40 Best Things to Do in Washington, DC

Home to America’s president, Washington DC, is one of the planet’s safest destinations. It hosts the world’s most powerful office, making it the earth’s most protected space. Going to DC guarantees you not only security but also fun and unusual activities. These are things you may engage in and make your holiday unforgettable. From a possible hundred activities you may participate in, this list offers a total number of 40 things to do in Washington, DC. 

1. Go for sightseeing at National Capitol Columns

Capitol Columns
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The column view is appealing to the eye. Since 1828, there were columns already existing. In 1958, marble columns were built to replace the standing sandstone columns. Initially, the US government had no idea what to do with the columns. It was until 1984 that private donors and the US Agricultural department chose to have them displayed at the National Arboretum.

So, how do you get there?

The National Arboretum is 2.2miles away from the capital. It is located Northwest of Washington DC. Seated on R St. It is neighborhood by Bladensburg rd on the West, New York Avenue on the North, and M. Street on the South. You will find your entrance along New York Avenue.

2. Have a “Hollywood actor experience” at the Exorcist Stairs

Exorcist Stairs
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The series Blindspot starred by Jane Doe, and Kurt Weller amazed me. Well, I’m not sure if some of the scenes were filmed at The Exorcist Stairs or not. But I am sure some scenes in the series look just like The Exorcist stairs. How about you go there and confirm by yourself.

The extraordinarily long and steep staircase is a fantastic place to be. It will give you a Hollywood experience. You will be surprised how happy your days there will be.

Have you watched “The Exorcist”? Do you remember the showdown between the demon in custody of Regan (12) and the generous priest? This is the place! Be there and connect with the movie.

At the Stairs, your task will be to climb up to the top. By the time you get to the top, you will be panting. Why? Because the steep slope takes you through a rigorous exercise, you won’t help but sweat. This is the direction to the stairs; along the M street, before the Canal turn, you will find the Exorcist Stairs.

3. Know what it is like to be a spy at the International Spy Museum

International Spy Museum
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This place is highly frequented by visitors. To get access, you need a timed pass. Try to avoid disappointment on the day of your visit by buying your timed pass in advance. Some days are so busy that you may wait for 1-2 hours before your timed pass gets to work.

This begs the question, what makes this place so busy?

First of all, the International Spy Museum has given much time, space, and resources to enlightening the masses on espionage techniques. Only espionage has been successfully employed before to overthrow a government and get access to the billionaires’ riches. Spies are always treated harshly when their cover is blown. But, the International Spy Museum seeks to change its visitors’ mind and paint a picture of espionage as a virtue.

The museum acknowledges men and women who committed their lives to this life of secrets and deception.

4. Get Tipsy at Brewmaster’s Castle

Brewmaster’s Castle
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The Brewmaster’s Castle is also known as The Christian Heurich House. This highly regarded brewer is one of the most treasured places in the US to get a beer. Christian Heurich built this grand palace in the 1890s, three decades after he had just arrived in DC. He learned the art of brewing from his father, who was a master of the skill. The legendary Brewmaster’s Castle is fireproof and can produce over 500,000 barrels of beer per annum. In DC, only the government has more employees than this home of beer production.

For you and me, this place has a lot of history to learn about. Apart from that, there are both regular and once in a while events conducted in this place. One of them is Oktoberfests, which is a regular event that occurs here. There is also a monthly function called “History and Hops.” The event is about beer tasting and is popular in DC. These events and history about the Brewmaster’s Castle are not to be missed. That is why you need to save a date for this place.

At the Brewmaster’s Castle, be sure to get several bottles of beer for yourself, because one is not enough. You may get tipsy but be on the lookout not to get drunk and lose yourself. Beer is in plenty, and you may forget your limits. But it’s a great place to be. The beer is also well brewed, and that is why it is so addictive.

5. Pass by Sonny Bono Memorial Park

Sonny Bono Memorial Park
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Where is this unnoticeable park located? You will find it just at the intersection of the 20th and O streets, and the New Hampshire Avenue. In 1998, a local real estate developer dedicated 800 sq feet area to his deceased close friend Sonny Bono.

