15 Beautiful Villages in France

France is one of the most popular countries in the world. The French-speaking nation has beautiful villages worth your time and money. As a tourist, whether local or foreign, you want a memorable destination to make lasting memories. Well, France is just that. The mixed-race country has specific villages I would like you to know about. Here are the 15 most beautiful villages in France.

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1. Rochefort-en-Terre, Brittany

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This pretty village is located on top of a rocky outcrop. Seated on a deep valley, the village used to control trade routes thanks to its strategic location. Buildings here are made of fantastic architecture, nicely colored walls, and the outlook spiced up with green flowers. From afar, you can see a touch of nature mashed up with human-made designs to form an eye-appealing appearance.

2. Montrésor, Loire Valley

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They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. With this valley, it is impossible to deny the beautiful look of the place. From brown roofs to lovely designs, the buildings’ architecture gives a perfect definition of vintage. The renaissance castle stands out of several buildings constructed in the 11th century.

Apart from the splendid architecture, there is also a beautiful place to have a taste of French cuisine. Café de la Ville is the perfect spot to stop and eat the local French food. Be sure to enjoy and want to come back.

3. Château-Chalon, Jura

Château Chalon
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Château-Chalon, Jura hosts some activities. First of all, it is home to an old cheese factory. There is also a nice hotel to eat and a well-maintained restaurant to spend your holiday in. Not only is the village aesthetically up to standard but also historical and cultural.

There are overlooking vineyards present here, and that explains why you will find several winemakers lining up the streets. There is also a church and a castle to complete the village’s aesthetic appeal.

4. Lautrec, Tarn

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Every Friday, this village hosts a traditional market. Before a cross was built on the Lautrec hill, there used to be a castle there. The historic site has its buildings made of half-timber. That’s not all; there is a covered market hall. All these together make this archaic village uniquely beautiful.

5. Locronan, Brittany

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Locronan is named after its Irish hermit founder, Saint Ronan. Inside the valley, there is Chapelle du Penity, which hosts the tomb of Ronan. Apart from the history, the place is popular for weaving. The booming weaving business is the order of the day here.

On top of that, you may visit Mme Camus and have your stay there. The elegant restaurant has been positively reviewed by previous clients who’ve been here before. Therefore, you can be guaranteed value for money. You may also visit Au Coin du Feu and have a French dish of your liking. The village has an endless list of things to do and places to visit. The buildings are also beautifully made and perfectly finished.

6. Saint-Céneri-le-Gérei, Normandy

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When it comes to beauty, no human-made stuff can beat nature. That is why Saint-Ceneri-le-Gérrei, Normandy, is regarded as one of the most beautiful villages in France. The village has dark green colors that blend well with the creatively designed mansions.

The brown and green combination with an additional stream of water feature completes the natural look. Well, with this village, it is not just about the look but also the feel. The ambiance here is out of this world.

7. Pesmes, Burgundy

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With a large water body, this village has a castle whose image is reflected in the water to create beautiful scenery. That is the highlight of this historical place in addition to nicely designed buildings.

8. Domme, Dordogne

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The domme remnants built on top of a cliff give this village a beautiful view from a distance. The vintage bricks brown in color used to complete the remains create a beautiful archaic look. The eye-appealing finishing is one your eye must record as beautiful!

9. Estaing, Languedoc

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This is another vintage-look village in France. Clearly, it represents France’s culture and the most common design. Also, the steps of the castle present here are a good place for photography.

10. Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, Pyrenees

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Talk about natural beauty! This is the place to be. The reflection, by the water, of the castle, is such a beautiful scenery you cannot miss out on. The place is naturally built for photography. The buildings are also well toned with nice bright colors. Your eyes will be impressed.  

11. Chamonix

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Ski slopes have made this village famous. Built with winter sports in mind, Chamonix is situated in the French Alps. Its proximity to the Switzerland border makes its location strategic.

The winter wonderland has beautiful snow-capped buildings. The setting is alpine, and the colors used extremely eye-catching.

12. Bayeux

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This village is located close to the Coast. Sitting on the Aure River in Normandy, Bayeux has a rich history. The village has gone down in history as the first town to be liberated by the Allies. This was way back in the Second World War. In addition to medieval history, the unique architectural designs used here are so appealing to the eye.

13. Annecy, France

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This is another beautiful village bordering Switzerland to the South East of France. The old town has colorful homes and good looking canals. Annecy village has a small river shadowing close buildings creating other beautiful scenery.

14. Eguisheim

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Everything here is built with blocks. The walls ooze creativity with nicely done flowers. Colors have been used to spice up the look and feel. They are bright and perfectly mixed and matched.

15. Dinan

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This beautiful village is located in Northwestern France in the Brittany region. The place has cobblestone streets and houses built with timber. The woody touch gives the half-blocked houses a nice appeal.


France has countless villages you can think about. The above 15 are the ones you need to start within the case you are visiting. Otherwise, France is generally beautiful and appealing from language to buildings, dishes, and villages.


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