15 Best Things to Do In Herford, Germany

Herford is a German town in the state of North-Rhine –Westphalia, and capital to Herford district. It is located at the lowlands between a chain of hills, Wiehen hills, and Teutoburg Forest.

Herford is a beautiful valley between the Teutoburg forest to the south and the Wiehengebirge range. The location makes it have beautiful alpine scenery around the year. Minden- Lübbecke, Gütersloh, and Osnabruck and Lippe, an urban district of Bielefeld neighbor Herford.

A good thing about it is the combination of European history and modern art. It is among the oldest municipalities in Germany after establishment in 789 by Charlemagne for the purpose of protecting a fording place at Were River that flows within the region. 

These are the top things that you should make an effort to see when in Herford

1. Neuer Markt (Town Square)

Neuer Markt
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The Neuer Markt is a nice place for anyone with intent in visiting historical places. It still had buildings dating back to medieval times. Some of them are a representation of the renaissance style. A fountain at the center of town square surrounds a statue made in 15999. It shows a knight holding a banner of a free imperial town. 

2. Marta of Herford 

Marta of Herford
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Marta of Herford is a museum that is open to the public to show contemporary arts and design. The museum has been running since 2005. The building itself has an interesting design to watch even before you get inside. Artist/architect Frank Gehry designed it to l look different from any other museum. The structure is a sculpture without any predictable angles or straight walls. Brick or pieces of gleaming stainless steel cover all the exterior surfaces. Surprisingly it is a building without windows. It is a venue for art exhibits with regular changes to create a contemporary look. Marta Herford sets the standards for an innovative futuristic approach in exhibiting art that shows knowledge and creativity combined with enthusiasm. The focus is on architecture and interior design. 

3. The Town Hall

The Town Hall
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The town hall is built around a medical core that shows good preservation. It is a hall-style building that has been placed from about 1220. People find a reason to visit is that they want to see one of the oldest structures in Germany with its unique design. 

The architectural design of the town hall is the most interesting part. It is playful, serene but at the same time creates a playful look. There are a lot of surprises to watch whether you look at it from outside or inside. There is something to amaze at all corners, making it worth an entrance fee of 7 € entrance. The railway is only 500 meters away, and the parking space is ample at close by ground if you opt to drive. You will find exhibitions of different on display inside, making it an exciting place if your interest is in architecture and modern art. 

They do offer Exhibitions on various topics, so better make sure it is something of interest for you in there, but if it is, it is surely worth the 7 € entrance fee. Parking space is ample close by and the railway station is just 500 m away. It is a must-see if you have an interest in modern art and architecture.

4. Münchehagen Dinosaur Park

Münchehagen Dinosaur Park
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Here is the largest open-air dinosaur exhibition in Germany that takes visitors back to many years when the mammoth animals lived. It is a fun and safe place for generations to learn about dinosaurs by seeing more than 2000 life-sized recreations of the life-sized giants. The life-size models include most of the fear instilling creatures that lived in the prehistoric era, including Triceratops, T-Rex, and many others. It has been a suitable place for children to learn. The reconstructs are long up to 148 feet transforming visits to a unique experience. 

The circuit trail covers 1.6 miles exploring the evolution of dinosaurs until the time they became extinct. The Dinopark management ensures that visitors of all ages get an action-packed day while watching the miniatures of saber-toothed animals. Visitors can look at one section, Dinopark dig teeth, bones, and other treasures.‘Dinosaur tracks’ natural monument exposes and protects over 300 dinosaur tracks left by the animal footprints in the mud at a shallow tropical lagoon from erosion. It is a large hall of more than 11.400 square feet at the center of the park. 

5. Aloha Beach Club Herford 

Aloha Beach Club is a partying area where revelers enjoy a Caribbean atmosphere, especially from the end of May to early September, when the weather is fantastic. It is a place with a nice atmosphere where you can meet friends to drink delicious cocktail drinks. You can also sample grilled food while listening to reggae music in the background during lunch hour or dinner. There is a place for those who want to relax. You can also relax by putting the feet in the sand and feel to be in a holiday mood. Many also work out at the beach club by participating in a game of volleyball with the young and old. Aloha Beach Club Herford is fond of surprising the visitors with new offers and its homemade products, including breakfast on the beach.

6. Erlebnis Gradierwerk

Erlebnis Gradierwerk
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Erlebnis Gradierwerk is multi-story towers that bring together brine drawn from underneath the town. It is one of the famous landmarks. These towers are a central point to a big restaurant and shopping area. The towers stretch hundreds of feet, concentrating salts that are a founding industry of Bad Salzuflen. You can explore the towers by walking along their top or at ground level. You get a glimpse of the nearby Kurpark and a scenic view of the town. Sitting by the towers allows you to enjoy a sea breeze. You can take in the air laden with plenty of mineral salt by arranging to spend time at a spa inside the towers. 

7. H20 Herford 

H20 is a sports and a water park. It attracts pool lovers, swimmers, athletes, wellness enthusiasts, action fans, and everyone in their element. H20 Herford has a wide range of sports and leisure activities. The thunderbird slide is one of their adventures. Adventurers slide in the water, taking an underway flight for 110 meters. It is a special highlight because water sweeps the bathers through thunderstones while getting amazement by watching underwater wonders until the end of the trip. They even meet whales. 

