32 Best Things To Do In Denver, Colorado

The “Mile-High City” is Colorado’s most populous metropolis. Denver has residents speaking different languages, including French, German, and Chinese. The summer town has a warm climate good for vacations too. It has a spectrum of varying activities to undertake when there. Here is a list of around thirty things to do in Denver.

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Walking tour on 16th Street, Denver CO – 4k

1. Ziplining

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Denver is an adventurous city. It possesses high mountains that provide great opportunities for zip lining. The adrenaline rush from this activity enough makes you never forget the experience. You will ride heights as high as 850 feet to 2000 feet, and beyond. For lovers of speed, you will be zip lining at speeds as high as 60 miles per hour. This sport is one of the most popular in Denver. Therefore, be part of the fun by making sure it does not miss in your list of things to do in Denver.

This is the one I recommend: coloradozipline

2. Take your kids to race at Unser Karting

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Kids love the illusion of driving. That is why you see them turning the steering wheel whenever they have access to a car. They do that as they mimic the sound of an exhaust pipe. Why not satisfy that craving of theirs at Unser Karting? It has state of the art facilities with a great modern touch.

Perhaps your worry is about the safety of your young ones. Well, you should not be anxious at all. The place is safe. There are driving lessons for new drivers and safety gear provided too. To add to that, a track crew is available to offer any support available.  

Another good thing about Unser Karting is, it is not restricted to kids only. As an adult, you can also enjoy yourself. Thus, it is another good destination for a family.

3. Have a ‘Scorchy’ moment at Stranahan Colorado

Stranahan Colorado
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There is a famous four-word phrase that has been in use for quite some time now: “You Only Live Once (YOLO).” This is the place to live at that moment because there is a fine whiskey at Stranahan. 

Drinking is controversial, especially about religion. This is for those who dedicated their lives to alcohol. According to Stranahan, theirs is the smoothest whiskey you can find in the United States. It is also the most flavored in the world.

But, when you get to this whiskey joint, you realize it’s not just about getting high. There is so much more. You will learn how the whiskey is made, distilled, and added flavor to taste. The tour is free of charge, meaning you won’t spend anything to learn. 

4. Let your children have a sweet moment at Hammond’s Candy Factory

Candy factory
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This may be considered a payback activity. As you enjoy whiskey at Stranahan, this candy factory is a perfect place to keep your children busy. They can spend their time here having candies and learning how they are made. A fair deal that is, isn’t it? Of course, yes. On top of that, they will get to learn a little history about candies.

5. Learn how coins are minted at the United States mint

coin making
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I still wonder how some government spends billions to mint millions. Well, economically, it may make sense considering labor, materials, and electricity used to produce the money. But, thinking about it, it doesn’t make sense. Now, stop thinking with me and visit the United States mint. 

This is a perfect chance to see how coins of the US currency are made. Apart from experiencing the minting process, the site offers a lot of information about US history. To avoid any inconvenience, you need to book in advance.

6. Learn about sea life at the downtown aquarium

Sea life in Aquarium
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The Downtown Aquarium is not your normal marine exhibit. The aquatic museum has over 500 different species of fish. They all have unique appearances and are appealing to the eye. The well-designed aquarium is good for both kids and adults with millions of gallons of water, dive lounge, ballroom, and a touch tank. 

7. Maintain Silence at Denver Public Library

Denver library
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Sounds boring, right? Perhaps it’s because you’ve not been here before. That is why you need to visit this place. The library has a wide range of items to be experienced in silence. The items include movies, books, photographs, and reference materials, among others. There is so much history, the current, and the future to experience in this magnificent library. That’s just in the inside. 

On the outside, the architecture is pleasing to the eye. The place is well maintained and memorable. There is also a wide space to walk around and create a connection with the place. It is also a good background for photography.

8. Visit the American Museum of Western Art

American Museum of Western Art
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“THE NAVARRE” building plays home to some fine critical art that even children under the age of 8 are not permitted to enter. This museum has ideas of how life was like in the 1800s. Also remember, their parents must accompany kids between 8 and 16. These restrictions are enough to tell you the art present in this museum is highly valuable.

The Museum is opened from 10 am to 4:30 pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

Therefore, be careful when inside and keen at the same time not to miss any artifact. You may carry along with you a camera to catch the moments in pictures. This activity is a must; therefore, do not leave it out of your list of things to do in Denver. 

9. Get sporty at the Sports Authority Field at Mile High

Mile High Stadium
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Sports Authority Field at Mile High is home to the successful Broncos. The team has been a force to be reckoned with in American football. They won the Super Bowl consecutively in 1997 and 1998. They have been in great form since then, and that is why you need to be here to watch them play or train.

