A Completed Guide to Lake Como Italy

Mansion near lake Como
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Also known as Lario, Lake Como is Italy’s third-largest lake with the deepest end covering 448yards (410 meters). What’s more, it’s also Europe’s deepest lake. In terms of conformation, Lake Como appears like an inverted Y, and it’s all because of the eroding nature of melting glaciers and that of Adda,-an ancient river. This resulted in southern branches formation in the middle of which you will find Bellagio, the world-famous and most beautiful spot. 

Based on the world popular Alps foot, Lake Como provides spectacular scenery that’s hard to acknowledge. A visit to Lake Como is quite an intriguing venture with surprisingly lots of adventure to engage in. 

Best time to visit

Lake Como is popular among visitors and locals for its warm temperature as well as the Mediterranean sun. It has a climate which is mild and constant despite being next to the mountains and it’s mainly due to the large water mass of the lake which functions as a reserve for heat. 

As a result, the region experiences mild winters and cool summers. Therefore, the best time of the year to visit Como Lake is from March to November. During this period, the sun is at its peak, and the temperatures are warm. 

How to get there from nearby Cities

While traveling to Lake Como, there is a very high likelihood that you will pass through the great Milan City. From Milan to Como, there are various means you can use, for example traveling by train, bus, boat, or air. 

In this case, there are online apps you can download on your Smartphone and then pay for your ticket online. What’s more, there are two types of trains you can choose from. One of the train routes includes taking nine -direct-TILO-trains, which travel directly from Milan.

Alternatively, if you love lots of adventure, then you can book Malpensa Express Train, which has lots of stop-overs to drop other clients. 

Boats and Buses are the best alternatives for transportation. However, they cannot complete the transportation of visitors directly from Milan to Lake Como without using other means like the train and boat. 

At the end of the day, you will need railway transportation, whether you opted for a boat ride or car drive to Lake Como. 

15 Things to do near Lake Como Italy

1. Bellagio

Credit Pixabay

Your great trip to Lake Como, Italy isn’t complete until you visit the stunningly beautiful Bellagio. Bellagio is known for being the most spectacular spot in Lombardy, Italy

Based halfway between the lake’s southernmost branches, the place is famous for its exclusively beautiful villas that are facing the lake water. 

What’s more, Bellagio attractions are found close to one another. Thus it’s a great place for walking tours during the day. Among the attractions include the colorful town center with incredible local food, shops, and traditions to explore. Villa Serbelloni & Villa Melzi with spectacular gardens that you need not miss. 

Boat tours and Beaches, for a laid back and relaxing vacation, while enjoying the beautiful water scenery. And Lastly Punta Spartivento and Pescallo providing you with quiet spots to sit back and relax your mind away from all the city noises and pollution. 

2. Como Cathedral

Como Cathedral
Credit Pixabay

With no doubt, Como Cathedral is the city’s most impressive building well known for its spectacular architecture.

Constructed way back in the 14th century, this church was a dedication to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Structurally, it comprises a Gothic style of construction although full construction was in the 18th Century. 

The front face of the cathedral features lots of stone statues, ornate stonework as well as a series of decorative small towers. When you get to the interior, you will be left surprised. Its decorated lavishly and among the intriguing features is the main central dome. 

It is covered with spectacular gold work together with beautiful decorations. What’s more, it has a vast interior with striking arches, naves, and columns. Therefore, the Cosmos Cathedral is truly a must-visit site once you land in Como, Italy.   

3. Archaeological Museum

Archaeological Museum
Credit wikimedia

For those who love to explore the history, then Como Archaeological Museum is a must-visit site. The museum comprises a spectacular range of artifact collections from various regions in Como. 

The artifacts are true representative of the region’s history dating back during the ancient Greek period. Therefore they portray the region’s history and culture of the inhabitants. 

Within the museum, you will explore historical artifacts like stonework, Jewelry, agricultural machinery, pottery and much more. Each of the displays has a range of information about its historical background. 

4. Basilica of St. Abbondio

Basilica of St. Abbondio
Credit wikimedia

Based a bit outside the city center, this majestic church it’s worth your visit. the founding church dates back to the 11th century. But the current church (Romanesque) was constructed by the Benedictines over it. 

The church front face features a simple and plain design with stonework and a majestic doorway as the entrance. When you get to the interior, there are sets of gigantic stone columns and the main altar with ornate decorations.

Furthermore, the main altar comprises a series of beautiful colored frescos that portray various figures of religions and a ceiling with spectacular blue and gold decorations. 

5. Giuseppe Garibaldi Museum

Giuseppe Garibaldi Museum
Credit wikimedia

This is another great spot for historians as well as informational junkies. The museum building is formerly a palace and is situated in the same location as Archaeological Museum, Piazza Medaglie. 

