The Best Time to Visit Greenland

Greenland has always been one of the points of pride in the world. This is because it is the largest island in the world if you may not be knowing. The way nature has been able to merge with the culture, and the people have always been one astonishing fact about that place. The idea that it is an island has also been a significant motivating factor to the beautiful weather that Greenland experiences.

Over the years many people have ended up calling it the ‘land of the midnight sun‘ which I have come to realize is an accurate depiction of what exactly it represents. But this can only be enjoyed during the summer when the weather is not that cold neither is it freezing. It mostly happens from June to September. It also happens to be the most visited period of time that people go there.

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There are, however, other times, when you will find some exciting things to do in Greenland. The ice in winter also has sledding specifically by the dogs and the surprisingly fascinating view of the lighting from the settlements when the days are darker than usual. Autumn and spring will also give you an exciting time. It will all depend on you and your preference as I had said earlier. Let’s explore and figure out the best time to visit Greenland for you.

Summer in Greenland

The weather in summer has been known to bring alive several activities that will make you enjoy your time in Greenland. You should, however, note that this does not mean that during the other seasons you will not be able to enjoy the beauty that the land has to offer. We would not like to restrict you to summer only. Be open to the beauty of nature that you will enjoy.

There are a few reasons why many people will opt for their holidays during the summer when it comes to Greenland. Other seasons may seem very enticing, but the following reasons are why summer should be the best time you should be in Greenland.

Boats in greenland
  1. The summer period allows you to experience temperatures of about 10 C and the snow in the areas close to the coast is now cleared. You will then not have to live like the Eskimos of the arctic because of the cold. The increased temperatures assure you that you will be able to enjoy the warmer times in the land.
  2. The dressing is not limited to jackets and boots to keep the cold away. You can pull off shorts and a t-shirt during the day. The temperatures are usually mild that will allow you to even swim in some parts of the ocean apart from other experiences. However, don’t be fooled and decided to end up not walking around in warm clothing. The climate is very unpredictable.
  3. You will be able to enjoy seeing animals like the arctic hare and the muskox as they gracefully graze in the nearby tundra. Many people have not been in a position to see some of the indigenous animals of the ice lands. We only see them in movies. Visiting the area of Greenland will give you a firsthand experience of knowing how exactly this animal looks like.
  4. This is the only time where you will be able to enjoy the swimming of one of the beauties of the high waters: whale. It is only during this time that they come so close to the shores that people can see them. It is, however, sad that it is also during this time that people take the advantage to hunt them and kill them for their meat.
  5. The holiday is, in most cases, depending on the number of activities that you will be able to do during the day. Therefore the fact that the summer offers you longer days is just icing on the cake. You will be able to thoroughly and exhaustively enjoy the time that you will have set aside to explore the land of the midnight sun.
  6. You will get to enjoy the midnight sun where people can enjoy cruising, hiking, and other amazing activities that you would not have the chance on during other times. However, you should be aware of the high number of mosquitos that also happen to enjoy the summer weather in Greenland.
  7. Be part of Greenland’s National Day, which is on the 21st of June. This can be a good time to visit Greenland and you will enjoy the many festivities through the food, music, and the activities that will be offered on that day. You will be in a perfect place to experience the culture that they have. You can be able also to buy goodies for yourself and your family. It is the one day in a year where you get to interact with many of the people in the area and also significantly learn what their culture is. It is a fantastic way of getting in touch with your surroundings too.
  8. If you are a lover of the birds and the whole culture behind their living, then this is the perfect place to go. The tundra has a way in which it blossoms and provides a very enticing environment. It is also exciting for the birds which foster a very healthy climate for breeding. You will then get all species of birds that are in that place. Luck might be o your wise where you will get to see young birds being fed and even being taught how to fly by their mothers.
  9. If you are a big fan of the hiking and the boat riding trips exercises, then you will be able to enjoy this part of the summer. The iceberg strewn fjords have been very useful during this season. They are food to the whales and also give the boat riders a fascinating experience when they are on the water. Riding from the top of the ‘ice hills’ to the pools of melted ice at the bottom is one thing that you have to be part of before you leave the land of the midnight sun.
boat ride in Greenland

Winter in Greenland

As we had said, holiday timing highly depends on your preference. If you need a slightly different experience, you can opt for the winter season which is from December to March. Most of the places will be covered by snow, and the temperatures always seem to drop to as low as -16 C, but this should not be a limitation to what nature had in store for you.

