30 Popular Caves In The United States

The United States has over 17,000 caves. Out of these, 10,000 are located in the state of Tennessee. The caves exist in different types. Some are ice caves; others are dry while the rest are wet caves. Most of these caves house different animal and plant species, including bats, vultures, raccoons, and even moths. The list below consists of 30 caves in the US with distinction and an out of this world uniqueness. They are also some of the largest, most famous, and fun-filled caves in the world today. Most of them form excellent picturesque views, creating amazing backgrounds for photography.

1. Mammoth Cave

Mammoth Cave
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This cave system, located in Kentucky, is the largest in the world. That fact makes it famous already. As a result, crowds visit this place in flocks all year round. This cave lives in the Mammoth Cave National Park. In 1981, the park was made a World Heritage Site.

This tourist attraction site hosts several activities. There are many tour guides around waiting to take you to the crawls and tunnels. You may also go for a boat ride. There is an underground river known as Echo. But this activity was terminated for reasons known to conservation bodies.

So, what can you engage in once you get to Mammoth cave? One, there is sightseeing at the Gothic Avenue Tour. It is clear; the Mammoth National park offers additional things to do other than the Mammoth cave system. 

Boat riding at the Green River, visiting the Fat Man’s Misery and other dusty tunnels of the cave, is equally entertaining. You may also have a chance to meet cave animals and plants. Walking through the cave’s underground passage will make your visit to the Mammoth a memorable one.

2. Tyson Spring

Privately owned by the Minnesota Cave Preserve, Tyson Spring cave is famous for the bones found spread out in the caves. The cave passage is about 5 miles. Being in the top 300 list of long caves in the US, this cave offers a great experience. It is a perfect place to create memories.

3. Russell Cave

This national monument is located in Alabama. The cave is well maintained and amazingly beautiful. To add to that, there are rangers available whose knowledge of the cave and its surroundings are impressive. They know the details, history, and everything you need to know about this pretty cave. 

Some caves are beautiful but remotely located. That makes them hard to access and inconvenient to visit. When it comes to the Russell cave, the location is strategic, and accessing it not troublesome.

Apart from an amazing history, the cave has great tunnels to walk under. Don’t be surprised if you find segregation along the path. The trails are again nicely kept; therefore, no need to worry about your health or security, because it is well taken care of.

Before you get to the cave, a local guide could take you to the snake show. You will have a chance to see and even hold snakes. What a chilling experience you’ll have!

It will only take you five minutes to get to the park from the visitor’s center. The 1.2-mile trail is rated moderate in terms of difficulty. Therefore, be ready for some work if you have kids or aged in your company. Here is the best part. There is room for family activities. Available are picnic tables set up the place well for family dates and meals. The only sad news is camping is not possible due to the lack of camping facilities.

4. Kazumura Cave

Kazumura Cave
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This historic site is located in Hawaii, US. The lava tube is the longest/deepest lava tube world wide. In your list of things to do in the US, prioritize visiting this cave. There is so much to experience.

5. Ventana Cave

Ventana Cave
Credit flickr

The Ventana cave is located in southern Arizona. It was excavated in 1941 and 1942 by two teams led by Julian and Wilfrid. This cave is another great place to visit. Although not as popular as many other caves, it still has much to view and experience. The only way to feel its worth is by visiting the cave. Normally it is not busy. This makes it a great place for those who love their privacy.

6. Twin Caves

From 20-minute boat tours to other outdoor activities, Twin caves are a hotbed of adventure. In addition to that, there is so much history of leaving this place with. Visit and make memories here.

7. Colossal Cave

This cave is one of the many features making up the Colossal Cave Mountain Park. This means kicking out of boredom. The cave has nice tunnels, though dry, to walk underneath. 

The Colossal cave is a nice place for family. There is a nice eatery around with food your kids will like including pizza. For those who love trailing when tipsy, there is beer for you. In a nutshell, the cave accommodates people from all walks of life.

8. Onyx cave

Onyx cave
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The Onyx cave has an amazing history. When you get here, you will self-guide yourself. This gives you room to explore and find out for yourself. There is an option of using headphones if it’s your company you want to enjoy. The headphones will be provided on request.

The weather here fluctuates now and then. November is the hottest month with 35 degrees Celsius. January experiences lower temperatures of about 25 degrees Celsius. 

9. Crystal Cave

Crystal Cave
Credit flickr

This cave is located near Kutztown. It has many sights to view. Apparently, it is one of the caves on the list of “The Oldest Caves in the World.” This cave is home to brown bats. 

One of the world’s most popular rock formations lives here. It is an Ice Cream Cone. The rock looks like an ice cream seated upside down in shape. The rock is also colored calcite, just like ice cream. Another beautiful rock formation is the dropped rock. 