Tabokiri bay is an attraction if you are less keen on water sports. It has plants, rare animals, different exotic fish, and an old temple to explore. Fun puzzles, a waterfall, and several small lakes make up part of the tropical attractions and secrets for visitors to discover. Ship ahoy is the area for young explorers to romp and splash in water if you are visiting with kids. They will find many attractions to keep them busy as you explore other areas. A careful team watches over them for safety and wellbeing. A pool dining is for everyone. H20 serves refreshing drinks and delicious dishes under palm trees.

8. Stadtpark Schützenhof

Stadtpark Schützenhof is a place to reserve on the list of things that you should do when in Herford if you love watching orchestra performances. Herford is home to Nordwestdeutsche Philharmonie (NorthWest German Philharmonic), a German symphony orchestra, and it performs regularly at Stadtpark Schützenhof. The orchestra has a history in the music world since it was formed in 1950. It is one of the official orchestras of North Rhine-Westphalia state along with Landesjugendorchester NRW and Landesjugendorchester NRW. Poplar conductors have shaped the orchestra over the years, including Wilhelm Schüchter, Andris Nelsons and, Hermann Scherchen. It tours several cities in Germany, tours internationally, and also recorded an unusual repertory. 

9. Heimat-Tierpark Olderdissen

Heimat Tierpark Olderdissen
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Heimat-Tierpark Olderdissen is a zoo that runs differently from traditional zoos. It is smaller, but the visitors do not pay for entry. It is a place that runs on donations from well-wishers. A zoo is a place where you find many animals that have ever lived in Germany. The zoo is an 

Some of the animals to see at Heimat-TierparkOlderdissen include:

  • Guinea pigs
  • Rabbits
  • Bears
  • Goats
  • Wolfs
  • Deer
  • Buffalos 

The zoo makes the kids happy because they can access a playing area, touch, and play with the goats. It also has a café and restaurant for family enjoyment. The park allows visitors 24 hours so you can visit at your most convenient time. 

10. Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn Stadium

Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn Stadium is an imposing landmark at Herford. It got its name from the father of gymnastics Friedrich Ludwig Jahn. It has an athletics track for training in addition to hosting professional football teams. SC Herford and SV Herford, a women’s team participating in German Bundesliga, use the stadium for home matches. The main grandstand in the stadium at the southern side. It has a seating capacity of 1400 seats under a roof. Dated terraces make up the other sections. They can safely hold 17,000 people but have a larger number of people who have occupied the terraces on various occasions. Two natural fields are also within the stadium in a different from that set aside for 18,400 spectators. The fields are one clay pitch and two synthetic ones for training purposes.

11. NOA

NOA is a popular Herford attraction for those who love the nightlife. It is the largest tobacco club in an exciting premise. It runs inside a historic half-timbered house. The bar has a selection of cocktails, specials beers and wines on two floors. It also serves dishes up to midnight. You can, on request, reserve the gallery for an event. More space is available at parking spaces at the house and a well-maintained beer garden. 

12. Bismarckturm tower 

Bismarckturm tower
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Bismarckturm tower is a tall observational tower with a height of 23.33 meters. It is the Stuckenberg forest on the eastern outskirts of Herford. The height of the first platform is 18 meters. The tower built in 1906 is open for visitors during the first and third Sundays of every summer month as well as public holidays. You can from the tower to get a good view of the city forest, Herford Salzufler environs, and North Stuckenberg. You can get the key to the tower and visit it alone without any charge as a guest at Hotel Waldesrand. You get a spectacular warm view when you are on top of the tower. A local sandstone from the local region is the building material of the tower built at the cost of 15,500 marks from citizens at Hereford and other parts, including the United States. The recommended duration to explore the tower is one and a half hours.

13. Herford Münster

Herford Münster
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Herford Münster is an imposing hall church built in the Romanesque-Gothic architectural style and an important center of church music in Herford. It is a place with a nationwide appeal. It hosts orchestras that make a pillar of community life and building. They include:

  • Herford minster choir
  • Children’s choir 
  • Youth choir 
  • Trombone choir 
  • Herford organ summer 

The organ at the Munster church cultivates a happy addition. The orchestras and choirs perform music in various ways with masses, cantatas, Gregorian music, trombone choir music, and organ works.

 You can watch the performance at a church service or a concert event.

14. Eishalle Herford

Eishalle Herford is a fun place during the gloomy ice season. There are many exciting events in the winter atmosphere. A wide range of winter events on offer at Herford ice rink includes Halloween, Christmas magic, mini disco, or headphone party on ice. Mini disco with clown Tietze is also planned at various months in 2020. The clown gives the honor to dance, laugh, and romp with you while he performs funny magical tricks. Eishalle Herford also hosts various exciting weekly events such as disco or karaoke.

15. Werre River 

Werre River
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Herford was built to protect the river WerreRiver, and it is worth visiting the riverside. It is a river that flows for a length of 71.9 kilometers from its source close to Horn-Bad Meinberg. It is a left tributary of Weserm, where river generally flows north through Herford. Detmold, Lage, Bad Salzuflen, and Löhne are the other towns where the river passes. You will enjoy spending a quiet moment listening to the soothing sounds of the flowing water.

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