11 Benefits of Traveling: Why Traveling is good for you

Honestly, I cannot remember the first time I heard about the term traveling. Neither can I recall my first traveling experience. But as I write this, I am sure it is my only hobby. Moving from one town to another costs time. Also, you will have to spend more to cater to hotel fees in addition to making taxi drivers productive. In short, traveling is costly. On the flip side, it comes with many benefits. The gains are so many that the costs become insignificant. Read on and find out the benefits of traveling.

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1. Improved Communication and Socialization Skills

Traveling is a form of reaching out. With every new destination, you meet new people and different cultures. Being exposed to people you don’t know provides you with a perfect opportunity to socialize. Through the process, you make new acquaintances and friends. In the beginning, it will be hard. But as time goes by, you will realize things are getting more comfortable. In the long run, you will find out how easy it is to make friends.

Different people communicate differently. Therefore, as you interact with people from different locations, you will learn the art of diversity. Your tolerance levels will rise. To your amusement, getting along with different characters will now be possible.

Communication is all about understanding each other. This is the foundation of socialization, which is getting along well with different people. As you become more diverse because of traveling, you master the art of understanding people and being interested in them. Rising interest in people assists you in building social relationships quickly. That is why a more traveled person makes rapport with others more comfortable and faster.

Also, sometimes, communication is about the stories you tell. Traveling allows you to explore and learn so much. Your way of seeing things, even shifts. You get a broader perspective and master a lot. Therefore, as you engage with people, they marvel at your personality and stick around. In the end, you have more lasting relationships.

2. A Fun Thrilled Experience

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Freedom defines traveling. When traveling, the world allows you to do what you want. You see, when in transit to or from your destination, no one will judge you for wearing sandals or just a t-shirt. You are free to be you and let the child in you do whatever it feels like.

Right from the ignition of the vehicle you are using to travel to the destination, it is a fun, thrilling experience. It is more enjoyable, especially if you are going with your favorite people. From adventurous trips to job excursions, traveling allows you to experience so much fun.

Our human brains were created uniquely. We get tired of routine tasks and enjoy new experiences. Traveling breaks that monotony. That activates enthusiasm in our bodies. Before you know it, you are already enjoying every activity you are engaging in.

That is why it is healthy to travel once in a while to get rid of the routines that tire your energy. The fun you experience lights up the dynamo in you. In the end, after resuming your normal activities, you will find yourself more active and productive. Your mood changes to enthusiasm.

3. Learning New Languages

A good number of people learn new languages in class. Well, some end up speaking as fluent as natives. For others, you will tell this is not their first language. That is why I believe traveling is the best way to learn new languages and become a fluent speaker.

Say, for instance, you are traveling to France. Once you land at the airport, you will meet people from different races and nations. Many will be speaking their native languages but expect the French language to dominate.

Learning through listening and speaking practice is more fruitful than sitting in a lecture room and listening to a linguist. Traveling makes the learning of new languages easy and fun. You get to hear the direct dialect natives use and know how to pronounce particular words and phrases.

Learning new languages does not come easy. You have to show interest. The good thing is, traveling puts you in a position to quickly learn several languages.

4. Enhances Creativity and Originality

The world has different perspectives. Ideas are hard to find, especially in this world, which is full of copycats. But there’s hope in traveling. As you interact with people, you get to experience different schools of thought. With time you become so knowledgeable and diverse.

Travelers are said to be the most creative people. They are creative thinkers and harbor original thoughts. The exposure they get out of traveling is enough to source great ideas.

5. Confidence Boost

Traveling is an outgoing deed. You meet all kinds of personality along with your travel. Now, imagine being new to a place with no one else by your side. You have to be confident to survive.

As a stranger in a new town, you need your confidence tank full to survive. Otherwise, learning and putting up with new people and cultures will be a hard nut to crack. Confidence comes automatically as you travel more, although it requires a little bit more effort.

Another thing, picking up conversations and turning them into lasting relationships is not easy. Well, traveling makes it very easy for you. Within no time, even introverts become extroverts. Building conversations becomes very easy. How is it so?

Getting lost during travels is inevitable. Once that happens, you have to find your way back to your hotel or place of residence. Sometimes, online maps may not be beneficial and may get you lost even more. So, what do you do? You are forced to seek help from locals tactfully.

It is not easy since you do not know who you are dealing with. For instance, when in a city known for a crime, you need to be extra cautious. You, therefore, start to build rapport with the locals. Slowly by slowly, confidence grows, and you are good to stay.