Silvestre Bono was a famous artist before his demise in a ski accident. The memorial is an appreciation of their close friendship that came to life when Bono met Simon in the latter’s wife’s marital studio. From there onwards, they bonded well, and the friendship became more intimate. Bono’s kids would also frequent the studio, and that strengthened the already existing ties.

After learning of his buddy’s death, Simon moved to the DC Department of Parks and Recreation and offered $ 25,000 for the memorial to be developed. How rare are such friends available? Well, perhaps visiting this place will teach you one or two things about loyalty and real friendship. A moment at this memorial will remind you to celebrate your buddy before death does you part.

There is not much you can do here. Therefore, you may spend a few minutes or an hour or two. The good thing is, it is close to some other great places like the Brewmaster’s Castle. This makes it possible to combine this activity with others. But, it is something that must be considered when preparing your program for things to do in DC.

6. Embrace art at The Dupont Underground

The Dupont Underground
Credit flickr

Not far from the White House, this place is easily accessible once you get to The Dupont Circle Metro Station. The entrance is located on 19th street, which is between Café Dupont and Starbucks. If you are interested in having a guided tour of the tunnels, you may purchase a ticket from their website.

The Dupont Underground has nicely done artworks and offers an excellent sight for art lovers. You should carry along your phone/camera to capture every/any drawing you love. This is a must-have activity in your list of things to do in DC.

7. The Mansion on O Street

There is so much to do around O Street. The street has myriads of things to do, allowing you to undertake more than one activity in a day. This mansion was founded by H. H. Leonards – Spero. In the year 1980, on Valentine’s day, the mansion was opened. Once inside, there are over 100 rooms and around 70 secret doors. The maze-like floors make the adventure even more fun.

There is a floor to ceiling library displaying books on sale. The architecture is a strange one but great for photography and sightseeing. It is good to note the mansion doubles up as a hotel. Therefore, expect some places inside the big house to be out of bounds to the public.

For those accessible to the public, each room is themed differently. Some rooms have pieces of art, books, cultural artifacts, and other treasures worth your time. There is only a little my writings can say about The Mansion on O Street, but, on the ground, there is so much more to interact with. Enjoy your mansion visit!

8. Have lunch with Washington DC Cab drivers at The Eritrean Cultural Civic Centre

Founded in 1989, this popular spot hosted almost all Eritrean officials who visited DC. The hub for Eritrean cultural life has an open to all eatery that serves delicious Eritrean food. Most Washington DC cab drivers frequent here during lunch hours to fill their stomachs.

After a busy morning, this is a great place to have lunch. You may pick one driver and build a rapport with. Later in the afternoon, as you continue with your Dc tour, he/she may be your guide.

The ethnic foods served here are prepared by world-class chefs, so be sure to enjoy your meals. There is a variety to choose from. The cab driver you settle on will advise you on the best and/or cheapest options. You will not spend many hours here; therefore, it’s just a drop joint; to eat, connect, and proceed with your tour.

There is so much to eat in DC. Honestly, the variety to choose from is overwhelming. There is both local and international food to decide from, and that might make you add some pounds of weight. Be watchful because you might end up thicker because the foods in this place are so amazing.

9. Civil War Nurses’ Memorial

You will find this moment at the intersection of Rhode Island and M Street, just close to the Farragut North Metro station. This is a special memorial reminding the Americans of the pivotal role played by the nuns who doubled up as nurses in the 1861 Civil war.

Here you will see a granite-based sculpture bearing bronze with a “Nuns of the Battlefield” title. The sculpt portrays twelve nuns, each with symbols representing orders in which they administered care in the army camps. It also depicts the humanitarian role the nuns played in the wars.

Not to forget, the place is an excellent site for photography.

10. Greet trees at The National Bonsai Museum

This museum has a collection of North American tree species. Did you know most of the world’s deadliest diseases could be healed with medicine from trees? I believe you do. There is a variety of species kept here. Bonsai houses about 150 miniature specimens.

