13 Best Ways to Get Cheap Air Tickets

Travelling is fun but comes at a cost. As a result, travelers lookout for any means possible to get cheap air tickets. This translates to more trips to and from destinations. While it is possible, it is not an easy task to get cheap air tickets. Here are some of the hacks usable to get cheap air tickets.

1. Make Bookings During Low Seasons

christin hume hBuwVLcYTnA unsplash min

Demand pushes prices. That is why during peak seasons, the cost of air tickets shoots up. On the contrary, when the season is low, prices drop drastically. This is the right time to book your tickets.

Different airlines experience different seasons at different times. For instance, during holiday seasons, many airlines get an overflow of bookings. In the same period, a different airline might be experiencing a low season.

Taking advantage of low seasons will save you many dollars. This requires in-depth research to know what’s happening where.

2. Do your Searches in Private Browsing Mode

Browser in incognito mode

Booking sites try every means possible to make you book tickets with them. You will realize a price fluctuation every time you visit booking sites. In most cases, the fluctuation moves upwards. This scares you into booking for fear of prices rising further.

There is one hack you can employ to bypass this trick. Doing your searches incognito could save you from hiked prices.

A repeated search on a particular route causes the prices to increase. But, searching in private browsing mode enables you to view the lowest prices available.

3. Redeem Points

Reward Point

The first step to using this option is the activation of your travel reward card. Once you’ve signed, it is a requirement to reach an absolute minimum to qualify for redemption.

Well, with an activated reward card, every flight you pay for earns points. Later, you may redeem these points to get free flights or pay for flights at a discounted price.

4. Competitive Discounts and Offers

Aviation companies know when the demand is high, they need to give clients incentives to attract more business. During this period, competition is stiff between airlines.

As much as there is a general rise in the prices of the ticket price, airlines cut off a certain percentage in the form of discounts and offer to attract more travelers. This is another perfect opportunity to get cheap air tickets.

During certain events and functions, airlines also give relatively low prices for their tickets. For example, an aviation company may provide its clients with an offer when they are celebrating the anniversary. As a traveler, take advantage of such offers.

5. Secret Bargains

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No airline wants to make losses. That is why they will try as much as possible to charge as much as they can to maximize their profits. At the same time, airlines would love to give incentives to their loyal clients to maintain them and encourage them to use more of their services.

To strike a balance between customer satisfaction and profit maximization, some airlines give offers to loyal clients secretly. You can only learn about this if you have a cordial relationship with the airline and some of its staff.

Secret bargains are an excellent way to find cheap tickets. While others will be spending a higher amount, you will be offered a discount. The discount can be bargained as high as your negotiating skills can reach. Take advantage of your loyalty.

6. Adherence

A ticket might cost less, but the price may hike due to extra fees charged for not adhering to restrictions. To pay a reduced amount for tickets, watch out for the weight of your luggage, height, and the limit for several bags allowed. Exceeding these limits will cost you more. Therefore, be mindful of these limitations before making a booking. They matter.

To understand better about this, you need to read well an airline’s regulation policies. A clear understanding of the policies will save you money.

7. Booking Sites 

Search engines earn commissions for bookings made on their sites. To make more money, they inflate prices. We surely want to avoid such if we are to land the cheapest air tickets.

While it is inevitable to bypass middlemen in most of these industries, it is possible to settle for the cheaper ones. And that is precisely what we do. So, which booking sites do we pay for?

First of all, let’s compare cheap booking search engines that can be used to access cheap tickets before we conclude.

1. Skyscanner

Skyscanner website

This is a good source of cheap tickets. The best thing about this booking site is they feed the clients with all the information they need. This makes them very useful.

For instance, visiting their website, we were impressed to get recommendations from there. The site recommended destinations based on different factors, including our location and prices.

Skyscanner provides prices for all categories of flights. There are return tickets, one way, and multi-city flights. You may search for more flight options and different pricing options available. The lowest prices are easily available.

It does not end there. Skyscanner presents hot December deals that come with low prices. The discount has been put to encourage travel during this coming festive season.

2. CheapOair

CheapOair website

There are three different trip categories on this booking site. Just like Sky scanner, the three are one way, multicity, and round trip flights. Offering 24/7 customer care services, CheapOair has a price match promise and low fares on 450+ airlines to assist travelers in getting cheap air tickets.

With CheapOair, all you need to do is input your current location and destination. Then, proceed to put the expected departure and return dates. After that, select the number of travelers and click search.