The delightful museum comprises a series of rooms that are decorated lavishly and have been restored for showcasing the various forms of traditional living in the Italian eras.

What’s more, the museum also houses different types of historical artifacts like lace, furniture, and clothing collections from Como and its surrounding regions. 

The restored rooms and collections are quite fantastic and amazing to view, and when combined with the fine paint of the archaeological museum, they portray a great image of Como. 

6. Ride in Funicular Train

Funicular Train
Credit flickr

Brunate town is quite small and based up the mountains which are surrounding Lake Como. If you happen to find yourself at the Lake eastern edge close to Como city, don’t forget to take an intriguing ride in Funicular Train which goes up the mountain and pull up at Brunate. 

At the top of the mountain, you will have a breathtaking view of Lake Como and its surroundings.

At the mountain tops, you will encounter various options of restaurants at the mountain edge with a spectacular view to enjoy as you relax and take you your meal or refreshing drinks. 

If you are still full of adventurous spirit, there is a hiking trail that takes two hours as it leads you to a higher point on Mount Boletto summit with a much intriguing view of the region’s magical beauty. 

7. Lake Como boat ride

Lake Como boat ride
Credit flickr

It will be quite a shame to visit a spectacular lake like Lake Como without taking a boat ride to explore its water. While exploring the lake, you will have a beautiful view of the surrounding landscape that surrounds this magnificent body of water. 

At Como, there are many options for boat tour companies to strike a deal with. Furthermore, you can decide to take a one-way boat ride to some coastal towns from Como and make your trip more interesting.

Some of the coastal towns surrounding the lake include the beautiful Bellagio and Cernobbio.

Alternatively, you can have a scenic boat tour that focuses on landmarks with not only aesthetic importance but also historical significance.

Therefore, whichever boat you hire for a ride, you will definitely get to see the amazing view of Lake Como at a closer view. 

8. A visit to Cernobbio

A visit to Cernobbio
Credit wikipedia

This is a town on Lake Como western shore and a short distance away from Como city. Cernobbio is among the lake’s large surrounding towns and consists of Villa d’Este that was built originally for the English Queen. 

Also, along Lake Como shores are Piazza Risorgimento and Cernobbio Lido. They are amazing spots where you will have an amazing view of sailing and fishing boats with beautiful design.

Also, you can decide to have a bite of the delicious dish of one of the best cafes or restaurants in the area. 

Cernobbio also offers a starting point of Monte Bisbino pilgrimage which is a 1310m road excellent as a mountain trail that leads to the best countryside panoramic view. 

9. Villa Balbianello

Villa Balbianello
Credit flickr

This is a very beautiful promontory right next to Lake Como water near Lennoxtown. The surrounding area has well-cured gardens that are perfect for photography.

To access this place, you can either explore it via winding beautiful trail through woodlands from a bay at Lenno. It’s really a great walk for those who love hiking.

Alternatively, you can access the villa via waters of Lake Como using a boat. This magnificent villa was created back in the 18th Century. And this was over what was once a monastery.

At the villa, you will have a spectacular lake view. Also, there are terraces you can use to access the lake. And across the villa, you will see Bellagio and Vergonese towns’ miles away.

Apart from the spectacular landscape and lake view, the villa itself is a state of the art. The blending of surrounding gardens and its castle-like design will take your breath away.

10. Villa Serbelloni

Villa Serbelloni
Credit flickr

Your visit to Bellagio town won’t be complete when you miss out on the beautiful Villa Serbelloni. The villa has historical significance and its situated right next to Lake Como. At one time, it was a lavish retreat spot for Sfondrati Family. And this was way back in the 16th Century. 

It is very clear why the Serbelloni villa was built in this spot. Right at the top of the Villa, you will find the magnificent Bellagio town. What’s more, this delightful villa has a great view of the lake as well as the Alps. 

It’s quite unfortunate that entry to the villa is not available for the public. However, the expansive gardens which are stunningly beautiful are available for viewing through guided tours. The garden comprises enclosures that include beautiful wooded areas and Rose Garden which are great for photography. 

11. Menaggio town

Menaggio town
Credit wikimedia

Found on Lake Como western shore is Menaggio town, while below it, you will find Bellagio town.

Just like other coastal towns along Lake Como shores, Menaggio provides a great view of the lake and the surrounding landscape. Also, it has a wide ferry port that provides you with the lake and mountain background view for photography. 

What’s more, the town has a tunnel that cuts across the town’s entire length. it provides a great route for the motorist looking to explore the further surrounding of the town. 

Within Menaggio, you will spot fantastic restaurants offering delicious cuisines and a great view of the lake. Also, some of them offer boat rides for adventurous visitors who want to explore the lake’s water. 

12. Lenno and Porlezza Canyoning 

Lake Como’s varied landscape provides an exclusive surrounding for extreme sports lovers. 