In 1976, some Japanese gifted the then Secretary of State, Mr. Kissinger, with 53 bonsai trees. This was to commemorate the US bicentennial. And that was when and how this institution started.

Since then, the museum has been a beneficiary of donations. As a result, its collection has risen to hundreds of other species. The good thing about Bonsai is you don’t have to be an environmentalist to learn about the beeches, pines, and maples among other species available here. All you need to know can be explained by a guide.

By the time you will be leaving, you will be well loaded with facts about trees. The direction to the National Arboretum is not complicated at all. Once you get to Rhode Island Avenue Metro station, it is not far from there.

11. See the Space Window at the Washington National Cathedral

Washington National Cathedral
Credit flickr

Its bearing is the Southside of the Cathedral. This is the point of intersection between religion and Science. It was done five years after the famous Apollo (The second) team had landed on the moon and came back. The window portrays Science as a compliment of religion and not a competitor. At this point, you will acknowledge Science and religion agree and not disagree.

12. Drink the Senate bean soup

Senate bean soup
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You will never miss the senate bean soup in the US senate menu. That alone makes this delicacy highly treasurable. But, does it matter where you have your soup from? Well, it does. But again, if the same soup is available in some other places apart from the senate, then that is a perfect opportunity to have your stomach feel like a senator’s. This is because the senate is an invite-only place.

Away from that, are you wondering how this special soup made it to the senate? Apparently, it was either senator Frank Dubois of the Democratic party or the Republican’s senator Knute Nelson who loved this soup so much that they requested the soup to be always available in the senate.

So, what ingredients make this soup special? They include pig knuckle meat, onions, butter, and creamy navy beans. Occasionally, the cooks add mashed potatoes to make a thicker soup.

This is an important thing to do, and therefore, it must not miss in your list of things to do in DC. The soup is identical to DC’s culture, and that is why it has survived in the senate’s menu for such a long time. Don’t miss out on this!

13. Drink Clarified milk punch

Clarified milk punch
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The special milk punch recipe was developed by Mary Rockett, a housewife, in 1711. This milk punch is s tasty you can’t miss out on. Benjamin Franklin was one notable fan of the milk punch when he was alive. Before leaving DC to make sure you have a drink of this milk punch. Made of several ingredients, this special milk is sweet and healthy.

Some of the components include; jalapeno-infused mezcal, spices, sugar-corn-milk with pork fat, coconut water, and sugar-cereal milk. This is a crazy combination that makes this milk punch made in DC unique and a must-have.

14. Visit The Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial
Credit flickr

Covering 43,800 sq. feet basement, this building is a must-visit. If asked, this is one of the best places to be in DC. People flock this memorial all year round. You will find them amazed and capturing every moment in pictures. You will tell how highly regarded the Lincoln Memorial is. Ensure the place is one of your top 5/40 of the things you want to accomplish while staying in DC. The memorial’s construction began in 1914.

15. Pass by the Riggs Library

Riggs Library
Credit flickr

Paul J. Pelz is the mastermind behind this superb old book shrine. He is the same guy that came up with the Library of Congress blueprint. Francis Riggs financed Riggs Library as he commemorated his father George and Thomas, his sibling. This library has a vast collection of old books. Besides that, the Riggs library is built by “fireproof” materials. Getting to this place requires you to book an appointment because it is not open to the public.

16. Washington Mini Monument

12-feet tall, the Washington Monument replica is located a short distance south of the Washington Monument. Get a ranger before heading to see the rare view. It is easily passable because it’s constructed below the ground, but for keen people, you will notice Its presence.

Usually, it is used by surveyors as a Geodetic Control point. One of the millions of control points in the US, it is used by the National Geodetic Survey (NGS) to coordinate US government’s maps. This means it’s a highly treasured property of a government parastatal. Therefore, be cautious as you get closer to avoid getting on the wrong of the government. Well, it is not such a big deal. But, it is worth getting to once you’re done with the Washington monument.

