15 Best Things to do in Munich, Germany

Munich is one of the federal states in Germany and the capital city of Bavaria. It is a fast-growing cosmopolitan city and hosts many attractive museums, universities, and old buildings. It is a center of tourism, culture, education, innovation, science, and technology, among others. It is rated the world’s most habitable city and is regarded as a ‘power city’. The name “Munich” originates from the word “Munichen” which means “around the monks” or Monastic living. With so much to see and be part of in Munich, a week would be too short. But with a well-planned holiday, you can visit most of them and created unforgettable memories.

15 Best Things to do in Munich, Germany

1. St Peter’s Church

St Peter's Church
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St Peter’s Church is the oldest in Munich. It was constructed in the 1100s but later burned down in 1347. It was later reconstructed in a Gothic style and has been extended over the years. It is a beautiful sight to behold with great art combined with striking paintings done by Jan Polack.

The altar is well-raised with the sculpted figure of St Peter, which was done by an artist known as Erasmus Grasser in the 16th century. This church is located on Petersburg hillock, which allows you to enjoy the 299 steps of the tower. A telescope will enable you to have a more precise look at Munich’s landmarks.

Address: Rindermarkt 1, 80331 München, Germany

2. Oktoberfest

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The Oktoberfest is one of the largest beer festivals you can be a part of. It is extremely popular, and the number of people who participate is mind-blowing. It is estimated that over 7 million people attend the festival, and the beer drank is over 7.5 million liters.

The festival lasts between 16 and 18 days; it begins on every third Saturday of September. The history of this extraordinary partying dates back in 1896 as a celebration of Prince Ludwig and Theresienwiese of Sachsen-Hildburghausen marriage.

The city’s breweries created gigantic tents where people drank beer in celebration, and it became a tradition in Munich since then. Every September, the 14 tents in Theresienwiese are open for revelers. Each of them can host about 8,500. However, the tents fill up fast, and if you want to be part of this festival, you have to get there early to get a seat.

Other activities include funfair rides and ball games in the amusement park. To make your beer more exciting, soak it up with schnitzel, bratwurst, and pretzels.

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3. The Charles Spa

If you are not a fan of outdoor activities such as hiking, you can visit health and fitness clubs for general body workout. The Charles Spa is an ideal place to relax after an all-day tour or shopping. It is perfect if you are exhausted or looking for a fitness center. This spa in Munich is located at the Charles hotel and is well equipped, clean and serene with well-trained instructors. You will be treated majestically along with delicious foods combined with out of this world foot and body massage. This spa comes in handy, especially after days of beer festivals at the Oktoberfest. Drop by when in Munich, regardless of the season and make some great memories with your home.

Address: Sophienstraße 28, 80333 München, Germany

4. Frauenkirche

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Munich is the home to beautiful churches, but the Frauenkirche stands out. It is the only building that exceeds the 109 meters height in Munich. The church’s two towers are breathtaking with the crowning onion domes, which make it a landmark in Munich.

The design of the church is famous and no other like it in the world. It comes with a few windows and the walls are unadorned. A visit here will leave you in awe. However, this building suffered a lot during the war. So it has had to be restored with art similar to what was originally done. Some of the original pieces included the windows with stained glasses, which were used in the church that stood on the grounds before Frauenkirche.

The stunning sculpture work from the 16th century is used in creating the church’s choir stalls. They are apostles and prophets sculptures that you cannot find anywhere else. Besides, you get to visit the tomb monument dedicated to Louis IV, the Holy Roman Emperor, from the 14th century. At the entrance, there is a footprint believed to have been left by the devil. It attracts thousands of tourists to Munich every year; you also should not miss out.

Address: Frauenplatz 12, 80331 München, Germany

5. Viktualienmarkt

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Viktualienmarkt is a city food market located in Munich. Initially, it used to be Marienplatz, but expanded and became too large to fit there and had to relocate. This is where most people buy their groceries with up to 140 both outdoor and indoor stalls where they sell fresh vegetables, fruits, cheese, sausage, and other food specialties such as tea, olive oil, and wine.

It is a beautiful and exciting market to visit and shop for non-perishable goods to take with you home when you leave Munich.

Address: Viktualienmarkt 3, 80331 München, Germany

6. Augustiner Stammhaus

Augustiner Stammhaus
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This is strategically located in the old town of Munich and is one of its kind. It is famous for the best beer. But, here, you will also enjoy deeply marinated pork and roasted. You can also get a variety of other food and alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The famous Augustiner beer is regarded as the best in Munich and dates back to the 1300s. After a busy day of shopping, sight-seeing, or walking, you can sit and enjoy the rich taste of Augustiner beer.

Address: Neuhauser Str. 27, 80331 München, Germany

The restaurant is located on Neuhauserstrasse, which is a shopping section. The interior takes you back many decades ago with its vintage décor along with traditional foods, which make up most of its menu. It is a place to sit back and enjoy life like never before.

7. Midnightbazar Shopping Complex

One of the most popular shopping complexes in Munich is the Midnightbazar. Here you will enjoy a busy shopping night out in the famous night market where security is guaranteed. You will pay an entrance fee and meet many vendors selling clothing, home appliances and many more at affordable prices. The shopping is very enjoyable as the mall is equipped with music systems to keep you entertained. Indeed you can spend lots of hours shopping due to the variety of collections. Additionally, you can catch up with your favorite dinner after shopping. There is also food, beer, and wine.