Seated at the stands, be sure to have a moment of your life. The energy in the stadium during the match days is out of this world. The adrenaline-driven fans light up the stadium, and the hype is infectious. Other than that, you may walk around the stadium and enjoy how beautiful it looks.

The stadium is well built and huge, containing so much to view. Half a day may not be enough for you to finish the rounds. There is a keg room, Thunder hall, players’ entrance both for visiting and home teams, and many more. On a match day, you may find a chance to take selfies with the NFL stars. Don’t miss out on this chance, because you’d have missed a feel of America’s most famous sport.

10. Visit the Botanic Gardens

Botanic gardens
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A cocktail of flowers is the best caption for this garden. The beautifully made conservatory has a variety of efflorescence. Together, they blend to give a pretty view. This sets up another great background for photography and resting. The place is also good for resting and enjoying the nice scent released by the flowers.

Another activity you may do in this activity is a picnic. The well-preserved area has lily pads and pools, creating a beautiful view. This is a mandatory activity to do when you are in Denver.

11. Explore the Red Rocks Amphitheatre and the Foothills of the Rockies

Red Rocks Amphitheatre
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The foothills of the Rockies are a great place to be. Honestly, it is one of the most beautiful man’s creations I have ever seen. The scene is a perfect place to spend your day with loved ones. The steep stepped slopes will give you the challenge to climb and descend. That is why you need to go there when full. You may carry a bottle of water to keep you hydrated as you go down or up the stairs.

You may engage in mini competitions where you compete on who climbs faster than the other. It will make your day. 

Other than that, the view of the neighboring areas from here is super amazing. You will enjoy looking at the surroundings and do not forget to carry your camera to capture every scene. At this point, you realize Denver has quite several beautiful landscapes. The “foothills of the Rockies” is the best place to start your adventure from. 

12. Get to the Yellowstone 

The yellow looking stone on the desert-like rock top, curved, is another beautiful scene to visit. The Yellowstone stands on the edge of a cliff and looks like it’s going to fall off the next minute. That is scary enough to rush your adrenaline. The experience is exciting but a nightmare to those who fear heights. 

Although it is not worth your whole day, you still need to get to the Yellowstone because it is a must-visit. This is another great landscape out of the many that define Denver’s hot climate. While here, you will acknowledge God’s creativity in curving the rocks to form such beautiful stones as the Yellowstone.

13. Tour the Washington Park

Washington Park
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Everybody wants a clean and well-maintained park to start with. Washington Park offers that above other good services you will surely enjoy. The place has many recreational spots to spend time on. For sports fanatics, there is a tennis lawn for you. You may get here and play tennis, like Serena Williams. 

Also, kids are also well catered for. The park has beautiful trees and a water body bordering each other. This allows you to bond with nature. It is a great place; therefore, when making a list of things to do in Denver, keep Washington Park in mind. 

14. Visit the Cheesman Park

Cheesman Park
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This is where “natural beauty” is stored. The trees look good, and the place is just amazing. Cheesman Park offers a great destination for you and your loved ones to bond with each other as you enjoy what nature has to offer. 

It is also a good place to take your pet for a walk. Engulfed by green, the serene environment is wonderfully made to help relieve stress in case you are under pressure. The place has nice walk paths for morning jogs too.

The best things about it are its simplicity and location near the Denver botanical gardens. This gives you a chance to visit both places on the same day. That creates a perfect chance to combine the two activities as you schedule your trip to Denver.

15. Genesee Park

Genesee Park
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There are many parks with plants and flowers. The majority are made of flora, but only a few constitute fauna. Well, Genesse is one of them. There are bison in this park. Although it is not a guarantee, you’ll see the animals during your visits. It is believed that animals have seasons they appear and disappear then reappear.

The beauty of Genesse is the perfect mixture of plants and animals. Here, you will get to see how animals and plants coexist.

16. Tour the Observatory Park

Touted as one of the best parks in Denver, it should be among the first places to be visited. But, this is subject to individual tastes and preferences. The place is a good one for families. You may spend time here together for a while before proceeding to other destinations.

The park is located in a lovely place and is surrounded by beautiful buildings. That’s on the outside; the inside there is so much to see. Observatory Park, like the name suggests, has a good number of things to watch. Apart from viewing, you may walk around and see the beautiful neighborhood. There are so many more activities here to participate in; that is why you have to go there. Because there is so much that there isn’t enough time to exhaust everything.