17. Have a hot session at Blind Whino

From the on the look, you won’t realize it was a church. The place looks so attractive you will be impressed. For photographers who like to make wallpapers, this is an excellent place to practice your art. Located in the southwest Washington DC, this building is believed to have hosted Friendship Baptist Congregation for close to 100 years. The church held tight the neighborhood’s social fabric. Around the 1950s, most of the buildings in this surrounding were destroyed to give space for freeways and housing projects, but this church survived the wave.

The fact that people were evicted and other churches destroyed, but this one remained standing only but told a story of how special the place is. Apart from the photos, art appreciation, and culture to learn, the former church has some values to teach you. Most importantly, you will learn more about the culture of the neighborhood. Only after the owner was stopped from demolishing the building did he get an artist to repaint this place into the modern, appealing look. Otherwise, it has survived a series of attempted demolitions.

18. See history and Geography kiss in Rock Creek Park

Rock Creek Park
Credit flickr

This is where the legend of Capitol stones lives. Here you will see huge rocks abandoned. In 1958 when the Capitol was being renovated, many rocks were to be disposed of the building. The sandstone and marble made stones were quietly placed at the Rock Creek Park, where they live up to today. The rocks, a geographical feature, represents DC’s rich history in architecture. You may feel the stones, others ornate carved pieces, or take photos of them.

19. View The Zero Milestone

The zero milestone
Credit flickr

This place was designed after Rome’s Golden Milestone. The purpose of its construction was to bring together people. Also, it is a symbol of an active US road system. This came after the emergence of America’s automobile culture had sprung to prominence. From this point, there would start a measurement of all the other roads. The zero milestones are a symbol of the US road system’s responsibility of holding together a population. Make sure you pass by this place.

20. Experience a thrill at the Catacombs of Washington DC

Catacombs of Washington DC
Credit flickr

The Franciscan monks built the Catacombs of Washington DC in the 20th century. They intended to create something for North Americans who could not make it overseas. Here, there is a real skeleton of an eight-year-old. I know your chill tendons are already starting to shake. Apparently, the bones are those of a martyr that was brought from a Catacomb of St. Callistus way back in 1929. There is just so much history to learn from this place.

21. Ruins of Seneca Quarry exploration

Seneca Quarry exploration
Credit flickr

It will set you back around $30 to get the best experience of your life. Two and a half hours are enough before calling it a day. Walking along the trails will be the best way to start. As you walk, be keen to see the ruins of Seneca Quarry. This activity is more fun when more people are involved. Therefore, be sure to tag your friends along.

Past Seneca Quarry, you may assemble at the Seneca Aqueduct. At this point, you’ll be taught how the quarry and canal’s histories conjoined. From there, you will proceed with the adventure. There is also some hiking to do, about 1.5 miles or so through the woods.

But your day would not be complete if you do not ascend to see the quarry master’s house. In such fun-filled situations, you need not forget to carry your camera with you. The weather has always been unpredictable but, whether it snows or rains or shines, the place is still in good condition for visiting. The best you should do is dress warmly just in case the weather misbehaves.

Since it will be an eventful day, you may pack and carry your snacks for energy just in case you run out of glucose.

22. Practice Archeology

There is an excavation site at the Jug Bay Westland’s sanctuary. The wooden area covers an area of 1700 acres. Here, you will rediscover some lost towns, with the help of an archeologist. At first, you will visit Pindell Bluffs, where you will have a look at already discovered artifacts.

During this practice, you will learn a lot about techniques used in archeology. You will be surprised to rediscover ceramics and old tools, some aged as early as 100 centuries. Therefore, I don’t expect you to be scared when you stumble upon a skeleton or an ancient tool because I’m already preparing you for the same. It is a great way to reconnect with our origin as human beings.

The findings you will discover will also make you picture what life of American ancestors looked like. Somehow, it is a trip back in time you don’t want to miss. Make sure you do not forget to carry your camera or phone to capture your discoveries. In the future, you will have something to look back to. This outdoor event is so thrilling, and I am sure you will like it.

Expect to work with a team. Therefore, your cooperative skills and teamwork abilities will be significantly improved. Let’s say it’s a teambuilding sort of activity. As you plan your schedule for businesses to undertake, ensure this one is among the first on your list of things to do in DC.