Address: Reitknechtstraße 6, 80639 München, Germany

8. Marienplatz Market

Marienplatz Market
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Marienplatz is one market that is always brimming with shoppers. Both tourists and locals visit here to watch others or buy items. The shopping complex in a square that has been part of Munich since around the 12th century and it got its name from a Marian column, which was raised in the 17th century.

Address: Viktualienmarkt 3, 80331 München, Germany

Besides the beautiful monument, a crescent moon that holds Mary and portrays her like a queen attracts people. People take photos to keep their memories of Munich’s visit alive. During Christmas, this market is full of people and you need to get there earlier to shop more efficiently.

9. Deutsches Museum

Deutsches Museum
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Deutsches Museum is one of the places where you can easily spend a whole day for a great experience. This museum is located in Isar on an island and encompasses German’s science and technology development.

Address: Museumsinsel 1, 80538 München, Germany

It is quite large and you cannot cover it in a day. You may need to plan and specify the things to focus on, especially if you do not have much time. It has well-exhibited fields, which are kids-friendly with buttons to push, pulls levers, and crank wheels.

10. Englischer Garten

Englischer Garten
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Englischer Garten is a park that dates back in the 18th century and it’s located on Isar bank. It lies on a whole whopping 370 hectares. The expanse of tree groves, green lawns, waterways, pasture, and the lake combine to create the biggest urban park you can find in the world. The is larger than the famous New York’s Central Park.

Address: Munich, Germany

Other breathtaking sights to see in the park include the Japanese teahouse, which was added in 1972 for the Olympics. There is also the Chinese Tower at the Kew Gardens and was first built in 1970. But, one thing that will stun you is the Eisbach River with a strong current where you can enjoy surfing. The static waves and so natural look of this River makes it almost unbelievable that it’s human-made. The Englischer Garten is one of the places you shouldn’t miss out on when in Munich.

11. Mullersches Volksbad

Mullersches Volksbad
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Sometimes the weather in Munich is too hot and only swimming and boat rides can cool you. Mullersches Volksbad is an ideal place with a beautifully-designed swimming pool and a spacious courtyard. It is the first indoor swimming pool open to the public and was started in 1901. This is the home to one of the largest pools in the early 20th century and has an impressive design by Carl Hocheder. The decorative elements like bronze statues, wide staircase, and murals with a stylish sauna are unique.

Address: Rosenheimer Str. 1, 81667 München, Germany

Besides, you enjoy steam baths alongside swimming for quick relaxation in the evenings. The men’s pool was initially separated from the women’s pool, but today you are free to choose the pool you want to use; there are no restrictions. This pool is very popular with locals because of its exceptional sauna facilities and the unique steam bath with Roman-Irish design. A nice massage treat, you can go to the nearby Volksbad café where they sell drinks and snacks.

12. Neues Rathaus

Neues Rathaus
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The most famous town hall is the Neues Rathaus. It is located in Marienplatz and is regarded as the new town hall. It has a Gothic design and is a worthy place for anyone to visit. The hall is fitted with kings’ statutes and great pinnacles. It was initially completed in 1874 but was later expanded as a result of the rising population in Munich. The hall is 300 feet and full of rich ornaments with great views. It is well-painted with a traditional restaurant so that you do not have to worry about your extended stay there.

Address: Marienplatz 8, 80331 München, Germany

13. The Munich Residence

The Munich Residence
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Whether you are a German national or a foreigner, you should not leave Munich without experience at the Munich Residence, which is regarded as an Ancestral Gallery. It began in the 14th century as a conspicuous palace complex that is very attractive with several Grotto courtyards and rooms. The residence started as a small castle restricted to the royal family before opening its doors to the public later. It also has a beautiful range of books, sculptures, and aquariums. It has a lavish Antiquarium hall with gilded moldings. The Munich residence is huge and will take you several visits to explore it thoroughly.

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14. Alte Pinakothek

Alte Pinakothek
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Munich is considered to be a hub to artists who have gained attention globally, leading to an increased need for art exhibitions. Alte Pinakothek is the place to be if you love art. It is quite an old gallery in Munich, dating back to 1836. It adopted the neo-renaissance design with some Italian antique models. This was a trendy design in Rome during that time. The gallery was started by King Ludwig 1 and had a rich collection of culture. It was designed and painted by Albrecht Durer, Van Dyck, and Paul Reubens.

Address: Barer Str. 27, 80333 München, Germany

Alte Pinakothek Gallery is also associated with other artists such as Titian Hans Baldung Grien and Leonardo da Vinci among others. The Galerie Sabine Knust exhibits art publications with the famous artists being Andy Warhol, Per Kirkeby, and Julian Schnabel.

15. Hellabrunn Zoo

Hellabrunn Zoo
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Hellabrunn Zoo has total coverage of 40 hectares and is one of the best zoos in Europe. It was founded in 1911 and used ditches and moats as barriers. It introduced the Geo-Zoo concept, which means that animal location is based on geographical regions. The zoo has humane credentials and takes care of the endangered species by introducing breeding programs for them. These species include gorillas, elephants, baboons, and elephants. The zoo hosts unique species such as polar bears, alpacas, and South American giraffes. You will enjoy seeing animals and their behavior under the guidance of zoo attendants.

Address: Tierparkstraße 30, 81543 München, Germany


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