The weather in this place is dependable. It rarely swings to the extreme. Instead, it is always constant, making it possible to plan for a tour to this place without worries of weather surprises.

10. Cumberland Bone Cave

Cumberland Bone Cave
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Tennessee has more than half of the caves in the US. Cumberland Bona is one of them. It is beautiful and pleasing to the eyes. It is also the second-largest cave in Tennessee. Make it a must-visit for you because the cave is just amazing.

11. Boyden Cave

Boyden Cave
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After the infamous 2015 Rough Fire, this cave was closed. Three seasons later, the cave is now open and operational. There is so much history to learn about when here.

The cave is small and near to other caves. This gives you a chance to visit other caves from here. It won’t take much of your time, but be sure to enjoy the little time you will spend here. The one path trail means you will use the same route back to exit. Be sure of a memorable experience.

12. Pellerito Cave

This cave is contained in the Domtar mine. The cave made of gypsum guarantees you of a thrilling experience. It is a good place to bring friends as company. Here, you are sure of creating everlasting memories because of the fun you will experience in this cave. 

13. Lovelock Cave

Lovelock Cave
Credit flickr

A bathroom, picnic tables, a hiking trail, and spacious parking is what makes an entrance, stay and exit from this place joyful. The cave is in a league of its own. The place is simply lovable.

While inside the cave, expect extreme darkness. Therefore, you may carry along a torch for vision. 

According to history, natives hid their hunting tools in this cave. I’m sure by now you are thinking of seeing remnants of some of the tools. Well, too bad, they are nowhere to be seen. 

14. Kuna Caves

These caves are located in Idaho. There is only one entrance to this cave. By the time you come out, you will be all smiles. Why? Because Kuna Caves offers one of the best caving experiences in the world.

15. Marvel Cave

Marvel Cave
Credit flickr

The Marvel cave is one of the few amazing wet caves in the world. It hosts tours like the Lantern Light and Silver Dollar City. To get to enjoy these tours, you need to get a ticket prior. 

There are guides present dressed in costumes to give you direction, share with you the history of the place, and make your visit as memorable as possible. The beautiful cave has one challenge, though. It has a trail rated difficult, and that means having kids in your company should worry you. 

16. Cave of the Winds Mountain Park

Winds Mountain Park
Credit flickr

The Cave of the Winds is located in the estate of Colorado. The cave has quite some caverns inside it. Although the only access to these caverns is through underwater diving. Taking your exploration in this cave will cost you nothing as the entrance is free.

Cave of the Winds is privileged to have a river inside it. According to world records, the river is the largest in Colorado to be inside a cave. Inside the cave, you will find many rooms, some of which lead to an underground lake located there.

Once in a while, the Cave of the Winds is closed. The reason for this is to take care of the bat here. There is a season when an outbreak of the white-nose syndrome strikes. This disease attacking bats needs to be tamed, and that is why the cave is closed after August 14 and opened after April 14.

17. Minnetonka Cave

Minnetonka Cave
Credit flickr

Put on your boots as you get ready for a fun-filled experience in Minnetonka Caves. The beautiful place is home to fun, pleasure, and memories. Bringing kids here is not a good idea.

18. Tory Cave

Tory Cave
Credit flickr

Made of limestone, the Tory cave is located in Heidelberg Escarpment. Inside the cave, be sure to find stalagmites, especially when the season is Spring. There is a nice trail to the cave, which will give you an easy time walking through.

The simple rated trail allows you to come with kids or even aged family members. Do not forget to carry your camera with you because you will not forgive yourself for failing to capture the moments in photos.

19. Marengo Cave

Marengo Cave
Credit flickr

Marengo has so much to offer. To begin with, there are cave tours, camping, walking, and many more to do. Inside the cave, there is a hideout, which is 5-mile long. It has streams that allow you and your loved ones to go canoeing. Not only that, the cave offers a mining opportunity.

Also available is a gift shop where you can find amazing souvenirs. The variety in items is breathtaking as it allows you to pick the items you like at affordable prices. 

Marengo cave is kids friendly. This makes it a perfect place to bring your family for dates or even camping. The place’s temperatures vary from hot to cold. To be safe, carry with you a sweater just in case it gets extremely old.

20. Niter Ice Cave

Good shoes, a jacket, torch, and a partner is all you need for a perfect Niter Ice Cave experience. Be prepared for darkness, and that is why you need a flashlight. The passages are thrilling, so you should expect your chills to run down your spine, especially with the darkness engulfing the air.

21. Buckner Cave

The first thing you need is a Buckner cave map. The reason is, you are going out for an adventure. The Buckner cave has a 3-mile passage. The best part about this cave is you are on a self-guided tour. Therefore, you are free to explore and see all you need to see. With your map handy, be sure to enjoy yourself and create memories. Enjoy!