Once that is done, leave Cheapoair to do the filtering and sorting. They provide a list of alternative dates with the cheapest air ticket prices. They go ahead and state the exact amount of money you will save if you select the given options. CheapOair does not leave any information out. Apart from the dates and prices, they mention the exact airline by name, and the flight code is given too. No detail is spared.

From there you have to decide on the cheapest and inconvenient flights to settle for. This booking site has made price comparison easy and hustles free. It saves you time and money plus inconvenience. What better way to get cheap air tickets?

3. Cheapflights.com

Explorers know the accomplishments that come with traveling. Finding cheap air tickets, therefore, would be a good bargain since you will be able to make more trips in the long run. That is why Cheapflights.com is in existence. They exist to get you very cheap air tickets.

The booking site has received commendations from most of its clients. Positive reviews are not to be undermined. Cheapflights.com has been able to raise millions of positive feedback. This is an assurance to its clients and prospects who mind their budgets that this is the place to be.

On their website, there are options to choose from. Starting with flight options, there is a flight only option, flight and hotel, flight, hotel and car, and flight and car. When choosing which ticket to book, remember the more the number of options on your selection, the higher the amount of money you’ll spend.

So, what do you do to get cheaper options? Start by filling the “Search Flights” form. Input your current location and the destination you intend to go to. Then, fill the departure and return dates.

They will ask to compare the price of other booking sites such as Priceline, CheapTickets, Expedia, and many others.

Step 1: Cheapflights.com
Chose your destination and date
Step 2: Cheapflights.com
Select up to 4 websites to compare
Step 3: Cheapflights.com
Boom!!! Compare all 4 in one place!

It’s SUPER convenience since it can help you to compare all ticket prices from all booking sites in one place.

They also present the latest hot flight deals. There are return trips as low as $149 around the world. Others offer up to 16% discounts. The list of cheap flights is endless. For some, you may use a promo code sent to you and pay less for more.

4. Kiwi.com

Kiwi airline search mode

Kiwi’s slogan is “Travel more. Payless.”. You can already tell this is a source of cheap ticket ideas. The profit-making booking site combines many destinations and avails to you the most affordable route possible.

They not only give cheap ticket options but cheap tickets for the best destinations around the world. Kiwi.com has a reputation for getting you the best bargains. Their deals are relatively affordable and pocket-friendly. That is the reason you need not wonder why they have a considerable following.

Just 2018 alone, their website registered 100,000,000 queries daily on average. Their budget-conscious clients have traveled over 12 billion kilometers for less compared to travelers from other booking sites. As if that is not enough, the booking site recorded 35,000 in sales of affordable seats. The numbers are mind-blowing but do not come at a surprise.

These statistics point out to a highly sought after booking site. In this world of expensive everything, discounts, offers, and low prices have become more attractive. You’ll be surprised discounted prices sell more than quality. This is an excellent place to compare offers and settle for the most convenient for you. Be sure to get the best bargains at kiwi.com.      

5. Momondo

Momondo website

Momondo is a trusted and free booking site. Unlike other booking sites that charge hidden fees, Momondo is transparent. Think about this. Momondo does not use cookies to change your prices. What you see is what you get.

Momondo makes real-time comparisons on prices of flights, cars, and hotels. Once that is done, they make available the information for you to make a final decision. All you have to do is input your destination, current location, departure, and return times in addition to the number of people traveling. Do not forget to specify children on board.

The free service provider has been recommended by CNN, The Daily Telegraph, CBC, Frommer’s, and the New York Times. This did not just come from the blues. They have won the Best Airfare Search Site, Best Meta Search Site, and Best Use of Social Media awards, among many others.

Momondo has a special best price guarantee. So, how does it work? After booking, it is normal to keep looking for better prices. If so is the case, then chances are you may find a better offer.

If you get a better offer, you are free to request for a re-booking. Although this provision only lasts for a day.

8. Using Google Flight For Price Alert

Travelers love cheap; to make more trips to their favorite destinations. Well, it is not a surprise to find the cheapest prices attached to the poorest destinations. But, with Google flight, you get the lowest prices for the best destinations.

So, how does it work? Once you open their page, there are various places to go to. Navigation is easy and does not require any expertise. For instance, at the top of the page is a ‘trips’ button. Once you open it, Google will show you the many trips available for you to choose from.

Google flight alert

But, to make your work easier, there is a search button where you can search for hotels and flights you prefer. Scrolling down, you will get a list of potential trips bookable at an affordable price. What Google flight does is send you the low price alert reminder via your Gmail account. Another good thing about Google flight is you can make comparisons of your prices with the average price using this platform.