23. Understand Masonry

Masonry at the Zedekiah’s Cave
Credit flickr

Bible masters refer to this stone as the German cult or freemason. For Christians, Muslims, and other religions, this may sound odd. But let’s be clear on one thing; I am not urging you to subscribe to anything you don’t want to. All I’m mentioning is you may visit this place if your conscience allows and learn a thing or two about freemasonry. Different religions have always been controversial and unacceptable by the public majority.

Still, several people believe in freemasonry. Most of whom are believed to be celebrities, powerful and famous people. It is claimed freemasonry comes with riches and human sacrifices at the same time. To find out what goes on in the world of freemasonry, you may visit this place.

24. House of the temple

House of the temple
Credit flickr

The House of the Temple is only a mile away from the white house. It goes down in history as the first public library in DC. This building was designed by John Russell Pope after its conception in 1909. In 1911, construction began, but sadly, the bearer of the temple’s dream, Richardson, died before the construction was done.

The architecture is so amazing with the inside accessorized with vaulted ceilings. There is also a touch of Egyptian designs made of marble. Since its inception as a library, it has grown its content now to about 250,000 masonic literature works.

All along, the temple was anonymous but rose to fame thanks to Dan Brown, who included it in his novel “The Lost Symbol” in the year 2009. The place has much history you need to hear of, read, and learn. One day you may also live to tell.

25. Learn about the famous mason, the late former US president George Washington at The George Washington Masonic National Memorial

The George Washington Masonic National Memorial

George Washington, US first-ever president, was a known mason. This memorial recognizes his presidency and belief. It was completed in 1932, almost a century later, after the idea was born. The monument not only recognizes George Washington but also recognizes freemasonry.

26. Seek advice at Destination DC

Sometimes it is not good to source information from just anywhere or anybody. That is why it is advisable to visit the Destination DC. This is especially if you have limitations say like a tight budget or limited time. From here, you will get every information you need and guide to DC’s most beautiful destinations.

Destination DC also got your back if you are on a tight budget. How? They have a list of cheap and/or free things you may do in DC. They also have guides to take you to whatever destination you want.

Also, Destination DC can provide you with a calendar of major and minor events indicated. So, if you are short of time, for proper preparations to go to DC, Destination DC is a good starting point. From here, you can make hotel reservations and bookings effortlessly using their internal search and purchase materials. Before acting on any information, be keen to confirm first its authenticity. Otherwise, start your tour stress-free with Destination DC.

27. Take a foot tour

Take a foot tour
Credit Unsplash

A taxi tour is a good one. But, to remember more DC spots, foot touring is the best. Walking from street to street by foot looking keenly at buildings is an enjoyable activity. You will have a chance to scan through DC.

As you walk, you will realize most of the sites are neighbors. As a result, you get to master the directions from the hotel to the hotel and site to site. This is important because the next time you visit, you will feel entirely at home because you will be familiar with most of the streets, roads, and roads. Don’t forget, walking helps burn some calories.

28. Explore the Museum of African American History and Culture

The Museum of African American History and Culture
Credit flickr

This museum has been open since 2016. This is just the latest addition to the Smithsonian family. Many people had been waiting for this masterpiece with bated breath, and when it was launched, it did not disappoint. Out of the many entries of the Smithsonian institutions, it is the most sought after. Its popularity came as a result of its state of the art facilities and architecture.

The good news is entry to this place is free. The bad news? Admission is controlled, understandably so. Timed passes are used to control access to this place. This has helped maintain its high standards. So, how do you gain access to this place if entry is controlled?

It is as simple as logging onto the ticketing portal at 6.30 am and selecting your time. The safest way is to pick two or three more timed passes just in case the first one disappoints, especially when you want morning slots, which are the most demanded.

Reservation is also possible online, but you will find a month’s backlog. Therefore, you are supposed to start your plans way before. Once inside, there is so much to see. You will be surprised how three houses will end unbelievably.

