15 Beautiful Fairytale Towns in Germany

Also referred to as Deutschland, Germany is home to a myriad of fairy towns. The German-speaking nation has more than four ethnic groups. This explains the diversity in the design of different villages in the government. So, what communities stand out in this populous country?

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Check out fairytale towns in Germany

1. Heidelberg

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Neckar River is the perfect spot to have a clear view of this fairy town. Green and brown are the dominant colors here. This signifies an ideal mix of nature and makings of a man.

The Heidelberg Castle also referred to as the Schloss Heidelberg, steals the show. It produces a beautiful view. The town is loved by writers and photographers both from America and Europe for one reason. The reason is; the city is stunningly beautiful.

2. Landsberg Am Lech

Landsberg Am Lech
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Landsberg Am Lech is located in Bavaria, Southern Germany. The street floors are made of cobblestone and the old town buildings pastel-colored. The dull appearance and quietness of this place make it a perfect town to spend your time without disturbance. The Schoner Turm and Rathaus Town Hall are found here. These two create a picturesque scene.

Far from the appealing look, this town has excellent restaurants. The hotels offer unique German foods you have to taste before leaving. A Kaffee and Kunchen meal is the locals’ favorite. That is coffee and cake. Landsberg Am Lech’s strategic location allows for easy access from other towns like Munich and Augsburg. You may take a train or taxi for easy navigation.

3. Weimar

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Weimar is found in the state of Thuringia. The town had close ties with Friedrich and Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe. At the theatre Square, you will discover polymaths standing together. The statue on Theaterplatz stands just outside. This is where German politicians converged to draft the Weimar Republic constitution.

Well, that is not the only attraction in Weimar. The town has several attractive parks spread out. Besides, palaces are signifying the royalty defining Weimar. The historical village has museums and cultural buildings. For instance, the Baroque building houses a collection of manuscripts and books rare to find. A good example is an original Luther Bible.

Hotel Elephant is also located here. This is the same hotel Adolf Hitler used to visit frequently. The Marktplatz (Weimar’s Market Square) is another defining venue of this fairy town. There is a lot of history and culture living in this quaint town.

4. Baden-Baden

Baden Baden
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It will take you an hour and a half to drive from Frankfurt to this beautiful town. It is essential first for you to understand what Baden really means. Baden means bath. But why name this town “bath”? It is because the fairy town has many healing spas.

From a distance, your eyes will only see green. The town has many beautiful green trees which give it a pretty natural feel. Baden Baden is one of the most precious parks in Europe. The city has beautiful nature trails.

The Oos River crosses this town, and that explains why there are many bridges present. Also present are beautiful fountains and statues. There are two castles present too. The first is Hohenbaden castle, which was built in the 11th century. The other is New Castle, which is also known as Neues Schloss. The two historic castles create beautiful scenery.

It does not end there. The royal casino is also present in this fairy town. A crystal chandelier palace is a perfect place for punters to explore their betting skills.

Navigation across the town has been made easy and fun. There are horse-drawn carriages to help you move around with ease. This will allow you to explore the eateries present here and old shops.

5. Schiltach

Credit pixabay

This charming town is located in the Black Forest. The town has beautiful modern buildings whose look will make you think you are in dreamland. Situated 20 kilometers away from the market hub, it is easy to get there by taxi. Well, you may or may not find an English speaking taxi guy.

The Kinzig River flows in between half-timbered houses and is used by some to the bath. The gently flowing water body complements the green trees and beautiful human-made buildings located in the fairy town.

The town came to existence in the 11th century. Schiltach is authentic and still intact with minimum human interference. The city also hosts farmer’s markets regularly. In addition to that, several festivities occur here once in a while.

For instance, on New Year’s Eve, natives here participate in a procession. During the event, they hold lanterns and engage in singing hymns. 

6. Cochem

Credit Unsplash

A town’s view from the top is the easiest way to tell which town has the best eye appeal. Cochem looks amazing if looked at from the top. The aerial view gives an impression of fairy tales.

Again, nature meets human-made buildings here. There is a beautiful river bordering this pretty town. Termed the best fairy castle in Germany, the town is home to 5000 people.

The Roman buildings here are well preserved. There is also a wine present in plenty. Its proximity to Moselle River makes it a fertile town. Although farming is not dominant here, there are vineyards present. The Cochem Castle seated 300 feet above River Moselle is the stand out feature.

Cochem Castle also hosts a nice restaurant where you may eat all the German foods you have ever heard or thought about. Those that have been here before recommend October as the best month to visit. This is the exact time Cochem trees are said to be changing colors.

7. Oberwesel

Credit pixabay

Most German buildings are half-timbered. The construction in this fairy town attests to that. Brown and grey timber have been used to complement the white, cream, and grey buildings in this town.

Located in Rhine Valley, this town is stunningly beautiful. The cobblestoned street floors make the town free from mud and dust. As a result, navigation without fear of getting dusty is enabled.

There are restaurants also available. A good example is the Hotel Romerkrug. The place has excellent German cuisines in the store.

