11 Things To Do In Barcelona Over The Weekend

Barcelona happens to be among the list of cities in Europe that has been able to attract many people from all over the world. Not only because of its culturally rich heritage, or its fantastic architecture, but also the fact that it is located geographically in one of the best beaches in the world. Its excellent climate makes it even better for a casual stroll on the shores or just through the busy streets of the town.

Weekends for most people are get-a-ways from their usually busy life. It allows them to rewind and take a break before they can take in another week altogether. Therefore, if you are in a position to have these few days of the week elsewhere, then why not.  Be willing to try out most of the things that this city has to offer.

Try out Barcelona. Your few days won’t be a waste, I promise.


The few three days might be too short or long enough, depending on how you organize yourself. The activities that you list down for you to do will also determine if it is long enough or not. Many people would prefer a cold, quiet, and calm weekend.

However, not everyone is the same. Regardless of your preference, I am sure that this list will give you complete satisfaction. Choose among the list the ones that will be more interesting with you. Then add it to your itinerary list.

1. Plan for a bus or walking tour around the city based on your preferences

Bus tour around barcelona
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The perfect way to have a holiday is to plan out how the holiday is supposed to go from the beginning. It ensures that you can plan on what you need to do and how much time you would have allocated to each one of them. While you are deciding on a tour guide, ensure you have in-depth information about it. You wouldn’t want to be lost or overpriced during the short time you would be there.

Therefore, it is wise that you search for a tour guide plan that will work best for you and your budget too. In most cases, many people would prefer to have a bus tour compared to the walking tour. It might be more expensive, but it will save on the time that you would need to get to all of them.

 I would, however, suggest, that for an authentic feeling of Barcelona, you should reach out and try walking through the town. You may not get to all the places that you needed, but you will be in a position to completely exhaust the ones that you will make to.

2. Visit some of the fantastic architectural sites

Casa Batllo in the evening in Barcelona
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Many of the buildings in Barcelona has been designed by the famous Gaudi, which were so unique that thousands of people around the world still come to awe at the beauty of the skill. Visiting buildings like the Sagrada Familia, Casa Batllo, and Park Guell: which is an open city park, will give you a great incite on the preference that Gaudi had when designing those buildings. You will even get perfect places to take exciting and fun pictures to remember such places.

Most of these buildings have some historical influence with some of them being too extreme that it is even still in constructions today. The church of the Sagrada Familia is bound to be completed in 2026, yet the rate that it already pulls people to it is impressive. The illumination that it gives the sun rays through its glass design is one that you would not want to miss. Whether day or night, it is one fascinating place to visit when you are in Barcelona.

Many people have visited these places and gotten new insights on amazing building ideas or even artistic ideas for painting and drawing. The spiritual insight that has been attached to this place is also one that has kept the people of Barcelona in check and guided for as long as it has been in existence.

3. Visit the museum of Joan Miro

Joan Miro Museum in Barcelona
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Just like the impressive architectural works of Gaudi, Miro’s artistic works cannot be assumed by anybody in Barcelona. His actions, unlike Gaudi that automatically attract the crowd to itself, Miro’s work has to be kept in a museum where people can now come and enjoy without tampering with them.

In the museum, you will find over 15000 pieces of his work with more than 8000 of them being drawings. Such numbers show that Miro was one person who was very dedicated to his work and the fame that his work brought to him. Once there, you will learn of the foundation that he came up with. It might even be a chance for you to be able to contribute to the work too.

One of the most exciting parts of this museum is the step by step walk into the life of the artist starting with his early paintings to his works on civil wars and constellations which were his latest. You will not be in a position to understand it until you get to the museum and see them.

Though it is some distance from the city, it is quite an experience to remember. If you love history, art or like to be a philanthropist, this is one of the areas in Barcelona that you should not miss at all.

3. Have a simple walk through the Las Ramblas

Las Ramblas
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Las Ramblas is one of the tourist’s spots that have over 1200 meters of shopping stalls where people have been able to display artistic works, republican materials like caps, t-shirts, and wristbands among many other things that tourists fancy buying. As you walk through the street, you will also be able to enjoy different side views lie the beach and other amazing restaurants.