It may not give you as many activities for you to enjoy but be convinced that it won’t be in vain. There are a lot more you can be part of even when the place is freezing, and you have to walk around in fur clothes and boots to keep your feet from freezing. You should, however, be prepared to have very few hours of daytime light. It could, at times, go as low as 4 hours of daylight. This means that for you to have fun, most of it will have to be in darkness.

Northern light at night

Some of the activities could be

  1. Watching the attractive northern lights that you will get to experience over the darkened skies. Many people have ended up coming up with various theories relating to it, but all in all, it depends on your understanding and the reason why you visited Greenland at that time of the year.
  2. Look out for the amazing northern Borealis. This is usually a display of lights that are shown on the ski during the night. The collision of the sun rays and the particles of the atmosphere create a rainbow effect that is directly above the poles at the north and south hemispheres.
  3. During such cold weather and ice-filled grounds, the only way you will be able to get across various places is by using dog sleds. These are some carriage pallets where you sit on, and Greenland dogs get to pull you over the ice. It may sound silly, but it is one of the few things that you only get to experience when you are in Greenland.
Dog sleds with huskies

Autumn and Spring in Greenland

Autumn and spring are some of the few places that usually get to enjoy a bit of the major seasons. It is, however, one of the low times in the tourism periods for them. The people who get to come to this island from March to April and September to October are not out to explore the greatness of the land but are usually there to relax and have a time out.

This period in season is a time called the shoulder period which holds the other two significant seasons together. In most cases, it will be possible for you to find a point where they will seem to merge into each other. That is the mixture of these seasons. You get to enjoy a mild end of winter and summer at a lower cost.

During spring, the land is just recovering from the long winter. The ice begins to melt out, and the flowers can be spotted to have started budding. You will also get to see the birds nesting. Spring is the one time where we can say the land is healing, and signs of life are starting to come forth.

As a tourist, you might still get some areas that will allow you to enjoy the right amount of dog sledding, but it will not be as high as during the winter. During this time the ice has not yet wholly melted meaning that there will be signs of water and at times ice. It may not allow you to row your boat or have some time to swim, but it will be the perfect view for photos.

Christianity homes in Greenland

Autumn is also one of those prime times to visit this place. It is the period when the birds will be breeding, and the flowers will just have sprouted giving the land this sweet scent and look all over. The northern lights will start to show as the summer season begins to draw near, though they will not be evident at his time. You will also get to see the whale swimming along the coast.

The periods of autumn and spring in most cases usually have meager numbers of people coming. It is also the time in the year that the prices are generally low compared to summer and winter. If you are out to save on cost but still have an exciting time, then the best time to visit is during these four months.

Several researchers have been done by people who have had the chance of visiting Greenland more than I have and they report that as much as some people will opt to go to Greenland over the shoulder seasons, the unpredictability of the weather may cause them not to have the fun they wanted to have.

You may find the winter coming earlier than usual which if you are not careful may find you in some lousy position when you had gone out for a hike. It is, however, possible to know such by contacting the official guide offices there. More so if you were going out on your own.


Greenland has always been a force to be reckoned with when it comes to tourism. The natural setting of the land has been known to attract people all over the world. Others go out to do studies while others go to have fun. It should be noted that as much as some few things have been known to happen, it is never a sure bet. Always be prepared to experience something out of the ordinary every time you go there. Summer has always been the most preferred period if you want to have maximum fun but winter and shoulder seasons are also quite impressive. Deciding on when to go will all depend on your cost and your general preference.


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