15 Best Places To Visit In France

France is one of the most exotic places that the world has ever had the chance to enjoy. Being the ‘Land Of Love,’ it has been known to attract some of the largest groups of tourists all year long. It is, therefore, effortless for you to get some of the best travel guides that you could have. That is if you want a more in-depth experience.

Quarrels in France strengthen a love affair, in America they end it.

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You should be aware of what you want to enjoy seeing. It will give you an excellent guide in making the decisions when it comes to planning your trip and where you should stay. Some places may not be as pleasing as you would want them. This guide will then help you out with that.

1. Paris

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It is one of the towns that happen to be a must-visit if you are in France. The cityscapes and the historical monuments have made it one of a kind compared to any other town in the world. Being the capital city of France, it has housed so many of the attractions that it would be impossible not to be impressed.

Some of the exciting places that you should get to when in Paris is the Eiffel Tower that is the signature mark of the country, together with Notre Dame Caste and the Palace of Versailles. You will then be able to get to some of the fantastic naturals exposes and, most importantly, do loads of shopping before you come back.

2. Nantes

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This happens to be one of the many towns in France that pride in its historical nature to attract and satisfy the needs of the tourists. It has a fantastic display of life and unusual foods that you will access from either the Bouffay district or Trentemoult, which is one of the quaint fishing villages that are available.

Here you will also enjoy the unique isle of machines that happens to showcase the originality of some of the mechanical designs in the form of animals. Admire some of the exotic statues and also climb up to some of the highest buildings like the Lu Nid, where you get to take amazing pictures of the town.

3. Montpellier

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Being one of the appointed heads of the Bas Languedoc, this was one of the most famous places in the 17th century. People, therefore, were attracted to it from far and wide, allowing them to build fabulous mansions as their homes.

These mansions gave the town an attractive outlook that many people opt for when it comes to holidays. Most of the mansions that were built have now become open to the public and are close to the beaches. You will then not miss a place to stay during your holiday period.

There is, however, more to the town than just the mansions. The culture and the natural sites are just to die for.

4. Bordeaux

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Being to the southwest of France has the Bordeaux region that will keep your dazzles at the top. It has this location that is crescent-shaped at the bend of the Garonne River, creating a very romantic site. This is the main reason why this town is also called the ‘Port of the moon’.

It has a luxurious architectural setting that made it be among the ones listed as a UNESCO tagged heritage site. You will then get to learn about a lot of things, view some of the fantastic architectural works while at the same time enjoy the culture of the people living in this place. It is a great place to do some hiking.

5. Montauban

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Being in the Tarn-et-Garonne department, this town tends to share the beautiful brick architecture that is something you may not have seen in the culture today. It is located in the north of Toulouse. You will then not be viewed as weird if you tend to want to drink coffee at any time of the day.

You will get to encounter some of the most fantastic brick buildings that are all over the town giving the town a specific pink hue that you will love, especially during the dawns and dusks. Some wars were fought in this town; therefore, you will get to learn and visit some of those places. 

6. Strasbourg

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It is the capital of the Alsace region, which is known for having one of the most extensive medieval quarters in Europe. It also has timber-framed houses and cobblestone streets that have been in existence since before the 17th century. Having districts built by the Germans, you are assured of fantastic fortifications and architectural works that are just unique on its own.

You can check out more things to do in Strasbourg here

There are several political stands in this place, considering the constant war between the French and the Germans for the town. It has also attracted a nice mix of both cultures that has trickled down to the food and the wine that the people take in this place. It is one of the few things you will not find anywhere else.

7. Grenoble

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Grenoble is one of those places that has managed to infuse technology greatly in their work despite being surrounded by a ring of mountains. There are, therefore, a considerable number of walks and trails that you can enjoy as you enjoy the outdoors. It has both the old and the new taste in its culture.

During the winter, you also get to experience an excellent ski chance that is not far away from the hotels and most of the other facilities that are being offered there. You could also enjoy the historical nature of the place by visiting the museums that will give you a great outlook on how things used to work before.

8. Chambery

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Being the birthplace of Savoie, people will offer to travel from long distant places to have a taste of this place. The town is known for its intermingled alleys and dim passageways, it only shows how old and historical the place is. 