6. Traveling Teaches You About Yourself

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Traveling takes you out of your routine. You travel to a far distance, sometimes alone. Other times, you go with family and friends.

Traveling alone has lessons to teach you about yourself. This is a perfect moment to meditate and think about your life. As you sit on that bus or airplane, you get a chance to look back and think about who you are and where you have come from.

As you reflect on your life, you realize there is something about you that you were never aware of. You will be surprised that there is so much to learn about yourself. As you learn about new cultures, you also learn to appreciate your own.

Traveling to other corners of the world, you will be appreciated in different parts and downgraded in others. The differential treatment will reveal to you who you are. You will learn your tolerance levels to nuisance and discrimination. Because you wouldn’t want others to experience the same, probably that event of discrimination you are going through will change you.

7. Making Memories

Perhaps this was the need behind Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook invention. The need to make memories and keep an album of photos. Instagram also allows you to post pictures. This has everything to do with traveling.

If you are keen, the posts that attract more likes and comments are travel pictures. The world loves traveling and making memories. Then, record these memories in photographs and share them with the rest of the world for everyone to see and be involved.

Traveling is the best way to make memories. Couples bond more when traveling. You may have noticed many travelers carry cameras with them. This is to capture every moment of fun they will experience.

8. Lessons About The World

I would never have known to speak Congolese had I not traveled to Congo. Spain taught me a little Spanish while England taught me so much about Football. I mean, every corner of the world has something to inform you about. I was surprised to see a cat’s restaurant in Vienna, Austria. I also experienced racism in some parts of Europe and Asia. Both good and bad, the world has a lot to offer.

As you travel, you get exposed to cultures and practices you never knew existed. Traveling will teach you new cultures, languages, and practices. Also, you will learn about the history of other countries. For the cities, towns, and villages you visit, you will learn about its people and culture. Between November and March, most of the world’s cities are busiest during this time. Therefore, you expect a lot of events and activities. This is the best period to visit.

9. Gaining Useful Knowledge and Skill

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Researchers travel a lot to find solutions. On the other side, travelers bump into solutions to already existing problems. I know of a professor who moved to the US, spent time there, and went back to Kenya to start a 5-billion-dollar project to help improve the health problems Kenyans face.

According to him, he would never have found out the solution had he not traveled. While it took more than just going to come up with the answer, traveling was the beginning of finding a lasting solution.

It takes keenness and an eye for details to see opportunities. Traveling will expose you to different approaches to solving problems. It is incredible how travelers are outspoken and opinionated when it comes to problem-solving. The best politicians happen to be good travelers. CEOs, great achievers, and good leaders to have traveled as a hobby on their CVs.

10. Motivation

Corporates spend millions annually to fund team building activities. This happens outside countries and far away from workplaces. That tells you something. Traveling is a source of motivation. This practice cannot be undermined, considering the millions of big companies spend on its employees.

Research has it that more traveled employees are more motivated and thus more productive in the workplace. Traveling works miracles in restoring enthusiasm in an individual. That is why the best teams are formed when traveling.

Sports make maximum use of travel. Teams move to faraway towns to play against each other. A good example is the FIFA World Cup, which takes place every four years. The teams qualifying for this event feel motivated just by traveling to the host nation.

11. Stories for Your Future Generation

Old age will soon come knocking. You will have children, grand and great-grandchildren. They will need to hear from you. So, what stories will you tell them?

Traveling is a perfect opportunity to collect stories and memories to share with your proceeding generations. That is why you need to capture every moment you have both in your mind and pictures. Traveling will teach you values to keep and virtues to avoid altogether. These are priceless lessons you will need to pass over to your next generation.

Furthermore, kids who grow up from well-exposed parents grown into reasonable adults. I am sure you don’t want your child to suffer from scarce mentality. That is another reason you need to travel more. The full collection of experiences, cultures, and perspectives will help shape your future generation into the world of knowledge. That is why kids who start to travel at a young age mature faster.


Traveling is a career to some. For others, it is a hobby, while others don’t like it for various personal reasons. Whatever category you fall in, traveling will benefit you in one way or another. The benefits above are only a few from a list of many. This means there are many more benefits to offer. The rest of the benefits are not to be told but to be experienced. Keep traveling and enjoy the benefits. Keep making memories, and you will fall in love with traveling more and more.


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