Carry your camera with you because there is so much action to record. As the name suggests, there is a lot to learn about African and American cultures intertwining.

29. Visit the National Museum of African Art

National Museum of African Art
Credit flickr

This is a great place for Africans to feel they are appreciated. The race superiority and inferiority tag of war have been ongoing for quite some time now. This museum is an American appreciation of the black color and Africans.

For both Africans and other races, this museum is a place to visit. It depicts the African culture and has African artwork well done. Melanin is a skin pigment, should not make Africans inferior. Right from the onset, you will see this message well represented by the beautiful African art displayed here. Right at the entrance, there are two drops down banners — one on the door’s left and the other on the right.

The architecture used in the construction of this building is one to adore. Outside, it is well maintained, and the nicely cut grass paints the background green. You will fall in love with the fresh air on this site.

There is a lot the National Museum of African art has to offer. Its location is very convenient. It is located on the southern side of the National Museum. Its bearing is not far from the Smithsonian castle. The museum hosts a vast variety collection of African art made in the diaspora. Muslims are also celebrated in the 50th Anniversary room.

30. Free sightseeing at the Vietnam Veterans and Korean War Veterans

Vietnam Veterans and Korean War Veterans
Credit flickr

Here, there are memorials, monuments, and great sights to view. Be sure to get emotional once you get here. There is a long granite wall, colored black, holding 58,000 names of soldiers who died in the Vietnam war. The names are written in order of the dates the soldiers died. As the weather is unpredictable, the best time to visit this place is during the day.

The tour does not end at the Vietnamese veteran’s memorial. East of the mall, the Korean war veterans, are all remembered. There were around 1.5 million people who participated in this war. The 19 stainless steel sculptures of army men in combat put in a triangular area called “Field of Service” pay tribute to all those who gave their lives in this forgotten Korean war.

A few meters away from the field of service is another granite wall, 164-foot-long acknowledging the unsung heroes that participated in the Korean war. The entrance is free, but the value you get is worth a billion.

31. Boat riding at the Tidal Basin

Tidal Basin
Credit flickr

This is another excellent destination when in DC. Once you get to the Tidal basin, there is a lot to do, but the most entertaining thing to do is ride paddle boats. With every spring comes a bundle of joy for the basin. Flowers flourish as they bloom with candy-colors.

The site attracts many people because of its appealing look. It will cost you $30 per hour to paddle a four-passenger boat. There is also a two-passenger boat that costs $15 only. The only time the Maine Avenue allows paddling and all these other activities are between March 15 and October 9.

The opening hours for this place is between 10 am and 6 pm. Just close by, there are famous memorials. The three close memorials include the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, Martin Luther, Jr., and Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorials. You may be surprised a day won’t be enough to go through all the nice experiences here. But a camera will be useful to capture all the moments, so carry one.

Boat paddling is a great activity to engage in. If you are a group, you may team up and race two versus two or four by four. Such adrenaline stimulating activities never leave the memory. Aside from boat rowing, just viewing the beautiful site is a pleasant experience. The Tidal basin is also the right place for children. But caution needs to be taken because things can get messy when children are left to be by themselves around water.

32. Drink beer at Vermont’s Hill Farmstead Brewery

Arguably one of the best brewers in the world and the US. That title alone is enough to convince you to visit this place. Drinking has always been controversial, but the beer produced here is a must-have. This is a great place to visit with your friends.

Ratebeers ranks the best beer breweries. Vermont’s Hill Farmstead has maintained the best position in the ranking for five consecutive years now.

This is an excellent place for a beer-drinking competition with the boys. Don’t miss out on the fun. Go to Vermont and create memories you will never forget.

33. Visit the National Air & Space Museum and the famous Steven F. Uduar – Hazy Center

National Air & Space Museum
Credit flickr

Aviation artifacts are kept here. The Space Museum is located south of the mall. Some of the things you expect to see The Apollo 2 command module. Do you recall the team that went to the moons? This command will help you remember.

