15 Best Destinations to Visit in Belgium

Located in Europe, Belgium is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world. This amazing country has special views, modern and vintage buildings, caves, museums, parks and many other tourist destinations. Both visitors and residents get a special chance to experience tourism at its best. Here are some of the 15 places to visit in Belgium.

1. Bruges

Bruges 1
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This city is situated in West Flanders. Bruges is all about old rugged buildings, a port, canals, and churches. The streets are perfectly floored and well-lit at night.

By the time you leave this port, you’d have come across several statues. There’s so much that is doable in Bruges, including fishing. Sight viewing is also a possibility with the beautiful vintage skyscrapers littering the city.

The architectural designs used to make the building here are nothing short of perfection. The constructions have stood firm since time immemorial.

Bruges is picturesque. Do not forget to carry your camera with you. As you create memories, record them in photos.

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Whether hungry or not, ensure you have a taste of Bruges’ local cuisine. Some of the popular restaurants serving delicious foods include La Marina, Restaurant Diligence, Pomperlut, and Stompa, among others. Their foods are specially cooked with unique recipes by some of the best chefs in the European nation.

2. Brussels

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Brussels is the capital city of Belgium. It is headquarters to one of the most powerful unions in Europe and the world. The beautiful city is a mixture of old school buildings and modern constructions. This creates a perfect tourist destination.

Being a capital city, you should expect royal buildings hosting the country’s most powerful and rich people. There are bars, breweries, academic institutions, cathedrals, museums, monuments and so much more.

In a nutshell, Brussels is a cocktail of all the other cities in Belgium. It has almost everything all the other cities have. If you love walking around, the streets are well paved for you.

The transport system is perfect. The taxis are affordable, and the drivers are ready to take you around the city for a ride. Whether it is night time or day time, you are free to do your thing. Security is sufficient, and the streets beautifully lit.

The local cuisine is also finely prepared. There are many restaurants around for you to have your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Before concluding your tour in this city, ensure you have tasted the Belgian waffles, chocolate truffles, and Bonbon.

The city is also strategically located. As such, it is surrounded by equally touristic towns. This proximity makes it possible for you to cruise to the neighborhood with ease.

Brussels is a must-visit! You’ve not been to Belgium if you’ve not been to Brussels.

3. Ghent

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The port city of Ghent is a hub of education and culture. Ghent hosts some universities and is known to be a symbol of the Belgian culture.

The city has ancient buildings with fine architecture. Dutch is the most popular language in this cultural city. The security of this place is fair enough, although you still need to be vigilant.

Traveling from Ghent to Brussels or the opposite will take you about half an hour. This gives you a chance to transverse between cities fast. It is also a special chance to use train transport if you have never before.

Ghent is so fine a destination you will be tempted to spend a night or two there. In case that happens, you need to find the best hotels in this port. Ghent Marriott, Hotel ibis, and Gravensteen are some of the best hotels to spend your night(s). There is so much to do, see and eat in Ghent. Just visit!

4. Kortrijk

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Kortrijk is home to the K.V Kortrijk football club. This is a chance for soccer lovers to have time of their lives watching live matches of this club. The matches are mostly played during weekends. In the week, you may go and watch the team train.

Also available are nice hotels for your stay. You will be served tasty local cuisines. Drinks are there too.

Kortrijk has beautiful views and well-done buildings in terms of architecture. Visit this destination to explore more.

5. Charleroi

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This is another footballing center. It hosts R. Charleroi S. C. playing the Belgian Pro football competition. The competitive league is Belgium’s premier.

The city hosts museums, antiques, monuments, among others. While many find this city attractive, others think it’s the ugliest in Belgium. This is a subject for discussion. You will have your opinion once you visit the city.

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6. Antwerp

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The Grote Markt, ZOO Antwerp, Middelheim museum and the City Hall are some of the attractive sites that stand out in this city. There are more places to visit in this beautiful destination in addition to things to do. You may go for bike riding, dinners, sightseeing, among other activities.

Antwerp is a trading hub. It is a leading diamond dealer in Europe. The city is safe during the day. At night, you should better avoid some places. Stay safe!

The beauty of this city is it is not as expensive as other cities. Therefore, it is friendly to those with a tight budget.

Is the language barrier your fear? You should worry no more because Antwerp has English speaking residents. Although they speak it as a second or third language.

7. Ostend

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Before anything else, you need to have your hotel sorted out. No one wants to visit a place without any idea of where they will spend the night. On that note, Ostend has many cost friendly hotels to spend your nights. They include Upstairs, Getaway Studios, Alpha Hotel, and Le Parisien, among others. These modern hotels offer breakfast, lunch and dinner services.

This city has a beach, uniquely designed buildings, walking trails, and racing venues. This makes Ostend a hub of entertainment and tourist attraction. The city is also home to football.