There are beautiful towers, still standing. They were used initially for defense. Currently, they are residential places. There is also River Rhine to add glamour to the view.

Along the streets are many wine bars. Why don’t you stop by and have a taste of German wine? Oberwesel is such a fairy tale!

8. Zinnowitz, Usedom Island

Zinnowitz, Usedom Island
Credit pixabay

Usedom Island is German’s second-largest island. On it is Zinnowitz- the country’s most beautiful Nordic town. Zinnowitz is considered the heart of Usedom Island.

The breeze in this town and Baltic Sea makes the water-surrounded village a beautiful place to be in especially during winter. While here, you will meet the sounds of a seagull and smell of fresh fish.

Getting to this beautiful island from Berlin will take you around two and a half hours. Many activities can take place here, including canoeing, kayaking, and short boat trips.

9. Wernigerode

Credit pixabay

This is another typical German fairy town. The buildings here are mostly half-timbered with nicely colored flowers used to complete the look.

It feels like a Disney storybook to be here. The look and feel are just extraordinary. The street floor is also built of cobblestones and the wall nicely designed. The architecture employed in the construction here is unequaled.

Wernigerode has no water body passing by but covers up for that with the presence of a striking look. From afar, your eyes will be impressed. The town is not only beautiful but historical too. This is confirmed by the presence of old buildings that still stand up to this date.

10. Trier

Credit pixabay

It is one of the eldest towns in Germany. The fairy town city is located in between the valleys of Moselle. The town was formed in 15 B.C. by Augustus, the Roman Emperor. For many years, it has been in existence; it has grown into a viticulture town.

In the evening, the nicely colored buildings here illuminate their colors. This forms a beautiful scenery for the eyes and photography. That is why during your visit you will need to carry with you a camera.

Trier also has several restaurants to visit. The hotels have excellent menus full of German cuisines you will enjoy. Also, Trier has saint sculptures that overlap each other. Finally, there are roof gables present.

11. Berchtesgaden

Credit Berchtesgaden

This alpine town is situated on the German – Austrian border. With less than 7000 people in the population, the small town is a popular tourist destination. The city has a variety of colors used to make it beautiful.

The place has activities for all seasons. When it’s winter, you may go there to ski. On the other side, you may visit this temple town during the summer to go hiking. At this time, the weather is warm and Bavarian.

There are beautiful gorges present and salt mines to visit. It does not end there because there are open-air spaces from where you may go to relax. Between Berchtesgaden and Salzburg, Austria is only half an hour’s drive. The gated community also allows you to walk around and familiarize yourself with the place.

12. Triberg

Credit flickr

Triberg is one of the few towns lucky to have found themselves in the Black forest. The town boasts of hosting, arguably Germany’s highest waterfall. This is subject to contestation but not its black forest ham and the cuckoo clocks present in Triberg.

The forested town is accessible to everyone, whether a child or people with disabilities. Due to its unique features, hiking is possible and easy. The big rocks here blocking the natural flow give birth to fountains and other beautiful picturesque sceneries.

The town has neither castles nor human interference present. To compensate for that, there are nature trails and an ambiance you will love. The fresh air and green trees make this town naturally beautiful. There are all kinds of trees present, both medicinal and aesthetic.

13. Quedlinburg

Credit Unsplash

There is a sandstone crop in this town carrying a historic castle and a church. These two are only a pair out of the many defining features of the beautiful Quedlinburg. Most of the houses here are half-timbered with brown roofs and archaic architectural designs.

According to many legends, the first German kingdom was established here. Apparently, Germany’s first kings received their crowns here. Apart from the beautiful buildings and rich history, this town has a river passing along and trees available too.

The constructions have a vintage touch and were done in the 15th century. The streets are also cobblestoned, creating an excellent surface for walks. You may bring a pet along with you.

14. Bacharach

Credit pixabay

Bacharach is one of the series of towns located on the Rhine River. The famous Stadtmauer- Rundweg (Town Wall Walk) is found here. Another beautiful building located here in St. Peter’s Church. It will take you around an hour and a half to finish walking along with the loops of the Town Wall Walk.

There are also undercover walkways leading to the vineyards that surround Bacharach. Malerwinkel (a historic house), Wernerkapelle (gothic Wener Chapel), and Castle Stahleck are other beautiful buildings contributing to this town’s fairy tale status.

The Burg Stahleck (Castle Stahleck), which is currently a youth hostel, gives a beautiful view of the Rhine River Valley. This view is a must-do, whether your time in this town is limited or not.

15. Goslar

Credit pixabay

This small charming town is historical and medieval. According to history, the town used to be the German Emperor’s summer home. The buildings are half-timbered and brown walled. The streets are cobblestoned and narrow for walks. This fairy town is the perfect way to wrap up my list of 15 beautiful fairy towns in Germany.


German is a powerhouse in Europe for a reason. From being a footballing nation to a strong economy, the country is blessed with many beautiful towns. These towns make you feel like you are in the middle of a fairy tale. That is Germany for you.


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