You will also see the first plane to cross the Atlantic Ocean in continuous flight, and the historic Wright Brother’s original plane. From here, you may proceed to Virginia, just 25 miles away. There, you will get to the Steven F. Uduar – Hazy Centre. This Centre has supersonic stealth aircraft and other nice to view artifacts.

I am sure you remember well the Hiroshima bombing in World War 2. The historic plane that dropped that killer bomb is also kept here. Another important aviation tool stayed here is the Space Shuttle delivery. These two sites are worth your day and time. They will remind you of the highly regarded navy and how aircraft & aviation was in the US winning wars.

34. Go sightseeing at the National Museum of the American Indian

National Museum of the American Indian
Credit flickr

This is an excellent place for sightseeing. The sandstone built sculpture just next to the “NATIONAL MUSEUM OF THE AMERICAN INDIAN” is the place to start. The venue is eye appealing.

There is much more to this place than just sightseeing. A cafeteria is only around; where you can enjoy the local dishes. Here, you will find a variety of America’s indigenous foods.

Also, there is a rich history of North and South American cultures housed here. “Our Universe” is a collection inside this museum showcasing powerful and illuminating the spiritual traditions of the Americans.

The museum meets expectations from whichever angle you look at it. This makes it a must-visit. Therefore, as you prepare your list of things to do in DC, ensure this mighty place is a priority.

35. Ride the Big Bus Washington DC Hop-On Hop-Off Tour

Washington DC Hop-On Hop-Off Tour
Credit flickr

The bus goes round and round Washington Dc. It passes through National Mall, Arlington Cemetery, parks, museums, and famous DC streets, among many others. This is the best way to exhaust DC’s sites in a day. It is the best way to scan DC fast when you have limited time to spend in DC.

The best thing about this bus is its flexibility. You may alight or board at any point you wish. While on the bus, every stage someone alights or boards is a lesson. You will get to know the name of the stage or street.

Its popularity is a polite way to say this is the best activity in DC if you are a love of tours and sightseeing.

36. See exotic animals at the National zoo

National zoo
Credit flickr

It is located in the North-Eastern DC. The place is quiet and serene, away from DC’s busy life. This makes it a serene place to visit and relax as you interact with animals.

With the rapid spread of global warming and the spread of inhumanity, animals are becoming extinct. This place is an excellent venue for environmental preservation. Conservation and education is the theme here. That is why exotic animals like the big cats are found here. Be sure to meet Bei Bei (panda), the zoo’s most famous inhabitant.

37. Visit the Newseum

The admission fee is around $ 25. Otherwise, you need to call in advance before visiting because usually, the place is busy hosting significant events, at which time it is closed.

The admission fee is expensive, but be sure to receive value for your money. Journalists will love this place even more. But, its goodness will make anyone fall in love with it. Open between 9–5 pm, this is an excellent place to learn a thing or two about journalism and mass production.

38. Attend a play at the Ford’s Theatre National Historic Site

Ford’s Theatre National Historic Site
Credit flickr

Washington DC, like many other American states, hosts one of the best performing artists. Ford’s Theatre is a great place to see these performing artists showcase their God-given talents. Be sure to have a memorable time. If you are an actor, you may learn something about excellent live performance. For entertainment purposes, make sure this activity does not miss in your list of things to do in DC.

39. Become a Researcher at the Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection

Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection
Credit flickr

This is an excellent sight for photography and intimacy with nature. Also, you will learn a lot about research and the environment.

The beautifully maintained grass paint this place green and makes it appealing to the eyes. The venue is a great place to relax and have a moment with nature. Also, there is a lot of research going on here whose findings you cannot miss out on.

40. Visit the Reflecting pool at night

Reflecting pool
Credit flickr

DC is arguably one of the world’s best tourist destinations. This reflecting pool is one of the features that define the beauty of the state. That is why you need to be at this pool at night to have a glimpse of this beauty. You can best see the reflection only at night, during which time you can take beautiful photos and post on social media platforms as proof of visit to DC.


In conclusion, DC has more than a hundred places to visit, a variety of foods to eat, and activities to do. As you prepare your program, don’t forget to carry your camera. Enjoy your visit and capture every moment. Cheer!


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