Therefore, if you want to test your courage and skills, there is no other better sport like Canyoning.

Offered by major adventure companies like Como Adventures, Canyoning involves Jumping, abseiling and sliding to reach the groundwater via a series of cliffs and canyons. Canyoning is truly a thrilling yet exciting means of enjoying what Lake Como has to offer. 

13. Rock Climbing

If Canyoning was thrilling enough for you, then Rock climbing will definitely make your hair standstill.

With many mountainous regions, you will find great opportunities to test your courage while finding your way up the majestic mountains via rock climbing. 

What’s more, the rock climbing comes with various opportunities that accommodate both experts’ climbers as well as beginners.

For a great experience in rock climbing, it’s great to hire adventure companies since they have all the expertise and knows the perfect locations for this adventure. 

The climbing surface ranges from limestone to granite surfaces that enable you to explore the stunning spots of the lake. 

14. Trattoria La Costa

For those who have heard the pleasure to dine in this restaurant, they can bear witness to delicious cuisines and excellent customer service offered by the restaurant. Trattoria La Costa is situated in the Albate small commune on the lake’s southern part. (link)

The restaurant is very friendly and guarantees the best dining experience for their entire guest.

The interior of the place has stunning decorations with a traditional feel to offer you outstandingly unique and memorable dining experience. 

The dishes comprise a variety of authentic Italian cuisines that are prepared using ingredients that are locally sourced. And if you want to dine with a bottle of exclusive wine, you will be given an opportunity to visit the restaurant wine cellar and select your favorite bottle. 

15. Caffe Mazzini best coffee

After a long day of excursion, refresh yourself with a fine cup of coffee at Caffe Mazzini. Also, you can order a quick bite to take along with your coffee. This Café is situated close to Como harbor. 

But it’s not coffee along with that they have on their menu. You will also have a range of Italian dishes to select from.

Some of the options include drinks, light snacks, and mouthwatering desserts. In the evening, the Café offers a wide option of delicious cocktails to choose from

Best Places to stay in Lake Como Italy

It is indeed true that Lake Como is amongst the most stunning places in Italy. It’s well known by travelers and visitors due to its pristine water, fresh air, delicious meals, spectacular view of the mountains and rich in fascinating history.

Lake Como also has a wide range of towns surrounding it. However, despite its charming features, there are places not worth your visit.

And it’s for this reason why this guide for the best places to stay in Lake Como has been prepared for you. The following is a list of the best towns to stay while in Lake Como, Italy:

  • Bellagio
  • Como
  • Menaggio
  • Tremezzo
  • Varenna


Credit flickr

Found in the middle of Lake Como, is the stunningly beautiful Bellagio. However, don’t get it wrong, Bellagio is not situated right at the center of the lake, but rather at the middle of where the lake splits into two. 

This town is very popular among the tourists and the busiest due to the large influx of tourists and locals. It’s truly a great place to stay in since it’s a tourist hot spot with more than enough facilities to cater for visitors. 

Accommodations in Bellagio

1. Andirivieni Bellagio

It ranks as the best choice if you were intending to stay in a guest house based in Bellagio. It has exclusive accessibility to social amenities as well as elegant natural sceneries. (link)

2. Albergo Ristorante Silvio

It is our best recommendation if you are searching for the best hotel accommodation in Bellagio. It is featured with close proximity to social amenities as well as a spectacular view of the lake. (link)

3. Suisse Hotel Bellagio 

It for those who love elegance and best services when it comes to accommodation, Suisse Hotel Bellagio is an excellent choice in Bellagio. (link)


Credit needpix

Como is an exclusive town resort situated at Lake Como southern end. Also, the region’s main town boasts of a laid back and charming atmosphere. 

Accommodations in Como

1. Ostello Bello Lake Como 

It is the best accommodation facility in Como. Found within the town, everything you need is based within walking distance. (link)

2. B&B Hotel Como

this also another best hotel to book accommodation if you are planning to stay in Como town. Due to its central position in the city, you will have everything you need within walking distance. (link)

3. Borgovico Hotel

It is not just among the best options for accommodation, it’s the topmost choice if you are looking to stay in Como. Everything from accommodation to accessibility is just perfect. (link)


Credit wikimedia

On Lake Como western shore, Menaggio is the central town. It’s featured with plenty of outdoor ventures as well as an attractive and laid back atmosphere for relaxation.

Furthermore, it has many restaurants and shops to explore in your free time; And not to forget arcades and gelaterias for traveler entertainment. So, if you are a first time visitor in Lake Como, Italy, you will totally love the hospitality and adventures in Menaggio. 

