Doe Mountain Trail in Sedona, Arizona

The Doe mountain trail in Sedona is one of the people’s favorite trails in the United States. It has one of the best views in Arizona and beautiful vegetation too. The trail ascends to 500 feet high, producing a short hiking path.

Along your journey, be prepared to meet exhaustion. That should not worry you because there is plenty of resting spots. This one-way mountain trail has everything about it perfect. The weather is right, and the environment serene. For these reasons, it is possible to bring along children.

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We all want an easily accessible destination. The Doe mountain trail is strategically located on Boynton Pass road. This is a few meters to your right when coming off Aerie road.

This location has the perfect weather for taking a walk. During October, the temperatures are at a high of 37°C. In November, the temperatures range between 22°C and 25°C. Temperatures go to 27°C in December.

This perfect mix of fine weather and nice location makes this mountain trail a must. With the weather into consideration, November is the best time to visit. At that time of the year, the temperatures are right. Therefore, you will not be exposed to extreme temperatures or cold.

It is essential to know how far this trail is from whichever location you are in. Doe mountain trail is 39 miles far from Flagstaff (map link). This means you will spend less than two hours to get to this point. To be precise, it will take you exactly one and a half hours.

If you are hailing from Sedona (map link), it is only nineteen miles away. Putting time into consideration, you will spend only twenty minutes to get to the Doe mountain trail. It is evident it is located in the right place.


Getting to this place is secure. All you need is to know is the shortest route from your location. Well, if you are unsure, you may use online maps to get your location and find the most direct way to the Doe mountain trail.

So, which GPS bearing will you use? The trail’s GPS readings are 34°53’36.7″N 111°51’54.5″W, Using online maps like Google maps, you may key in that bearing on the search engine and find out how you will get to this place.

Another alternative is taking a taxi. Although not the best option, you may ask around different taxi drivers if they know how to get to this great mountain trail. But, if you decide to do so, then you ought to be careful not end up in an interior place farther than even the initial position you currently are in. 

If you are driving from Flagstaff, drive 39 miles south using US 89A. Do not stop until you get to Dry Creek road through Sedona. Still, keep driving because, at this point, you are only close but not yet there. Keep driving until you get to the West end of town. 

Once there, make a right turn to North through Dry Creek Road numbered FR 152C. From there, it is only three miles to the Boynton Canyon intersection. Then make a left turn on FR 152 C. From there, it is only one mile far from the mountain trailhead. (map link)

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Every hiking trail has a challenge. The Doe mountain trail is not any different. But, the best part of it is it is doable. There have been many older adults who have successfully managed to climb the trail with ease.

There are instances of rocky and sloppy places. That may pose a degree of difficulty even though it is still manageable.

The level of difficulty may also alter depending on the weather. You should be surprised when things get harder after it has rained.


When planning to go hiking, you must put the distance into consideration. The Doe mountain trail will make you cover about 2.5 miles. That will take you at least two hours of hiking, that’s both going up the mountain and coming down which is approximately one hour going up and one hour coming down.

Doe mountain has been well-reviewed to be of the right distance. Why? Because it is not too long, neither is it too short. Although you’ll sweat a little bit during the walk, be sure to get to the peak. To get to the top of the mesa, you will cover 0.7 miles. While there, you will go around the edge of the mountain trail, which is 1.3 miles.

By now you must be wondering if you’ll get tired walking along the Doe mountain trail or not. Well, walking trails are meant to make you sweat. That’s the fun part of it. For Doe mountain trail, you have quite a long distance to walk, but you may choose to lengthen your trips by having stopped in between your path. Having trailing partners will also make the distance look short. The fun you experience in between destination and starting point will see to it that you get to your destination without notice. 

In a nutshell, the distance to and fro Doe mountain trail is manageable. That is why you may carry along a young one or your aged family member.

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Hiking Tips

A successful hiking experience doesn’t just happen. It needs a lot of input in terms of time, money, and planning. There is much that comes to play. Much which, if ignored or not put into consideration, will cost you dearly. The following tips must be implemented to make your walk the best. So, what tips are we talking about?

Perhaps it is your first time to Doe mountain trail. That means you know nothing about the trail. Lack of this knowledge may make you waste time looking for where to go and what to do. To avoid such, you may decide to get a guide.