22. Trapdoor

This small cave is one of the most visited in the United States. Initially, trash would get into this cave. At that time, it used to be referred to as Flush tube. To minimize the entrance of dirt into the cave, a ‘door’ was built at the entrance to prevent more dirt from going into the cave.

The ‘door’ newly constructed at the entrance led to the change of name of the cave to Trapdoor cave. That is just a little history of the cave. Imagine what more the cave holds for you. There is so much fun that can only be experienced rather than be written.

23. Devil’s Den Cave

Devil's Den Cave
Credit flickr

This is one of the most beautiful caves in the world. It is unique and has a special kind of formation. The atmosphere is friendly to family and adventurous. There are restaurants available with very friendly workers. The foods are also nice, and the experience was just amazing.

Well, in terms of fees, you will be set back quite a number of dollars. The best part of it is you get value for your money. Diving is also allowed here. That is not all; the Devil’s Den cave offers more than just caving. There is a picnic ground available. This sets up the mood for family time. The Devil’s Den cave should be on top of your list of things to do in Williston.

24. Shawnee Cave

Shawnee Cave
Credit flickr

Shawnee is one of the caves in Indiana State. The cave is situated Spring Mill State Park. This cave is such a gem that access here is controlled. Responsible for this is the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.

This cave is part of a system of underground passages. Out of the 8,000 feet series, it is the last. The origin of this cave is Southeast of the Shawnee park. Just before you get to the Shawnee cave, you will have to pass through the Bronson and Twin caves.

So, how do you get to Shawnee cave? There are two entrances. One is the Bronson cave entrance. The other access is the Twin Caves to Bronson passage. While the first entrance is safe and easily accessible, the latter is dangerous. That is why it is out of bounds. Therefore, be safe and use the Bronson cave entrance.

Once at the cave, there’s so much to experience. At the end of the day, be sure to satisfy your expectations. You will leave this cave with your spirit of achievement tank filled. Shawnee is just extraordinary.

25. Spool Caves

Open between 9 am and 5.30 pm, Spook cave is a good cave to be at. The natural beauty that will meet your eyes is unforgettable. Your ears will also be massaged by the soothing sound of water dripping onto pools.

A gift shop is also around with a perfect selection. Be sure to leave with two or three souvenirs. Do you love rocks? Then this is a must-visit. The physical features look amazingly attractive. Spook caves are one of the 30 caves in the United States you have to visit.

26. Bridal Cave

Bridal Cave
Credit flickr

This tourist attraction is situated in Missouri. Apart from attractions, this cave has a great history behind it. There are so many activities people engage in when they get here. The bottom line is, whenever you visit Missouri, you must spare some time for an adventure at the Bridal cave.

27. Warren’s Cave

Warren's Cave
Credit flickr

Being the longest dry cave found in the state of Florida, you expect it to be crowded, especially during weekends and holidays. Warren’s cave has more than 4 miles of passages. All of these trails are mapped. This is another cave with a rich history and a lot to learn about.

28. Lost River

Lost River
Credit flickr

Located in Kentucky, this cave is a must-visit. The seven-mile cave series is the source and path of the Lost River, hence the name. Due to the availability of a water body, boat yours is an activity you may engage in. Not seasonal but throughout the year. 

I have sad news for you. This great place is usually closed during festive seasons like Christmas, New Year, and other holidays. Although you may still make plans to visit on the day the cave is open.

29. Wyandotte Cave

This cave belongs to a series of caves located in Indiana. This is one of the caves that allow you to visit one or two more caves in a day. It is situated close to the Sibert’s cave. This cave also offers a great venue for a memorable caving experience.

30. Sibert’s cave

You may visit this cave on the same day you visit Wyandotte cave. After all, the two caves form a series. Although on one system, the two caves are different from each other. The Sibert’s cave has a lot in store for you.

The temperature of this cave is right; therefore, no need to worry about the weather changes. Just carry a jacket in case it decides to get cold. Also, do not forget to carry your camera because the feature around this cave is impressive. Finally, do not restrain yourself to only visiting this cave in a day. You can visit other caves too for a maximum fun experience. Also, ensure you carry your friends along.

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The US is a blessed nation. The countless number of caves in the US makes the country many people’s preferred holiday destinations. The list above has 30 of the US’s best, longest, deepest, most unique, and diverse caves. Spread out in different states, Tennessee is home to the highest number of caves in the US. Therefore, as you plan your trip to the world’s superpower, ensure you make plans for the state of Tennessee because that is where most of the cave fun is found. Other states also have beautiful caves where you can spend time alone or with your family. The 30 caves on this list should cover all your needs. Why? Because it comprises of all kinds of caves. Cheers!


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