17. Lower Downtown Denver Craft Beer Tour

When beer is mentioned, you know, it’s a fun time. At this joint, you will drink one of the best beers produced in the world. Perhaps you are just used to Tusker or pilsner. Well, here you get a variety of beers you’ve probably not tasted before. 

There is also a lot to learn about beers made in Denver. Also, there are great tours here that by the time you will be leaving, you’ll have so much knowledge about the US and its history. The guides are so friendly, professional and possess a deep and wide knowledge of Denver beer. Be sure to have a nice time. 

One piece of advice: be cautious not to leave there overly drunk. The beer is nicely made, making it addictive. Therefore, take care not to plunge into drunkards because it may not end up well. I am sure you don’t want to be on the wrong side of the law. 

18. Go for a concert at Bluebird Theatre

Bluebird Theatre
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There is nothing as entertaining as live music. From jazz to rock to hits, there is so much music offered here. When you get to Denver, make sure one of the evenings is spared for a musical experience at the Bluebird Theatre. Normally, here comes many famous performing artists, and the plays are just world-class. You should expect nothing short of entertainment. You will be thrilled by amazing performances showcased by talented artists out to prove they are talented.

This is another opportunity to see your favorite artist perform. The audience is also lively and energetic. Music and art enthusiasts usually frequent the place. Besides, don’t be astonished to bump into a paparazzi or a celebrity you’ve always wanted to meet. In case you do, don’t hesitate to take a selfie and get your Instagram busy with comments, likes, and shares. 

19. Attend the laser light show and meditation

The beauty of the artwork is the freedom to create things that are out of this world. When that happens, you have no other choice than to be appreciative. That is why you must attend this show. But wait, is it just about appreciation? What if it does not impress you? 

You can be sure this won’t disappoint you. This kind of appreciation is not the one you go to say, “thank you.” Instead, you are going to feel, “wow, this is wonderful.” The view is so amazing, and you will love what you see. 

20. Fillmore Auditorium

Fillmore auditorium
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This is another great place to go for shows and entertainment. The auditorium plays host to the latest movies and recent shows. The fact that Fillmore sells out its ticket is enough to tell you the kind of demand this place has. It is highly visited, and if you get late, you risk missing a place to sit. Their shows are entertaining, making it a great source of fun. 

This is a place to dedicate a weekend night or afternoon to evening. It is not a good place to take kids with you. Not really because it is a bad place, but, perhaps because of the adult content, the show displays once or twice in a while.

21. Visit the Denver Centre for Performing Arts

Denver Centre for performing arts
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This is another perfect opportunity to bump into one of the celebrities you’ve always wanted to meet. Once in awhile, they come to this place to perform. Most of their performances are super amazing. They give their best and light up the place like the world is coming to an end tomorrow. 

This center plays host to great musical craft. Performing arts sing, rap, play instruments, and live bands also entertain the crowd. You can’t miss out on this activity. After all, that’s what vacations are for; sheer entertainment. 

22. Enjoy Games at the Pepsi Center

Pepsi Stadium
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Whether it’s NBA or cricket, it is all played here behind the walls of the Pepsi Centre. You need to spend an afternoon here watching a basketball game or two. One thing I love about the atmosphere in the stadiums during games is the energy. It is so electrifying, especially when a team scores.

You need to visit the Pepsi center and watch a basketball game derby. You will be surprised at how lovely the place is. Fans become hostile to the opposition players and keep booing at them to take them out of the game literally. 

You will have a view of famous players doing their thing on the pitch. Make sure by the time you are leaving Denver; you have watched at least an NBA game. The number is not limited, but a bare minimum. You may decide to watch as many as you wish. 

Pepsi has more to offer other than sports. The complex is big enough to consume your whole morning or afternoon just walking around. There are also changing rooms available, plus gyms, restaurants and many more. There is so much fun here you can’t miss out on.

Well, there is a lot to accomplish in Denver. But, as your time may be limited, some activities are a must-do. As you write your list of things to do in Denver, you should prioritize them.

Pepsi Center is a good example. Why? First of all, the NBA is one of the most famous sports tournaments. The love it receives is amazing. On the same note, it is safe to say you’ve not been to the US if you’ve not watched an NBA game at the Pepsi complex.

23. Colorado Symphony Orchestra

Symphony Orchestra
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Good music is hard to come by. Refined talent is scarce, and that is why when you find a chance to experience it, you capitalize on it. The Colorado Symphony orchestra is a wonderful opportunity to experience some fine music and shows. 

The US boasts of being a mother to some of the best entertainers in the world. It gives birth to leading performing artists and is unapologetic for being a force to reckon with in every field in the world. Interestingly, Denver is one of the contributing states of talent production. And, Colorado symphony orchestra is the place to find these talents.