It is one of the places in Barcelona that has Gaudi’s print marked all over it. You, therefore, don’t have to purchase anything, but merely walking along this street refreshes your mind. Enjoy the music that is being played, the many gambling games that are being performed.

Sometimes, you might be lucky and find gymnastics there trying out their luck. This place allows you to thoroughly enjoy the true and honest nature of what people in this place can do. The limits they can go and the activities that you can participate in easily.

You should be warned that because this place usually has crowds of people, it is highly possible that you would get pick-pocketed. It is good that you be careful with your bag to ensure you don’t lose any of your belongings.

4. Visit the Mercat de la Boqueria

Mercat de la Boqueria
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This is the natural foods market where you can be able to buy most of your ingredients for a right home-cooked meal without having to worry about the GMO products that are sold a lot nowadays. It is one of the most natural places that you can get to when in Barcelona despite being the most crowded.

If you are a person who may have just come to visit, you may not be thinking of doing some big kitchen shopping because you might be staying at a hotel or motel. However, you would still need some fresh fruits. Drop by the La Boqueria and pick out some delicious fruits that you can enjoy, whether on your own or with your family.

If you happen to be an agriculturist, you can stop by the market to talk with some of the vendors because most of them plant their crops. Get to learn some essential tips on effective planting and how best to manage them until they reach the market level. It could be an exciting learning experience for you.

You might have just been walking around, and you thought of branching to the market. You wouldn’t be going in to buy anything. It is only to have an experience of the place. It is one essential place to mark out of your to-do list for the period that you are in Barcelona.

5. Enjoy a couple of hours on the beach

Beach in Barcelona
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The town of Barcelona has the majority of the time being sunny. This, therefore, means you can have a great time on the beach under the cold sun. The tides are, in most cases, not very harsh, meaning any time is perfect. Take a stroll or sit under your translucent umbrella, enjoying the sun as you drink a refreshment.

One of the primary reasons why people usually end up opting to travel out of their country for the weekend is if they have business dealings. Others are just trying to unwind after having a hectic week.

It is therefore very advisable that you have a walk along the shores of the beach. More so in the evenings, when the sun is not too hot, and the tides are coming closer. The breeze that comes from the ocean will hit you at the right places and give you a sense of relaxation that is unique. It is an experience that is worth traveling for.

Ensure you have with you the right amount of sunscreen and a plan on what you need to drink and eat when you are there. Hydration is a vital thing for anybody, especially when you are at the beach. You should remember it is all about having time to yourself.

6. Have a meal at the Plaza Real

Plaza Real
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Plaza Real happens to be at the end of the Las Ramblas, where you will have an excellent chance to enjoy interactions with the locals. Many activities have been invested in this place. The designs and the setting of the Plaza Real are specifically aimed to attract people, especially after having a long walk around the city.

It is quite a beautiful place that looks more like a home backyard with restaurants and bars. It is magnificently lighted to attract people even when it gets dark. The openness of this place means that you are not limited to closing hours. It is one very romantic place for couples.

The fact that it is accessible by people who have long walked is one of its most excellent benefits. Some terraces are perfect for you to sit down and relax as you down a bottle of wine offered at the bar. You should also try some of the fantastic meals that are available at the restaurants in this place. Enjoy the real Spanish deal.

You can also enjoy the scenery and take a few pictures, especially when it lights up during the night. This is something you will not easily forget.

7. Tour the Barcelona football club

Barcelona Team
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I am sure you have heard of the world-famous football club, FC Barcelona. This is the state’s leading team that has over the years mentored and built up many-a stars in the sports field. Most of the interactions that they have are at their Camp Nou, where they train most of the times.

Camp Nou being their home ground stadium, you can also get to see the coveted team playing either as a friendly match or just training with some of the other players. You will be in a position to see the many victories that they have had like the five champion’s leagues and many others, gloriously displayed for the public to see.

Some of the players usually host some games at the club, where they will sell tickets online for people to buy. These games run almost weekly. Therefore, it is not hard for you to get tickets. You should, however, know that these games are usually announced close to two weeks in advance.

If you are a football fan, this will be one of the places that will just put a great smile on your face. It will be a significant point in your weekend stay in Barcelona. Be careful, however, of the ticket that you are purchasing. The games are many. Be sure of the one you are interested in before you buy the ticket.

