15 Beautiful Christmas Towns in the United States


Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year. Families get a chance to reunite and celebrate together. For many, it is time to be indoors. Alternately, others prefer to go to church.

Conversely, the majority use this opportunity to travel. For travelers, the US is a preferred destination. So, which towns in the US should you consider when searching for a Christmas destination? Read on.

1. Alexandria, Virginia

Alexandria Virginia
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You might be wondering, how do I get to this point? It is simple. Using Ronald Reagan Airport, it is possible to fly to Alexandria.

This town has several unique restaurants. Here, you will find all types of food you wish. Some of the dishes found in these eateries are Cajun and Creole. Other foods available are the healthy international foods you are used to like rice and beef soup. Be sure to enjoy every moment.

A perfect restaurant you shouldn’t miss out on is RT’s Restaurant. The highly-rated restaurant has nice waiters, and their food is so delicious. They have some of the best recipes in the world.

Another activity you may get involved in Alexandria is walking. The perfect time to do this is at night. During this time, the streets are well lit, and the ambiance is out of this world. The beautiful town shines with lights of different colors. Your security is also guaranteed; therefore, there is no need to worry. Although, the best thing to do is to walk in groups.

It will be great to carry your camera with you. The beautiful buildings must be captured in photos; otherwise, you will regret later on. The historical buildings also represent the culture and Alexandria’s great past.

That is not all. Alexandria Holiday Boat Parade of Lights is a great view. Ensure you walk to this place to maximize the fun you experience. While at it, do not forget to also pass by The District’s Holiday Boat Parade. The view will wow you. The beautiful lighting means it is a festive season, and that is why you cannot miss out. Alexandria is the perfect place to start.

2. New York City, New York

New York City
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Not a town but a city. This is compulsory during travel. Talk about pomp and glamour. Think about festivity and fun. All these are available in the great city of New York. Although, you should expect to find it crowded during Christmas. But, that can only mean one thing. It is one of the best destinations in the world. The huge visiting population cannot be without reason.

The best thing about New York is the availability of parties all through. The party town has additional Christmas displays. On top of that, you will find beautiful things to buy. Shopping is fun here. Also, athletes have something to do. You may decide to go skating or opt to engage in other sports.

Now, it will be unfair for you to leave New York without spending a night in Lotte New York Palace. This magnificent place is only a block far from Sak’s Fifth Avenue. During this festive season of the year, this exclusive hotel gives a beautiful display perfect for pictures.

The place boasts of delicious foods. It represents everything about New York as a whole. The representation encompasses culture, tradition, and cuisine. Generally, New York is a must-visit during Christmas. Ensure this party town does not miss in your list of towns to go to during Christmas.

3. Leavenworth, Washington

Leavenworth, Washington
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This town is located in the Eastern slopes of the Cascade mountains. This is deeply seated in the state of Washington. During festival seasons like Christmas, this town turns into magic. Visitors leave with positive reviews because of the fun they experience here. Who are you not to visit this town?

Hold on there. Do you think it’s only Christmas that this place lights up? No, you are very wrong. This town starts putting up illuminations a fortnight before Christmas. Technically, Christmas starts two weeks before December 25th and goes to a week after the 25th. Isn’t that incredible?

Guess what? You will be astonished to find more lights than people. The lighting makes the town gorgeous, especially during the nights. Converts are in plenty during this season with sledding and sleigh rides available.

For Christians, you will also get a chance to experience St. Nickolaus’ visits. As if that is not enough, the Leavenworth Nutcracker Museum is also present. There is so much activity with fun cutting across. Don’t miss out on the fun.

4. Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
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Many refer to this town as the Christmas city. That already means something. It implies Bethlehem is a must-visit as Christmas approaches.

Most Christians will fall in love with this name already. From the Bible, Bethlehem is the place Jesus was born. Christ is the reason behind Christmas. That is why this name matches perfectly with this town.

You must be wondering where it is located. Wonder no more. Bethlehem is situated in the Eastern of Pennsylvania. During this festive season, the town hosts in excess of 50 events. That means party after party. What better way to celebrate your Christmas?

When Christmas is mentioned, the Christmas tree and Christkindlmarkts come to mind. Once you’re in this town, be sure to find plenty of this lighting up the city. That sets the mood ready for Christmas parties.

5. North Pole, Alaska

North Pole, Alaska
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This town is the best place for you if you want a less populated area. The scenery and ambiance here are out of this world. The North Pole is seated deep in Alaska, making its location ideal.

Guess what? This town celebrates Christmas 12 months a year. But December is the peak of celebrations. This means the best time to be here is the end year around Christmas time.

Now, the place is known for its ice celebrations. These events are attractive and fun; you can’t help but get involved. During winter, there is also a significant number of tourists visiting. This provides you with a perfect opportunity to connect and reach out. As you celebrate, you may land your next big deal. 