Above all, you will learn about the history of Denver’s musical activities. Also, you also get a chance to meet with one of the best performing artists in the US. This is too much to miss out on; therefore, make a date for the same and get an experience of a lifetime.

Apart from the live performances showcased here, there is something else you need to take note of. That is the interior design of the building. I shake my head in disbelief every time I see the look. It is well made and beautifully arranged. The maintenance is also at par with the right standards.

24. Visit the Garden of the gods from Denver and Pikes peak

Nothing beats natural beauty. The almost brown rocky pike’s peaks look so beautiful. The first thing to engage in here is photography. The background is well done for a photo session.

The natural features make Denver a desirable location. The green plantations covering the surrounding and some of the rocks make the place marvelous. 

Other than photography, the place is a good avenue to connect with nature and also sightseeing. Enjoy your tour! In case you feel hungry, feel free to stop at Manitou springs, and have lunch. Be sure to find good guides with a lot of information to share with you.

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25. Spend your afternoon on the rocky mountain escape

Assuming you had said a conference or an official meeting in the morning; then this is a perfect way to spend your afternoon. All you need is a team and a guide to making things more entertaining. The guide you choose will determine the level of fun you’ll have. Therefore, be wise.

The good thing is that almost each of the guides in this place is up to the task. You will get a lot of information about the place’s history and one or two myths about some of the trees and rocks. The bottom line is, the rocky mountain escape is the best way to end your day, especially if you had an official activity in the morning.

The place is also perfectly created that you will have a clear view of the sun as it sets on the west. This is a rare moment you don’t want to pass without having it captured in pictures.

26. Catch another game at the Coors field

Coors field
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This time its cricket. What time did you ask? In the evening! Yes, with or without your kids. It is fun and lively, just like any other sport at any other time of the day. That’s how good, stadiums in Denver are.

The fans shout the names of their favorite players whenever they have the ball or bat, and don’t hesitate to boo whenever the opponent gets a playing opportunity. The fun at the fan’s section is too much to handle, and that’s why by the time you’ll be leaving the stadium, you’ll be sweating profusely. Therefore, be sure to carry enough water to stay hydrated.

Not every game will attract wild reactions from fans, but some must. Derbies guarantee you drama and serious action, therefore, time those. Another thing is the beauty of street lights at night. The shadowing and illuminations create another beautiful site for photography.

27. Tour Denver

Tour Denver
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As a traveler, I have made it a habit always to tour a new city or town I get to. What do I mean? Well, whenever you step into a new town, most probably you don’t know anything up to that point you’re standing on. Therefore, that exposes you to a lot of things, including security risks. That is why I work hard to familiarize myself with places for the sake of my security and convenience. 

But how do you conduct this tour? The best way is to take a taxi around. But that might be quite expensive, making it easier to do the rounds on foot. But again the disadvantage is you won’t be able to go far. To cover more roads, streets, and stretches, feel free to mix both taking a taxi and walking.

By the end of the day, you’d be a master of your new town. I assure you, you’ll know the place like you were born there. That is why you need to take a tour when you go to Denver. If possible, get a tour guide. Keep asking passers-by of safe and unsafe roads to avoid exposing yourself to robbers. 

28. Denver Museum of science and nature

This is another place to meet and greet nature. The museum has nice artifacts both for history and entertainment purposes. You should make this activity one of the things to do in Denver. There is also IMAX, where you may spend time watching movies.

29. Denver Zoo

Denver zoo
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Your stay in Denver would be incomplete without this activity. At the zoo, you will be able to see animal exhibits, including elephants and polar bears. Carry your camera with you because the artifacts here must be captured in pictures. This is another activity that must not miss in your list of things to do in Denver.

30. Visit the Denver Art Museum

Denver Art Museum
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You look at the architectural design of this museum and shake your head. The creativity and modern design founding this building are unique. You need to visit this place also and see what creativity really means. Also, the place has a rich history for you to learn. The Denver art Museum is a collection of the past, architecture, and American greatness in one place.

31. Go for Sightseeing of Denver City

infront of denver

Denver city is one of the most beautiful in the US. The modern designs and a well-executed plan plus nice architecture used in designing the buildings make the city look so good. This is also another opportunity to take good pictures of your memory.

32. Go hiking at Mount Evans

Mount Evans
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It is one of the most popular mountains in Denver with the longest drive in the city. This is a must-do activity. Ensure you go hiking here. Be prepared for any weather. Remember to capture every moment in pictures. While there you may stop at Echo Lake to have lunch. Enjoy your time in Denver!


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