8. Try out the tapas and montaditos meals

tapas and montaditos meals
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It would be an abomination for you to leave Barcelona without having a chance to eat some of the exotic meals that they offer. Try out the tapas, montaditos, and other snacks that have the authentic feeling of the people in this city. Different is usually fun, especially when you are trying it out from the sources themselves.

Tapas and montaditos are meals which are mostly made up of bread slices with various other delicious ingredients on them. It is one of the highest foods that you can enjoy while you are in Barcelona. Topping it up would be a nice glass of wine or beer that in most cases have been locally made.

 If you are interested in such meals, look out for the El Gotico or the El Born where you can find a vast assortment of snacks apart from the tapas. They are sold to reasonably low prices with a high Spanish setting that you will be so impressed. You will also get to have the table setting that will make the meal even more exciting.

You should be aware that the hotels have a precise peak hour for their meals. This determines when you get individual meals and when it is served. Don’t be surprised when you get a particular enthusiasm or energy at a place, especially during certain hours of the day and then at times. It is not there.

9. Attend one or two parties

Barcelona is the home ground of parties with no restrictions whatsoever. The rate at which they treasure the music that they have is quite unbelievable. That is why it is interesting how they even party depending on the genre of music being played. Various places concentrate on some specific music all the time.

Whether you get to funk up on hardcore, music en Vivo, swanky or rooftop parties, the night will never get too boring or dull for you as long as you get the best place to have fun. You should check up on the best party grounds available during the period that you are there. You might just be shocked to catch up with some celebrities or some coveted shows being held there.

Be careful, though. The amount of drug-induced incidences that happen during such parties is quite high. You will, therefore, be encouraged by many of the tour guides to at least have a backup plan and don’t go alone to these parties. More so if this is the first time you are attending such parties.

10. Visit the Gracia

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At the center of Barcelona is a quaint town called Gracia. Originally it was an independent village but then over time the independence that the people who lived here were used to make them appreciate the place more. Most of them would even introduce themselves as from Gracia and not Barcelona. You might also be misled and think it is a country inside Barcelona.

Gracia is one place that is quite different from the other parts of Barcelona. It is livelier, with smaller streets and more businesses and bars compared to what they can naturally offer. They also have a sense of communism that is like you have never seen before. Therefore, getting to visit it is similar to having gone to another city during the weekend time.

This visit will expose you to even more details about the history of Barcelona more than you would have expected. You will get to learn and embrace the beauty of the culture of the people in this place.

11. Walk into the fantastic Gothic Quarter

Barcelona over the weekend Gothic Quarter
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Are you a person who fancies a bit of gothic lifestyle, fashions, or behaviors? Then this is the perfect place for you. Its old age setting has been known to create a particular atmosphere that, in most cases, gives you a chill even when you don’t understand why.

You may even get inspired to try out some things as part of your tour experience. People get tattoos, pictures, souvenirs, and also other artifacts when they are in this place. It is quite a fascinating place if you want a trip out of the ordinary world living scenario.

The Gothic Quarter is the old civilization remnants before the Romans invaded Barcelona. The cobblestone streets and old buildings give the bars and restaurants there some authentic Spanish feeling, including meals and even souvenirs. The quiet corners create amazing spaces for acoustic players to have fun without getting unnecessary echoes from the surrounding environments.

Be careful though not to be involved in some of the traps on the overpriced materials or get hoaxed from the local people. They always have a way of smelling out the new people in the area and trying their very best to milk out the milk out of them.

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Final word

Barcelona is one of the most significant places that I have been in. The way it can handle the different cultures but still create a combined effect is more than I could have even imagined. A weekend visit to this place in most cases is what most people need, even when they don’t know. Having a chance to visit some of the amazing architectural works, museums, eat fantastic Spanish dishes and get to interact with people is one of the most refreshing things ever. Such a trip would never be too bored as long as you can organize your itinerary so that you can enjoy all the significant places you would like without feeling too fatigued on your way back home. A perfect plan is what you need. It is also what you can get from this list. Have a fantastic weekend in Barcelona. You might even find yourself organizing for a long time there.


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