15 Best Things To Do In Namur, Belgium

Namur is a Belgian city with landmarks, shopping centers, museums and many fun activities. Being the Wallonia region’s capital, you expect crowds of people to be regularly visiting. Namur never disappoints its tourists. The activity laden center can turn your innocent visit into a memorable one. Once you visit Namur, you will be urged not to leave by the boisterous happenings of the city. Stick to this article and realize 15 things to do in Namur.

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1. Dine at L’Essential

The fun will only be realized if the stomach is full. No matter how good the activity you are engaged in is, no feelings of enjoyment will arise on an empty stomach. That is why eating is critical.

Where should you eat? Namur has many eateries to have your food from. We picked L’Essential for you. The hotel has delicious foods to take care of your taste buds’ needs. The food options available for are many.

The availability of different food types allows you to choose the meal you love. When you are new to a place, it is wise to make maximum use of the opportunity and try new foods.

If you have no idea of what to pick and what not to, you may consider consulting the locals. Well, they may advise you right or mislead you. I hope you find honest locals. This does not mean dishonest ones exist. 

Just to be sure, talk to the waiters. They know which is the best food for a tourist to try out. There are tasty foods and local cuisines available. The prices are also fair and food is served in plenty.

Be sure to see the value of your money. The food is so delicious you may be forced to lick your fingers.

2. Go swimming at Communal pool Salzinnes

Let’s say you are planning to spend your summer holiday in Namur. The Communal pool Salzinnes is a great place to spend your sunny afternoon cooling in water.

The pool is well maintained and good for children too. The differently-abled persons are not left behind as wheelchairs can easily go through the entrance.

Crowds in swimming pools make it uncomfortable especially for those who treasure their private space. The good news is; this pool is never crowded. Therefore, you will have the privacy you love.

You may also play games on the water with your mates. Be sure to enjoy the outdoor activity. The indoor arena pool opens every day from 7.30 am to 6.30 pm although the hours might change during the holidays. 

3. Hike at Carrier d’inzefonds

This is one of the outdoor activities that will make your stay in Namur a memorable one. The hiking trail is almost 5 km long. This means you may spend half your day just walking. If you wish, a whole day is on the cards.

Carrier d’inzefonds allows you to walk with your pet in case you have one. The trail has a serenity you will love. Besides, there is a picnic area for great family time. 

4. Shop in Namur

Namur 1
Credit flickr

The beauty of shopping in a foreign city is the fun and fresh feeling it comes with. You feel nice shopping under different circumstances. There are many shopping centers and malls you may buy from. They include:

  • Chez Ya-Ya
  • The Body Shop
  • Promod 
  • L’Original Namur among others

You must be wondering what to buy. There is so much in store for you to take home with you. For instance, you may pass by Promod and buy the latest clothes for you or your loved ones. The store has affordable wears you will love.

The Body Shop is a great place for ladies to buy cosmetics. Makeup and other ladies’ body wears are available here at friendly prices. Your girlfriend or mother and sisters would be glad if you bought some gifts for them.

Do not forget you went to Namur to tour. Therefore, be keen not to overspend or over purchase. Buying too many goodies will give you problems in carrying them.

5. Check-in Citadelle

Credit wikicommons

River Sambre and the Meuse river meet at Citadel. The view of the city from the top is amazing. Having it stored in pictures is a nice idea. That is why it is advisable to carry along with you a phone with a high megapixel camera.

Citadelle de Namur is a hub of trade, economic activities and adventure at the same time. That is why you will lack nothing around here. If its thirst disturbing you, there are shops selling water. When you get hungry, hotels are available for you to grab a bite.

There is a theatre available as well as boat riding at the two rivers confluence at Citadel. It is one of the best places to be in Namur. It is home to everything a tourist would ever ask for.

6. Visit Museum of Decorative Arts of Namur

During weekdays, this museum opens at 10 am and closes at 6 pm. On Sunday the place is open between 1 pm and 6 pm. The museum has had several modernization renovations to make it more appealing. 

Exhibitions take place here regularly. Apart from that, the museum has a beautiful garden you will fall in love with. The architectural designs of the place will wow you.

The museum is a mix of modern and archaic artifacts you will be lucky to see.

7. Become a caveman at Spy Cave

caveman at Spy Cave
Credit wiki

I do not mean to be gender-biased. The term ‘caveman’ here represents both ladies and gentlemen. Spy cave is a great chance for you to experience caving at its best.

The parking space is wide enough to accommodate visitors. Besides, there are picnic tables around creating a good environment for family time. The other alternative is bringing your partner for a picnic date.

Other than the activities above, there is a lot to learn here. The entry fee is affordable to people from all walks of life.

