Therefore, the Vanderbilt was of no exception. With time these houses have changed ownership and versions them built elsewhere leading them to move.

They built the house from the East Coast to New York, each with almost the same architectural design and size. All these houses when you look deeper into History, you will realize they have been linked by blood. Therefore, it was a family affair. It is also distinct because most of them have the same architectural design and were built initially by the same and where all of the same time.

Presently all the 16 houses have now been changed into historical centers where impressive galleries have been set up to showcase the expensive taste that the Vanderbilt family were having during those times. Research has also shown that many other houses were also built during those time trying to emulate what the Vanderbilt’s had done for their homes. It, therefore, acted as a standing stone for the building sectors of that time.

It is possible that some of the already mentioned homes belonged to the Vanderbilt’s. Only that there separation and difference in what they can offer has made it very difficult for them to be generally associated with the others. Such houses include the Breakers, Woodlea, and the Oakland Farm to mention a few of them. They have, however, not been scrapped form the History of having the Vanderbilt signature written all over it.

10. Rosecliff

Credit flickr

Its location on a 22-acre land was designed based on the French Grand Trion, who is a notable name even today in the art and design sector. It has a limestone staircase, a 40*80 ballroom and a fantastic lawn that overlooks the Newport Cliff Walk and the Atlantic Ocean. 

This is one of the mansions that has made Newport to be recognized far and wide. This specific mansion was used in the filming of the Great Gatsby movie and many other films that were million-dollar films when it was produced. It opened its doors to the lovers of the film who wanted a firsthand experience of what the Great Gatsby himself must have felt. It also opened the place to many other movies and other films to even decide to shoot it from there earning revenue for the mansion and its owners.

Many people have over the years followed suit and hosted grand parties and ceremonies because of the large dining area, breathtaking architecture, and fantastic parking space for the guests. It has therefore been spotted out among the many mansions as one of the areas that you can easily rent and hold your ceremonies there comfortably.

Presently it is run by the Preservation Society of Newport County who have opened the mansion to guests between May and October. They even allow the annual Newport Sunflower Show which has been known to bring together gigantic groups of people creating a communal affair among the residents. This is one of the great beauties that have been attached to the mansion and has prevented it from being closed over the years.


The surprising fact that there are mansions in Newport has given it a somewhat new stand when it comes to comparison with the other areas. The villas listed have all been able to withstand the pressure of time and still maintain the nature of historical importance. Most of the palaces are, in most cases, open to guests with some even having people residents that have risen the value of the area at all times. Most of them are now owned and run by public commissions whose primary revenue are taken from the mansions are used to maintain the houses, meaning that what you will be expected to pay, only goes back to the palace or to the community that is around the place. You can, therefore, never be disappointed when you decide to go to any of these mansions. Your time and money would not have gone to waste at any point.


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