6. Duluth, Minnesota

Duluth, Minnesota
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This town is industrial. That is why you will find trains along with other locomotives. Do you wish to know where it is located? The shores of Lake Superior is home to this town.

During Christmas, even trains get decorated with lights and Christmas trees. At that time, nothing is left behind. The little town is another perfect place to land for your Christmas holiday.

Are you a chocolate lover? Look here, during Christmas; you will bump into volunteers offering free chocolate. That is in addition to other treats. Fun is plenty, and that is why you are likely to meet quite several people. At the entrance, you will most likely find more than 150,000 lights welcoming you. 

7. Durango, Colorado

Durango, Colorado
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This town is in Colorado. To get to this place, you may fly in through Albuquerque International Sunport. This is where you will find the Polar Express. You may be wondering what this is.

Well, Polar Express is a Canyon Excursion. It leads explorers through a 26-mile journey. You will go through the San Juan National Forest. Not only that but also Animas River. Wondering which medium you’ll use? Heated coaches are the answer. You cannot miss out on all this fun.

You will also pass through the snow-capped mountains. Do not miss doing shopping once you get to Main Avenue. The shops there have all the things you need.

There is more to do. Skiing is also an option for you. For maximum fun, ensure you don’t leave without skiing.

8. Frankenmuth, Michigan

Frankenmuth, Michigan
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This is another excellent Christmas destination located in Michigan. It is here where you will find the world’s largest Christmas store. For that reason, you should not wonder in case you visit and find many people here.

Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland is open 12 months a year. Although, when the time for significant holidays comes, it is shop closed. That implies it is Christmas all year. But, the best time to visit is December 15th. At this period, fun is at the peak, and you cannot afford to miss out.

9. Santa Claus, Indiana

Santa Claus, Indiana
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Father Christmas; they call Santa Claus. This is the perfect destination for families with children. Here, you will find love, and everything kids may find attractive.

Santa Claus is located to the East of Evansville. The town hosts myriads of activities and is always lit up during Christmas. There are many sites to see. They include Santa Claus Christmas Store, Santa’s Candy Castle, and Christmas Lake village. Also present is an excellent museum.

10. Solvang, California

Solvang, California
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This beautiful town is found in California. During Christmas, many events take place here. If you visit at that time, you will meet a Christmas parade, caroling and candlelight tours. In addition to that, there are countless Christmas concerts you will enjoy being part of.

11. Woodstock, Vermont

Woodstock, Vermont
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Partying in this town starts as early as the first week of December. Technically, it is Christmas from 1st to December 31st. This allows you to plan with ease your stay in the USA during Christmas time.

Woodstock is located in Vermont. It is one of the best 15 towns to visit in the US during Christmas. You may get there quickly by air through Burlington International Airport.

The town has a touch of vintage, and that makes it be frequented by many, especially during the end of the year.

To start your trip, once you land goes straight to Woodstock Inn and Resort. Alternately, you may book in advance and go straight to your room upon arrival. They have excellent foodstuff and an ambiance perfect for a Christmas American mood and season.

Lighting in this town is perfect, and several more activities are taking place. It would be perfect if Christmas would fall on a weekend. The concerts and parties done here are endless. It is a must-visit.

12. Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Hole, Wyoming
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Many towns have been mentioned above. But, this particular town is just out of this world, especially during the Christmas season.

The fact that many tourists frequent here regularly speaks volumes about this town. The lighting during Christmas is exceptional. You will enjoy your visit, and it will be fun all through.

It allows you also to bring your family and have fun together. One of the outstanding fun activities you may engage in is skiing. Ensure this town is on your list of towns to visit during Christmas in the US.

13. Aspen, Colorado

Aspen, Colorado
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This town is rocky in the first place. During Christmas time, there is a lot of activity taking place here. There are many hotels to stop by and have a taste of American cuisine.

The white Christmas theme can go well with photography and skiing. Therefore, do not forget to carry your camera and skiing kit.

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The trees already look the season. Shaped like the artificial Christmas trees, you will see live vegetation looking like Christmas trees. Not many people come here during this time; therefore, expect less traffic.

14. Nantucket, Massachusetts

Nantucket, Massachusetts
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The best towns are made up of welcoming people. Its warm people make Nantucket a go-to town. You will be surprised how you get to feel at home here even though you are miles away from home. Be sure to engage in fun activities and enjoy to the fullest.

15.  Zoar, Ohio

Closing my list of 15 Christmas towns to visit in the US is Zoar town. The place is beautiful and sunny on Christmas. The summer setting sets up a perfect opportunity to enjoy your Christmas. Do not miss out on the fun this lovely town has to offer.


Christmas is time to have fun and let go of all the year’s stress. With that in mind, you need, therefore, to find the best places to go-to during Christmas. That is why you need to consider the 15 aforementioned towns. Have fun in your selection and visits. Merry Christmas.

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