When you click the “packages” button, it opens up to different locations. Once you select the destination of your choice, you’ll be prompted to fill the departure and return dates. After that, Google flights avail of a list of cheap offers. The options are enough to settle for a very cheap destination.

9. Last Minute Booking or Plan 3 Months Ahead

Imagine getting a discount on a cheap ticket. Some travel sites offer discounts as high as 65% to its last-minute clients. These sites provide cheap air tickets to destinations like Orlando, Las Vegas, and New York, among others.

Booking a flight, hotel room, and the car is perceived to be more expensive, considering the additional services. Some sites are so good that the more the services offered, the lesser the charges. This is a good deal to settle for.

Sometimes you will require program codes to benefit from travel companies. These organizations give daily updates on the latest air deals and holiday offers. During high season, the demand is so high for flight services. The reverse is true. Low seasons attract fewer people. During this time, you may lock a price by purchasing a ticket at a low price three months before the departure date. 

10. Use a combination of transportation

Direct flights cost more compared to connecting flights in between different routes. For instance, I almost spent $250 on a direct flight to Rhode Island. Alternatively, I could use a combination of airlines instead of a direct flight. Let’s compare the prices.

Living in DC, I could fly to Boston and spend $100 using a round trip flight. From Boston to Rhode Island, I used the train (Amtrak) which cost me only $32 for a roundtrip.

Now, in total, traveling to Boston, then to Rhode Island and back using a combination of airlines costs a total of $132. This price, compared to the $250 I’d spend on a direct flight, is way cheaper. Therefore, a combination of transportation is another simple way to get cheap air tickets.

11. Mix and Match airlines

You are not compelled to sticking to a single airline. In fact, that costs you more. Doing a mix and match of airlines will set you back less money. This method is somewhat similar to using a combination of transportation means.

The only difference is; using a combination of means of transport involves other means of passage like cars and buses. Otherwise, the result is cheaper. You end up spending a significantly less amount for more services. In a nutshell, mix and match is another perfect way to get cheap air tickets.

12. Do the booking yourself; Don’t Use Agencies

Have you ever sat and wondered how agencies make money? Well, if you do, then you will understand why you need to avoid them as much as possible if traveling on cheap air tickets is your goal. Agencies earn money by making you spend more.

In whatever industry, you will spend more if you acquire your services via agencies. Their business model is quite interesting. They give you services remotely and at your doorstep. Therefore, all you do is pay for the convenience they bring you.

But, why stay in your comfort zone when all it does is cost you more money. Do the booking yourself and bypass these agencies. You will be surprised how cheaper it is booking a ticket yourself compared to using an agency. Be prudent and do things yourself.

Another good thing about avoiding agencies is you have the autonomy to choose what you want or what works best for you. Somehow agencies force you to consume what they have and not what they want. This means sometimes you will settle for less because their alternatives are limited or biased. Bypass agencies and do things yourself. Save money by getting out of your comfort zone. Remember, agencies get paid by the extra charges you incur to deceive you sometimes.

13. Compare the price from the booking site with that on the airline website

This is referred to as due diligence. Booking sites manipulate prices based on the cookies you use to browse and do your searches. They do so to make you book a ticket as soon as possible, thinking the prices will rise further.

But, do you think airlines concerned with customer satisfaction would hike their prices every other time without consideration? I doubt. It must be booking sites playing with your mind. The only way to avoid being gullible is by making a price comparison between the booking site and the airline’s website. You will be surprised airline websites’ prices are way lower. Once you establish that, do not pay more.

Price Comparison
Left: kiwi app / Right: Southwest Airline app

I searched the same roundtrip flight to Rhode Island. As you can see the price on Southwest app is $25.08 lower than the same flight on kiwi app 🙂

Be wise to spend less!

Unknown 🙂


Cheap tickets are available only if you go to the right places in your search. In the process of searching, keep in mind the dos and don’ts for you to get the best offers possible. For instance, many booking sites make use of the cookies your browser uses to fluctuating prices. Therefore, ensure as you browse, you are doing so incognito. This will protect you from manipulation by smart booking sites out to make you a cash cow. I mean, what is the point of spending extra money on booking sites looking for cheaper tickets? That is so ironical. Apart from that, always remember every time you spend money buying a ticket; that is enough to get you free or discounted tickets in the future. All you need is to activate your travel reward card. Once that is done, every payment you make earns you points you may redeem in the future. As time goes by, you also need to build a good rapport with the airline. This will help you get first to hand real-time information about the latest hot deals. Also, you will have the power to do secret bargains since you are a loyal client.


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