Accommodations in Menaggio

1. Hotel Sonenga

It is an excellent choice for accommodations to travelers with a strict budget to spend. (link)

2. Hotel Du Lac Menaggio

Amongst the hotel found in Menaggio, this particular facility ranks as the best when it comes to accommodation. (link)

3. Residence Le Terrazze Menaggio 

It’s well known as the place to stay for visitors looking for residential premises. (link)


Credit pixabay

Tremezzo is a small but beautiful town situated at the central point of Lake Como. Found on the western end of the lake shores and south of Menaggio just across Bellagio. This town is very popular due to its stunningly beautiful waterfront as well as the spectacular botanical garden. 

Accommodations in Tremezzo

1. Hotel Bazzoni 

For those who love a bit of luxury, then this hotel is an excellent choice. Being a three-star hotel, it has modern amenities with exclusive services such as child-minding service, swimming pool, cozy bar lounge, on-site restaurant, and fitness center among many others. (link)

2. Hotel La Darsena 

if you are new in Tremezzo, this is an excellent place to stay in. it situated close to essential amenities as well as delivery of the best services to its visitors. (link)

3. Al Veluu Suites

It is a great spot to stay in while in Tremezzo. Their accommodation comprises of twin apartments and each one of them has essential amenities to offer. (link)

Also, there are varieties of on-site features that will come in handy during your stay. Such features include car rental services, swimming pools, terraces and exclusive of all, is the packed lunch if you will be going for long exploration where there are no restaurants or eatery joints. 


Credit flickr

Situated on the Lake Como eastern shores, Varenna is a very attractive town. Also, it is based opposite the stunning Bellagio and bustling Menaggio towns. It’s a great place to stay with an incredible lake view. 

Accommodations in Varenna

1. Orange House Perledo 

It is the best Bed and Breakfast facility to stay in while in Varenna. The proximity to social amenities and attraction sites is truly commendable. (link)

2. Hotel Olivedo

It stands out as the best hotel to stay in while in Varenna. Its location is close to the town center offering you the best charm both in terms of peace and relaxation as well as the perfect scenic view of the region. (link)

3. Hotel Royal Victoria Perledo

It ranks as the top choice for the best hotels in Varenna. It has a stunning view of Lake Como with exclusive services such as Turkish steam-bath, in-house restaurant, pool, attentive staff, and a private dock. (link)

Famous restaurants to dine into

A visit to Como Lake offers the best dining experience apart from intriguing attractions that draw many clients. Some of the best restaurants or food joints that you can utilize include.

1. Ittiturismo da Abate

If you have a taste for seafood, then Turismo de Abate is one of the finest places to dine in while in Lake Como. (link)

With the main theme being fresh seafood, it’s totally a great spot to enjoy impressive options of Lake Como food. Therefore, as you enjoy a full-day exploration of lake scenery and culture, you can end your day with a marvelous experience of Lake Como with a stomach full of what it has to offer. 

2. La Colombetta

Are you traveling to Lake Como as a couple, and then La Colombetta is the best spot not to miss. (link)

After a full day of exciting adventures, you can head there with your partner to enjoy a perfect night with a romantic mood in the air. It’s very popular among the locals and visitors due to its cozy and rustic atmosphere that takes your breath away. 

And that’s not all; the sitting sections give a full view of the scenery of the lake creates the perfect blues in the air as you enjoy your meal. Thus, while in Lake Como, Italy, don’t miss to stop by La Colombettea to enjoy their delicious and unique cuisines as you admire the lake view. 

3. Locanda La Tirlindana

If you do love a great view while taking down your meal, Locanda La Tirlindana is exactly where you should be. This restaurant has one of the finest lake view spots in the region. (link)

It comprises a fancy lakefront courtyard to enjoy your dinner with spectacular lake scenery. The restaurant is much known for serving perfect dishes for dinner which mainly comprises of local cuisine with a modern twist.

4. Trattoria del Porto

Situated next to the pier, this restaurant is best known for its traditional local cuisines that are served in an informal setting. It’s the perfect spot to experience what it feels like to live and dine like the locals. (link)

5. La Vita e’ Bella

Not everyone appreciates the delicious taste of seafood, therefore, if you are vegetarian, La Vita e’ Bella is the exact spot to be. They are very much specialized in serving the best and original salads as well as quality top-dressing and use of fresh ingredients. therefore, at this restaurant, you will get a variety of salads to choose from. (link)

6. Market Place

If you are afraid of stomaching the local cuisines, then you should visit Market Place. the meals at the spot are prepared based on research and international recipe. (link)

This is because the spot was opened after the key chef Davide Maci arrived in Italy from London. Thus, you would expect gourmet and classic dishes from this place.

Are you afraid of what to expect in the menu of local restaurants? Then visit Agriturismo Sorsasso and get a unique restaurant experience. At this spot, there is actually no fixed menu, you can order for a meal depending on what you need. Therefore, you have a chance to enjoy the authentic local cuisine or just stick with your international menu.


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