8. Attend church service at Saint-Loup

Saint Loup
Credit wiki

Visits to this place are not limited to the spiritual ones only. You may visit this place for spiritual nourishment or tourism only. The interior design is special with a biblical taste.

The exotic appearance is unique and rare to find. This means you will be one lucky person to be here. There are no entry fees but you may choose to pay tithe.

The old church houses crowd, especially on church days. Therefore, I expect to meet people from different backgrounds. It is also a chance to meet and connect with strangers to make new friends.

9. Visit Castle Veves

Castle Veves
Credit wikicommons

History has it; royal families used to live in castles. By visiting Castle Veves, you’re simply having a bite of history. But who used to stay in this castle? Who built the Castle Veves? These, among other questions, will be answered with your visit to this place. See, there is so much to learn. Quench that thirst for historical knowledge by visiting this place.

The castle has not only a great history but also beautiful scenery. You will love what you’ll see. The well-maintained grass complements the beautiful old building with an ancient design. Archaic architects must have been gifted. I mean, they used to design great buildings that can’t be matched even today.

10. Chateau de Freyr

Chateau de Freyr
Credit wiki

It looks like Namur is home to castles. A clear indication of what the province used to look like in the era the castles were erected. 

Chateau de Freyr is a beautiful old castle you need to check out. The neatly done compound has nicely barbered lawns and a beautiful lawn. 

Be prepared to pay some entry fees. There is so much to see, touch and do that you will not feel the pain of paying the charges.

11. Le Rond-point des Vaches

Also referred to as Roundabout of Cows, this is another tourist attraction you’ll love putting your eyes on. What I love about this is the monument of cows with their heads and bodies stuck inside a block of bricks.

At a far, it appears as though the cows are under arrest. Well, you need to get closer to understanding what is going on. The designer must have been creative in coming up with such a masterpiece. You need to get there.

12. Visit Domaine Saint Roch

Tourism is redefined by this site. That is why many locals find it worth having the best day of their lives here. Not once have weddings been hosted here. It is beautiful.

The people tasked with maintaining the place are also competent. That is why the stunning views have been able to maintain their beauty for quite some time now. The cuteness is yet to fade years later.

Also available are bedrooms one may spend their nights. It would be unfair to talk about Domaine Saint Roch without mentioning two people. No one has been here without noticing these two’s hospitality. The first is Brigitte and the other Domaine.

Be sure to find the two of them if you’ll visit soon. They will make your stay memorable. In conclusion, Domaine Saint Roch is magical and worth your time, money and energy. You will thank me later.

13. Bruly-de-Pesche

First of all, you will have to part ways with about 4 Euros as entrance fees. That is nothing compared to the value you find on this site. The staff makes it easier for visitors. So, in case you need anything, feel free to reach out to any of them.

The history hidden in this place is also worth exploring. There’s so much to learn about. There’s a video you are watching as an introduction. Displays are also available for you to see. There’s a lot to learn, so much that it can’t fit in this writing. You cannot afford to miss out on this.

A restaurant is also available in case you need to take care of your stomach needs. Just keep in mind the eatery opens only in the morning. If you are planning to visit in the afternoon, carry your lunch to avoid inconveniencing yourself.

14. Maison Leffe

This specialty museum is one to look out for. The beautiful views and the history you’ll learn will override the costs you’ll have to part ways within the name of entry fees. There’s that; then there’s the part where you have beer tasting. Just imagine! Isn’t that inviting?

What else do you need to know to make up your mind? Is it the educational experience you’ll have or the beer-making lessons you’ll take home? Well, you already know what you’ll miss if you miss visiting this place. You have all the information you need to make a decision. Be wise and choose to visit Maison Leffe. It is a must-do activity.

15. Visit the art museum of La Spirale

Artwork at its best. You will find no art museum better than this. You surely don’t want to miss out on one of Belgium’s most art museums. The creativity stored here in the form of pieces of art is fantastic.

The museum has a mix of both ancient and modern museums. This means, there’s everything for everyone. Whether you find pleasure in exotic designs or recent creations, you will be satisfied here. Your eyes will be happiest.

The setting of the place is also uniquely done. La Spirale is the perfect way to complete my list of 15 things to do in Namur.


Belgium is beyond doubt, a lucky country. Everywhere you go, there’s so much to see and do. From museums to restaurants, churches to castles, the country is a beehive of tourist activities with Namur a hotspot. Most of the destinations in Namur are affordable, giving space even for those with small budgets to find and experience fun. The things to do in Namur are already with you now. It is up to you to decide which of the activities will become a reality. Take your time. All the best.

15 Best Things to do in Namur Belgium


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