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8. Hasselt

places to visit in belgium
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Hasselt is Limburg’s capital. It is a fine destination for vacations. The car hire business is booming here. Tourists get a chance to be driven around and familiarize themselves with the city.

Hasselt has a rural setting with less traffic of people. It is a great destination for people who have an exotic preference and love privacy. There is a forest for walks, festivals to attend and a theme park for sightseeing.

You may also engage in boat riding. Albert Canal offers that chance.

9. Mechelen

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There is so much to do in Mechelen. You may visit Planckendael and bond with wild animals, including lions and rhinos. On a Sunday, there is a cathedral by the name Saint Rumbold’s you may visit.

I’m sure during your visit here you’ll get hungry. When that happens, drop by Sophia Centrum and have a taste of the local cuisine. Other places you may visit include McDonald’s, Massafrit and Yasmina. All these joints serve well-prepared food. To enjoy more, ensure you ask for foods you’ve never tried before.

10. Tournai

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The historical city is one of the unique cities in the prestigious World Heritage sites. It is beautiful and made up of out of this world architecture. Tournai hosts festivals regularly. The number of events significantly rises at the end of the year. Nothing like boredom exists in Tournai.

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The streets are well floored and have one of the oldest buildings there is in Europe. There is so much history to learn in this city. The Maison Tournaisienne is a great destination to visit in Tournai. Also around is the Jungle City. These are great places to spend your time and money creating memories.

11. Ypres

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Rarely will you find the weather of Ypres misbehaving? This makes touring this city possible at any time of the year. Ypres is also affordable and a hub of culture and entertainment.

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Located in West Flanders, Ypres is famous for its role in World War I. It hosted several battles. The city has most of its population made up of the Flemish community.

Most of the places you will visit in Ypres either have remnants of the world war or show remains of effects of the war. For instance, Yorkshire Trench has many remains of the war. When you get to Sanctuary Wood, you will see trenches built by the British to protect themselves during the battles.

There is also a memorial in Ypres known as Menin Gate. This place is home to memories of the war and fighters of the world war.

Away from war-related destinations, Ypres has another beautiful side. It has nicely designed buildings and paved streets. There are walkways available too. This offers a great opportunity to stroll around and just familiarize yourself with this historical city.

12. Mons

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Tourists are well taken care of in Mons. Things to do here include boat riding, sightseeing, walking, visiting museums and historical buildings like The Grand Hornu.

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It doesn’t cost much as some of these activities are free. Most of the places you’ll visit like eateries and parks will charge you a considerate amount of money. Drop-in any hotel and have a taste of the local cuisine. Most of the restaurants are up to standard, making it safe to eat from anywhere.

Mons is one of the cities that make Belgium be what it is. The beautiful destination makes Belgium popular for tourist attractions. Being an artistic town, expect decorative galleries in plenty.

If you get a chance to buy some souvenirs, do not hesitate to make that purchase. Take home as many memorable gifts as possible. Ensure you’ve also done a proper city tour of this place before you leave Mons.

13. Namur

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There is a lot to do in Namur. Some activities are a must while other activities are voluntary. For instance, Citadel of Namur is a must-visit. The nice views from this spot will amaze you. Besides, the place itself is such a beauty you will be left with no other choice than appreciate.

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Below are more touristic destinations you should think about:

  • Belfry of Namur
  • Scladina cave
  • Strawberry museum
  • Spy cave

There is much more. Restaurants are many in Namur. There you can have your meals and drinks. Castles too exist here, memorial parks, hiking trails, monuments and historical parks.

14. Spa

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Spa is meant for outgoing tourists. You may play poker in Casino de Spa, visit Franchimont Castle or spend some time in the Forestia zoo. There is much sightseeing to do with beautiful views of the city, especially from the top of skyscrapers or mountain peaks. This means hiking is also a must. You surely want to catch the best views of Spa from the top.

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There are hotels too for your stomach needs. Besides, ensure you carry your camera to capture some of the most amazing views in Spa.

15. Rochefort

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Rochefort looks like it was meant for family activities. The destination has adventurous outdoor activities including caves, picnic spots, parks with open playgrounds, and other children-friendly destinations.

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Once you visit Rochefort, you will find it hard to leave when the time comes. It is that addictive. There are activities for adults only, especially when in a group. You may visit a brewery and drink yourselves up. Just ensure you have a designated driver for your safety.

Affordable hotels are in offer. This guarantees you a secure and classy place to spend your nights. The bathrooms work properly with Wi-Fi availability and ample parking. The rooms are installed with TVs and breakfast well served. You will be amazed by the staffs’ courtesy and professionalism.

That’s what Rochefort is all about in summary.


Belgium is truly a beauty to visit. The tourist destination has many cities with special features that will please your eyes. It is one of the most touristic countries in Europe and the world. By the time you are done touring the 15 places this article has highlighted, you’ll have made memories you will never forget in your life. You will always wish to relive them. Do so, if possible.

15 Best Places to visit in Belgium


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