It is a town that has a great fusion of French and Italian, having been annexed by the French in 1871. Meals and culture are then very unique. There are more of the great things to watch out for, especially since the town was also a command center for the Chateau from which the dukes gathered the right amount of land in Europe.

9. Chamonix

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If you have heard of the Mont Blanc, then you are aware of this town. Being home to this talk masterpiece, it has become one of the most visited places and contains some of the best resorts around. You will get to have an excellent road trip before you get there if you decide to come from Geneva airport.

 There are several glaciers and incredible viewpoints that you will get to. It is known to give someone peace that is not normal. It is then the best place if you are looking for a little adventure and at the same time a good hike in the mountains. Make sure you are warmly dressed. The mountains could get very cold.

10. Lyon

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It is a town constructed over 2000 years ago. It is therefore known for its Roman ruins, historical industrial districts, and the regal 19th century Presqu’ile quarter, which is the pride of the place. Being at the center of two rivers, the Rhone and Saone Rivers, you will be assured of great weather and climate, which will very much favor your holiday spree around this place.

Architectural works by Vieux Lyon has filled the entire town, and semi-hidden passageways called Traboules that are perfect for a little adventure here and there. It is also known as the motherland of some of the best French cuisines meaning it would be a shame if you leave without trying out several of them.

11. Dinan

Dinan France
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This is a town that has been set on the eastern side of Brittany. The walled city on a hill overlooking the River Rance is one that has attracted so many people over the years despite the smallness of the town. The cobblestone streets and the ramparts that stretch to around 3 km distance.

You get to enjoy the monuments that are all over the town, the Normandy coast and the town of Dol-de-Bretagne, which is known for its keen ability to capture your attention through its rich historical nature. You should also ensure that you get to stop and have a nice meal in one of the restaurants available.

12. Vannes

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Located in the south of France, it is one of the most notable historical sites with materials dating back to the 14th century. It is then the pride of Brittany, as many people tend to call it. Having over 270 ancient monuments and the old defenses system, including the high walls, openly show what a war zone this place was in the past.

The culture and the beauty that adorns this place soothing that you would not want to pass out. You will learn of its rich heritage, eat some of the fantastic meals prepared. If you are a lover of art, then this is the best place you could ever think of going.

13. Rouen

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It is a town that is located between Paris and port Le Havre, which is on the banks of the Seine. Being a Norman city, it grew because of the merchant’s paradise between the 14th and the 15th century. You will then find some amazing timber-framed homes that people used during the old days.

There is also a splendid cathedral architecture alongside several other sights that you will enjoy when you get to the town. Its closeness to the port makes it an excellent place for you to enjoy fantastic seafood while watching the sunsets and sunrises during your stay here.

14. Carcassonne

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Located in the south of France, this town has been known for the walled boundary that it has and the 52 towers within the walls. The cobblestone paths and the uneven stone buildings could make you think you are in one of the old fairy tales we hear about. One other thing you should then be knowing is that most of those scenes were shot here.

The fact that it has been in existence since the Neolithic times makes it even more appealing. The walls have also made it one of the UNESCO heritage sites. You should then make the most of your booking in advance because June to August can get very busy and you may not enjoy the place well enough.

15. Besancon

This is one of the small but amazing towns that you would possibly want to go to while in France. You can enjoy some of the exotic cultures that thrive in this small town. The buildings have been built with the fantastic ‘chailluz’ stone that has mixes of blue, grey, and beige that makes it so amazing.

It was once a fantastic military defense spot, especially since the construction of the sky-scraping citadel, that was an excellent viewpoint. You will also get to enjoy some of the sumptuous dishes that the people from this side of France enjoy and maybe even learn to cook some of them.


France is one of the most significant places that you would ever decide to tour when you are free. However, the trick comes in not knowing what country you would love to go and what you have wanted to see first. Making this decision helps you to maximize your chance fully. Choosing from the many towns in France could be hard, but that is why reading about them gives you a better chance of selecting the right place for you. All the locations are great places to go to. But you will have to factor in so many other things depending on your preference. What I can assure you is despite the choice you make, France will never let you down.

15 Best Please to Visit in France


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