Finding the best guide is not easy but possible. You may decide to go looking for one online or opt to find one at Doe mountain. Be sure to find friendly guides who are fluent in communication for maximum fun. Individual guides are great, but dealing with a tour company bears more fruits.

Another important tip is dressing right for the weather. Imagine going for the trail with a summer outfit only to find the weather calling for heavy dressing. To get this right, you need help from weather forecasts. You, therefore, need to do intensive research on how the weather will be during the time you are planning to go for a walk. This is important also to protect your health. 

Another trivial question is what to do while on top of the mountain. Well, there are many things to do, but priority should be given to viewing the surrounding. You may decide to spend at least an hour to shift from corner to corner to have a stare of the fantastic view.

Advantageously, you may bring along your pets as long as they are on a leash. Leaving them freely may inconvenience others out to have an excellent hiking experience.

Things to be aware of

Visiting unfamiliar territories may be scary at first. But, with knowledge of what to do and what not to do at hand, it is easier to have a good experience. Ignorance may be costly because you may end in a place where you are not supposed. That is why here, we have prepared a list of things to be aware of when planning your trip to the Doe mountain trail.

First of all, the Doe mountain trail is a challenging experience. Therefore, you must be ready to sweat and get fatigued. But it is doable. 

Also, you should always remember there are wild animals along the trail. This poses a security threat if caution is not exercised. For instance, a snake was reported to be seen crossing the trail path. In such a situation, all you need to do is step back and let the reptile pass. 

There are many wild animals around, but that should not worry you at all. The only thing you need to be cautious about is how you handle the situation in case one wild animal pops out. The best thing to do is to stay calm and let the beast pass. Unless you provoke the wild creatures, be sure to have a safe walk. Another precaution you may take is to allow a tour guide to accompany you. This way, you are sure to use the safest routes to the top of the mountain.

Did you know, a walking stick could save your life? Imagine stepping on a snake unawares. You risk a bite that may mean spoiling your hiking experience. Ensure you have a stick just in case reptiles are idling somewhere, they will be notified and leave immediately. That way, you would have saved your life and probably the people accompanying you. But that should not worry you much because it is rare and only happens once in a blue moon.

It is also good to note that you will come across a steep slope. Therefore, ensure your shoe wear is hard enough to sustain the terrain’s slippery nature. If you have children or aged people accompanying you, watch out for them because steep slopes are a security threat.

Another thing to remember is some parts of the trail are rocky. This may offer a challenge to young ones and the old ones. But, there’s no cause for alarm because it is still manageable.

Another thing to be aware of is the weather variation. Changes in weather may interfere with your hiking. In case it does, do not worry because there is another day.

Camping is possible in Doe mountain trails. To have the best experience, ensure you camp on durable surfaces. On top of that, ensure you maintain cleanliness. Disposing of waste without care may land you in big problems.

Another precaution to take is to ensure you do not move things. What do I mean? Responsibility dictates that you leave whatever you find wherever you found it. Doing the contrary may land you into problems.

Another thing to keep in mind is the forest guards sometimes engage in activities that may disrupt your hiking. Whenever you are caused to stop by forest guards’ activities, do not worry. Follow as instructed and maybe make plans for another day. You may be patient enough to wait for the guards to finish their activities before you proceed.


Using a Sedona helicopter tour company will set you back over 200 US dollars. Another option is using the Sedona Off-Road Canyon Jeep Tour. You will have an opportunity to ride in a four-wheel-drive through the trail. That will cost you about 100 US dollars. Well, that is entirely something, but the experience you get is worth the spend. Be sure to enjoy yourself to the fullest with amazing panoramic views and fulfilling hiking experience.

What you can see

The Doe mountain trail is not just about walking. As much as hiking is the main activity you will be doing throughout your time here, viewing is also a priority. That is why, as you plan your trip, you need to have a list of things to view prior.

The first view to have is the 360-degree view of the Sedona red rocks. At the top of the Doe mountain is a nice panoramic view of the whole Sedona area. It offers you a rare opportunity to see Sedona in different dimensions at all angles.

You may also get a chance to see game animals. The only thing you need to ensure is keeping a distance for your safety.

Places to eat

Places to stay

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Nearby hiking spots


Hiking is a perfect way to lay off boredom and unpleasant routines. Doe mountain offers a wonderful opportunity for mountain trail lovers to have a walk of their lifetime. The best part of it is, it is affordable and fun. The views are amazing from the top, and that is why you cannot leave before rising to the top of Doe.


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